Best Quirky Dating Sites (2024) – Find Your Weirdo Today

For some people, modern dating sites are just too boring – they find neither members of these websites interesting, nor features and design.

If you want to meet a different audience, then check out one of these websites.

They are definitely something never before seen, and who knows, maybe one of them is exactly what you need.

We are going to rate these best quirky dating sites according to:

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1. FarmersOnly


  • Signing up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3/5
  • Profile Quality – 2.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 3/5


  • You can chat with other members via FarmPhone
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Members can add unlimited photos


  • Significantly more males than females
  • Outdated website and app design

Demographic Makeup

If you grew up on a farm (or just have a thing for farmers), then FarmersOnly might just be your cup of tea.

This website was launched back in 2005, and a few million users. All of them are either farmers or ranchers.

Almost 4.5 million users come from the USA and it is also quite popular in the UK and some countries in Canada.

One of the downsides of this website is gender distribution – there are significantly more male users.

65% of members are guys, and in all age groups, men are outnumbering women. Since the majority of members are in their late twenties and thirties, guys in this age group have the best shots of meeting someone new.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 17

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

FarmersOnly has a quite outdated theme. Even though the design isn’t the best, the website is still user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties while browsing, or chatting.

Becoming a FarmersOnly member is super easy. After typing your email address, ZIP code, and age, you are assigned a username. It is usually “farmer” followed by a number. You can keep it as it is, or create a new one.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"
Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 18

You will notice that profiles are not as detailed. Only a small percentage of users take the time to upload multiple photos and complete the profile.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 19

Basic features can be found right next to the user’s profile photo: favorite, email, and flirt.

Extra features are:

1. Store

FarmersOnly sells T-shirts and other merchandise on their online store – each item has one of the website’s catchphrases.

2. FarmPhone

By linking your phone number with FarmersOnly profile, you can receive messages as text messages on your phone, and reply to them via your mobile phone.


Online dating on FarmersOnly with a free membership won’t be so exciting, since you do not have access to many basic and key features.

There are two memberships and one FarmPhone plan, and prices for all are quite affordable, so it is recommended to upgrade the profile, and enjoy a full online dating experience.


  • 1 month – $21.95
  • 3-month – $39.96
  • 6-month – $65.94

Gold Status

  • 1 month – $9.99


  • 1 month – $4.95


1. Is FarmersOnly only for farmers?

No – the majority of users are ranchers and farmers, but you can just as easily stumble upon someone who states that they do not have any farming experience at all.

2. How can I contact the FarmersOnly support team?

Write them an email to one of the email addresses listed on their website.

Overall Rating

If you are drawn to the farmer’s lifestyle, this website is great. Keep in mind that not all users are farmers, and getting in touch with users will be difficult without the premium membership. I gave this website rating of 3/5.

2. Ferzu


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 3.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.5/5


  • Standard members can upload 100 pictures
  • Standard members can reply to an unlimited number of messages
  • One of the largest, international dating websites for furries


  • There are a lot of ads, which are often annoying and distracting

Demographic Makeup

Ferzu is a website dedicated to the furry fandom. This is one of the largest gamer dating websites, with around 70 thousand members.

So, who can join Ferzu?

Well, this dating platform is dedicated to everyone, from Pokémon to Disney fans, and you will stumble upon different furries while browsing.

Typically, members behind avatars are young adults, 18 or older.

When it comes to sexual orientation, it welcomes everyone. Many of the users are gay, lesbian, trans, or agender. 

The interests vary – Mostly you can find people for a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder), this isn’t considered for a hookup app (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), but some users are looking for something casual, just to break the monotony of everyday life.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

You can access Ferzu either via computer or an official app that can be found on the Play and App Store.

Both versions have an outstanding design – they are modern, manageable, and straightforward.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 20

The theme is light, and due to colorful avatars, quite cheerful.

If you want to become a Ferzu member, all you have to do is fill a form. A valid email address is required, and a creative username. Then you will receive an activation link along with the password, so just copy and paste it in the required field.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 21

Once this is done, complete your profile, and start browsing.

1. Incognito Mode

Ferzu allows anonymous browsing, so if you don’t want another user to see that you’ve checked out their profile, just turn on incognito mode to hide your identity.

2. Blog

Blog is a great place to meet other members of the fandom. Also, you can read more about the website, and learn about features, so you get the most out of Ferzu dating.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 22


Ferzu gives access to many features to their standard members. With a free profile, you can send up to 10 messages, respond to unlimited messages, upload 100 pictures, and browse as much as you want.

If you want to test every Ferzu feature, then upgrade to Ferzu+.


  • 1 month – $7.99
  • 3-month – $19.99
  • 12-month – $59.99


1. Why can’t I access my profile?

The website won’t allow you to log in if you gave an invalid email address, typed in the wrong password, or are a minor.

Also, it maybe isn’t available in your country.

2. Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the extra features?

Unfortunately, no. You can cancel the membership, so you do not get charged again once it expires.

Overall Rating

The design of the website is amazing! The creators managed to keep it modern, and even though many members are using avatars as profile pictures, it still doesn’t appear childish. However, ads are quite annoying, so I gave it 3.5/5.

3. Trekkies dating


  • Signing up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.25/5


  • Full access to profiles
  • Great website design
  • A spam profile or any inappropriate behavior is easy to report


  • Profiles aren’t verified

Demographic Makeup

So, if you are a big Star Trek fan, then check out

This website is dedicated to Star Trek fandom, as you are probably assuming, it has a few more male users than female. Still, many women watch Star Trek, or just find Trekkies interesting, so you shouldn’t worry about not having enough options.

Also, the website is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community as well, so gays, lesbians, and trans can join as well.

Your sexual orientation or gender do not matter, as long as you can engage in a discussion about the famous TV show.

When it comes to availability, it is an international dating site, you should be able to join from any anywhere in the world.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

The site has a quite dark theme that quite resembles the show.

When it comes to the interface, is user-friendly, so everyone can navigate the website easily.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 23

Currently, only the desktop version is available, and you can access it via mobile browser as well, but it might be impractical.

Joining the website is also simple, and the process is super short.

The website needs your age, gender, preference, email, and location. Filling the form will take only a few minutes, and after that, you can start browsing.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 24

Even before creating an account, you can browse through profiles – all of them are public, so check them out to make sure that this is the right website for you.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 25

On the other hand, Trekkies dating features are locked, and you can try them after becoming a member.

1. Group Chat

If you want to chat with multiple people at once, join one of the chat rooms.

You can also create your own, and invite your friends to join.

2. Match suggestions

Creators of believe that mutual interests are the key to a happy relationship, so you will receive recommendations – profiles that are most similar to yours.

Cost offers three membership plans.

The first plan is great for anyone that wants to try out the premium features, before purchasing one of the longer memberships.

5-day trial

  • 5 days – $7.35

The longer membership plans are After Trial Membership and Premium membership.

After Trial Membership

  • 1 month – $51.52

Premium Membership

  • 1 month – $45.38
  • 3-month – $69.89
  • 12-month – $147.08


1. Who to send flirts?

This feature can be found under the member’s profile photo.

2. Who can see my profile?

Since this is a public website, everyone can see your profile. You can hide your profile pictures from outsiders and some members, but your profile information is still public.

Overall Rating

This is an ideal website for Star Trek fans – it has a similar theme, and it is the topic of many conversations. Keep in mind that your profile will be public, so if you want the website that protects your privacy a bit more, that choose another one. I gave this website a score of 3.25/5.

4. BronyMate


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.625/5


  • Free members can reply to messages
  • Members can see who liked or visited their profile
  • Great search engine


  • Childish design of the website

Demographic Makeup

Continuing with websites dedicated to famous TV shows and cartoons. The next is BronyMate.

If you adored My Little Pony, and look for a partner that would love to spend Sunday afternoon binge-watching this famous cartoon, then join BronyMate.

This is the largest dating website dedicated to fans of this show, and it is available worldwide. People coming from North America have the best chances of meeting someone new since most members are either USA citizens or Canadians.

BronyMate is in no way a dating website for children. Minors aren’t allowed to join (even with parents’ consent), and the most popular age group is 25-30.

When it comes to sexual orientation, it is only for straights.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 26

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

Just like the cartoon, BronyMate has a colorful theme. Because of the just as vibrant avatars, it might seem too childish, so many users do not give the website a chance.

Still, true My Little Pony fans do not mind the web site’s design and find it super user-friendly.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 27

All of the features are just one click away, and thanks to search filters, finding like-minded members is easy.

The creators still haven’t made the mobile app, but you can always use the mobile browser to access your account.

Becoming a Brony is quite easy – the registration process is completed in just a few minutes. There are only six mandatory fields, and you are allowed to upload an avatar as a profile picture.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 28

By becoming a member, you are gaining access to these features:

1. Ice breakers

Nervous about sending the first message?

BronyMate has got your back – there are numerous prewritten messages. Some are quite simple, standard, while others are part of the website’s theme, such as “Welcome to the herd”.

2. Winks

If you are too shy to start the conversation even with the ice-breaker, then just send a wink.


BronyMate offers two memberships: Silver and Gold. You can unlock all features with the Silver membership, but with a Gold one, your profile will get an extra boost.

Silver membership

  • 3 days – $3.00
  • 3-month – $48.00
  • 6-month – $84.00
  • Unlimited – $195.00

Gold membership

  • 1 month – $34.00
  • 3-month – $72.00
  • 6-month – $126.00
  • Unlimited – $295.00


1. Which features are free?

Members with a standard membership have access to basic search filters, gifts, winks, and ice-breakers. They can also respond to the messages sent by premium members.

2. How can I block another Brony?

You will find the block button on the member’s profile.

Overall Rating

BronyMate protects the user’s privacy by keeping the profile locked for outsiders. Once you start browsing, you will see how easy it is to find people that share your interests. Since the design is not the best, and they still haven’t launched an app, I gave it 3.625/5.

5. Purrsonals


  • Signing up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 4.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.5/5


  • The website protects the members’ privacy
  • Great design, and user-friendly
  • Entirely free to use
  • Allows video calls


  • No official app

Demographic Makeup

There are approximately 43 million cat owners in the USA, and Purrsonals is bringing them together.

This website is dedicated to car owners, and people that do not own pets but adore cats.

Since this website was established in 2009, it doesn’t have many users, but the number of members is growing each day.

Also, at first, it was dedicated to seniors, so the majority of users are 50+ years old, and the younger audience is just discovering this amazing website for cat lovers.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 29

When it comes to availability, there are no limits – no matter where you live, you can join Purrsonals and chat with other members.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

Purrsonals stands out among other dating websites for cat lovers, and it has the best reviews.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 30

This is due to its amazing design. The website has a green theme, which is super modern, and since the majority of users are seniors, it is quite manageable and user-friendly.

An official mobile app hasn’t been created, but you can use a mobile browser when you are away from the computer.

Creating an account is also relatively simple.

The website needs just some standard info, and personality description, so that it can place you in the right social group.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 31

Describing your personality, and the personality of people from one social group is a bit harder, but it won’t prolong the registration process.

Best Quirky Dating Sites ([year]) - Find Your Weirdo Today 32

When it comes to features, they are also quite basic:

1. E-book

Upon sign-up, every member gets an e-book. It is full of different tips and tricks, so if you own a cat, you will find it quite useful.

2. Blog

Blog is a place to show your creativity, and also share funny and adorable pictures and videos of your furry pet.


Purrsonals won’t cost you a penny.

You can browse through profiles, write blog posts, chat, and join video calls without any charge.


1. Is Purrsonals safe?

Yes, every profile is verified, so members do not have to worry about getting scammed.

2. Who is behind Purrsonals?

Two cat owners created Purrsonals – Joan and Sonny, and their website is a part of “The Cat Lovers Social Network”.

Overall Rating

Because of the stunning, practical design, and a growing number of members, Purrsonals is a great website for cat lovers. Also, all of its features are free, so you get the full online dating experience without any cost. It got a score of 3.5/5.

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