The System by Todd in 2024 – Course Review | What To Expect

The System By Tod dating course is definitely one of the dating courses you will rarely hear about online, and it seems like it really didn’t manage to gather a large number of loyal users.

Quite often completely ignored by the dating community and definitely not a course you will hear people praising on different social media,

The System By Todd Course has been around for a few years now, but it seems like it never really got the review it deserves, so we decided to give you a brief insight about it and help you realize whether you should purchase it or not.

Here, you will find out:

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The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 14

What To Expect?

The System By Todd dating course is definitely something different and a dating course you didn’t really have the opportunity to see or experience anytime before.

From the very beginning, you will be able to see that their whole approach and lessons are way different than things and knowledge other courses tend to provide you with.

Todd Valentine teaching men how to seduce and charm women is really very different from most courses you will find online because it is not only focused on helping you get better in the dating field but also overcome different confidence challenges and restructure your mind.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 15

As you will hear from the very beginning in the vast majority of his videos and lecture materials, Tod proposes everyone listen to him carefully and actually change the way they approach life and all sorts of relationships, both romantic and platonic ones.

He believes that people are not able to have a natural game when it comes to anything in life because they don’t have the right mindset, and this sort of obstacle is preventing them from experiencing plenty of amazing things in life.

For that reason, he wants to help other people learn to form their own interactions and the challenges he himself had to overcome before he managed to succeed both in life and the dating world and become a dating coach who can transform your life.

In the beginning chapter of this course, you will be introduced to Todd and his dating approach through several short videos, pretty much similar to regular Youtube videos.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 16

Here, he will cover all the half-truths men tend to hear every day about masculinity and the best ways to seduce women, and he will also approach anxiety, lack of confidence, and other things that are preventing you from making contact with more women.

The videos Todd Valentine uploads to this dating course and platform are also not that long, and since they are never longer than 10 minutes, you should definitely make sure to watch all of them because he manages to do many breakdowns of important things in a very short period of time.

Since the whole course is not too long either, probably the best method if you want to get the most out of it is to stay quiet one weekend and dedicate your whole time to completing the course.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 17

Todd knows what the most important things for all girls are, and he will help you step up your game also by talking about things like hygiene, a nice smile, and even logistics behind swiping left or right on women on dating apps.

Todd Valentine is really a guy who knows what those women like, and all things from romantic parts of the relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) to sex and sexual comfort (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), are definitely fields in which he can give you plenty of advice which turned out to work for amazing first hand.

Things like fitness, your physique but also haircut are also some of the things he didn’t forget, so if you want to get real results and really transform your personality, you shouldn’t skip these chapters either.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Sometimes the smallest things can make a woman interested or crazy for you, so you should definitely take all the advice taught in this course and implement it into your routines.

In my opinion, some of these videos do tend to be way too short, and the advice he shares really is something most people would know themselves too, but since he is able to explain every concept so simple and make it understandable for anyone, I really believe the course is good and will fit most people.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 18

This course is also split into several segments, or better say levels, so once you finish all the videos in the Beginner Roadmap, you will be able to move on with other good students and get to the Intermediate level.

When you get to the intermediate part of the course, it is usually thought that you were one of the students who has paid attention to the whole class and that you will be able to move on to some more practical parts of the dating niche.

Todd Valentine moves on to more important things and is providing you with strategies and techniques that will help you level up in the system and become the object of desire among plenty of different women.

Most men are not aware that just simple moves and even texting techniques can help them get real results almost instantly, but if you keep on following Todd and listening to what he has to say, you will for sure have plenty of women on their knees for you.

Todd will talk about everything from toxic types of behavior and talk strategies that use high-value women away from men, but he will also provide you with some great tactics that will basically help you have sex or seduce a woman in just an hour or two.

He is aware that not all men can be taught how to become a Casanova, so he also has several less direct strategies that are also more practical for most men and will help them achieve great results but at a slower pace.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 19

This is also something no one should be ashamed of because all the content and videos on this dating site and course are created in order to help you overcome your personal obstacles and become wonderful and confident men who are not afraid of making the first step.

The intermediate part of class also focuses on helping you build skills made for hooking up and keeping women interested in you for a longer period of time because Todd knows women are not big fans of men who are an easy catch.

For that reason, I would recommend you to be a good student and take notes when he talks about the mechanics of hooking and pulling women because this is the one thing that will serve you not only in dating but also in real life and regular relations with other people.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 20

These skills are a lot more valuable than you may think they are, and trust me; there are no money or looks that could bring you success with a girl if you don’t know how to handle the situation and act in her surroundings.

He also covers information like the best places and venues for meeting women, which I believe can be very valuable for most inexperienced men who don’t know what the most practical way or location to approach a girl is.

After you finish these two parts of the course,e which in general are really not that long and will usually take you about 2 hours, you will be able to start doing exercises provided by Todd and his team.

These exercises are not used to check whether you have remembered their advice word for word but rather to see whether you would be able to act accordingly when you find yourself in front of a girl.

However, since the exercises are also in the form o a video and Todd is basically again talking about everything from the first hand, I don’t know whether it will work for everyone.

In general, it is just Todd repeating all the same skills and techniques he has already mentioned and teaching you how to be practical in different situations, which is always useful, but in this case, I think you really don’t get to hear anything new.

Of course, these exercises can be helpful for a lot of guys, but I believe you can get real results if you skip this part of the course too.

One thing I don’t think Todd is doing well is explaining the psychology behind different types of behavior and different things both men and women tend to do, and I believe many skills would come of ass more natural and easier if you understood the bigger picture behind it.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 21

These are some of the stuff that can really create a problem for all newcomers to the platform, and if a guy is already struggling with how to act in front of a girl, I think some of these strategies can get him to become even more confused.

Overall, I believe every guy will have a lot of useful things to hear from this course, but my general opinion is that most of these rules and strategies are not practical enough, and some of them have even been repeated so many times that I don’t even see the point in pushing them so hard against people again.

I would tell everyone to feel free and try to get the most out of it and even use the option to get in touch with several dating couches from the platform for free.

It can always be a great idea, and it will really help you understand everything a lot better, and you can feel free to ask many questions about the psychology of relationships, how the whole system works and what are some strategies that may work the best for you.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 22

Even though it doesn’t really provide you with that much information and several guides like most other courses do, I still think you can gain some information from it and basically start your way in the dating pool from here without any problems.

Who Is It Best For?

This is one of the rare courses that gives access both to men and women, and although most examples and practice are also aimed at men, I think it can be a good source of information for girls too.

In general, it is a beginner course, and even though you will see that after you finish the first part of the course, there is a page that immediately sends you to the so-called intermediate part of the platform, I really think you don’t have so much to explore and that all pieces of advice are pretty basic.

Guys who tend to show the most interest in this course are usually the ones dealing with problems like lack of self-confidence and those who don’t really know how to evaluate the quality of the conversation and date they are going to.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 23

I would say that it will provide guys who have little to no experience in this world with the best results and that it is mostly aimed at those who just want to get laid without creating any sort of more meaningful relationship or bond with these girls.

If you are a man looking for something that will allow you to start subtly tiptoeing into a girls life and avoid the usual approach anxiety and other uncomfortable situations that tend to happen in the beginning, then this is definitely something you shouldn’t be wasting your time on because it will bring no value.

There is not much difference in this course and random pieces of advice you can hear on lifestyle websites and youtube videos, so you definitely shouldn’t be wasting your money on it.

Pros And Cons From The Experts

As you already know, everything we come across in life has a lot of pros and cons, and the same goes for dating platforms and courses people use in order to step up their game.

These are all the best and the worst things about the System by Todd course.


1. Short videos

Most guys just want to get laid and find a good girl for that, and they don’t like to waste their time on courses that last months.

For that reason, the System By Todd course is a very good option because it is short, concise, and gets straight to the point.

If you are already well experienced in this world, you can also just choose to get straight to the intermediate level and gather all the needed tactics and strategies all at once.

2. Exercises

After completing the general course, you will also get the opportunity to basically test your knowledge and see how you would do if you found yourself in some of these situations in real life.

Even though the exercises are usually some of the things that were already mentioned before throughout the course, it wouldn’t hurt if you checked your knowledge a little bit and revised some things you have already heard about.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 24

3. Free dating coach chat

All people who have purchased the System By Todd course will also be able to use their free chat option whenever they want, and this way, they will be able to easily get in touch with their dating professionals.

You will have access to them at all times, and you will be able to ask them whatever you want and discuss any idea that happens to be in your mind at the moment.


1. Doesn’t cover everything you need to know

If you are looking to make a difference in your romantic life and you are really seeking advice that has some value and not just a method or two you can hear about on TikTok, too, then this is definitely something you should avoid.

This course is way too short, and it is not focused on long-term relationships, so it definitely won’t provide serious people with some great differences in their romantic lives.

It only covers the basic hookup rules and ignores some of the most important things all readers should know about when it comes to relationships.

Tips For Success

Just like with all dating courses and guides you will be able to find online, I believe the only way you can have success is if you really follow their pieces of advice word for word and never question them twice.

Also, System By Todd provides you with several exercises and tests that can help you level up your performance, so this can also be a great way to test yourself and see whether you have been able to grasp the concepts you have heard about throughout the course.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 25

I would always tell you to get the most use out of it because you paid for it and make sure to read through everything the course has to offer to you.

Success Rate

Unfortunately, the success rate people tend to achieve after completing this course is quite low, never going above 28%, which is really low for a course you need to invest your money into.

The results are, in general, equally bad both when it comes to the number of sexual encounters its users were able to schedule and when it comes to a general relationship success rate.

This is definitely the lowest success rate we were able to record when it comes to the most popular online dating courses, and since it is always somewhere between 21% and 26%, I would definitely say this is something not worth purchasing.


The System By Todd dating course will cost you 297$, which is definitely a pretty high price, especially for a course that doesn’t really guarantee you an impeccable performance and high success rate.

Once you pay this amount of money, you will get the whole System By Todd membership which includes all the things we have mentioned above, but in general, this is really not something extra special because most other dating courses will provide you with the same things for even a much lower price.

The System by Todd in [year] - Course Review | What To Expect 26

Since it is one of the most expensive dating courses you can find online, I really believe it doesn’t live up to its value, and since the success rate is so low, I don’t see a reason why anyone would invest in it.

It sure does have some useful pieces of advice, but when we are talking about a dating course in this price range, it should definitely provide you with both much more features and a much higher success rate.


As you have been able to see from our review, we are giving you complete freedom to decide whether this dating course is good for you or not, but in general, this is probably not the best course we have tried out.

System By Todd has a good approach and some interesting insight, but in general, all the things Todd proposes to his viewers and users are not groundbreaking, and they can even be found on basic lifestyle websites.

However, I believe there is a lot of wasted potential in this course and that plenty of things and advice guys would find useful were left out of it.

In general, I don’t think you should invest in it because most of these things you can easily find online for free.

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