Cuban Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Cuban men guide

I am sure many Cuban males have caught your eye many times because of their gorgeous looks. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Cuban men compare in all categories.

If you disagree, that’s probably because you weren’t sure if they were Cuban men, since Cuban guys are very diverse.

In case you have your doubts and find it hard to trust me on this one, after reading about what are Cuban guys like and what it’s like dating Cuban men, you will find yourself imagining what are Cuban men in bed like while looking at their photos and Instagram profiles that are waiting for you at the bottom of the text.

Get ready to see what are Cuban men like in relationships.

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What are Cuban men like?

All this reading is not for nothing, right, so I bet you are dying to find out more about Cuban men stereotypes and what to pay special attention to if you are ready to meet Cuban men.

Once you start reading about handsome Cuban guys, you won’t be the only one dreaming about sexy Cuban men, since American women looking for Cuban men is an often seen phenomenon.

So loosen up and sail into the waters of dating a Cuban guy.

Physical appearance

Because of their African origin combined with Spanish traits, Cuban men are too damn sexy.

They are very diverse, but in any given form they are simply gorgeous. Sexy Cuban men are literally inevitable if you are in Cuba or Miami.

It doesn’t matter how often and how much alcohol hot Cuban men drink, or how much animal fats they eat, they tend to keep themselves in good shape by doing many different sports, their whole lives.

Since this much diversity is present, there is no point is telling you about typical Cuban men when it comes to physical appearance. The only certain thing is they are absolutely beautiful and fit.

I guess I could single out the fact that hot Cuban guys mostly have brighter, sort of pink-colored, lips that are usually bigger and attractive so much that you start fantasizing about what are Cuban guys in bed.

But, of course, their handsome bodies contribute to this fantasy a bit more than just their thick lashes, strong eyebrows, and pronounced cheekbones, which by the way make Cuban guys look irresistible.

The taste is normally not to be discussed, but tell me about a woman who can stay indifferent when seeing a well-shaped, handsome, tattooed body without any body hair on the masculine chests.

Like Latinos in general, Cuban men are sensual and the way they move, smell, and look is simply divine.

Let’s put it this way – imagine being hugged by a hot Cuban guy whose arms make you feel like all your problems are disappearing.

In conclusion, this diversity is very attractive, especially for international dating.

Cuban men  Physical appearance


Handsome Cuban men are known to be stylish, even though their need for dressing up is usually related to everyday events, and not some special events that require high elegance.

This casual style actually contributes to highlighting the personality of handsome Cuban guys – their modesty and need for simplicity and true values.

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Casual T-shirts, linen shirts and short trousers are a part of their everyday look, with floral design in combination with light-colored clothes that highlight their darker tan since they are exposed to the Cuban Sun.

When it comes to accessories that are common to be used, they mostly consist of some leather belts and necklaces that look like they have an African origin.

Because of the hot weather, sexy Cuban guys often wear light linen sneakers or leather moccasins, but older men are often seen wearing leather slippers or sandals.

How stylish are Cuban men?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Cuban men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Cuban men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Cuba and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these) With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Cuban men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.

Cuban Men Tinder Score

Character Traits of Cuban Men

When it comes to Cuban men’s character and temperament, they are very original. They have some similarities to Mexicans, but they also differ from Mexican men, so it is hard to find a culture that will completely describe Cuban culture.

That is why it is necessary to go to all the important traits typical Cuban guys own. Nevertheless, I bet you will feel pleasantly surprised while exploring the world of dating Cuban guys and what it is like having a Cuban boyfriend.

1. Gentleman rating

In order not to have a certain animosity when it comes to both taken and single Cuban guys, try to be aware of the situation Cubans are in on their island. I will certainly help you create the most realistic image of a typical Cuban man.

When dating a Cuban man there are a few things you should know about him, especially if you are thinking about starting a family with him.

Cuban men are going to do everything for their women. They are committed to providing what’s best for her and his family, but it is the hardest job ever.

Since the salaries are extremely low, Cuban men usually do something shady in order to provide their families with the essentials.

Even though this sounds way too wrong and unsafe, Cuban men are doing it for all the right reasons. It is okay for a woman to contribute to the financial well-being of the family, but the man is the backbone of the community, assigned to do his best to provide his family with an acceptable life.

If you are in a long-distance relationship with a Cuban, since they have a low Internet access, your Cuban boyfriend will have to spend his whole salary to pay for an Internet card in order to talk to you online.

Since they are under the sanctions of the United States of America, Cuba hasn’t produced nor imported any cars for decades now, so very few people have cars, and if they do, they are old.

So, when letting yourself experience international dating with a Cuban guy, keep in mind that he will have to ride his bike on a hot day to a Wi-Fi park in order to call you online.

Often the Wi-Fi connection is weak or is not working at all, so he is obligated to buy an Internet card.

If your Cuban boyfriend doesn’t call you for a day or so, don’t worry – he is definitely thinking of you but is simply without money at the moment.

Cuban men sometimes save their money so they can buy you something or take you out, but it is very hard to do so, so expect to be the one that pays for stuff.

This isn’t very gentlemen-like, but it is the intention that matters since they are not in a financial position to spoil you.

All of these factors can be problematic, but when you meet Cuban guys you will realize that no money can replace the true values Cuban guys can teach you about.

Cuban men Chivalry factor

2. Integrity

Through the history of being oppressed and torn between the East and West, Cubans suffered many losses, but they still managed to stay strong and follow their essential ideas.

They are fighting for their freedom in a civilized way, since what has been done to them resulted in the loss on main things needed for a state to normally function.

They are forbidden to import goods from other countries, don’t have a manufacturing line, live in big poverty, living a day by day, never wondering what will happen tomorrow.

In order to show their rebellion and resistance to foreign influences, they refused to accept imposed religions and decided to follow spiritual customs similar to the ones their African ancestors practiced.  

Cuban men have integrity

3. Honesty

Cuban men are usually open, extravert and fun, so they are easy going and always happy to meet new people.

They don’t see the point in lying, so they are honest about everything unless the things they had done wrong. Since they are community-oriented, they find honesty important.

Don’t let these two traits discourage you to indulge in international dating or to give chances to single Cuban men.

Since Cuban dating culture is similar to Puerto Rican dating culture, expect to be introduced with his whole family and even his ex-wife if he had had one, so I guess his sister can discover some of your Cuban boyfriend’s secrets if you gain some doubt in him.

So, no worries, you will find a solution for everything.

Cuban men are honest

4. Loyalty

This 8-rate may seem too low since you saw how much effort Cuban men put in a relationship with a girl, but stay patient.

Cuban guy stereotypes are that they are unfaithful and are cheaters.

This is individual, but if we are generalizing, Cuban men are living every moment given to the fullest, which is why they often become disloyal when in a relationship.

They are very sexual and sensual, spontaneous and tend to feel as free as possible, so they subject to one night stands, casual no strings attached relationships, etc.

Cuban guys also do this because they think you could never find out about it, which is usually wrong since truth always finds its way.

Cuban men are quite loyal

5. How protective are they?

Even though Cuban men live in such poverty and usually don’t own a car, he would never mind walking you out to your place or show other forms of politeness.

If they get a chance to spend time with you, they will use every second of it and will always keep you safe, since they are aware of the situation in Cuba.

Don’t be surprised if your Cuban guy gets in a fight over you with another Cuban guy, because machismo is very present in Cuba. 

Cuban men also do some shady things in order to protect their women from having to work and make money for the community.

Cuban men are quite protective

6. Are they resourceful?

Unfortunately, as I have already mentioned, Cuban men are very poor, living in somehow uncivilized conditions, like lacking the Internet, drinking water, or merchandise in stores.

An optimal income is available for taxi drivers, private business owners and people who are into touristic business.

So, if you are open enough to meet Cuban guys knowing that you will most likely be the one that will cover for all of the expenses, both his and yours, you will experience the magic of modest and cheerful life that a Cuban guy can give you – a life filled with dance, music, and laughter.

Even though you would probably have to pay for everything, try to keep in mind you are here to experience the time of your life and to enjoy everything that life has to offer, which of course includes your Cuban match.

How resourceful are Cuban men?

7. Maturity

There is not really much to say when it comes to deciding whether to call Cuban men mature.

Yeah, sure they are putting in a huge effort to make enough money for their families, but the way they look at life itself can seem a bit immature.

They live day by day, seeking freedom, amusement, dancing and socializing. Unlike Mexicans, Cuban men lack the need for forming a family with someone, so it is not rare to have single mothers in Cuba.

Cuban guys are also big drama queens, so if he proposes to you and introduces you to his family, don’t find him too serious. They are often proposing after only a few weeks of dating, but they usually aren’t serious and are not planning to marry you, at least not any time soon.

Cuban men are quite mature

8. Self-confidence

If I could rank Cuban men’s self-confidence with 15 I would! Their self-confidence and self-esteem are to the roof.

Maybe you would say ‘God knows why’, but come on, have you not read about their physical appearance? It is obvious that they know how gorgeous they look, especially when they reach that metrosexual level of dressing up.

When running into a Cuban guy on the street, be sure he will immediately become interested in you if you are looking nice and he will be persistent in trying to get your phone number.

If you give him your number and you are also a stranger, he will do anything to contact you, but he will also expect you to pay for everything if you two start going out.

Their charm is just so damn irresistible…

Cuban men are truly self confident

9. Are they friendly or reserved?

Cuban men are very open, friendly, expressive and sensual. They love going out, hanging out, dancing, socializing, gathering with their families, basically do anything that includes other people and music.

Music is an unavoidable part of their lives, like salsa and mambo – their favorite Latino dances.

Cuban guys’ friendliness can reach the level of naivety when a Cuban guy is being introduced by someone who is their friend’s friend or a cousin.

If their friend put a good word on someone, the Cuban man will blindly trust that someone, not even considering their loyalty and potentially bad intentions.

Cuban people don’t have much to get by living in Cuba, which is why they are putting materialism aside and enjoying any day given to live and spend with people.

You can’t miss a Cuban guy on the street since he is a passionate speaker that laughs loud and shouts while saying everyday things, which can appear as if he is angry.

Cuban men are very friendly

With that many beaches and lots of sunshine, Cuban men have evolved to be very outgoing and friendly to visitors.

Do not let the embargo fool you, this country is full of great tourist sites and amazingly gorgeous men waiting to befriend you.

A bit traditional, but they are quite self-confident anyway.

What other drawbacks can we think about with respect to Cuban men?

Read on to find out and enjoy the breathtaking pictures below.

Cuban Men overall score

Pros and Cons of Dating a Cuban Man

To put it all together, I find it necessary to add some good and bad things regarding Cuban guys which will help you if you are looking for some Cuban men dating tips.

The Cuban revolution and a certain amount of poverty shaped Cuban men the way they are now, and you all know how hard it is to resist from being led by the conditions and terms by which you are obligated to live.

This is why you will probably face more Cons than Pros when googling about what are Cuban guys like in relationships and how to meet a Cuban guy.


1. Cuban guys are charming and spontaneous

Cuban men’s main weapon is their charm and they have enough self-confidence to spend their whole lives showing how charming they are.

Being aware of their amazing looks, they never miss a chance to flirt with a girl they saw on the street and try to win her over by fooling around and giving her some cheesy compliments.

Cuban men usually use different pick-up lines when approaching local girls and strangers, which makes them irresistible to women visiting beautiful and sunny Cuba.

You are never bored with a Cuban guy.

2. Cuban men are very compassionate

If having a Cuban boyfriend or a relative, you know you can always count on him to help you out with anything you need.

Since Cubans live in a form of patriarchy, it is expected from a Cuban male to bring income to the family and because of the bad living conditions, Cubans learned how to take care of one another.

This is why Cuban men will help you anytime, even if you didn’t ask them for any help and they are really talented for noticing when someone is in any kind of need.


1. If you marry him, you married his whole family

In Cuba, there are usually bigger families living under the same roof because of the lack of financial ability to afford more than just one house.

Even though it is not common to have more than two kids, unlike in Mexico, these families are big because there are cousins, aunts, etc. involved.

This actually isn’t the only reason you are marrying his family when marrying him. In Cuban dating culture, it is normal for a Cuban guy to introduce his girlfriend right after hooking up with her.

2. Cuban men often cheat

Because of their free spirit and tough living conditions, Cuban men have a problem staying faithful to their girlfriends if they can’t see them often.

Of course, nothing excuses this kind of behavior, but it is the way it is and we are all different in some way.

It is often that Cuban men cheat with a stranger in order to get some money from her since they are left on minimum salaries.

3. Cuban men are extremely jealous

Even though Cuban men often let themselves fool around with ladies, they are very possessive and strict when it comes to their women.

Like Puerto Rican men, Cuban men will flip out if seeing their girl with some other guy, even if they are not even talking, just being in the same room.

For Cuban guys, it is unimaginable for girls to hang out with guys in a friendly way.

Where to Meet Cuban Men?

As I have already mentioned, Cuban men are easy to recognize and are ongoing and spontaneous, so it’s basically enough to walk down the street and smile at a Cuban hottie coming towards you if you want to meet him.

This actually answers both where and how to meet Cuban men, which are two very important questions when visiting Cuba and wanting to have something romantic with a Cuban man.

Cuban men are huge fans of music and dancing, so going out in a dance club or a coffee shop will be the best way to meet cute Cuban guys.

Another great thing about bars and dancing clubs is the atmosphere and alcohol that will give you the courage to start talking with some Cuban guy and to let yourself be seduced by his sensual dance moves.

It is easy to figure out where to meet Cuban guys because free local Wi-Fi is available only in certain parks, so when you go there you’ll most likely run into some handsome Cuban guys.

The Varadero beach is the prettiest beach in the whole of Cuba, so many Cubans go there to enjoy. It is also a popular touristic site, so be prepared to expect hot Cuban men in their swimsuits ready to meet women from abroad.

Another great place for meeting Cuban guys is a dating site called Cuba Cupid, which is the biggest dating site for Cubans. It doesn’t limit you to finding your best Cuban love match, but you can also find friends and dates.

The perks of this dating site are that registration is free, you can use it from other countries but Cuba and when leaving your phone number you are ready to start your search.

The search requires payment, but after that everything is easy and the world of hot Cubans is open for you.

Now stop wondering where to meet Cuban guys and get ready for action!

How to Conquer a Cuban Man’s Heart

After creating an image of what are Cuban guys like, get ready for some Cuban guy dating tips. Cuban men represent a special kind of men, so there aren’t many things you can do to win them over.

But, there is always something useful that can come to mind if you fall in love with a Cuban guy.

Just relax, and follow these tips for dating a Cuban man. You never know when you’re going to need them.

1. Cook for him

There aren’t many products available in Cuba, but Cuban men believe in patriarchy, meaning the woman should be more dedicated to the household, kids, and chores than she is supposed to be when it comes to working.

This is why it is expected from a woman to cook and take care of the kids, even though she is educated and capable of working.

Nothing makes a Cuban man happier than a warm meal when he comes from work.

2. Clean after him

As I said, women in Cuba are more expected to be housewives that the businesswomen, so when you clean after your Cuban man, he will see your dedication to the family and will see you have qualities he would want you to have.

Since Cuban men have a special affection to their mothers, by doing these things you will raise up in his eyes because you will remind him of his mother.

3. Flirt with him

Everyone needs some action once in a while, especially when you are in a long relationship with a handsome Cuban guy.

Like Puerto Rican guys, Cuban guys are very sexual and sensual, so they like it when you spice things up by flirting with them or seducing them randomly. When the kids come along, this is the secret ingredient that will keep your relationship healthy.

4. Charm his friends and family

Cuban men and Cubans, in general, have huge respect towards their families and friends. They are unquestionably faithful to them and will do anything to protect them, help them, and provide them with everything they can.

Family gatherings are often organized so you will have the chance to show yourself in a better light than they have imagined you. If you manage to charm his mother and the rest of his family, you have gained your place in the family.

Being liked by his friends is also important and will make a great impact on your relationship.

5. Dance with him

You have to know how to dance if you want to seduce a Cuban guy at the dance club, or if you want to charm his family.

Music is a huge part of Cuban people’s life, so it is playing on the streets, in coffee shops, dance clubs, and even in front of the Cuban houses.

Any time of the day is a chance and opportunity to dance some mambo or salsa, so you better learn how to move those hips of yours!

6. Keep looking good

Since Cuban men are looking at and flirting with women on the streets, you need to keep your handsome body. Of course, it is not always easy to stay attractive, but Cuban men often do sports so they are quite fit.

This is also why you have to try to do the same with your body. I know it’s ungrateful to take care of everything in addition to your body, but try to keep yourself in a good shape to look good for your Cuban prince.

7. Pay for yourself

If you start to like a Cuban guy it is not going to end well if you expect him to pay for something. He is just unable to do so, so you have to be prepared to pay for practically everything.

This is not his laziness or bad mannerism, he is simply not making enough money and is aware of that.

So, if you can support your relationship financially, loosen up and indulge in this international relationship because it will be an amazing experience.

See more hot Cuban men on Instagram

Top 3 Hottest Cuban Men

1. William Levy

William Levy is a Cuban-American actor and a former model. He came from Cuba to Miami when he was 20 years old when he started high school and then started studying business administration.

He was playing basketball when he was young, so it wasn’t so hard for him to stay fit and sexy.

We all know him from a video he made with Jennifer Lopez for one of her famous songs, but he had also done many Latino soap operas. William also appeared on a famous TV show Dancing with the Stars, where he won the third place with his dance partner.

2. Andy García

Andy García is a worldwide famous actor and director from Havana who became famous in the 1980s and 1990s. He came from Cuba to Miami when he was only 5 years old, where he later owned a fragrance business.

Like William, Andy was also college educated and played basketball when he was younger.

He was seen in several TV series, but his passion is a movie. He started getting roles in movies that became widely famous and was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor because of his role in The Godfather III.

3. Eddie Cibrian

Eddi Cibrian is a Cuban-American actor whose career started in the early 1990s. He had roles in both films and TV series, but we remember him by TV series Baywatch Nights and Sunset Beach where he had the main role.

Eddi was also noticed in popular TV series CSI: Miami and unforgettable Ugly Betty and was nominated for ALMA Award twice.

Final Word

And there you have it, all!

This was my guide on how to meet and date Cuban men. Hopefully, you have learned something new, interesting and useful, so now you can go on your own international dating adventure and have some fun.

Make sure to read my ultimate guide to dating men; you’ll find loads of tips that will help you date the perfect Cuban men.

Good luck!

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