Date Ideas During Covid – The Best Covid Dating Ideas (2024)

Hello there, welcome to our guide on the best date ideas during covid.

Social distancing might have put some physical boundaries between us, but it couldn’t kill our creativity.

After reading this article, you will find out some of the most interesting socially distant date ideas for every age and occasion.

Overall, our focus will be on:

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  • The best dating ideas during covid
  • How to make the most out of covid dates
  • Maximizing your covid date on a budget
  • Questions and answers on the covid date ideas

I honestly tried to make a date night ideas list that fits a budget, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Let’s get rolling!

Zoom In Dating

woman wearing a denim shirt having a zoom date on her windows laptop

You probably already know how to meet guys during covid and as a guy how to meet girls during covid, but dating is a different ball game entirely.

Zoom dating has become very popular during the coronavirus time.

Have you ever thought that your first date could actually be your virtual date and that it would be such fun?

Zoom platform is considered boring, but as a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be boring at all!

Having a virtual date can be such fun if you bring your imagination into it.

If you are afraid that your first Zoom online dating will be a little bit tense, double it, or triple it with a few pairs of your friends.

In that way, your first date who is on the other side of the screen, may relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Set up the dress code, open the bottle of your finest wine, and cheer for all the good things that might happen in your life.

However, if you don’t know how to use dating apps during covid, that should be the first thing you should learn if your proposed date didn’t go as planned.

Board Game Night

Also featured in our quarantine activities for couples guide, board games are awesome for a date night.

I’m sure many of you are into board game nights.

Many of you are probably the ones who like organizing board game competitions and enjoy the adrenaline they can cause.

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I can’t deny that board game night can be quite desirable during the lockdown when everyone stays in, and get bored.

Even those people who are not into this kind of socializing can have a great time.

Look for your favorite board games, add some tacos next to them, cool down some beer, and let’s get this party started.

And remember, a friendly competition is a healthy competition.

Drive-in Movie Night

empty movie theater

If you still feel uncomfortable to date in crowded places, be creative, and surprise your significant other with a great idea such as a drive-in movie night.

Cozy up to your car back seat with some pillows, and blankets, prepare the most popular popcorn flavors, and set up Netflix on a laptop.

It will be one unforgettable movie night experience for both of you.

Picnic In

A picnic in the middle of your backyard can be an amazing outdoor date without much struggle.

Before you serve your sweety’s favorite snack on the picnic blanket, visit your well-known stores to pick up some French cheese, Italian ice cream, or a bottle of wine that you both like drinking.

If the weather isn’t good, you can organize a picnic on the floor of your living room, or on the balcony.

Buy the most beautiful flowers and spread them all around the floor.

Light up candles, and pretend that you are in nature.

A playlist in the background will complete the full moment.

This is a romantic way to solve relationship issues during covid.

Virtual Tours Guide

woman enjoying a virtual reality experience

Have you ever dreamt of traveling around the world, but it has always been too expensive to afford it?

Well, right now, you can afford it without spending a single dollar on it.

Virtual tours will make your home date nostalgic, and they will make you feel the real adventure.

Virtual tours allow you to visit your favorite cities, historical places, and museums that you have never seen before, and they can make your ordinary virtual date into a fun date.

Don’t be afraid to wake up your inner kid by planning your virtual tour days, even weeks before.

That is also one of the best ways to reveal if you have common interests with your partner, or not.

Old-school Dating

couple having a nice time on a black couch

Can you imagine yourself having an old-school date that will blow your partner’s mind?

The catch isn’t in listening to a vinyl player, the catch is in attitude.

Try to organize a date without cell phones, or any other smart device.

Pay attention to what your date says, and wants.

Pick up your date, and buy some flowers or a bottle of wine.

Go roller skating, hire a tandem bike, or go dancing.

Then, drink a milkshake, or walk down a rainy street eating ice cream.

If you don’t feel like going out, play a random playlist, and dance all night long.

This is definitely a good way to overcome the sex dating pandemic that is ravaging the world right now!

Pandemic Brunch

The coronavirus brought us back to a brunch lifestyle.

Many restaurants and cafes didn’t work during the pandemic.

After the first lockdown, and many months of agony, people were looking forward to seeing their families and friends outdoors.

A brunch lifestyle announced its big return, and you could see many fresh dating couples sitting and smiling again.

Nowadays, you can notice again the pleasant smell of French croissants, fresh espresso coffee, and perfumes.

I have to admit that going to a brunch is a sophisticated way of dating.

It is a simple, elegant, and always a comfortable way to impress someone.

Choosing a brunch over breakfast and lunch is always a good date idea.

Takeout Dinner

lovely looking tacos takeout

Are you looking for an idea for having a first date during the pandemic, but you don’t want to go out in crowded places?

Do you like eating at a restaurant, but it isn’t safe enough?

Do you like cooking for your partner, but you need a change?

Then, a takeout dinner is one of the best ideas you could ever imagine!

Besides the fact that you will surprise your partner with delicious food, by ordering a takeout meal, you can support local businesses during the harsh times.

Call your date, and choose the restaurant you want to get takeout food from.

Go to the restaurant together, and pick up your order. Don’t forget to leave a tip for people who make you happy by preparing the meal you were looking forward to.

If you are an adventurous type, find a bench in the park, and have dinner under the stars.

If you like eating slowly, and in front of a good movie on Netflix, go straight home, and set the table by your preferences.

Decorate your room with some candles, play some music, make a nice cocktail, and enjoy your dinner.

Bon appetit!

Airbnb Experience

woman standing on the patio of a light up wooden bush house

Traveling was almost impossible during the pandemic, so was being single in a pandemic.

Besides the safety measures that we all had to respect, one of the main problems was also the money.

However, the Airbnb experience became reachable.

Many Airbnb apartments were booked months in advance.

Renting a cozy Airbnb suite for your significant other can be a great idea for an escape weekend for just two of you.

There are a few options for experiencing an Airbnb pleasure.

One of the options is to rent a flat in a town nearby.

Escaping away from crowded places can be a true enjoyment for everyone.

If you need a rest, but don’t want to spend hours traveling around and waste your precious time driving, book a place nearby, and step out of your comfort zone.

Surf on the Internet a little bit, find out all the interesting places you can visit together, and seize the day.

Visit local restaurants, walk down the narrow streets, and try local specialties.

However, if you like an active getaway, rent a quiet place, and enjoy the silence.

Spend your mornings with a cup of coffee, listening to birds, and all the sounds that nature offers.

Plan your time till the last detail. Continue your getaway with a hiking tour, cycling, or swimming in a lake.

Do the sunbathe.

Read, listen to music, and do yoga or other outdoor date activities together with your partner.

A short getaway can also be a great opportunity to know each other better and to talk more.

And the last, but not the least important Airbnb experience, can be renting a cozy place two blocks away.

I know that it sounds silly renting a flat 15 minutes away, but we all sometimes need a change, and one day sleeping over at some other place can be a huge refreshment for a couple.

Know Your Country Tour

beautiful portrait of the New York Empire state building view

Have you ever noticed that foreigners sometimes know better the country where you live than you do?

Well, they do, and I think that it’s the right time for a change.

If you want to surprise and fascinate your date at the same time, explore more.

Google where you can find the best karaoke bar in Chinatown, book a table, and make a night to remember.

Experience the backpacker’s lifestyle, and hit the road to San Francisco, which can offer you the best urban hikes like the East Bay.

In the evening visit the Golden Gate Bridge, and take an envious selfie under the city lights.

Grab famous cupcakes from New York’s Magnolia bakery, and walk down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

For all those daters who are social media fans, my advice would be to make a cool video in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and to post it with much love.

At the end of the day, your country offers you so many lovely places that can be great date ideas during Covid.

The only key to successful dating during covid is that inner creativity that has to pop out someday.

When that day comes everyone will love you.


There is a question of has the pandemic changed dating?

It sure has, and in numerous ways!

Can you date during covid without dating apps?

Of course, you can!

However, these were the top 10 date ideas during the pandemic that you can adapt to your everyday date routine.

black young couple sitting on a red car at sunset

They are very helpful because they can do nothing but spice up your love life, and make it more amusing than it has ever been.

If any of these don’t fulfill your desires, then you may want to check out the best anniversary ideas during covid, especially if you’re in a pandemic relationship that’s lost it’s spark.

If it still doesn’t work out, here’s how to get through pandemic breakup without breaking yourself.

Also, apart from the abovementioned, you can score yourself a date by using a dating app built specifically for pandemic dating – Quarantine Together.

To find out more info on this subject, check out the FAQ section below, and start planning your first date right now.


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