Ashley Madison Account Suspension 2024 – Why to suspend

Ashley Madison is one of the safest dating apps for married dating, which requires its users to submit real contact information in order to prevent bots and scammers from accessing the platform.

Here we discuss the reasons for Ashley Madison account suspension.

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Unlike Tinder, this website does its best to “purge” any fake accounts and ensures that only genuine women are allowed on the platform, bringing the need for suspension to a minimum.

This is accomplished by making sure that your phone number, credit card and any personal details you use are real.

You will learn:

  • Why do accounts get suspended
  • And what to do if your account gets suspended even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

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Why do Ashley Madison accounts get suspended?

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Most of the time, it is virtually impossible to get your account suspended from this dating site. Not only does have a great protection from fake profiles, it is also relatively well protected from hackers.

That being said, suspensions do happen from time to time, and when they do, it is usually due to how AM algorithm works.

1. Sharing your contact info

AM tends to try and keep people using its app to communicate for as long as possible. As a result, sharing your personal information too soon in order to move the conversation to a different app, such as kik or Viber, can sometimes result in getting your account suspended.

This is because of the AM Terms of Service, which expressly prohibit sharing any identifiable personal information that can be used to locate and recognize you off site with other people. You are only allowed to use your personal details when registering for an account on the website.

Another reason is that a lot of scam attempts will share their personal details to attempt to convince the victim they are real men or women.

Since AM is primarily an adultery app, this makes a lot of sense. No married person looking to cheat on their partner would keep a dating app on their phone, after all.

To prevent getting your account suspended for this reason, we suggest that you negotiate the first meeting in the app itself, and then share your personal information that way.

Additionally, it is possible to break up the sentences when sharing your social media or try to hide the information by splitting it into several sentences.

Doing this is likely going to break the functionality of their anti-scam bot, thus saving you from joining the admittedly short list of suspended accounts.

The majority of negative Ashley Madison reviews specifically cite this issue, as the algorithm can often be too overzealous in its desire to keep you chatting on AM and nowhere else.

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2. Soliciting

Soliciting is another common reason behind an AM suspension, especially if done from a new account.

If you ask for pics way too many times and the website security bots detect it, you may end up temporarily or even permanently suspended from using with that account.

The best thing you can do to avoid this issue is to interact with members’ profiles before asking them to send you custom pics of themselves. Wink at them and share a few messages, engage in some lovely conversation, then ask for photos.

Your efforts will feel more genuine this way, both to the anti-cheat system and to the man or woman you are talking to. As a result, you won’t have to worry about an automatic suspension, or worse, a report for being creepy.

3. Other users’ reports

Likewise, you can get suspended from AM if you get reported by a large number of other users.

Mass reports are quite rare, but they are possible, and they can sometimes cause you to lose access to your account.

There isn’t really much you can do to prevent people from mass reporting you, other than be genuine in your conversations and treat others with respect.

Studies show that people on AM aren’t very likely to report others, even if they do block them. As a result, it is highly improbable you will ever have to deal with getting reported en masse, unless you are doing something to break the TOS.

In which case the reports won’t matter anyways.

4. Previous suspensions

Sometimes you can get suspended on the account of your previous suspension.

This is the most unlikely reason to get suspended of them all, with only a few cases ever reported by customer reviews.

Still, I’m putting it here for the sake of completionism.

Ashley Madison Account Suspension [year] - Why to suspend 6

The best way to avoid this is to use a different email and profile picture when you decide to re-subscribe to AM with a different account.

What to do in case my account gets suspended

As we already said, suspensions on AM are rare, but they do exist, and they can be quite annoying when they happen to you.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to resolve your issue.

1. Wait the suspension out

In case your AM account was only temporarily suspended (they will inform you of its duration), the best thing you can do is to simply wait out the timer and then resume using the account as normal.

Temporary suspensions are usually handed for smaller infractions, or even as a mistake made by the algorithm. Either way, once the suspension period passes, your account will be automatically returned to you.

2. Appeal to the customer service

If you don’t want to wait for the temporary suspension to run out, or worse, your account has gotten suspended permanently, you may have to contact Ashley Madison customer support.

You can accomplish this by using the support button in the app itself or writing them an email. As the number of suspended accounts is quite low, you can expect a human reply in just a couple of days.

From my experience, it is worth a try, as they are ready to lift your suspension if you haven’t seriously violated their TOS.

3. Make a new account

Finally, if you can’t be bothered with appealing your suspension or the appeal gets rejected by a customer support employee, you can always resort to making a new account.

You will need to make sure to use an alternate email or phone number when registering for it, but otherwise there are no downsides to making a new account.

Any credits that you might have had on your balance will be lost, however, which is why you should try the other options first.


Suspensions on Ashley Madison are extremely rare as this trending dating website takes a lot of care to only allow genuine men and women on the website.

In the case you do get suspended for any reason, you have two options available to you: either wait out the suspension if it was temporary or appeal it in case of a permanent one. Alternatively, you can opt to bypass the suspension by creating a new AM account.


1. Why would Ashley Madison account be suspended?

An Ashley Madison account is usually suspended for breaking the TOS or as a result of other users reporting it en masse. Both of these cases are relatively rare, however, and can always be appealed.

2. Why was my account suspended?

Ashley Madison doesn’t give any explanation to why they decided to suspend your account in the suspension notice itself. If you want to know the reason behind their decision, you will have to contact customer support.

3. How do I get my account back on Ashley Madison?

You can get your Ashley Madison account back by appealing the suspension to their customer support. Additionally, in case of a temporary suspension, you can simply wait for it to pass.

4. Is there a way to get back on Ashley Madison?

Getting back on Ashley Madison after a suspension is as simple as making a new account. Even if your ban appeal fails, you can always choose a new email address and phone number and register again, though you will lose any currency you had on your old account.

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