The MASTER List of Pick up Lines to Use on Guys in 2024

Pick up Lines to Use on Guys

Let’s be honest, every girl has at least once in her life seen or met a guy that she thought would be perfect boyfriend material, but most of the time they didn’t make any more moves other than staring at them until they notice and then quickly looking away.

And then the girl would just wait for the guy to approach her and at the end of the whole situation, she would wonder about why he didn’t approach her when she was giving him sufficient evidence that he should.

Of course, the equivalent of this on digital platforms would probably be following him and liking his pictures and then wondering why he hasn’t sent you a DM yet.

Well, girls, we suggest that you change a couple of things up.

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And as you probably guessed already, we will be suggesting to you pick up lines to use on guys!

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Pick up Lines to Make Him Laugh and Win Him Over

Pick up Lines to Make Him Laugh

Having a good sense of humor is probably the most attractive quality that anyone can have, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

There’s nothing wrong with approaching a guy first if you like him, and you should get rid of that stereotype because you might have been missing on some of the best connections in your life because of it.

Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot. Regardless of whether you meet him somewhere in public or online, you can always find an adequate way to introduce yourself.

The fact is, making people laugh has to be the best way to make them feel some sort of connection to you.

So use some of the following pick up lines that you think are the best and that makes you laugh, and if he doesn’t love them don’t worry.

You’re the one who dodged a bullet there, because what’s the point of getting with someone who doesn’t have the same sense of humor as you do?

These are bound to at least make your crush chuckle:

Make your crush chuckle
  • Hey, your hand just seem like it’s hefty, can I help you with it?
  • You’re hot, I’m ugly. Let’s make average babies.
  • Did you ever get arrested for looking so good? It’s got to be illegal.
  • I actually really like breathing, so it would be nice if you could stop taking my breath away.
  • You should get your license suspended because you’re driving me crazy!
  • Hey, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You’re kind of making every guy in this place look inferior. It’s not nice.
  • How free are you today, on a range of one to America?
  • I bet you $10 you’re going to turn me down.
  • No worries if you’re busy, but can you add me to your to-do list?
  • Hey, I have a friend who really wants to know whether you think I look good or not.
  • Hey, don’t get scared but I’m a doctor and I noticed some symptoms that you have that are very serious, but can easily be cured. It’s the absence of vitamin ME.
  • Do you think that love at first sight is a real thing? Or should I stroll by again?
  • I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty good with numbers. You can give me yours and I’ll show you what I can do with it.
  • Are you a banana? Because I think you’re a-peel-ing.
  • If I was an octopus, all my three hearts would beat only for you.
  • I think that you’re my appendix. I have no idea what exactly you’re doing, but the way that my stomach is acting right now really makes we want to take you out.
  • Hey, do you know what we should be for Halloween? Girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • Do you like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together.
  • Give me a kiss if I’m wrong, but mammoths are still a thing, right?
  • You are so beautiful that I would marry your brother just to become a part of your family.
  • Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see! 
  • Let’s flip a coin. Head, and I’m yours. Tails, you’re mine.
  • I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, she looks good enough, but can she ride a Unicycle?” And the answer is no.
  • I’m trying to finish writing a book, but there’s just one thing that I’m missing and you’re the only one who can help me. It’s your phone number. The book is a phone book.
  • Somebody call 9-1-1, this man just made my heart stop!

Make Him Fall for You with These Undeniably Cute Pick up Lines

Make Him Fall for You

Okay, let’s take it a step further.

In some sort of way, being funny is safe. When you’re using a funny pick up line and making the person that you’re interested in laugh, you can always leave with the satisfaction of knowing that at least they think that you’re funny, even if they had to say no to you right now.

But let’s be honest here, being cute is way more straightforward. It’s the same thing with being romantic, which we will talk about in greater detail later on in this article. 

However, there’s plenty of different guys out there, and believe it or not, some of them would probably prefer you being cute and with cleaner intentions, than just making them laugh.

In addition to that, it’s always important to remember and do only the things that you feel comfortable doing and that fit your style more casually. The chances of having success are greater that way.

Also, don’t forget that compliments work on everyone! Be cheesy all you want.

Without further ado, here are some of the cutest pick lines that you can use on a guy that you’re interested in to let him know that you like him:

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Cute Pick up Lines
  • Are you a 45-degree angle? Because you’re acute-y!
  • You’re so good looking it’s distracting.
  • Are you the square root of -1? Because there’s no way that you’re real.
  • There are 21 letters in the alphabet right? Oh wait, I forgot U R A Q T.
  • You’re like the best coffee: dark, tall and strong.
  • Damn, it seems like there’s something wrong with my eyes, they can’t stop looking at you.
  • The only thing that your eyes haven’t told me yet is your name.
  • I’d say God bless you, but it seems like he already has.
  • So tell, how does it feel to be so boiling hot?
  • Hey, you look a lot like the guy that I’m going to go on a date with in the very near future.
  • You want to know the best thing in my life? It’s the first word of this sentence.
  • Are you as good looking on the inside as you are on the outside?
  • You’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.
  • If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber!
  • Are you made out of grapes? Because you’re as fine as wine!
  • The present is the best time to go on a date with me.
  • You must be exhausted from racing through my head all the time.
  • Boy, you’re hotter than sunburn.
  • I’m no photographer but I can picture us together.
  • Hey, I know a certain girl who thinks that you’re really handsome. I’d let you know who it is but I’m way to shy.
  • Boy, you’re the proof that aliens are real, because I think that you just abducted my heart.

Pick Up Lines to Prove That Romance Isn’t Dead

Pick Up Lines to Prove That Romance Isn’t Dead

Okay, the pick up lines that we listed above are pretty cute, but you can always take it a step further.

Being romantic can be pretty scary, because you’re keeping your heart on your sleeve and hoping for the best.

Additionally, the promises of loving somebody forever as soon as you met them can scare them too and might make them say no to you.

But, here’s when we refer to something that we mentioned before.

And that is, be yourself!

If you’re hopeless romantic don’t be afraid to show your true colors! And if you feel comfortable with doing things like this just do them. There’s nothing that you have to lose.

In addition to that, there are a lot of guys who will appreciate your romantic gestures.

Also, some of these are just plain fun and will at least make them laugh while letting them know that you mean serious business.

However, you got to have at least a little bit more bravery for these, but we believe that you’ll make them work for you.

Other than that, feel free to use these pick up lines on someone that you’re already with. Why not rekindle the flame a little bit?

Here are some of the best pick up lines to show just how romantic you are:

  • Your eyes are like IKEA… I can get lost in them.
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I think that I’m going to have to make an exception when it comes to you.
  • Even if there wasn’t gravity on Erath, I’d still be falling for you.
  • Let’s be nothing because nothing lasts forever.
  • So, who’s running heaven if you’re down here?
  • When God made you he was showing off.
  • Why would I want to look at the stars when I can look in your eyes?
  • I had to come over to tell you that Cupid called. He says that you have to give me my heart back.
  • I’m sorry, but are you a dictionary? Because you add meaning to my life.
  • Do you know if there are any police around? Because I’m about to steal your heart.
  • I’m not an organ donor, but I would literally give you my heart.
  • It’s not my fault that I fell in love with you. You’re the one who tripped me.
  • Your eyes are so blue that staring at them makes me feel like I’m lost at sea.
  • You’re so handsome that you made me forget my pick up line.
  • What time do you have to be back in heaven?
  • Not gonna lie, falling for you is a really short trip.
  • If I had a bright star for every moment when you improved my life, I would be carrying a galaxy around.
  • What’s your name? Can I call you mine?
  • Do you have a Bandaid? I just scraped my knees falling for you.

Now Let’s Get Dirrrty And Show Them What You Want

Now Let’s Get Dirrrty And Show What You Want

And now, if none of the above listed pick up lines match your style or what you’re looking for we have some mostly dirty, but clever and even funny pick up lines to get the guy of your dreams. Whatever those dreams are about.

But first, we have to tell you (again) that you should never let anyone, even yourself, make you feel ashamed for using them.

You’re a woman who knows what she wants and you should never be afraid to get it.

This kind of pick up lines isn’t only reserved for guys, so feel free to shoot your shot and show the guy that you like what you want from him.

Additionally, women trying to pick up guys in this type of way isn’t that common, and could give you some bonus points for the surprise effect.

However, remember that there’s a time and place to use these pick up lines, and you should always check if the person that you’re approaching is comfortable with this kind of approach.

We will give you some additional tips and tricks on all of this at the end of this article.

Now, let’s look at some of the best dirty pick lines out there:

Dirrrty Pick up Lines
  • Oh no, I think I just lost my keys! Can I check if they’re in your pants?
  • If you’re cold feel free to use me like a blanket. I promise I’ll warm you up real quick.
  • If I told you that I work for FedEx would you let me handle your package?
  • I was feeling a bit off these days, but you definitely turned me on.
  • I never really felt like looking at sunsets was my thing, but I think that watching you go down would be fun.
  • My body has 206 bones. Can you give me another one?
  • Are you a hard worker? Because I have some holes that you can fill.
  • Think about it like this: you can’t be disappointed about this in the morning if we sleep in.
  • My bed is broken, will you let me sleep in yours?
  • Did you know that you look like somebody just took you out of the oven? Blazing hot.
  • Hey, you want to sin together just so that we have something to repent for in church?
  • I’m going to think about sleeping with you tonight either way, so you might as well be there.
  • Did you just ring my doorbell? Well, you can come inside if you want to.
  • What’s a nice guy like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?
  • Those clothes of yours would seem amazing in a crumpled heap in the middle of my bedroom floor.
  • I need a place to sit, is your face free?
  • Are you a trampoline? Because I want to bounce on you.
  • Screw me if I’m not correct, but don’t we already know each other?
  • Let me guess. Your name must be winter, ‘cause you’ll be coming any minute now.
  • Are those Guess jeans? Because guess who wants to get into them.

Clean Pick up Lines for When You Don’t Want to be So Obvious

Clean Pick up Lines

We said before that you should always shoot your shot and that you have nothing to lose even if your approaches don’t get accepted, but we also said that you should always be yourself.

And what if yourself is actually a naturally shy person who can’t just go on a whim, approach a guy and tell him some of the pick up lines that we have listed in this article.

Or you just never approached anyone and it isn’t something that you would usually do, so you’re not as comfortable with it as some people and you can’t exactly make yourself go full throttle.

Of course, that is understandable. Be it your natural shyness or lack of experience, approaching guys is something that you can start doing with some baby steps.

But, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can’t just look at a guy and expect him to take a hint. So step out of your comfort zone a bit!

So here we have some approaches or pick up lines that you can use to get closer to someone and then you can go onto use some of the more risqué ones once you get more comfortable.

  • Your hair looks so cool! Can I touch it? It looks soft.
  • Hey, I’m going to flirt with you now but I can’t tell you if it’s going to be good or not.
  • Hey, didn’t we have a class together in high school? That’s weird I could have sworn that we had chemistry.
  • Date me if I’m not right, but are you from Narnia?
  • Are you a keyboard? Because you’re totally my type!
  • Do you like water? Great, because that’s 70% of what I’m made of. Want to go on a date and learn about the 30%?
  • Hey, sorry if this is weird or something like that, but I just think that you’re really handsome.
  • We should go out for coffee sometimes because I definitely like you a latte.
  • Oh no, it seems like I lost my phone number! Can I get yours?

Tips and Trick for Picking up Guys

Tips and Trick for Picking up Guys
  • Be confident – They don’t say that confidence is key for nothing! When you show someone that you’re confident in yourself they’re going to like you even more and the pick-up line that you choose to use will definitely have more effect. The truth is, lack of confidence is an absolute deal-breaker. But girl, you got nothing to worry about as there’s no reason for you to not be confident! Be yourself, be comfortable, and strut your stuff!
  • Read his body language – Take care to notice some signs that are going to show you how he feels about you. Like for example, if he leans towards you, looks you in the eyes and holds eye contact while smiling, and touches you he’s probably into you! Likewise, you should act the same way if you like him. Of course, if his behavior is the opposite of what we described, he’s most likely not into you and maybe you shouldn’t approach.
  • Don’t be persistent – Actually, you can be persistent, but learn when to draw the line. Annoying somebody isn’t going to make them like you, the effect is going to be the complete opposite. Read his body language and listen to what he’s saying. Take a step back if you feel like you’re not going anywhere.
  • Don’t do this around other people – As we mentioned before, some places are not adequate for flirting. If you’re around other people who can hear you do this you could make the situation even more awkward for both of you and for the people who are close by. So this most likely won’t work.

We hope that these help you. Good luck!

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