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Vietnamese men guide

As I am a person who loves to travel, and thankfully I have had the opportunity to travel quite a lot this year, one of the destinations I have been to is Vietnam.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Vietnamese men compare in all categories

There I spent several weeks exploring the country but also meeting a lot of Vietnamese men.

So in this article, get ready to be blown away by the magic of international dating, plenty of pictures of handsome Vietnamese guys (with some Instagram profiles, too), learn what are Vietnamese men like and of course some stereotypes that are true, or maybe not so true about them!

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The Most Important Traits of Vietnamese Men

So probably you have all heard some of the Vietnamese men stereotypes like that they are very short, only think about their job, they are super smart and don’t actually care about women.

We will also go through what are Vietnamese men like in relationships!

First off, it really is a bit difficult to create a vision of a typical Vietnamese man, in the country where there are 45 million are guys.

Sure you may find some of them that fit these above mentioned stereotypes, but from my experience of dating Vietnamese guys, a lot of those traits are not true.

These stereotypes and “typical” just don’t go together in this case!

So are you ready to really meet Vietnamese men and be blown away, as well as get some Vietnamese men dating tips?

I know I was when dazzled when I started dating my first Vietnamese boyfriend!

Physical Appearance

Yeah, eight is not the highest grade on the scale, obviously. However, it is not even close to being the lowest, and here is why.

Typical Vietnamese guys, when you walk down a street, or chilling in the park, are, you guessed it – quite short.

They are, I would say, around 170 centimeters high – which if you like yourself a guy who is your height or only a bit shorter is absolutely perfect for you!

When comparing to their neighbors, Chinese and Thai guys, their height is pretty similar.

Even if you go a bit more to the North, to Russia, the height of the guys wouldn’t change.

But in comparison to Russians, sexy Vietnamese guys have a much warmer look.

They are bit shorter than them, yes, but also have darker skin and just a warmer vibe.

If I had to compare to any other nationalities, I would say Brazilians, as they both have caramel-like skin among other things.

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Vietnamese guys are usually fit, too – they are thin but muscular, and are very keen on keeping their body in shape.

Combined with their dark hair, that is almost always taken care of, they simply breathe with style and give you the impression that they do know how to take care of one’s body – which is actually true! 😉

Virtnamese physical appearance


Like I said before, they really love to take care of their looks. Always with a fresh new, modern haircut. They often workout and are not afraid to show how hot Vietnamese men can be. 😉

But other than taking care of their body in that way, they LOVE good looking clothes!

They can often be seen in coats and boots or formal shoes, that are rarely branded!

And it fits them so well! I would like you to picture one typical Vietnamese guy for me!

Let’s start at the top:

Dark medium length wavy hair, freshly cut.

Long gray coat, and underneath it a navy blue shirt with Bordeaux/black scarf, and brown branded watch on their wrist.

Going down is a cream chino pant with a brown Gucci belt, and on their feet the best brown monk strap shoes you have ever seen.

Add on top of that dark, caramel-like skin and you got yourself a typical Vietnamese guy!

They love to dress up! Anywhere you look there, you can find elegantly styled men.

And also, they are not afraid to spend some extra cash in order to present themselves the best way possible!

Are Vietnamese men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Vietnamese men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Vietnamese men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Vietnam and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Vietnamese men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.


Character Traits of Vietnamese Men

So you have pictured yourself a Vietnamese boyfriend which is actually a typical Vietnamese guy.

But now, let’s get to the really interesting and breath-taking characteristic of handsome Vietnamese men.

Vietnam is filled with hot Vietnamese guys, but what really is important in a relationship is how the guy treats you, treats his friends and his family.

So what are Vietnamese guys like in relationships?

As I said, it is difficult to say one thing that applies to all of them, but from the boyfriends I have had, these are some things they all had in common:

1. Gentleman Rating

Just to be clear, when I say gentleman rating, here is what I think – a guy who opens door for me, who listens to what I say to him and gives me comfort and advice, a guy who offers to pay the bill once we go on a date, a guy who likes to surprise his queen with occasional gift or flowers…

I should stop, I want to go back to Vietnam now!

Never have I ever been treated so well in my entire life!

My Vietnamese boyfriends treated me like I am a little water they have in their hands!

Everything I wrote in the previous paragraph is a million percent true about dating Vietnamese guys!

They are definitely not the ones who only think about themselves.

They really know how to take care of a woman, and not just with money, which I think is important.

But a lot, a lot of small things.

For example, when we were out having dinner, multiple times he would cutely offer me food and put it in my mouth.

Or when we were at his place, without me even asking, he would bring me slippers just so I don’t get cold!

They literally treated me like I am their queen.

When we were out on a date, he would argue with me that he should cover all the bills.

 I am that kind of person that sometimes likes to split the bills, or even pay the whole amount alone, but they literally insisted they do it all the time!

I guess it made them feel good, but I know it made me feel so safe with them, and also very important in their eyes! Great combination with their looks!

Vietnamese men chivalry factor

2. Integrity

All sexy Vietnamese men have integrity.

They are a very proud nation and they are taking it very seriously, which in my opinion they should!

People should know how great Vietnamese people are!

They are very family-oriented, and it is not unusual they take care of their parents once they can’t do it on their own.

But also, if you are the one he loves, you would be surprised how much he would do for you.

Vietnamese men integrity rating

3. Honesty

So far this is the lowest rating I gave them, but it is not as bad as it looks like. Let me explain…

International dating is sometimes very hard, as you come from different cultures and it can be a bit difficult to get used to the differences.

That said, in the past Vietnamese men have been the ones who provide for the family and take care of their family.

But, since we are in the 21st century and women can work same things men do, almost anywhere, things have changed a bit.

However, there were still some situations where I found out some things I should have found out from them.

Don’t worry, those are not some terrible situations, just some “white lies” that they actually didn’t tell me in order to “keep me safe”.

I am a person who likes to be told the hard truth, no matter how difficult it is. And there were some occasions where that didn’t happen.

They are the ones who would keep some bad news for themselves and cope with it alone, not sharing it with their girlfriend.

That is why I gave grade 7, because in my opinion if we are together, we should deal with each other’s problems together.

Other than that, they never lied, which brings me to the next part:

Vietnamese Men Honesty rating

4. Loyalty

That behavior, like I am his one and only queen, is absolutely true in any form.

I have never seen my Vietnamese boyfriends doing anything out of the ordinary with any other girl.

They actually were proud to have me as their girl, and that was not only the case with my boyfriends.

My Vietnamese guy friends also were very proud of their girlfriends and like to introduce them to others.

As for loyalty, as I said before, they are very caring of their parents, and I think that says it all about them!

However, there are always some exceptions, and if you just don’t have the best luck, you might find the worst guy.

Vietnamese Men are loyal

5. How protective are they?

I feel like I am repeating myself, but Vietnamese men take care of their women!

They will do anything to please you.

And to keep you safe, as I said before.

But if they know that your love for them is going away after all the things they did, they won’t go to the end of the Earth to keep you with them.

You have all the freedom you need, they won’t forbid you to do anything.

It is up to you if you want to flirt around with other men.

He would confront you and ask you very politely what were you doing and with whom, and he would trust you.

But if he sees that you are doing it often or that you are going away from him… well, I guess you asked for it – they would not keep you with them by any means!

Vietnamese Men can protect their women

6. Are they Resourceful

Yes, they are!

Vietnamese guys are hard-working people and they are not unfamiliar with changing jobs in search for a better position.

When I say better, what I think is better paid and more respected position.

Other than that, they know how to take care of themselves, and they don’t need anyone else to take care of them.

Vietnamese guys are more than capable and considering their pride, they don’t prefer when someone else tries to take care of them.

Vietnamese Men are highly resourceful

7. Maturity

Weeeeell… it depends on how you look at it.

In my opinion, this might be the worst category of all that I mentioned here.

Vietnamese guys really like to have childish fun, and in some cases, it really can be annoying.

They LOVE to play video games, and they would spend hours and hours per week just staring in the TV or computer screen.

However, once you have their attention, it doesn’t go away.

Vietnamese Men are somewhat mature

8. Self-confidence

Oh yes they are confident now, all right!

They are really self-confident and I think that is one of their ways to cope with other things – and they are doing it great!

Sometimes though, it may come to bragging, and that can be a bit annoying, but also very funny! 🙂

Vietnamese men are self confident

9. Are they friendly or reserved?

Vietnamese guys are more friendly than they are reserved.

But don’t expect them to be all over you!

They are very respectful to one another, so if they see you talking with someone else, they will wait for you to finish and then politely approach you.

But also, if you approach them, don’t expect them to be shy!

They will welcome you into the conversation!

Vietnamese Men are very friendly

Vietnamese men are cool, calm, but very fiercely protective of their lady friends and spouses.

They are also highly traditional and reserved.

To get to their heart easily, love them as much as you would love their whole family.

See more drawbacks and positives about dating these Asian men below.


Where to Meet Vietnamese Men

The best, most useful way to meet single Vietnamese men is definitely .

Of course, if you are there in Vietnam, it really isn’t smart to use it.

Well, not that it isn’t smart, but it is always better to meet Vietnamese guys in person, right?

They love to go to the bars and they are open to new conversations, but sometimes you might get feeling like you need to approach them first as I said in the last paragraph.

Vietnam Cupid

But, back to online dating…

How to meet a Vietnamese guy if you are new to the country and have no idea where to go and what to do?

Vietnam Cupid is the most efficient place for online meeting and it will give you a lot of information about Vietnamese dating culture that will come in handy once you start dating a Vietnamese man.

Very simple to use, just follow these steps, and just in a couple of minutes, you can find single Vietnamese guys.


  1. Enter the website and click “Find your match”
  2. Enter your name, age, gender and who are you looking for
  3. Enter your email and password, and click on “View singles now”
  4. Upload your photo, so that they can see you
  5. Start browsing for your ideal, sexy Vietnamese guy!

Pros and Cons of Dating a Vietnamese Men

Whenever I make some big decisions, I make the pros and cons list.

So, here it is, for international dating, specifically dating a Vietnamese guy:


1. You are his queen

The first and in my opinion, the most important thing in a relationship is how a man treats you.

That says a lot of things about how he feels about you.

When it comes to Vietnamese guys, you are in luck, because he would do anything to keep you happy.

 He does all the big, but also all the little things for you.

Random presents, pulling the chair, keeping your coat – you think about it and he already did it!

2. Incredibly smart

So this is one of the stereotypes for all Asians, right?

And it really is true in this case!

They are very hardworking people, but they are also very smart!

And how wouldn’t they be?

They love to read, and will often spend their free time reading some new or old interesting book!

They love it and they know it develops them.

Also, they love to play strategic games, and my boyfriends all liked to play chess and they were rather good at it.

3. Family-oriented

The third best thing about dating Vietnamese men is that they are very family oriented.

They respect family values, and they take care of one another.

They are not afraid of their duties, and if they need to live with their parents to take care of them in their old age, they would do it.

Very dutiful and respectful of them.


1. To be honest, they are a bit short

One of the Vietnamese men stereotypes, actually most of the Asian people stereotypes, is that they are short.

Considering their physical appearance, as I said before, they are very fit. But when it comes to height, unfortunately, that one is true…

Vietnamese males are short.

That doesn’t need to be a problem, as they are aware of it, and they have a lot of self-confidence, so they will blow you away by their approach, once they do approach you.

And plus if you don’t mind short guys for yourself, you are going to have yourself a real treat!

2. Language barrier

Maybe you are not aware of it, but a lot of Vietnamese are attending online English courses from young age.

They know that learning English in school is not enough for them to learn English well enough, so they do their best to improve it.

But still, a lot of them have problems communicating in English as it is very different from the Vietnamese language.

So if you are, say, an American woman looking for Vietnamese men, you might have a problem in communication.

Of course, it is easier to communicate with younger Vietnamese guys, but even they are not perfect English speakers, and that might be a problem in any deeper communication.

However, my ladies, if you want to find out what are Vietnamese men in bed like, I highly suggest learning a few crucial Vietnamese phrases.

This will flatter your man and he will give his best to repay you.

3. Don’t like to be “bossed” around

Vietnamese men just don’t like to be controlled in any way.

They are proud people and they have their own opinion about a lot of things.

But when you go into an argument with him, it will take you a lot of time to persuade him that he is wrong.

And if you want him to do something you think is right, and he doesn’t…


Better luck next time!

If he wants to do something, and you don’t want him to do it – what do you think is going to happen?

He would find some way to do it, most definitely!

And that can be very annoying because at the end of the day, you do want only what is best for him.

How to Make a Vietnamese Men Fall in Love with You

We have finally come to the most important part of my experience, and that is how to meet Vietnamese men and conquer their hearts.

So here are my 3 tips on how to do it and achieve success making no mistake:

1. Don’t be shy!

Like I said they are very confident guys, so they do like to approach you first. But they expect you to work with them and if you don’t do it, they will quickly lose interest. So don’t be shy, play their game in the first minutes,and watch how they do everything to impress you! That is one of the first most important tips for dating a Vietnamese man!

2. Show that you enjoy what is he doing

They will show you multiple times how much you mean to them. Random gifts and gestures is not something you should get used to, because if you do, they will stop it. You need to show them you really enjoy what they are doing, and empower them. That makes them feel very well, and they will continue doing so and feel even better!

3. Be interested in his life

They are family-oriented people and they would take care of their parents if they need it.

But they need the support of their partner, and it is up to you to show that you value his effort and his family.

Help him in any way you can, and he will be all over you once you get alone time.

The Most Attractive Vietnamese Men

Maybe you didn’t notice, but there are a couple of famous and hot Vietnamese guys, and they look AMAZING!

So, now that you know the basics of what are Vietnamese guys like and most of the Vietnamese guy stereotypes are debunked, it is time to look at some hot photos of handsome Vietnamese guys.

1. Nguyễn Xuân Trí – Dustin Nguyen

Vietnamese Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 71

Remember what I was talking about typical Vietnamese men?

Just look at Dustin!

His dark hair and dark skin tone look incredible together!

It doesn’t help that he is a successful actor in the U.S.

He made great career staring in martial arts movie for a long time and showing his muscular body, as well as his skills.

He has captured hearts of many women across the globe and in America, too.


I think looking at his eyes will tell you all the secrets.

2. Tsui Hark

Another famous Vietnamese man in showbiz, but this time behind the camera – Tsui Hark.

He has been in the industry for some time now and is considered one of the masters of Asian cinematography.

He won numerous awards for directing in Asia.

He is a bit older than others, but his timeless look is enough to keep your eyes satisfied.

You wouldn’t mind him directing part of your life, wouldn’t you? 😉

3. Johnny Tri Nguyen

And last but definitely not the least, Johnny Nguyen, is definitely the hottest famous Vietnamese guy out there!

He is successful actor, but above all fearless stuntmen.

And he is amazingly good at it! He is experienced in multiple martial arts such as Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Japanese Aikido.

So you don’t have to be afraid of anything should you end up with him – he can protect you and himself! I fear for the guys who try to flirt with his chosen one…

See more hot Vietnamese men

Final Word

And there it is, people!

I have told you how and where to meet Vietnamese guys, how to behave when with them and win over their hearts, and most importantly, what to expect from them.

 I know that if you implement those Vietnamese men dating tips you will most definitely have success!

I hope that Vietnamese men’s stereotypes are long gone and that you are ready to explore Vietnamese dating culture yourself!

I do have the ultimate guide for dating men on my home page, I promise you would find it very effective.

And for information on Vietnamese guys in bed, you will have to pull up your sleeves and work!

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