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    Ashley Madison is the place where you can have a secret hookup while keeping things discreet without having to worry about your spouse finding out about it.

    In case you feel comfortable having extramarital affairs and need an online haven to do it, there’s practically no better online place to do it.

    Our editorial team with more than thousands of websites reviewed graded Ashley as the top site for affairs, and married people looking for hookups. And there’s a good reason behind. You’ll learn:

    What are pros and cons of the app
    What features are there, and how to use them at fullest
    How does Ashley Madison compare to other sites
    Demographics, safety and much more!

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      Ashley Madison Review in Video Form

      Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

      Pros And Cons Of Ashley Madison

      Just like every other dating website in cyberspace, there are some things that you might like or dislike. This is our editorial take on flaws and perks, where more than 10 people tested the site & its app.

      Let’s start with the good news.

      Ashley Madison Pros

      • You can quickly and easily discover married people in the user base who are interested in a one-night hookup or a longer fling.
      • A beginner-friendly interface that makes navigating through your matches on the Ashley Madison profile super easy and effortless.
      • Keep it secret and private: Many people like to keep their business-related affairs private, and this dating platform allows you to have the best experience while keeping things discreet.
      • The community is a safe place – all the users are real-life people who share the same perspective when it comes to flings while being married.

      Ashley Madison Cons

      • There are some accounts that do not have profile pictures uploaded to their Ashley Madison profile, but they just might belong to newly joined Ashley Madison users; you can simply skip them if it works for you. Fake accounts alert.
      • The pricing might seem a little steep compared to Tinder and other online dating sites and you might need some time to understand how to purchase credits and choose the right subscription package; you will, though, notice that it’s totally worth it.
      • You might come across accounts who are somewhat shy at first (ladies mostly) and are not sure how to start a conversation; give them a minute, break the ice and tell them what you are looking for.

      Is Ashley Madison Worth it?

      Ashley Madison is completely worth it. There are certain things you can do for free, but you are very limited if you are male. Our female part of the team had so much fun reviewing the app, because they could do anything for free.

      Males, not so much (we had to pay some features, but it was fun and quite successful).

      Women can text for free, while men are required to subscribe.

      There are 3 different plans and they are based on the credit system.

      So basically, you’ll have a full control on how many credits you spend. We tested it for hours and we couldn’t spend all the credits.

      Unless you are a full-time married-persons hunter, there will be enough credits to enjoy all the benefits at any plan you subscribe, for a month.

      Buying credits will simply increase your credibility (women are more likely to talk to you, because scammers won’t pay) and improve success rate enormously.

      So, is it worth it? You will likely score a hookup in the first month of joining Ashley. The site is practically made for it. Of course, a bit of charm won’t hurt, but unless you ask girl whether or not you can kiss them, you are good to go.

      Good for

      1. Cheaters, adventurers, people looking for hookups
      2. Short flings
      3. For those looking for secured privacy
      4. People with secrets
      5. Only serious people who are willing to pay a bit for the app
      6. Women (free)

      Bad for

      1. People not willing to spend a dime on the dating app
      2. People who don’t have time for a 20 minute sign up
      3. Serious relationships
      4. 65+

      Features Of Ashley Madison

      Here are just some of the things that make this site our top choice as a site for adventurers, people that don’t believe in monogamy, and gentlemen that just love women.

      • You can access your Ashley Madison account via both Android and iOs mobile apps or simply through the desktop view on your web browser.
      • Discover a large number of married people, both men, and women, who are looking for a new adventurous experience while keeping things private and discreet.
      • Don’t worry about your privacy, as the app can ensure the most amazing experience without having to worry about getting any sort of information leaked or exposed to any third parties.
      • The community interacts a lot, and the users are frequently online, which ensures you the possibility to find the ideal match for yourself quickly and with ease to it.
      • The pricing is somewhat higher once you compare it with other dating apps, but you will quickly notice that every penny you spend will be worth meeting these new amazing people who are wanting the same.
      • The customer service is available 24/7 and can help you resolve any kind of issue, no matter if it’s a minor glitch or you simply experience trouble using some sections of the app.
      • The overall user interface is very pleasant, and even though it might seem like a lot of data at first, you will get the hang of it very quickly.

      How Does It Compare To Other Dating Apps

      Compared to many other online dating sites that almost guarantee you will find your happily ever after, Ashley Madison offers you the possibility of the right match for a brief (or long-time, if you may) fling.

      People who are looking for a little something outside their wedding vows or even in open marriage situationships are encouraged to have a little fun now and then.

      So, how does Ashley compare to other sites and is there actually competition in this space?

      Well, Ashley is definitely unique when it comes to extramarital affairs. The closest that gets to Ashley are Heated Affairs, AdultFrientFinder (although not completely the same “niche”), and possibly BeNaughty.

      Even so, these 3 are nowhere near the popularity (for the target audience in mind) of Ashley Madison. Of course, comparing it to Match, or eHarmony won’t be a proper comparison.

      So, let’s compare just one thing with its biggest competitor (Heated Affairs):

      These are some stats for Heated Affairs:

      The Only Ashley Madison Review You’ll Ever Need (Updated for [year]) 2

      As you can see, there are roughly 1 million users monthly.

      Category rank is not that great too (a good indicator). On the other side….

      The Only Ashley Madison Review You’ll Ever Need (Updated for [year]) 3

      Boom. 7X more traffic, meaning much better chances of finding something you want.

      And sure, AdultFriendFinder might have more people using the platform overall, but we have to consider the audience both platforms are targeting.

      So, with that in mind, Ashley is definitely #1 affair dating site.

      When it comes to pricing, Ashley is a bit pricier (but not that much) than its competitors, but overall it all comes down to success rate, which is much higher for Ashley, simply because there are people with the same interest (affairs).

      Interface is impeccable for each of these sites, user friendly dashboards, and an endless sea of profiles available to your “swiping” with the touch of the screen.

      Cost And Pricing of Ashley Madison

      The initial sign-up process allows you to try to use your Ashley Madison account for free without any payment.

      At this point, you will be allowed to insert your data and fill out some basic info about yourself, as well as use the adult friend finder, aka the search bar and browse through Ashley Madison members.

      The female user base is large, as women can currently use the entirety of the app completely free of charge.

      The men who use this online dating service will initially get to use it for free, but after some time, they will have the option to purchase credits in order to continue chatting with the female audience.

      Compared to traditional subscription models, the Ashley Madison cost for the use f the app is via credits. Men need to purchase credits, and they can buy them in bulk options.

      The great thing is that the more credits you buy at once, the cheaper they will be!

      There are three different plans that allow you to buy credits:

      • Go for the Basic Plan, as this way, you can get 100 credits for the amount of $59, which equals $0.59 per credit.
      • Choose the Classic Plan, which gives you 500 credits for $169 or $0.34 per credit.
      • Opt for the Elite Plan, where you can get a whopping 1000 credits for $289 or $0.29 per single credit.

      Please don’t hesitate to choose between two payment methods: via credit card or PayPal.

      Most interactions are paid and will cost you credits. Regardless if you’re initiating contact using winks or sending virtual gifts.

      Credibility and userbase

      Locations and user demographics are essential information to know when it comes to a dating site.

      It is especially important for Ashley Madison because it is intended for hookups, extra-marital affairs, one-night-stands, and other types of romping.

      The Only Ashley Madison Review You’ll Ever Need (Updated for [year]) 4

      The information above is from similarweb.com, which tracks demographic data and ranks websites according to user analysis.

      Audience Geography by Percentage of Users:

      • United States – 63.10%
      • Brazil – 8.13%
      • Canada – 7.72%
      • United Kingdom – 3.84%
      • Mexico – 2.24%

      One great thing is that, even with the rarely possible creation of fake profiles, they can and will be removed as soon as they get reported.

      The customer care service and the moderators are very responsive, and as soon as they get notified about the possible existence of scammers or bots, they react very fast and leave no time for a scam to occur.

      The Ashley Madison app is a hookup site, with a lot of people joining the app daily.

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      Married men and women can quickly meet real people who want to spice up their sex life through a short-term or long-term fling, and it’s also possible for a sugar daddy to find a sugar baby on here as well.

      When you browse profiles on ashleymadison.com, you will notice that the users share private photos from their everyday life, which simply additionally makes Ashley Madison legit in yet another point of view.

      You can also use the search filter, so you can specifically find what you are looking for in your potential hookup.

      Possible downside is that there’s a majority of men, so there’s a tiny disbalance with 75% being male and 25% being female.

      When it comes to age distribution, there’s around 24% of people aged 25-34, and that’s the biggest category. 18% of people aged 18-24 and about the same percentage for the group of 35-44.

      The chart below shows exact percentages, so basically you are more than welcomed here, no matter the age.

      The Only Ashley Madison Review You’ll Ever Need (Updated for [year]) 5

      Is Ashley Madison Safe to Use?

      Spoiler alert: Ashley Madison is super safe.

      It’s no secret that Ashley Madison, along with hundreds of other sites, had a data breach almost a decade ago.

      Ashley Madison spent a ton of money and beefed up its security so a data breach like that could never happen again.

      8 years later, to this date, they haven’t experienced any type of cyber-attack, and members’ data remain safe. The rest of the negativity stems from what the site is all about.

      It promotes having an affair, or cheating, which rubs on many people the wrong way.

      Most of what you’ll read about Ashley Madison is either fake or embellishment of some sort, honestly. People are just upset that it is a place to have an affair. But the site isn’t just used for cheating on a significant other (well, mostly it is, but not just for that).

      Ashley Madison provides that safe and discreet place to fulfill your needs.

      The Ashley Madison experience varies for everyone, but it all depends on the purpose of using the site. Since we were aware of what the site should be best used for, we graded it according to the purpose.

      So, to conclude, they had a breach, but they learned their lesson, invested a lot into making it never happen again, and we truly believe it wont.

      Privacy At Ashley Madison

      Luckily for you, all of the users know how this site works and understand and value the concept of keeping discreet relationships and flings, and expect you to do the same.

      Something that is significant for you to know is to be very upfront and communicate your needs and expectations, so you can find the matching another party who wants to be included in the same or similar endeavors.

      Just like with any other dating app or any real-life date situation, you should not set your expectations to figure everything out at once.

      Take your tie to understand what you personally really wish to find, and try talking to more people on this dating site.

      You don’t necessarily have to get involved with the first person you interact with the first – the point is to have fun and enjoy the thrill.

      Overall Score of Ashley Madison

        The Overall Score is 9.6. The Ashley Madison app can be recommended for people who prefer this specific kind of dating app, and it is a great place to meet people who would like to experiment with things and spice up their sex life outside their marriage.

        Overall rating of Ashley Madison

        • Ashley Madison member user base: 9.8
        • Ashley Madison User Interface: 9.5
        • Ashley Madison Privacy: 9.9
        • Ashley Madison Customer Service: 9.4
        • Ashley Madison Overall Cost: 9.3


        Finding the right kind of restaurant for a date night with your spouse is easy, but finding the appropriate kind of person for a side-fling can also go smoothly.

        The Ashley Madison dating app is most definitely one of a kind and can help you find exactly what you need.

        Browse through various Ashley Madison members and enjoy your fling. Make having fun a priority. Happy hookup!



        How to stay safe online – https://www.getsafeonline.org/social-networking/online-dating/

        Reference to data hack – https://www.networkworld.com/article/3011103/security/biggest-data-breaches-of-2015.html

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        4 thoughts on “The Only Ashley Madison Review You’ll Ever Need (Updated for 2023)”

        1. Ashley Madison sucks! I am a member and from the start I got messages from someone who eventually told me she’s in Ghana. 6 months later have met not one person but 2 more messages through text from Ghana.

          1. Hi Latin21,
            It is quite unfortunate that you didn’t get the value you wanted after subscribing on Ashley Madison, however, you can check out BeNaughty and Tinder for a more qualitative experience.

        2. Ashley Madison is a total rip-off. Almost all of the “women” ended up being either a scam, or only interested in getting money. After I paid hundreds of dollars for membership I ended up not getting a single meeting. To add to the scam, the site charged my PayPal account another $29.99 after 28days (NOT the 30 days). I disputed the charge and PayPal said it was part of the AM user agreement. If it was in the agreement, it was so buried that I never saw it. You pay per message on AM and I kept getting requests for messages that appeared to be generated by AM to get me to send messages and burn my money. I guess unethical behavior should be expected from a company that promotes extra marital affairs. STAY AWAY.

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