Irish Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Irish men guide

I spent a good part of my adult life traveling the world and meeting new people and cultures. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Irish men compare in all categories

I  have met a lot of men and dated a few, some will go as far as to call me an international dating expert.

To be honest, I do know my way around guys, and the ones I always like going back to are the handsome Irish men.

Is it just me or is it the way they speak even more attractive than the way British men speak?

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And it is well-known American ladies are sweet on the Brits.

So, in this text, I will let you know where to meet Irish guys, how to meet Irish men, share tips for dating an Irish man and so much more.

Interested? Of course, you are!

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What are Irish men like?

One of the most widely accepted Irish men stereotypes is that they, to put it simply, look like the Hobbits – they are short, curly, chubby and, well not so attractive.

Make a bet with me (in your mind, of course) just for fun if you are one of those people who believe this stereotype and google Irish men.

Just that, ‘Irish men’ how many of them look like Hobbits?

Very few?


There is a number of people who do not take care of their appearance, but you can find them in any country!

Although, if you are onto Hobbits, who am I to judge?

Let’s see how Irish guys look like.

Physical Appearance

Ok, so I already stated the infamous leprechaun stereotype, and I can freely say that it is not true.

The Irish men are honestly eye candy.

Truth be told, they are short, but not shorter than, say the Italian guys.

 So you might want to ditch the sky-high heels if you are already tall, however, if you are short, do not worry you can still wear an assortment of heels.

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Their genetics is not perfect, so they are prone to getting a little chubby if they do not pay attention, on the other hand, who isn’t?

Knowing that, the majority of Irish guys exercises.

They play rugby, soccer, field hockey… Basically, they like to keep active which has a positive effect on their physique.

The majority of them have ginger hair and beard, piercing yet kind blue eyes, nice smile, and thin lips. Now, my personal belief is that guys with thin lips try harder when it comes to kissing.

 Does anyone share my opinion?

The ginger hair and blue eyes combination I simply magical to me, I can’t resist a hot Ginger.

They sometimes have blond or light brown hair, and brown eyes.

 In any case, their signature feature is the kind, reassuring and playful smile and impish look in the eyes.

Not bad, all in all.

I gave this feature a nine since not everybody likes their men pale and ginger.

I am obviously an exception.

physical appearance of Irish men


When you think of an Irish man, you probably have in mind some casually dressed little ginger man.

But my ladies, oh those Irish men!

They do dress casual, but it looks so much in place, you wouldn’t believe me.

Now, if you have ever seen Peaky Blinders, I am sure that you are dying over Cillian Murphy and the fashion in the series.

Well, even though the series takes place in England, Cillian is actually Irish and, I can tell you, the fashion doesn’t go far from it.

Those little tweed flat caps are a must!

And along with shirts and vests, you get the perfect style that no girl can say “no” to!

But, of course, looks are not everything, so let’s see what are Irish men like when it comes to their personality.

Are Irish men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Irish men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Irish men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Ireland and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Irish men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Irish men Tinder score

Character Traits

Now that you are dazzled by the Irish men’s physical appearance, it is time to look a little past that, confirm or break some more stereotypes, and be attracted by their friendliness, good-heartedness and all-in-all great personality.

Let’s take a look at all of their character traits that will make or break their chances to get to date you.

1. Gentleman Rating

Irish men are not gentlemen in the traditional sense.

They will not hold the door for you and they will probably laugh right at your face if you asked them to hold your purse.

They will joke with you the same way they joke with their guy friends which we can consider a little bit inappropriate and rude, but you should make peace with that.

On the other hand, they will never let you pay the bill, and will always walk you home, even in the rain, which is quite romantic, you would agree.

They will respect your wishes, they will not have an aggressive approach, they will always make sure you are warm and satisfied in any way, and they will do it effortlessly that it will take time for you to notice that you are well-taken-care-of. That is also gentlemanly, right?

Irish men chivalry rating

2. Integrity

You will not have to worry about your Irish men’s integrity.

He keeps his word, he sticks to his attitudes and moral values.

There’s nothing iffy about their attitudes, and as a nation, they are quite sane, although they appear silly at times.

Seriously, there is nothing to worry about.

Great isn’t it?

Irish men integrity rating

3. Honesty

When it comes to being honest, Irish men value it above many other characteristics.

They will not lie to you, or anybody in their environment for that matter, simply because they do not want to think about what they said to whom.

They live a carefree life, so why put the burden of lies on themselves.

If you ask your Irish boyfriend if you look fat in a certain outfit, they will look at you and say yes, if they think you do, in fact, look fat in it.

But if they say you look fine, it’s not flattering, they really mean it.

They will call you out if you are not behaving in the right way or if you do something they do not find appropriate.

They will try to say what they want jokingly at first, but if you fail to recognize, they will do so directly.

If you ask your Irish boyfriend where he spent his Saturday evening and why he did not call you, and he says that he was with friends, he actually was with friends, no doubt.

Irish men are honest

4. Loyalty

The Irish are big on loyalty.

They are loyal to their family, their friends, their girlfriend or wife, and also their favorite GAA team (This last one, more so than anything else, believe it or not).

But, to truly know what are Irish guys like in relationships, you have to experience it first-hand.

You know that they are loyal to you, and, once they introduce you to their group of friends, all of them will be loyal to you.

That is pretty nice, yet you will have to compete with GAA every weekend.

I am just trying to joke around the Irish way now.

Do not worry, he will never cheat, once he finally makes a commitment, you are the only woman in his life (besides his mother).

GAA aside, I gave this characteristic a 10.

Irish men are loyal

5. How protective are they?

If I could give this trait an 11 (hell, a 100) I would!

They may not be the perfect gentlemen holding the door for you and treating you like a princess and telling you you are beautiful all the time, but if you find yourself in any, and I say any situation that is uncomfortable for you, they will jump to your defense.

Literally, jump.

An Irish man will chivalry defend his lady’s honor with whatever he can get a hold of- a beer bottle, a stool, his fists, anything.

This could be an overreaction sometimes, but they will usually sort it out later with a few jokes and a few pints.

Your honor will be defended and they will be bruised yet happy that they have you to gratefully kiss them where it hurts.

His protectiveness does not relate only to defending you from other guys.

He will also take your side in any dispute you might have with a member of his family, which is a great feature if you are considering marriage or a life together.

The partnership is important for them, so you will be united against any outer factor.

He will defend you publically even if he thinks you are wrong, but will later confront you when you are alone.

There is only one situation where your Irish boyfriend will not take your side and that is if you are being disrespectful to his mother, which you should not be anyway.

Irish Men can protect their women

6. How resourceful are they?

Once you get them at the door you will be able to ask them to do anything.

Thy is skilled around the house and is happy to help.

They have a good education, but what was most interesting to me is the sheer amount and variety of information they are ready to share at any time.

It’s like dating an extremely fun encyclopedia filled with random information about anything and everything.

Never a dull moment!

How resourceful are Irish men?

7. Maturity

Well, maturity is not their strongest suit.

They have a child-like approach to everyday life, they take time making any important decisions regardless of how old they are.

All of this is probably because the Irish men are cuddled by their mothers well into their ’30s.

The jokes they make all their lives are something guys in the rest of the world stop saying at 19.

If that bothers you, run away, they will not stop for anyone, that’s just how they are.

But them being irresponsible is anther of the Irish guy stereotypes.

They are immature when it comes to the approach to life, however, when the situation requires it they take full responsibility for their actions.

They get financially independent early, they are ambitious and hard-working, but they do like to blow off some steam with some alcohol, music and group sports.

So if you end up with a hot Irish guy, do not worry, you will not have him act like another child, you will have a partner, you will only have to nurture his inner kid, and let him “play” a little.

At least you know he is not with another woman.

Irish men are highly matured

8. Self-confidence

Irish guys are friendly and smiley.

They talk non-stop and when you listen to a group of Irish guys you are amazed at how they manage to have a conversation since everybody is talking at the same time.

When they are in a group their confidence is sky high – they will boast, and brag, tease one another and even get into brawls.

On the other hand, when they are one-on-one with a girl, they become a little shy, which is cute since they try to cover their nervousness with joking, and once they make you laugh, their confidence goes up.

They are never too shy to not be able to start a conversation, they will just appear a little clumsy at first.

So unless you like an aggressive approach you will not have any problems knowing when an Irish guy likes you, even if he slightly lowers his voice when he talks to you.

If he is drinking, however, get ready for a lot of compliments and boastful behavior.

You can tease him tomorrow, he will not mind, he just won’t admit.

With words anyway

Irish men are truly self confident

9. Friendliness vs. Reserve

The Irish are one of the friendliest people in the world.

They are so relaxed in talking with strangers that it becomes suspicious to a person coming from a more reserved environment.

Think about an encounter with a cold German and friendly Irish.

The German people will probably think the Irish wats to rob them or something.

Joking aside, if an Irish guy meets you in the street, and you are looking for good accommodation, he will offer you to come to his home and crash without any ulterior motives.

Their friendliness is well-known worldwide and Dublin is called ‘the World’s friendliest city.

Irish men can be very friendly

Irish men are short, and chubby as stereotyped by many. They play rugby, soccer, and field hockey.

They like to keep active, which has a positive effect on their physique.
Their casual way of dressing is not out of place, as it makes them smarter.

You will be dazzled with their physical appearances when you have an encounter with them.

Above all, they can be trusted, loving, and protective.
Read on as we unveil the pros and cons of being in a relationship with one of them.

Irish Men - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 43

Dating an Irish Man: Pros and Cons

If you are interested in dating an Irish guy seriously and what to know what are Irish men like in relationships, you have come to the right place.

After you have gone through their physical and mental characteristics it is time to see how fun dating an Irish man is.

As with any nationality,  there are pros-what makes them charming, and cons- things that you are not used to and do not necessarily want to get used to (especially with international dating where some upbringing or national traits can make a huge difference, and are even not put into question when you are ‘dating domestic’).


1. They will make you laugh

On the street?

You will laugh.

Out with friends?

You will laugh!

In bed?

Yes, you guessed it- you will laugh!

Besides booze, music, and sports – joking is what the Irish love the most.

A day is lost without a joke for your Irish boyfriend.

You may be unaccustomed to that amount of joking around, even in the serious situations in which cases they will dial down the offensive bits, of course.

They are the masters of breaking the tension by making jokes and piling up on them, once they get rolling, they literally can’t stop.

I had the sad opportunity to attend the funeral of my Irish boyfriend’s grandmother.

At the reception, they did not spend time being sad about her untimely departure, the family started reminiscing about the granma, and what was in first touching turned into out-loud laughing at the grandma-related anecdotes (they even played music, grandma liked).

At first, it was very weird to me, but come to think of it, their jokes made the day about her and not their sadness, which was nice.

And who would not like a person who will make even the hardest days a little less insufferable?

2. They are loyal to the bone

I have already talked about various types of loyalties an Irish man has. Let me just give you one of the most important Irish men dating tips: do not compete with his mother or his favorite sports team.

In everything else, you will know he is loyal to you.

Other women do not exist.

 And even if he, friendly as he is, talks with other women, be sure that he will not make any moves on her.

He will also not doubt your loyalty, so, try to refrain from any fits of jealousy.

Unless you really have a reason to believe he has done something wrong.

3. Irish men in bed

Irish men in bed are very passionate like with anything in their life.

Why would you even think that what happens in the bedroom is not important at least at his favorite team winning?

They approach sex with the same attention and passion as anything else they love.

Irish guys in bed are also very sensitive and attentive. In the bedroom, they stop boasting, and they focus on you more than you would think.

Do not be surprised if he tries to break the tension or just lessen the anticipation and nervousness by cracking a joke right in the middle of it.

Actually, making jokes during sex is something you should get used to and let it bond you even further.

You will have a lot of fun night encounters with an Irish guy.


1. An Irish guy is mama’s boy

Until he is married, he’s a mama’s boy.

And even after he has married.

This is just something you will have to make peace with if you want your relationship to work.

Even if you are with a man who lives alone, earns money, has a successful career, his mother will make sure he always has clean clothes, fresh food, and his mother’s love.

She will come to visit unannounced, and it is completely normal-she is his mother, after all, she will clean up, move things around and bring even pieces of furniture for her boy to be cozy.

If she lives far away, she will call him at least once a day, but usually more.

Your best bet is to become her ally and confidant, she will leave him alone if she has you to inform her of his health and eating habits.

To start on the right foot, when you meet her, give her a present, compliment her by saying she has raised a gentleman, and give her your phone number.

Fighting against an Irish mother’s influence on her son will get you out of the picture in no time.

He will not come between you two.

2. An Irish man takes forever to make a serious commitment

If you want to move in with your Irish lad, or a ring, or a mutual vacation, or even a weekend away you will have to be patient and wait longer than you usually would when dating American or Swedish guys.

Irish guys are family and friends-oriented, so especially in the beginning, you will have to wait your turn to spend time with him.

And while you will have to wait as much as a month for a Swede to ask you to spend the weekend together, you will wait at least 3 months for an Irish to do the same.

They take any form of commitment very seriously, contrary to their devil-may-care daily attitude, so they will take their time to make any big decisions.

This is very smart when you come to think of it, but it may seem you are wasting your time and going nowhere with him.

Pressuring him to have ‘the talk’ will not get you far.

So, if he is loyal, invites you to hang out with his friends and family, you are on the right track, just be patient.

Where to Meet an Irish Man

Do you like what typical Irish men are like so far?

Would you like to meet one of them (Or more. Hey, I’m not judging)?

Well, let me share some tips on how to meet an Irish guy.

In my experience, the best thing to do to meet Irish guys is obviously going to Ireland, go out and about and enjoy dating Irish men IRL. T

here are some places where you can take a pick, but more on that later in my “Traveler’s guide”.

If you are reluctant to jump on a plane and start mingling with sexy Irish men, you can always join one of the online dating websites catering to the international dating niche.

I’ve tried out those too, and here is my top pick for meeting Irish men.

Okay. yes, this one is not specifically oriented towards dating Irish guys, and you probably already know that, since it is one of the best dating websites out there.

So, why did I chose that one over others?

First of all, it has a large database of single Irish guys and, girls, they mean business.

They are not on the website just to boost their egos, but they are here to chat, flirt and meet with you.

What I want to say is, there is a lot of them and they are very active.

The second thing is, on you can find hot Irish men for both casual dating and serious dating, while the majority of other Irish-only websites are oriented towards one or the other.

The website is slightly more oriented towards serious dating, but let’s face it, they are guys and every now and again they end up wanting to blow off some steam if you catch my drift.

This website is perfect for American women looking for Irish men.

If you are not already familiar with it, let’s see what the website offers.

Subscribing is quite easy and requires you to provide only a few basic information such as nationality, birthday, email, gender…

You will also have to provide a photo, but you will not have to verify your account.

Upon subscription, you will be taken to the profile builder where you should add as much information about you as possible since it will help you find what you want faster.

You can provide your height, body type, and type of relationship you are interested in, and up to 26 photos.

Write a short ‘about me’ paragraph as well. (In my experience, this is where you should explicitly state that you are looking to meet Irish men, it helps to narrow the search down).

The profiles are quite detailed, and you can use filters to search for a specific feature, in this case, Irish males.

Another thing that makes better than the others is the fact that you can share your profile on its sister websites and increase your chances of meeting single Irish men.

Making contact is quite easy on this website although messaging is a premium feature.

MatchPhone is another premium feature that can be very useful and fun if you do actually meet a hot Irish man you want to visit Ireland for, so why not talk to him beforehand?

You are presented with matches based on your preferences and you can send likes for free, and you can also use the extensive search filters and choose specific location e.g. Belfast.

Since both you and I are always on the go, traveling and exploring, there is a functional, easy-to-use app with all the same features available both on  Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

I met Aidan on the app in the very first week of my subscription and we spent a great summer together in magical Ireland.

Traveler’s Guide to Meeting Irish men

So, once you have met the Irish dating culture online a little bit, it is time to go to Ireland and get some hands-on experience.

Pretty much where ever you go in Ireland you can meet a handsome Irish guy, but here, the chances are better just because of the quantity. But I do encourage you to explore even smaller towns and villages.

Have you watched ‘P.S. I Love You’?

Where did she meet not one, but two hot Irish men?

Basically on the side of the road. (note: Butler and Morgan are not Irish, but they are chosen to portray them for a reason).

For all of you adventurous and romantic ladies out there, here is a list of three locations only the hottest among hot Irish guys dwell.

1. Dublin

Popularly known as the ‘World’s friendliest city’, Dublin is also one of the top destinations single people from all over the world come to.

The city got its name because of its locals of course.

They are extremely friendly and want to help you get around town, they will walk you there themselves, and share stories on whatever interests you.

And, surprisingly, yet favorably, a lot of them are single.

So, you can literally meet a hot single Irish man just by walking on the street looking lost. Some good-hearted single lad will come to your rescue.

There are a lot of locations where you can meet your soulmate or a fling but Copper Face Jacks Nightclub is a place you should definitely visit if you are serious in finding a perfect match for yourself, and especially if you like alcohol and dancing to the dawn.

There is a variety of well-educated, accomplished people and professions, and if you find that you are also accomplished, you will have your pick right there.

2. Belfast

A city with great statistics for finding love and/or fun.

Combining Irish friendliness with the fact that almost 50% of the Belfast population is single is just astonishing!

It is almost impossible to not find a hot Irish guy here.

Visit any of the local parks, clubs or bars and get yourself included in the everyday activities, and let the Irish luck work its way to you.

3. Festivals

The Irish love Festivals!

Elaborate masks, dancing, and alcohol create the perfect atmosphere for meeting your soulmate. People’s inhibitions are way down, everything is colorful and fun.

And even if you are not looking for a fling, why not allow yourself to meet some interesting people, maybe later they will become something more than friends.

The festivals happen all year round, in all the cities so wherever you are you will get the chance to participate.

St. Patrick’s Festival, The Rose of Tralee, Fleadh Cheoil Na Heireann, to name a few, are a fun and unique way to immerse yourself into the magical Irish culture.

How to Conquer an Irish Man’s Heart

Now that you know where to meet Irish men it is time for me, an international dating expert, to give you some Irish guy dating tips to help you win over their minds and hearts.

Just, before you start dating an Irish guy, make sure to be ready to let loose and enjoy the spontaneity and carefreeness of their ways, even in the long run. And never, never, say anything remotely bad or offensive about his mother.

1. Joke

The world’s greatest jokers and tricksters, the Irish like their women equally funny and fun!

Contrary to the British humor-ironic, sarcastic ad cold, the Irish humor is direct, funny and is designed to embarrass the joke’s target (slightly, yet effectively).

Ladies are no exception.

If you want to date typical Irish guys start getting used to constant teasing, and do not get offended or defensive.

If you start showing that you are uncomfortable they will get on your case, even more, calling you out and describing you as uptight. 

Leave your pride and bruised ego at home and joke around.

Gracefully accept a joke on account of anything yours and laugh at it.

What’s even better, make a joke of your on his account-keep the banter alive.

You will become so much more interesting than if you appear offended.

They are, really just joking and teasing you. It is nothing personal, even if it seems like that., and the faster you get that, the more fun you will have, and more Irish hotties will be at your feet.

2. Be patient

To really get to know what are Irish men like, you have to be patient.

At first, an Irish guy will show you his fun side, it takes time to meet the sensitive, pensive guy you may have next to you.

And although they seem fast-paced and careless, they are actually caring, and making decisions takes time and careful consideration.

Whatever you do, be patient with him, let him come to his decisions in his own time.

This will give you some good points both with him and with his friends who will say you are a very cool lass for waiting and basically, not nagging.

3. Get active

Irish guys are very active. They like sports and leisure activities such as hiking, cycling or just tossing the ball.

To effortlessly meet an Irish guy, visit a rugby game and start up a conversation with a hot guy next to you.

Ask him about his team (you will not miss as he will probably wear the team’s colors).

Ask him if he plays, and when he inevitably says that he does, at least recreationally, ask him where you can come to see him play.

It will probably be a nearby park which gives you the opportunity to ask him to teach you or, show him some of your moves if you are sporty at all.

Anyway, if you just happen to be at the park, bring a frisbee or a rugby and many Irish guys will ask to join on the fun, and then you will have your pick of the pack.

If that fails, gyms are also a great place to meet hot Irish guys.

4. Let loose

Loosen up, do not be serious all the time, and allow yourself to have unplanned fun.

If an Irish invites you to go dancing out of the blue do not say you need time to go change into something more appropriate.

Jeans and sneakers are just perfect for them.

They are not very good dancers, so you will eventually end up jumping around with him to the rhythm.

The Irish are very kind and friendly, yet they do not care much about other’s opinions of them.

An Irish guy will do what feels good and fun at the given moment, and as soon as you start embracing this attitude you will have more fun and even more guys asking for your number or a date.

For the Irish, prim and proper is nice, but only on TV and special occasions.

5. Be your own woman

With being your own woman I mean that you should have your own life besides the relationship you have with your favorite Ginger.

Since he is active and independent, he likes his girl to be the same.

The activity part we already talked about, so, if you are a couch potato and only like Netflix, then you are in trouble.

In the same way, as he wants you to get moving, he wants you to have your own friends to spend time with.

First of all, it is healthy, and second of all, he wants you to have something fun to do while he is occupied with GAA or any activity he has with his friends.

Also, if he asks you for a date and you refuse because you have prior plans with your friends, he will respect you even more than if you are always available when he calls you.

6. Demand respect

He will not like you more if you let him forget about you for days while he is with his friends.

You should not nag him all the time, but when you think that you are left out.

 Call him out.

He will most likely apologize and do anything to make it up to you, and will, in fact, pay attention to the distribution of his time in the future.

If you respect his choices and wishes he will honestly respect yours.

So do not be afraid to speak your mind.

7. Language Barrier

Communication is key, right?

 So what about the language, are they almost impossible to understand (like the Scottish men, when they speak Scottish) or can you easily understand them?

When it comes to the language barrier, it does not exist; after all, they do speak English.

Once you get used to their charming accent you will have no difficulty understanding them and enjoying in the cutest accent there is!

You will have to get acquainted with some common expressions they use in everyday life that we in America don’t use.

And trust me, learning those expressions is quite fun as they are, in fact, very playful, and in more cases than not, serve to achieve the comic effect.

I have already said that the handsome Irish guys are not just pretty faces on hot bodies, nope, they are funny like no others, so why would you miss a cool joke that would keep you laughing for days, and each time you remember it?

Learn the expressions and collocations.

The best way is to literally ask them to explain it.

They like to talk and they are friendly so they will explain it right away, and will probably joke that we Americans do not have any sense of humor, which you will prove him wrong, just when you get a grip on their way of thinking and relax.

Humor is very important to them and they joke around all day, every day, everywhere and with anybody – at work, on the street, at the shop, at home, so if you understand their jokes (and actually find them funny) will make sexy Irish guys fall head over heels for you!

So the language-related barrier exists only if you are not open to joking on everybody’s account (even yours) being stiff and prim about their jokes will not get you very far.

Top 3 Hottest Irish men

Here I am at the difficult task of picking only three hottest Irish men among so (oh, so, so, so) many of them… Before you start reading about my top three picks, here are some honorable mentions: Collin O’Donoghue, Jason O’Mara, Pierce Brosnan, Aidan Turner, Jonathan Rhys Meyers…

Seriously, the list could go on, like, forever!

Here’s some hot Irish inspiration for you!

1. Jamie Dornan

Born in 1982 in Belfast, Jamie Dornan became popular by his portrayal of Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). Ever since then girls all over the world have been sighing after him.

His other notable acting gigs are Tv Series Once Upon a Time and The Fall, and movies Robin Hood, and A Private War. There are several of them in postproduction so we are yet to enjoy Jamie and his acting.

Before his acting career took off, he was a model for Calvin Klein.

He has Irish signature blue eyes and a seductive yet kind look. He is hot and has a great physique.

Seriously, google him.

There are so, so many pictures of him half-naked that you will want to visit Ireland right away. His unshaven beard gives him a bit of a rugged, masculine appearance.

Although he was famed by the infamous Fifty Shades movies, not all his roles are so filled with sexual content, but are worthy of watching, so take your pick.

You will at least enjoy his deep voice and charming Irish accent.

2. Colin Farrell

Irish Men - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 57

Another Irish heartthrob, Colin Farrel was born in 1976 in Dublin and has been every woman’s favorite bad boy ever since he appeared on our small screens back in 1995.

And although some of us have not been born then, we still consider Farrel one of the world’s sex symbols.

His career is quite substantial and you can take a pick among many of the movies such as Minority Report, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Solace, Alexander, and many others.

He has also starred in tv series True Detective, and you can enjoy his voice as he plays the narrator in another tv series Legend of Cambria.

He has been critically appraised for his acting and only seeing his name on the actors’ list of a movie or tv project makes the audience want to watch it, asl they are sure they are in for the treat.

A head full of hair, deep dark eyes, seductive, bad-boy charm, and recognizable Irish swag are what make Farrel so hot and irresistible.

Also, I can’t help but be wowed by his enormous transformation capability which makes him even hotter.

3. Bono

Irish Men - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 58

You know you must have done something with your life when every household in all the world recognize you just by your stage name.

Bono, an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, businessman, and philanthropist, was born in 1960 in Dublin and has been stealing girl’s hearts for decades now.

Even at the brink of his 60’s, he has the upper hand over other, younger Irish men.

He has the frontmen of U2, a very very successful rock band, he has amazing and recognizable vocals and his talent is through the roof.

Even if, by some crazy chance, you do not know any of U2’s songs from the top of your head, once you hear a few tunes you will surely recognize it.

Bono is a recipient of 22 Grammies and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He has also ventured in the acting world a little, mostly portraying himself.

He is a great philanthropist and has dedicated his life to helping various causes.

If looks alone are not enough for a man to be hot, with Bono you get the hotness along with the success and kindness. Talk about a real man!

Final Word

When you travel as much as I do you get a sense of what people in other countries are like, especially if you become closer with them and date them.

This guide should be an explanation enough for why I am always, always looking forward to going back to Ireland either to meet new people or rekindle old flames.

If you like fun and games, mixed with old-fashioned and a little bit childish ‘I like you but I will tell you by teasing you’ Ireland is a great place for you to snag yourself a lad who will make you laugh endlessly!

Get your pretty bum on the plane for a true chance to know what are Irish guys like. You will not regret it!

Do not forget to read my Ultimate Guide for dating men, I promise you will not regret meeting and dating men from Ireland.

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