Lithuanian Women: Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Lithuanian Women Guide

Have you ever dated a Lithuanian girl? If you are curious to hear more about dating Lithuanian women, stay with me, because I have prepared a detailed international dating guide.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Lithuanian women compare in all categories.

I’m here to help you find out much more than just commonly heard Lithuanian women stereotypes, and to make my guide look even better- I’ve prepared tons of fantastic Instagram accounts and hottest pics of Lithuanian chicks.

Let’s go through all the tips for dating a Lithuanian woman and discover how to meet Lithuanian women.

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Have fun!

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12 Most Important Traits of Lithuanian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

When describing a man or a woman from any corner of the world, you inevitably end up writing some stereotypical things, but, making a unique profile is impossible.

It’s up to each person you meet, and he or she may be either typical or quite an untypical representative of the country, and that will significantly influence and define your overall opinion.

Nevertheless, we all know that people coming from Asia mostly have almond-shaped eyes, the majority of Irish people have freckles, those from Nordic countries are mainly blonde, etc.

Using the same logic, people from the Baltic region have some specific traits, so based on that (and those chicks I’ve met), I will try to define how typical Lithuanian women look like and try to give you more than just some Lithuanian girl stereotypes.

What Physical Traits Distinguish Lithuanian Women from Other Women

You will often hear that girls from Baltic countries are described as Barbies, that they look like real-life princesses.

Personally, I am not a fan of such narrow-minded comparisons, but I do agree that they look enchanting.

So, what is it that differs girls of Lithuania from those coming from Estonia or Latvia?

Let’s find out!

1. Physical appearance

If by any chance, you occasionally catch a glimpse of those beauty contests, you will notice that the most gorgeous females are actually from this part of the world.

Similar to girls from Denmark, they have a huge dose of natural charm, so original and feminine, that it instantly takes your breath away.

As for Lithuanian women body type, they are of ideal proportions, tall but not too tall, and slim but not skinny.

They have all the components that a perfect female body should have-curvaceous hourglass figure with a small waist, a nicely-shaped booty along with larger breasts.

And that comes as an excellent combination is that even though they look so gracious and fragile, they are strong and independent individuals.

That’s what makes them so impressive and memorable, not only as girlfriends but acquaintances in general.

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(So, being such an unusual combo, you probably haven’t got the clue what are Lithuanian women like in bed, huh? Stay tuned, I will tell you later!)

Lithuanian women's physical appearance

2. Health

When it comes to this important aspect of anyone’s life, it always surprises me how the system, in general, doesn’t provide as much support as it should and could.

A huge number of Lithuanian women are well-educated, but on the other hand, there are those living in poorer and rural areas, and there’s a huge disproportion between health services provided to each of the groups.

Luckily non-governmental organizations are putting plenty of effort to make that change, and the situation is getting better.

Slowly, but there’s some progress.

So, they do care about their health, but they should so even more.

how healthy are the Lithuanian womenn

3. How stylish they are?

Due to decades by the Soviet regime, style in Lithuania was mostly conservative, which is the reason why they were hungry for glitz and glam.

As time goes by, they wholeheartedly embrace all that comes from Western Europe, and at the time being sexy Lithuanian women are seen as the most fashionable girls from that region.

If they belong to the wealthier part of the population, they enjoy traveling to Paris and Milan to shop for fancy goodies and designers’ clothes.

Those with a tighter budget shop at marketplaces and second-hand stores, but still do their best to find a combination which will make them look attractive and pretty.

Their fashion is similar to Scandinavian (as well as the climate), and they usually opt for calm and muted colors, and clothes which will emphasize their body shape, rather than something clumsy and kitsch.

Are Lithuanian women stylish?

4. Facial beauty

If you ask me what is the most breath-taking facial feature of typical Lithuanian girls- it’s their piercing blue eyes.

That penetrating glance will keep your thought occupied for days.

I mean, Irish girls also have blue eyes, German and Danish as well, but it’s not the same.

As for hair, it’s natural blonde or chestnut-colored in most cases. The skin is fair.

They also tend to flush on cheeks easily, which only adds more charm to the overall beauty.

Hot Lithuanian girls pay lots of attention to skincare, striving to keep its natural and fresh look, and they chose high-quality cosmetics.

They wear make-up but prefer lighter colors, which only emphasizes their femininity and charm.

How pretty are Luthianian women??

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Lithuanian women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Lithuanian girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Lithuania and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Lithuanian women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Lithuanian women Tinder score

What Different Personality Traits Lithuanian Women Have from Other Women

As I said, these fragile princesses are women with strong character, independent and hard-working.

But, there’s much more than that, which altogether makes them the most memorable women you will ever have the opportunity to encounter.

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?


Surrounded by a bunch of friends (mainly female), they move around in a cheerful crowd ready to make wonders on the dance floor.

They seem to be having so much fun sometimes that they don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around.

What I’m hinting at here is a man desperately trying to signal that he’d like to chat with her- she will be so obsessed dancing that a poor guy will have to either approach directly or simply give up.

Lithuanian Women-fun factor

2. Chill Factor

When you see them running around in a hurry, with their smartphones, you may get the impression that they are distant and unapproachable, but it’s nowhere close to that.

Just pick the right place to start the conversation with them and you will see how relaxed and pleasant they actually are.

So, if you head to some bookstore, or you go shopping for some clothes, this is where you can try the luck, with the highest chances of success.

Lithuanian women Chill factor

3. Loyalty

Monogamy is highly valued in this country, so yes, they are loyal, no matter what.

And you know what, she will appreciate the same quality in men, so be careful, fellas.

If you find the one that means to you, don’t push the luck and go out exploring more Lithuanian women in bed, or you will lose your very own fairy princess.

Lithuanian women are loyal

4. Good as Mothers

The abovementioned loyalty is present in family life as well.

These gorgeous females are caring and devoted mothers, so you can be sure that, if you start a family with one of them, your kiddos will have a fantastic mother.

They love sharing their love with the members of the family and always make sure everyone feels comfortable and completely satisfied.

Lithuanian women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

As I said, you just need to find the right place to start chatting with them, and you will see how friendly they are.

Those nasty stereotypes about them being cold, unwelcoming, and even rude are a bunch of prejudices coming from those who failed in finding the perfect moment to approach, which resulted in rejection.

Once you make friends with them, you will see how warm, and pleasant to be around are Lithuanian babes.

How often do Lithuanian women meet and talk to foreigners?

6. Are they Romantic?

If you are looking for a way to earn some positive points, then this is the field you have the chance to do so.

They belong to women who appreciate chivalry and are very romantic, so when you arrange your first meeting, don’t forget flowers.

Single Lithuanian girls like being taken care of, they like one’s attention, so hold the door open so that she can pass through ahead of you, and slide her chair forwards as she sits down, and be sure that romantic part of her personality will already be in the seventh heaven.

How romantic are Lithuanian women?

7. Sexuality

It may come as a shock, whatsoever, but hottest Lithuanian women are not so open to one-night stands.

Few of them are, but generally speaking, they are more into serious and committed relationships than casual intimacy.

Lithuanian girls in bed are true fire, but you will be able to discover so yourself if you either decide to be in a true relationship or be lucky enough to meet the one that is an exception (meaning, open to one-night adventures).

Lithuanian women are quite sexy

8. Gringo Card – How likely are They to Date a Foreigner?

While out and about in Lithuania, you will most probably hear the term “barracudas”.

This derogatory term usually refers to those looking for a rich foreigner to sponsor them. Some call it prostitution, the others describe it as sugar daddy-sugar babe relationship.

So, be careful when you meet Lithuanian girls because those that seem overly excited and thrilled with the idea of dating a foreigner could be barracudas.

But, this behavior comes from a period when the country was poorer, so dating a man from other part of the world was seen as the chance to escape from that situation.

Families, in general, are not so super enthusiastic about their daughter dating a non-Lithuanian guy, only because they are afraid that he might not treat them the way they deserve.

What girls look nowadays is a man who will take good care of them, love them, regardless of the passport.

So, you can start breaking this stereotype and prove that foreign guys want much more than just wild adventure.

How likely is it for Lithuanian women to date foreigners?

Lithuanian women are the most gorgeous women in the world with their feminine nature, piercing blue eyes, and natural charm.

Possessing a sizable bust, small waist, and well-shaped booty is more than enough to keep you interested in them.

You will feel comfortable with them due to their warm and pleasant personality.

If you want to spend quality time with these beauties from the Baltic, keep reading to unveil more tips to dating them.

Lithuanian women Overall score

Where to Meet Lithuanian Women?

Love knows no limits, and people are ready to travel to the other side of the world looking for an ideal partner.

Of course, in some ideal scenario, you could simply pack the bags and explore women of Lithuania in some of the memorable Lithuanian cities.

But, that’s unfortunately not always possible, so you need to come up with some other ideas where to meet Lithuanian girls.

For that reason, I made sure to cover both options and provide you with some super advice covering land-based and online options.

Yes, I will give you a brief review on one of the best dating sites where you can check out what are Lithuanian women like and guide you through the three most visited cities of this beautiful Baltic country and tell you where you can look for Lithuanian females.

Stay tuned!

Wondering where to meet a Lithuanian woman, one of the great options to help you see how international dating works are online dating platforms.

This one is pretty cool, as it focuses on the Baltic region, making it an excellent place not only for an American man looking for Lithuanian women but for any man from other parts of the world as well.

Besides tons of hottest profiles of pretty Lithuanian girls, the site is equipped with useful dating tips which will introduce you to some basics about what are Lithuanian women like in relationships.

What matters a lot is that the site is active, which increases the chances for you to meet a Lithuanian woman and chat with her.

Among the featured options on website, a member has the following possibilities at their disposal: nine types of search, the updated list of uploaded photos during the last three days, chance to participate in photo contests, chat (audio and video as well), psychological test and many more.

In case you have some questions, there are three ways to contact the support team, via phone, live chat or e-mail.

You can also browse it on your mobile and enjoy countless pics of sexy Lithuanian girls.

There’s one thing I need to mention- the platform is not free, it has a monthly subscription, but if you opt for a longer period, you will get a significant discount.

The membership can be Standard, Gold and Premium, each of them with more options unlocked, yours is to choose which one suits you the best.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Lithuanian Women

Since it would take a humongous encyclopedia to cover every single corner of Lithuania and so many fantastic cities, I opted for the three biggest and most popular tourist destinations.

But, no matter which one you decide to visit, be sure that all of them will have one thing in common- beautiful Lithuanian girls all around!

1. Vilnius

If you are looking for a city with breath-taking panorama, there’s no doubt that Lithuanian capital has one, and it’s even spectacular that you can imagine.

Having an authentic Old Town, along with pebbly streets and numerous weather-worn buildings, it represents the very core of the entire city.

It comes as a surprise, that even though it’s a metropolis, it covered in surprisingly vast areas of green, altogether 40%.

Bearing once a nickname of the “Jerusalem of the North”, the city displays numerous battle scars, particularly from WWII.

There are plenty of museums, preserved torture chambers, former ghettos, and much more- all witnessing devastation destruction.

Taking a small break to make a plan which are the most prominent sights you want to see, here are some of the places where you can either have lunch or grab yourself a refreshing drink:

  • Pinavija Cafe & Bakery
  • Café Continent
  • Chaika
  • Elska Coffee
  • Amandus
  • Lauro Lapas
  • Mykolo 4
  • Rib Room
  • Lokys
  • Senoji trobele

Don’t miss the chance to taste Didžkukuliai or cepelinai, named so due to their distinctive shape.

Considered to be the national dish of Lithuania, it’s a traditional dish, are dumplings made from grated potatoes stuffed with meat.

Among other places to visit, there’s a glorious Cathedral, Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Uzupis Art Incubator, MO Museum, and many more.

And you’d better have a smile on your face if you plan to pay the visit to Uzupis, as that’s the requirement for entry into this home for dreamers created on April Fools’ Day in 1997.

The city has all the components needed for a fulfilling trip- plenty of historic views, fantastic street art, a thriving coffee shop scene and of course, a rich nightlife.

So, when you finish exploring the daylight version of the city, rest a bit, it’s time to check out what’s the nightlife in Vilnius like.

What I need to mention is that, besides clubs, casinos are also places where one can have fun while in the Lithuanian capital.

Don’t be surprised if you see some playing machines in nightclubs, those are quite common out there.

Here are some of the clubs you can visit:

  • Rumor Lounge & Club
  • Mojo Lounge
  • Soho Club
  • NArauti
  • Mojito Nights
  • Mazzor Night Club
  • Oldtaunas
  • Tamsta Club
  • Heavens
  • Studio 23 Vilnius

One more thing- if you like dancing, one more reason for you to explore as many clubs in Vilnius as you can, because, just like people from the Philippines love karaoke, Lithuanians love dancing.

Do pay attention that midsummer is a public holiday, a time when people usually visit their family or party in nature with friends.

So don’t be surprised if, during this period, clubs are half-empty.

2. Kaunas

If your ideal picture of doing something romantic for your Lithuanian girlfriend has “strolling along the tree-lined avenues” moment in the scenario, then Kaunas is the city to choose.

Although comparably smaller than Vilnius, besides marvelous architecture, it proudly exhibits some of the best galleries in Lithuania.

Some of the places to visit include Museum of Devils, House of Perkunas, KIemo Galerija, NOnth Fort, Sugihara House and many more.

Unlike Vilnius, this city was lucky enough (if I may say so), to face less destruction during the war, which is why the architecture in the old part remained original.

The city itself is located at the confluence of the two largest rivers of Lithuania and surrounded by numerous hills.

Being a cultural center crowded with festivals, events, and galleries, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it earned the title of Capital of Culture 2022.

Another interesting trivia about this city is that it has 7 universities with more than 35,000 students, which is the largest number in the country.

If you are looking for a place to have coffee, eat or simply chillax, here’s where you may go:

  • Motiejaus kepyklele
  • Kavos klubas
  • Moksha
  • Not Just Café
  • Etno Dvaras
  • Baking Mad Hidden Lab
  • Uoksas
  • Višta puode
  • Skliautas
  • Restoranas “Režisierius”

It may come as a surprise for you, but if you are really looking for the true essence of Lithuanian nightlife, you will find it not in its capital- but in Kaunas!

The selection of bars and clubs is impressive and so diverse to cater to the needs of all types of visitors.

If you are lucky enough to stay in Kaunas while the weather is warm, all the action moves outside, so the impressions will be even more intense.

Some of the nightclubs you can visit are:

  • Džem’pub
  • Mojo Lounge Kaunas
  • Kultura
  • Aperitivo Bar
  • Basement cocktail bar by BarBar’a
  • Taboo
  • Baras Kamerinis
  • NIShA bar’o perspektyva

The thing to pay attention to before you just head to the club is dress code.

 Some of them are quite stringent when it comes to this, and they won’t tolerate even if you are a foreigner.

Better be prepared on time, or else you may end up in quite an unpleasant situation.

Apart from that, you will undoubtedly have a great time in any of the places you chose.

3. Klaipeda

Formerly known as Memel, this third largest city of Lithuania, Klaipeda was part of the Prussian Kingdom.

Having a distinctly German flavor, its old town is crowded with buildings done in German fachwerk style, which has typical half-timbered facades.

Walking further from the historic center, one enters the modern part of the city, which is, on the other hand, an industrial area.

No matter how long you plan to stay in this city, be sure that you will gather plenty of positive impressions, as it has enough of everything to satisfy all types of tourists.

Some of the most prominent landmarks include the Blacksmith museum, Farewell Statue, Clock Museum, History Museum of Lithuania Minor and more.

But, among the most unusual features of the city is the sculpture “Katinas džentelmeno veidu” (“The cat with the face of a gentleman”).

Not only did the hooligans steal it twice, but it disappeared for some period, only to “return” on the city’s birthday in 2006.

Here are some of the nice places to refresh during sightseeing:

  • Coffee King
  • Kavos architectai
  • Max Coffee
  • Café Klaipeda
  • Etno Dvaras
  • Klaipėda Restaurant & Gallery
  • Žvejų baras
  • Easy Lounge
  • Viskas lietuviškai

Of course, it would be a shame to miss Curonian Spit while in Klaipeda.

This curved sand-dune spit is 98 km long, and it separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast.

The southern part of it is located in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia and while its northern is situated within southwestern Lithuania.

This treasure of nature, belonging simultaneously to two countries, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the day slowly comes to an end, you probably start thinking about which club to visit, so here are some ideas for you:

  • Crystal Show Club
  • Sunset Strip Club
  • Night Club Fabrik
  • No.74 Loftas
  • Naktinis klubas ir baras Cartel 21
  • Klubas Giza
  • Bluez
  • Escape, striptizo klubas, Takona
  • Pakhauz
  • Raketa Social Club

Here, similar to Kaunas, do pay attention to the dress code. They won’t let you enter the club if you are wearing trainers.

Make sure you are well-informed on the rules of each of the clubs you plan to visit, they simply won’t tolerate, and they won’t mind if you are a tourist- rules are rules.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Lithuanian Woman

Dating a Lithuanian girl can be quite an adventurous mission, particularly if you come from a different culture.

But, if two of you put effort and learn about each other’s background, the number of pleasure things will prevail.

Here are some good and bad sides of having Lithuanian chick by your side:


1. You will be dating a real-life princess

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pleasant facial expression, perfect figure- what more to look for?

They are indeed angels walking the earth, so if you are lucky enough to steal her heart, you will have the chance to brag about the wonderful experience of dating a fairy.

2. They are hard-working, intelligent, independent

Despite the delicate appearance, they surely know how to take care of themselves, and having such a strong chick by your side is a good thing, isn’t it?

3.  Lithuanian girls are calm

It’s contagious, my man, I mean just sitting and chatting with them makes you feel so relaxed.

A part of that could be due to their enchanting beauty, but that slower temperament is typical for all women coming from this region.


1. Beware the barracudas

Again, it’s not like every girl in Lithuania belongs to this notorious category, but still, open your eyes widely (and keep your wallet closed tightly)!

Jokes aside, but it would be a shame ending up with one of them because you won’t discover how pleasant it is to date the one who’s interested in a relationship and not just money.

2. Sometimes they can be presumptuous

It is somehow expected from a good-looking girl to behave like that, and you will have to get used to it.

But, how to blame them, when they are more than aware of their jaw-dropping beauty and the impression they leave on other people.

3. They are not very talkative

This is what may make the conversation a bit challenging until you break the ice.

If you come from a country where people are not so reserved, it may be difficult to understand, but as long as you have enough Lithuanian women dating tips by your side, you’ll know what to do.

How to Make a Lithuanian Woman Fall in Love with You

By now, you probably have a rough picture of Lithuanian dating culture and things that do and don’t work.

Nevertheless, more Lithuanian girl dating tips are more than welcome, so I prepared a final compilation of provenly great tricks that will boost the chances to steal her heart.

1. Be gentleman

Being kind and chivalrous is not a sign of weakness, it’s proof of being a gentleman, and that’s the least you can do for your Lithuanian princess.

It costs nothing, and you can get a lot in return.

On the other hand, they will also expect you to pay for dinner, lunch, coffee, whatever, even if she offers to do so.

No matter how independent they may be, it’s an act of chivalry they appreciate.

2. Be punctual

If you scheduled a date at 8 pm, then better prepare and be there on time, or you risk earning some negative points.

That’s the virtue Lithuanian chicks appreciate a lot, so do your best to show that you are punctual as well.

On the other hand, if it happens that they are the ones being late on a date, be patient, stay cool and don’t criticize her.

Such beauty is worth waiting, after all!

3. Mind the dress code

And not just if you are planning to go to a club with her but in general.

Having in mind that she will make sure to look impressive and gorgeous, yours is to make sure you don’t look as if you just walked off the beach or finished your running training.

It doesn’t have to be a shirt, but something smart and casual, something that you feel comfortable in.

4. Be careful with expressing your feelings in public

Even if you two happened to have a wild night together, while walking through the city the next day, don’t kiss and hug her every 20 steps.

Call it playing by some traditional rules, but they are not used to public displays of affections.

Those moments are reserved for some other places, so keep things moderate.

5. Get to know her

The thing to do before you start looking for Lithuanian beauties is learning about their culture, history, tradition…

I mean, if you are serious about international dating.

Then, you should also take time to talk with that potential girl of yours, show that you are truly interested in her.

She will enjoy the attention you give her, and you, in return, will get more first-hand tips which can additionally increase the chances to steal her heart.

6. Be honest

Don’t try to act macho, never be fake with them- they are smart, they will see it, and will eliminate you immediately.

Those cheesy pickup lines don’t work with them so if you have nothing better than that, don’t lose your time.

Make better tactics, and if you like the girl, approach and tell her that, using some meaningful words.

Be smart and funny, have a sense of humor, that’s all.

7. Language Barrier

If you happen to speak Lithuanian, lucky you, because it’s one of the least commonly spoken languages in Europe.

It has just about 3 million speakers.

Belonging to the Baltic group of the Indo-European family of languages, it is full of words from Sanskrit.

People in Lithuania are very proud of their language and deeply appreciate it.

(Consequently, if you put efforts to learn it, your Lithuanian darling will be thrilled!)

The alphabet has 32 letters, and some of them have diacritics, which were added a few centuries ago.

One interesting curiosity is that the spoken variant of language is archaic and significantly older than written form, which was standardized only a century ago.

Although it’s among the most challenging ones to learn and pronounce, what makes the situation slightly easier is that every single letter always represents the same sound in all the different words.

Give it a try, you will have fun learning this unusual language, but in case you fail, don’t be afraid.

There’s always a universal language- body language, which compensates for the lack of knowledge of the Lithuanian language.

Besides, they speak English quite well, so there will be not so many obstacles.

The Most Beautiful Lithuanian Women

Looking for the right words to describe the beauty of ladies from this charming and mysterious Baltic country, I find gracious to be the most suitable one.

You see, they may not be sexy in the same way girls from Brazil, nor they have the same type of beauty as chicks from Denmark, but there’s certainly something special about them.

I have chosen the three most representative examples of hot Lithuanian girls, so see for yourself (and feast your eyes)!

1. Jurgita Jurkutė

Back in 2007, this adorable woman was Miss Lithuania, on a contest held in China.

She was born in 1985, and besides the modeling career, she’s a successful actress.

Her career could be described as international, as she worked in numerous different parts of the world such as Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Japan.

Similar to how many models do, she uses her popularity to provide support to those who need it, focusing predominantly on children without families.

As for her career as an actress, she appeared in several TV shows and series.

Two of her roles brought her significant acknowledgment, as the actress of the year, in 2014.

This attractive girl studied at Vilnius University for the Bachelor of Arts in social work.

In 2012 she graduated with bachelor studies at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

One thing you would never guess about this adorable woman is her unusual hobby. Well, unusual for chicks, to be precise.

She LOVES football, and plays it as well. (that’s what I call a remarkable chick! 😉 )

2. Edita Vilkevičiūtė

Born in 1989, her modeling career started quite by accident.

As far as she stated in an interview, it happened while she was on vacation with her parents. She attended a casting organized by D-Max.

After she was discovered, at the age of 16, she signed the contract with Women Management in Milan.

The first milestone point for her was Just Cavalli debut in 2006, which was followed by Vogue Paris’ first editorial a month later.

2008 was more than crowded with activities, as this alluring lady walked for numerous prestigious brands such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana and many more.

But, the real thrill comes later during the same year, when she took part in the “Pink” edition of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Her sexy was seen in numerous magazines, but one of the most intriguing was the one for Interview magazine.

Accompanied by Zac Efron, she posed nude in a steamy photoshoot.

In 2015 Forbes ranked her as one of the world’s highest-paid models.

3. Kristina Tučkutė

Kris’ career started in 1995 when she was around 12 years old (she was born in 1983).

A successful fashion model, her gorgeous face adorned countless magazine covers. Moreover, she participated in numerous international campaigns.

Among the design houses she cooperated with there are fancy brands such as Giorgio Armani, Triumph, Parah, Gianfranco Ferre, and many more.

She also entered a three-year partnership with Levante, a company widely famous for its exclusive stockings and lingerie.

Kris also stared in a multitude of TV commercials, to gain some useful experience as an actress.

In addition to this, she ventured into make-up business as well, launching her own cosmetic line Shhh… it’s secret.

Her early life was filled with adventurous activities such as horse riding and playing tennis. Besides this, she became an excellent marksman at the police facility’s shooting range.

Hot Lithuanian Beauties on Instagram

Final Word

Now that you know what are Lithuanian girls like in relationships and how to meet a Lithuanian girl, get down to business.

After all, the best way to feel that special atmosphere of Baltic is to meet a Lithuanian girl and experience dating Lithuanian girls.

I hope you enjoyed my international dating guide, good luck with single Lithuanian women!

It is important you read my ultimate guide to dating sexy women to get tips that will make this dating experience worthwhile.

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