Best Sexual Pick Up Lines: How to Use Them in 2024?

If you wanna get into the dating world and start using dating apps as a way to communicate with potential matches, then some dirty talk is definitely what you want to learn.

However, not everyone has that sort of talent in themselves, and even if they want to use dirty pick-up lines, they can’t think of any.

In case you are one of these people, too, then don’t be scared because we’ve got you covered and we will provide you with all the best sexual pick-up lines.

Let’s take a close look at the following:

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Best Sexual Pick Up Lines
What Are The Best Funny Pick-Up Lines?
How Do You Tease a Girl Over Text?
How To Respond To Sexual Pick-Up Lines?

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Best Sexual Pick Up Lines

Whether using Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, EHarmony, or any other dating app or website, you will need to master the art of smooth seduction through a text message.

Picking up a girl or a guy on a dating platform is not that easy if you don’t have some smooth pick up lines, and often time, this is a real dealbreaker.

What is a sexual pickup line depends on one person to another, but in general, it is one of the inappropriate pickup lines that will show the person that you are interested in them and only them.

No matter your looks or age, if you are good at texting and have some cheesy pick-up lines that will make the other person swoon, you will be taking someone to bed tonight.

Best Sexual Pick Up Lines

To help you step up your dating game and seduce the person you like, we have gathered some good pickup lines that can provide you with instant success.

These sexual pick up lines are not something you will hear from every person on a dating app, whether you are searching for a long-term partner (like eHarmony or Tinder) or a hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), which is the reason why they are so good:

  • You are so hot that my zipper will start falling for you
  • They say that a kiss is the unique language of love, so I thought if we could have a conversation?
  • I’m always on top of things – I thought you could become one of them too?
  • Do you have anything other to offer except being extra smart and smoking hot?
  • Can you help me out with something? Take my number
  • With a little bit of help, I think you can let go of that shirt
  • Are you an astronaut because whenever I see you, I feel like in outer space
  • You knock me out, are you a boxer?
  • Are you worried about an eco-friendly world? These condoms in my pocket say they will expire in a few days, so would you help me get some use out of them
  • Are you called winter? I am pretty sure you will be coming my way soon
  • Do you need a new sin for your next confessional?
  • I am not too fond of sunsets, but I would enjoy seeing you go down
  • Are you an exam? Because I have been studying you like crazy
  • I lost my house keys, so maybe they are in your pants?
  • Want to go split a baby?
  • When I saw you the whole room became more beautiful
  • God made you only to show off
  • Even if you were just a tear in my eye, I wouldn‘t start crying because I would fear losing you
  • We may not be socks, but we will be a great pair
  • Are you religious because you look like an answer to all of my prayers?
  • I ain‘t no weatherman, but you will see some more inches tonight
  • Are you a Ferrari, because I want to ride you so bad
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight, but it did happen when I saw you
  • I can do a french kiss, but I am better at taking your clothes off
  • Why don’t I have your number on my cell phone?
  • Even though I don‘t have a magic watch to turn time back, I wish I had met you earlier
  • Do you have some extra room for a tongue in your mouth?
  • You have a nice shirt; maybe I could try it out after sex
  • I think I will fall madly in love with you
  • Hey girl, I think we need to be a pair
  • I could give you my date of birth so you can check if we are astrologically compatible
  • Can you feel my clothes? Because they feel like wifey material
  • Whenever I look at you, everything around me disappears, are you a magician?
  • My mobile phone will stop working if I don’t get your phone number
  • My sweater is so soft; maybe you can feel it when I give you a hug
  • You look great, but you would look much better with me by yourself
  • Did you drop something? Oh no, it’s just my jaw
  • Are you a snowflake because I fell for you
  • You are probably a keyboard because you are just my type
  • Is it very hot in the room or is it just you?
  • Make sure to tie your shoes because I don’t want you to fall for someone else
  • You are definitely sun because I got a sunburn from looking at you
  • The gravity doesn’t matter much because I always fall for you
  • Did it hurt you when you fell straight from heaven?
  • We were born with no clothes, so maybe we should see how it goes that way?
  • I wink like a tiger, and I screw like one, would you try it out?
  • You look like my homework – I am not doing you, but I definitely should be
  • You have made every single part of me, and I was only watching you
  • Pirates get some booty, do you mind me being your pirate?
  • Felt off the whole week, but you really turned me on
  • No Tinder pick up lines can show you how seductive I really am
  • I am scared of sleeping by myself; maybe you could come to my bed and help me?
  • You may think I am corny, but you make me really horny
  • I like adventures, and I definitely wouldn‘t mind exploring you
  • You don‘t need to change to be perfect; just get naked
  • You look quite thirsty when you are looking at me
  • I can’t believe a person like you is so selfish – you have a body that hot, and you are not sharing it with me?
  • Too bad I am not a judge because I would sentence you to life in my bed

These are all the best dirty pick up lines you can use to start a conversation and trust me; no one will be immune to it.

You could see what are some examples of sexual pick up lines, and even though some of them may seem to be cringe pick up lines, trust me, they work excellent on everyone.

Learning how to start a convo with people on dating platforms is the key to success, but you should avoid very freaky pick up lines because they can scare off people at first.

Good flirting lines are also always the ones you feel comfortable using, so don‘t bother with hookup pickup lines that feel too out of your comfort zone because if you ever meet this person in real life, you may feel a bit odd.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
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Too many people try so hard to impress others that they completely step out of their comfort zone, which is not a bad thing from time to time but can feel like too much pressure when you are actively dating, especially on online dating platforms.

What Are The Best Funny Pick-Up Lines?

Everyone adores funny people, and if you are not sure what are some hot pick up lines for her or him, then you can try out some of the pick up lines we have in store for you:

  • If you like raisins, maybe you could like a date too?
  • Eiffel for you, so you must be French
  • If you were a steak, I would like you well done
  • It would be best if you were cake because I can’t resist a piece of you
  • Since you look like a work of art, why aren’t you in a museum?
  • I think we have already met somewhere, oh yes, in my dreams
  • You must be a phone charger because I feel like I will die without you
  • People call me Clara, but you can call me out tonight
  • You must be garbage because I need to take you out
  • Is your daddy a dealer because you look so dope
  • I came, so did your other two wishes come true?
  • Not really a mind reader, but I think you would find me hot
  • You are the only 10 I see, so if I’m right, you are from Tennessee
  • Santa came early this year and brought me to your doorsteps
  • A thief here, I came just to steal your heart
  • Nothing will last forever, so maybe you could be my nothing?
  • New to the city, would you mind showing me the direction to your apartment?
  • I like potatoes, and you would probably be a sweet one
  • You owe me a drink at the moment because I spilled all of mine when I saw you

They may not seem like the funniest ones to you, but trust me, when people see someone sliding in their DM this way, it will put a smile on their face, no matter how quickly it may disappear.

Both men and women value funny people more than those who try to be seductive all the time because a smile is something they will remember, not your seductress moves.

How Do You Tease a Girl Over Text?

If you are looking for dirty pick up lines for her, you should know that girls don‘t prefer spicy pick up lines and that they would instead settle with the absolute worst pick up lines than continue talking to someone who is too nasty or sexual right away.

There are some sexy pick up lines that will work well on every girl, and that will make her interested in you but still not make her feel too exposed:

  • I love my bed, but I would rather be in yours
  • Are you a haunted house? Because I will scream when I get in you
  • Your body is 70 percent water… and I’m pretty thirsty
  • Are you scanning me with your eyes?!
  • Do I have a light switch on my forehead because you turn me on whenever I see you?
  • We can play a game called Titanic – you will be the iceberg, and I will be going all the way down on you
  • Does my Uranus conjunct your Jupiter, or can we be together?
  • If you don’t want to pay rent, you can always just live for free in my heart
  • Were you always a cutie pie, or did you have to work at that?
  • Does your name start with C because I c our whole future together?
  • Did you get lost? It is a long way from heaven to up there
  • Are your hands heavy because I can hold them for you?
  • Your outfit would look great on my bedroom floor
  • My keys are lost, so maybe I could check in your panties?
  • I believe you are an elevator because I would like to go up and down in you
  • Did you know my lips are like chocolate, and you will taste a fantasy when you kiss me?
  • Thought I could be the six, and you could be the nine?
  • In school, I always wanted an A, but with you, I really want an F
  • I would try out a baby-making technique with you
  • I look like butter; you look like jelly; maybe we could have sex?
  • My vitamin D has some deficiency; do you mind fixing it up?
  • Would you mind measuring some inches tonight?
  • I would like to get down under you, so maybe we should get straight to work

In case you see she is a bit shy and that she doesn‘t react well to this sort of message, then maybe you should avoid them and switch to some other cheesy sexual pick up lines, even if they seem too bad to you.

How Do You Tease a Girl Over Text?

Sometimes, girls are simply not comfortable with dirty pick up lines which are fine, so if you see that it isn‘t working out this way, try out even with a simple hello because it will provide you with better results and make you look more attractive to this woman.

There are also plenty of hookup lines that are too sexual, but people, for some reason, continue using it, so if you see that it didn‘t give you the right reaction from different people on a dating app, then you should avoid using it in the future.

You can find plenty of other, less intimidating hookup lines, so try avoiding those that feel like too much even to you.

Even the bad pickup lines can provide great success, so don’t mind giving them a try, no matter how cringy they may sound.

How To Respond To Sexual Pick Up Lines?

How you will respond to sexual and kinky pick up lines depends on the type of hookup or relationship you are looking for and your overall dating style.

If you are interested in the person and you are sure they have used their best pick up lines on you, then you should respond to them in a nice manner but continue being mysterious and spice things up a little bit.

Women are usually the ones who don‘t know to act well when they receive nasty pick up lines, and no matter how inappropriate the message you have received may be, you should respond to them and see how the conversation flows.

Some dating rules will help you maintain the attention of the other person and provide them with a perfect response even to the nastiest pick-up lines out there.

Here are some tips that will help you come up with the perfect response to all the sexy puns:

1. Pull an anti-pick up line

Don’t be afraid to be mean to other people, especially if they are using some of the terrible pick up lines.

If you stay true to yourself and start joking with their cheesy moves, they will fall in love even more because they will see you are not that easy to impress, and that is always a good thing to be, whether you are a man or a woman.

Most people are worried about how can I be cute and flirty, but this is what will keep the conversation going.

2. Copy them

If they are using stupid pick up lines on you, do the same thing because it will keep them hooked on you.

Within everyone lies a person with a good sense of humor, especially on dating apps where people tend to be very stiff and don‘t know how to hoke around.

For that reason, turn the situation around, copy them and start flirting with their techniques, too; they will go head over heels for you!

3. Be honest

If you are uncomfortable about the whole dating app world and you don‘t know how to act well on these platforms, then be honest about it because people will cherish it, and the whole conversation will flow effortlessly.

People are usually scared to admit it, but most of us feel uncomfortable using online dating platforms, and if you see that this person is genuine and they are trying their best to impress you, then be honest about how you feel.

4. Tell them you heard it all before

If you want to humble someone on their dirtiest pick-up lines, there is no better way than to tell them you have heard it all before.

People are quickly humbled when they see you have already had experience with daters like this, and this will help them get more realistic and start a serious conversation immediately.

5. Flirt more

If you see that the other person is really interested in you and they are trying their best to seduce you, but you feel like their pick up lines are simply not that good, then you should try stimulating the conversation.

In case you are sure they are someone you would like to have in your life, then flirt some more, try asking questions, keeping the conversation going, and allowing them to reveal some more information about themselves.

This will always help you win over the person and look amazing in their eyes, even if you have known each other for quite a short time.

How To Respond To Sexual Pick Up Lines?

As you can see, there are several ways you can respond to someone sending you funny dirty pick up lines, and all of them will be an excellent way to keep the conversation and continue chatting with this person.

In case you are dealing with some inappropriate pickup lines that are making you feel uncomfortable, I would recommend you ignore them as much as you can or simply block the person if you feel like they are interrupting your inner peace.

This happens to men and women on these dating apps, so don‘t feel scared to state it or block someone because you should keep yourself protected at all costs.


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