European Men- Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

European men

When it comes to describing European men, there is one thing you have to know at the beginning and that is that there are no European men stereotypes. This is an objective fact and is quite logical since Europe is a big continent that consists of many countries, so it is almost impossible to generalize.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how European men compare in all categories.

So, to try simplifying things, I will mostly compare Eastern and Western European men.

Although almost every European country can speak for itself when it comes to explaining what are European guys like, comparing Eastern and Western European guys is the perfect way to describe their qualities and to break European guys stereotypes.

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The diversity of European men is also going to be seen through Instagram photos of sexy European men down below.

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What are European Men Like?

Even though describing European men seems to be tough because of the diversity between men from different European states, European guys still manage to differ from Americans or Asians.

This is reflected in the way European men act, look, seduce, approach women, etc., so don’t be surprised if catching yourself being one of many American women looking for European men.

There is no such thing as typical European men. This is the reason to stay open-minded when the moment to meet European men comes, and to be aware of the fact that this text can’t give you away too precise description of European men traits.

Every nationality speaks for itself but there is one thing for sure – European men have plenty to offer.

Let’s have a closer look at what are European males like, both physically and spiritually, and prepare you for international dating with a European guy.

Physical appearance

One of the best things handsome European men can brag about is their height. Even though they are never personally pointing it out, we all know that women prefer taller guys and, unlike Latin-American men, European men are mostly tall.

Hot European guys are easy to find, but there is a huge difference in physical appearance when it comes to comparing Spanish and Scandinavian men, for example.

When you look at a European man, it is obvious that he is from a coastal country (like Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Spain, etc.) if you notice his darker skin tone, eyes, facial and body hair, eyebrows. These countries are mostly in the southern part of Europe, while northern coastal countries are populated with men that look completely different.

This look is often seen in the southern part of Europe because there is much higher Sun exposal, summer lasts longer, and winter is not too cold.

On the other hand, European guys from Scandinavia, United Kingdom, and the eastern part of the continent, are more likely to have blue or green eyes, lighter skin tone, freckles, blonde hair, and expressed cheekbones.

There are sexy European guys for everyone, you just have to choose a country that fits your taste in men.

If you are a fan of blonde, masculine, and manly type of men, Slavic men are the right choice for you. Hot European guys that look this way are mostly found in Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, and other eastern countries in Europe.

European men in bed are also very seductive and solid because of their strong built and fit yet masculine bodies.

Handsome European guys are often doing sports like swimming, playing football or beach volley, basketball, and tennis.

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My opinion is that hot European men are most likely to be found in Italy.

European men Physical appearance


Like everything mentioned above, style is also a trait that is different in every country. Most stylish European men are from Italy and France, which is not surprising since these countries have high-quality living standards and all famous fashion designers are from Italy or France.

Having Dior, Channel, Cartier, and Versace surrounding you at every corner of the city you live in is a pressure enough to make you stylish from an early age to your senior years of life.

Unlike these two countries where dressing up fancy is a rule, Germany, Slovenia, and Finland aren’t countries populated with people who wear moccasins, suits, scarfs or ties. Polo T-shirt and a blazer combined with jeans and boots or sneakers are both work and weekend style for these people.

European men style

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the important physical trait ratings for European men, we have also created our own additional rating from the European men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities in Europe and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet European men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.


Character Traits that Make European Men Stand Out

Don’t choose your European boyfriend based on his looks only because the looks attract and the character makes him a keeper.

Although it is known that the look is what you see first when spotting a man, the look is not the most important thing.

When you meet European guys from more than two countries, you will see that there are no typical European guys. This is the reason it is not too easy to find out what are European guys like in relationships.

So get ready to find out more about single European men and guys and pick up some European men dating tips along the way.

1. Gentleman rating

European dating culture is also not universal but special for each European country. This trait should bring closer to you the talent and effort European men put into winning you over.

European guys in bed are quite successful, but we all know that is not one of the first things that come to a woman’s mind if she is thinking about dating a European man. Mannerism and politeness combined with charm are the ingredients of a recipe for seducing a woman.

In Western Europe, the awareness of equality between sexes is pretty high. A special effort was put into raising women’s rights, proving their capabilities and qualities related to women’s self-growth.

Because of this, women in Germany don’t see themselves as the weaker sex, so to show their independence they tend to open their car doors, to pay for their meals, buy things for themselves, etc.

As a result of this kind of thinking and reasoning, men started to see themselves as equal to women, what made them stop being the ones that always ask a girl out, buy them presents and pays for dinner at a date.

All things considered, they stopped being gentlemen.

On the other side, there Slavic and Turkish men that have no trouble paying for things, showing love and affection, being the ones that always ask their women out, etc.

German men tend to be very straight forward which can sometimes hurt your feelings just because of their inability to say something nicely, while Italian men are much warmer and more charming.

I guess you could say countries that are more traditional and less modernized are the ones where European men treat their women more romantically.

European men chivalry rating

2. Integrity

Integrity is the one trait all European men share.

There is no European nationality that isn’t constantly working on their self-improvement. Whether it is individual progress or a systematic one, progress is the goal.

Unfortunately, some rules or plans can’t apply to every country, but European men and women have a high awareness of the main moral values, eco-friendly approaches, reaching financial stability, and making smart investments.

These are all things that show maturity and seeking prosperity, while also being able to accept differences and work well both in groups and as individuals.

What better steps to take for forming a healthy family and a bright future?

European men have integrity

3. Loyalty

Many European countries are liberal or are accepting more liberal views in everyday life.

Both taken and single European guys tend to be loyal friends, no matter how friendly or reserved they are by nature. Sometimes their skepticism can be the reason they make friends more difficult than people from the Mediterranean, but when they open up and have trust in someone they are loyal to the bone.

If you are dating a Turkish guy make sure he is never going to cheat on you and he will give you all of his attention, while German men are loyal but are showing it in a more reserved way.

European men from Balkan are more likely to be loyal to their family, friends, godfathers, and cousins than to their wives, but this shouldn’t discourage you to indulge in international dating with a guy from the Balkans.

Spanish men also have a hard time being faithful because of their passion and zest, but let’s not be fooled by the stereotypes.

European men are loyal

4. Honesty

Loyalty and honesty stand pretty close to each other, but there is still a difference needed to be explained when it comes to European men.

As I mentioned before, German men tend to be quite straight forward which can sometimes be considered rude or hurtful for some people.

In general, I guess you could say there are two types of men in Europe – the brutally honest ones and the ones that know how to sweeten an ugly truth. As you can assume, men from France, Germany and Norway are the ones from the first group and Italian, Spanish and Slavic men are from the other one.

People often associate politeness with honesty without even realizing because charm can often blur your thinking.

While dating a European guy you will see by yourself.

You can never be quite sure what are European men like in relationships until you give them a chance and try international dating.

European men are honest

5. How protective are they?

In liberal European countries where tradition and romance died, if dating European guys you won’t be walked out home. It is a rare custom, seen only in the countries that are not so industrially developed, where feminism and gender equality aren’t common subjects.

Slavic men are very protective over their women and even though they can sometimes put a football game as a top priority instead of their wives, but they will always drive them or walk them out home, especially after a date.

In this case, tradition and more conservative ways of living are saving romance and relationships. Dating European guys will prove me right, just let yourself fall for one and you will see.

I believe many women who believe in gender equality are more pleased to be shown as independent by paying for her taxi and going home alone after a date but I prefer the old fashion way.

European men are quite protective

6. Are they resourceful?

Many European men are very resourceful because they live in countries that are economically strong and growing, but there are some countries, mostly in the Balkans, that have a lower living standard.

This means that even though they are taught to always be the ones to pick you up, ask you out, pay for your stuff but mostly for your dates, they can barely afford this kind of living.

Being raised this way presents them as the alpha males, responsible for taking care of their own, being the strongest and the ones that make for a living and provide income.

So, don’t worry, even if your European man is not having enough money at the moment, he will do anything to earn them. It is admiring what some European men do for their women.

How resourceful are European men?

7. Maturity

This is a trait a bit hard to rate. For example, Frenchmen are eager to have kids with their women but are rarely interested in getting married at all. Weird, right? But it is what it is. After all, love is essential.

Many European men are interested in starting a family in their late 20s or early 30s, basically when they make sure that they have a decent job and place to live.

Since they also have great careers, cars, and apartments they own or rent, many European men can be described as mature.

Also, it is common practice for many young European men and women to leave their family homes in their teenage years or early 20s to start their studying abroad or to gain some work experience in foreign countries.

But, dating European men will also show you that sometimes they won’t spend enough time searching for a job, they won’t accept a job they find is above their level of expertise or have a hard time graduating, which are usually signs of laziness or spoilage.

Maturity is high among European men

8. Self-confidence

Unlike Puerto Rican men, European men usually don’t obsess over their looks. The ones that are stylish and have a sense of fashion spend most of their free time coming up with some new fashion combinations, but after so many years it comes naturally to match a certain outfit.

Also, the dating culture can’t speak for this trait since there are different ideologies and believes that are constantly being changed or adopted by people.

What do I mean by this?

In Norway, it is common for a woman to buy a drink for a to get to know him, start a conversation or show interest in any other way.

This doesn’t mean that Norwegian men are shy or lack self-confidence. German men also have a lack of interest for flirting sometimes, which doesn’t mean they aren’t approaching women because they are full of themselves.

There are simply different dating cultures and opinions when it comes to meeting potential future partners.

European men are self confident

9. Are they friendly or reserved?

I have already mentioned some stuff on the friendliness and openness of European men and made some grouping.

European men that are more committed to their jobs and self-growth don’t have the habit of too much socializing. They are loyal friends but are meeting only once or twice a week, while Mediterranean men are more open, have and make more time for hanging out, spending time with their families, and stuff like that.

Balkan men also have a very friendly approach. Their culture is full of drinking, eating, hugging, and kissing and they are used to tourists and making friends is a second.

German and British men have a hard time opening up, especially in a relationship. They seem cold or reserved but are quite sensitive and warm once you get to know them better.

Lithuanian men are also quite reserved which sometimes makes them difficult interviewees or as if they are playing hard to get.

European  men are very friendly

I think you should know that amongst many things, Europeans love sport, they engage in one form of sport or the other and this should be a good news for you ladies that love menthat are fit and strong physically.

You have learned so much about their characteristics, it is time to know what is fascinating about these men and what you might find a bit off for you.


Pros and Cons of Dating a European guy

To sum up the whole impression European guys have left, let’s make an extra division and check out some of their virtues and flaws directly next to each other.

European guy dating tips are always more than welcome in my opinion, so pay special attention later on.

Because it is impossible to generalize, this section is mostly explained by European nationalities.


1. European cities are beautiful

If you decide to visit your boyfriend in Europe, no matter where he lives and whether it is a city or a village, you will be amazed by the European landscape and scenery.

Beside beautiful churches, cathedrals, houses, villas, and squares, Europe is also filled with nature. The great Danube and the famous Alps will take your breath away no matter what season it is.

Cobble streets in Prague or Venice canals, it is all unique and gives away historical impression.

2. Frenchmen and nicknames

When it comes to dating Frenchmen, one thing can speak for all of them and that is their talent for giving nicknames to their girlfriends.

French is the sexiest and the most romantic language of all, so it is not that hard for men to come up with a French word or two to melt the hearts of their loved ones.

This is why you should expect to be called a small rabbit or a small flea and weird things like that, but the most interesting thing is that you are going to love it.

Among these weird and nonsense nicknames, Frenchmen also have some more conventional ones likes my dear, my heart, my love, etc.

3. European men have sexy accents

As English is the number one language to understand each other and come to an agreement, most European men speak it. It is more common for western Europeans to speak it fluently and it is sometimes really hard to notice the difference in accents.

But European men from the Mediterranean or Balkans are more famous by their special R pronunciations, making them hot and handsome.

Their grammar is also weaker, so when you see a Slavic man doing his best to talk to you in English you will find it adorable. Italians do not even try to speak English, even though they understand it.

4. They are great fathers

European Men- Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 78

Even though some of them are not so sensitive or observing other people’s feelings, European men are great fathers. Perhaps this can’t apply to every single one of them, but does anything really can?

When it comes to being fathers, European men are engaged in family life and parenting, they have a sense of moral obligations and pretty much soften up when they get a child.

Men are especially weak when it comes to their daughters. Daddy’s little princesses as they are globally called.

5. Frenchmen often give compliments

Even though they are known to be cold sometimes, Frenchmen often pay attention to details. If you buy a new skirt or have your hairstyle changed even for a bit, they will notice.

Frenchmen never miss a chance to tell you they noticed you had lost some weight or that they like your new lipstick.


1. Englishmen are way too selfish

The selfishness of Englishmen is reflected in their behavior with women, whether they are foreigners or not.

Their desire to satisfy their needs only and the lack of mannerism is sometimes disgusting. After an Englishmen seduces you, even while having sex you will see how important it is for them to satisfy their needs only, not showing much interest in what you prefer or are attracted to in bed.

Sadly, this doesn’t apply to sex only, but the way they are approaching a woman in a pub or a bar, the great will to split the check and other things like that.

So my advice would be not to fall for their English accent so easily, but to think twice before starting to date an Englishman.

2. The lack of romance

In countries like Norway, Germany, and Austria romance is pretty much dead by now. You have already read that it is because of gender equality and a huge sense of women’s independence.

The society is not to be blamed, especially not European men, but don’t expect too much effort and attention from your boyfriend if he is from some of these states.

Eastern and southern parts of Europe are more warm, open and romantic in this sense.

3. Balkan men are a bit lazy

In countries like Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, older men that are now husbands and fathers are extremely capable of fixing a light, a sink, a car, basically everything in the house.

This is great, I know. But what is not great is that none of them is willing to actually get up and fix what is necessary.

Very few of them ever go to the market, even though they are usually the ones that drive because it is expected from a woman to cook and clean after her daily job.

Montenegrin men are especially known to be very lazy and to sleep till noon.

Tradition makes it easy for them to be romantic, but also very lazy.

Travelers guide to dating European men

Europe is a continent that can give you everything – from narrow streets where cars are forbidden to populated night clubs on the avenues of Paris.

You can usually find everything you need in only one city, but some countries don’t have the tradition of partying or going out that much.

So if you go to Slovenia you will find beautiful landscapes and cafes, but there won’t be any clubs open on workdays. The streets are empty after 11 p.m. unless it is summer.

Here are some places to relax or party, have a drink or enjoy a book.

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most famous European cities.

No matter if you like to visit museums and historical places or to party all day and all night – Berlin will be just the place for you.

As you know, it is famous for Berlin Wall and earlier in history, the Holocaust.

Therefore, no wonder that this city brings so much emotions and feelings.

Some of the most popular landmarks are, of course, the Berlin Wall itself and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, but among these two glorious things, there are:

  • Brandenburg Gate – the symbol of reunification from the 18th century
  • Reichstag Building – the home of parliament
  • Museum Island – part of the island in the Spree river with a lot of museums, cathedrals, and other cultural landmarks
  • East Side Gallery – gallery on the open with numerous graffiti
  • Berliner Fensehturm – the television tower near the Alexanderplatz, built as a symbol of communism
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Sanssouci Palace
  • Berlin Zoo

As for the night life and modern type of fun, you can visit:

  • Sisyphos Nightclub – modern club with a cast open area for summer parties
  • Tresor Berlin – a very popular techno club
  • Watergate – a riverside nightclub to enjoy the view while you party
  • Berghain – if not the most famous club in all Europe! Former power plant turned into an icon of nightlife
  • Matrix Club – a club with several rooms all playing something new so that you can choose your gig

As you can see, you can find anything and everything in Berlin, no matter what kind of fun you like.

Of course, the best would be to take a man with you to show you around a bit.

2. Paris, France

Paris is also a very popular city, but not so much for its electronic music and wild nightlife, but mostly for art, fashion, good food and culture.

Of course, you won’t miss out on night life either, but if you have a thing for art or fashionable men, my girls, this is a place to be.

Apart from the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral and the Louvre museum, you should definitely visit:

  • Arc de Triomphe – the national monument
  • Champs-Élysées – the most famous European avenue
  • The Basilica of Sacred Hearts – a catholic church dedicated to whom else but Jesus
  • Palace of Versailles – the palace and magnificent gardens of Louis XIV
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Montmartre

And for the nightlife, you have:

  • Bar Hemingway
  • L’Arc Paris
  • Lapin Agile – placed in a 19th century stone house with fabulous live music
  • La Java – the place where famous Edith Piaf and Reinhardt Django used to play
  • Panic Room – cocktail bar and nightclub
  • Le Duc des Lombards – jazz vlub

3. London, England

London is another super famous place in Europe that you should definitely visit if you like pale guys and sexy accent.

Of course, you can’t miss:

  • Big Ben
  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Buckinghame Palace
  • London Eye
  • Westminster Abbey

And many more, but if you are there to meet some hot guys, I would suggest to visit some of the nightclubs after all.

The ones that I would recommend are:

  • XOYO
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Fabric London
  • Cirque Le Soir
  • Cargo
  • The Boat Show Comedy Club

I won’t tell you about all of the places, you are to do some exploring yourself!

How to Meet European Men

If you want to make contact but don’t quite know how to meet a European guy, there are many things you could do. Here are some tips for how and where to meet European guys.

Travelers guide must have been helpful, but so have been the traits of all kinds of European men.

If you are in a part of Europe where men are a bit closed or reserved you can kindly ask to join them while having a coffee. This way you are making a relaxed atmosphere in a place he usually visits to have a coffee or read the daily news.

On the other hand, if you are open to a quicker connection led by some closer and more intimate contact, bars and nightclubs are always the right places to seduce a European man or catch his eye and let him take the first step.

Having music and alcohol around you will help you relax and gain confidence while doing so.

If you are shy or unable to visit Europe in a current moment, there are endless counts of online dating sites you can visit and register to meet your European soul mate.

Some successful sites that I would recommend that have high ratings are Meetic and Expatica that have a wide network in Spain, Italy, France, and other European countries. Finiya is famous in Germany and allows you to browse for free. eDarling is a dating site that covers all of Europe, so it is most likely to find you a perfect European match.

By registering to these online dating sites and setting up your profile with contact info, photos, preferences, criteria, and location you are allowing yourself to meet a European guy before seeing him in person, which saves up your time and effort.

Now stop asking yourself where to meet European men and register to an online dating site if you haven’t bought a plane ticket to Europe yet!

How to conquer a European man’s heart

Nowadays when the Internet is a source of all the information we need, tips for dating a European man have never been more available than now.

Let’s try to sum up this story by some concrete action and make you ready for conquest of your life.

As it was so far, European nationalities are different so some tips can’t apply to the whole group of European men.

Nevertheless, put your worries aside and imagine the way European eyes will look at you soon if you figure these amazing men out.

1. Slavic men like to feel dominant

Unlike people in Germany or Scandinavia, Slavic men have the need to feel as if they are your heroes, princes on white horses, saviors, and knights in shining armors.

If you are a woman that believes in something in between liberalism and conservatism, I believe it won’t be hard for you to ask for some help with the bags now and then, or to ask for advice in certain situations.

2. Let European men drive

This is also a tip applicable only to European men from this group of men described right above. This is also their way of feeling dominant in a relationship or in control of the course of your relationship.

This should not be such a problem for you since basically all of them have their own cars, and more importantly, you will have the chance for that gentleman-like car door opening.

3. Play hard to get

Frenchmen easily get bored with things so it is important to play really hard to get if you are planning on charming and seducing a Frenchmen.

They like to play, that dramatic illusion of losing you or begging you is exactly what they need.

4. Keep your sexiness

Every man likes to have his lady dolled up and pretty, so why not expect something like it from a European man?

This is pretty much universal advice, but I know it is not that easy to keep it all together and sexy when the obligations come.

Still, for your own good also, try to stay fit by doing some sports or keeping your nutrition in order.

5. Try to stay tidy

In traditional countries, men are used to having their women clean, cook, wash, etc. in other words – doing house chores.

The rumor has it that women are always so good-looking, clean, dressed up and tidy, so some standards need to be fit in the house as well.

Frenchmen, for example, have an enormous urge to clean and keep their space in an absolutely perfect and clean condition.

6. Be time-efficient

German and Austrian men are sometimes like robots when it comes to time-efficiency (or any efficiency actually) and punctuation. They value every moment given and have a huge moral obligation to their friends or colleagues to be somewhere on time.

They are really not that indulgent when it comes to forgiving someone for being late.

So, be careful, especially if you are meeting a German guy for the first time. It takes seven nice impressions to change the bad first one!

7. Make his family and friends like you

Some European men do not find this thing too important because of their individualism or lack of family-orientation. Not everyone is as friendly, open, and easy to be around and talk to, as you would think.

People from the Mediterranean are very much family-oriented and have many friends. Their days pass with a ton of people around them.

Their families are big so they are not really used to having too much time on their hands to be alone or do things by themselves.

This is why men from the Mediterranean see their friends as their brothers and sisters and act accordingly.

Either way, you can’t escape the fact that their families are always going to be there and that their friends are way too important for them.

Top 3 hottest European men

1. Antonio Banderas

I feel as if there is no need for writing about this guy since he is known to be the hottest and most handsome Spanish actor of all time.

He acted in films with famous beauties like Kathrin Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie.

2. Mario Casas

We all met him in a famous Spanish movie Tres metros sobre el cielo where he took our breaths with his acting and sexy body.

Unlike Antonio, he doesn’t have and American movie behind him.

3. Bogdan Bogdanovic

He is a famous Serbian basketball player that plays both for Serbian representation and Sacramento Kings in the NBA.

He is young, tall, and handsome which is why girls are so crazy over him.

See more hot and sexy European men on Instagram

Final Word

What is left to say is that you have to meet many men if you wish to make conclusions about European men.

But even when you do so, you will realize that all of them are different and that even two Englishmen are different from each other.

Find at least one European man on a dating site and master your communication skills using the ultimate guide for online dating to secure the European man of your dreams.

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