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South African men guide

Hello there beautiful people, thank you for visiting my blog again and for following my adventures across the globe!

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how South African men compare in all categories.

This time I am located in the Republic of South Africa and will talk about your favorite topic – international dating with South African men, very interesting customs and what it is like to be dating South African men in general.

Before I came here, I heard about many South African men stereotypes, so I will do my best to get into those as well, and give you a full picture of these hot babes.

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What Are South African Men Like?

First of all, I must say how amazing it is to be surrounded by so many sexy South African men who keep catching my and other women’s eyes everywhere we go!

This is especially true when it comes to American women looking for South African men since this country is so diverse and people look very exotic, even more, if you come from a small, non-diverse town.

Maybe you didn’t know, but 11 languages are spoken here and people come from various ethnic backgrounds.

The whole country is filled with amazing and friendly people who will make you feel like you are home and will be there for you – it doesn’t matter if you need a place to stay, a meal, direction, or anything else.

So, of course, South African guys are known for being very friendly, hospitable, open, but also loyal and quite resourceful.

However, no matter how open and devoted they are to dating you, please know that people here are quite traditional and certain traditions are quite often respected, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

The Most Important Traits of South African Men

Physical Appearance

Well, it is very hard to write about this one, since this country is incredibly diverse – would you like to meet South African men who are white, colored, part Asian, of Indian descent, or someone with dark, light or ginger hair? You will be able to find everything you wish for.

I found information that the average height is not that admirable, as they are ranked 47th in the world with 5’ 5’’ or 169cm, while the average weight is 65kg.

However, since generalization is practically impossible, you can rest assured that there are all kinds of different body shapes and characteristics, which actually makes the process of meeting new men quite fun and interesting!

South African men physical appearance

South African Men Style

Typical South African men are known for looking very sophisticated and elegant. They always dress appropriately as well as women and they find clothing to be important and pay attention to it.

If you are thinking about dating a South African guy please be sure to be a bit modest and not exaggerate with clothing, makeup and dress appropriately, as many people are still traditional and love the elegance, especially in women. 

Many South African males wear standard Western clothes, such as jeans, khaki pants, shirts, blazers, sports shoes, etc, which is probably contrary to many South African guy stereotypes.

 Yes, some people wear more traditional clothes, especially older people who are usually more traditional.

Thus, Madiba shirts are very popular not only in South Africa but in other African countries es well, and they can be in various colors and with hundreds of patterns.

Many people wear floral prints, and white color is quite common as it reflects sunlight as opposed to dark colors that absorb it.

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Are South African men stylish?

Character Traits that Make South African Men Stand Out

1. Gentlemen rating

This is 10 out of 10 without giving it a second thought. If you are wondering about dating South African guys or are having questions like “what are South African guys like in relationships” then you don’t have to wonder further as they are perfect gentlemen and they follow tradition.

They will court you as much as they can and make sure you know they like you and wish to put effort into making you feel amazing; they will give you compliments, organize the date (which is perfect if you are not fond of indecisive men), they will move the chair, open the door for you or give their coat if its chilly outside.

Typical South African guys will dress very well and look elegant in a way that is appropriate for the occasion, as you will most likely go to a nice restaurant.

One of the most important South African guy dating tips is to try to look humble, wear less makeup and look elegant, as many men prefer natural-looking and down-to-earth girls.

If you meet for the first time face to face after for example meeting online, he will first give you his hand and shake yours, since hugging and kissing right away isn’t that common.

Only the next time you see each other he will be more “open” and will kiss you on the cheek.

South African men Chivalry factor

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for South African men, we have also created our own additional rating from the South African men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of South Africa and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet South African men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


2. Integrity

Besides being real gentlemen most of these hot South African men have integrity and a strong moral compass. I find them to be honest, loyal, very friendly and good people.

However, it really depends on what circle of people you are in, as there is a lot of bad things that happen in South Africa, such as killings in broad daylight, rapes, robberies, etc, so many of them have chosen wrong paths, unfortunately. 

Integrity here depends much on the level of life quality or better said poverty. Low living standards make certain people take desperate actions to provide for themselves and their families.

South African men integrity rating

3. Loyalty

Loyalty is a big question and it is normal to wonder about it when it comes to dating a South African man, or any man, but there is no need to be worried.

Quite opposite, these hot South African guys are one of the most loyal people I’ve met.

They will be loyal and will show you how much they care, and you will be able to see this trait in how they treat their family and other loved ones.

Family is the most important thing in African culture and they always stay together.

So, be ready to be part of it quite soon, and enjoy his dad’s stories, cook with his mom and granny and laugh as you’ve never had in your life.

South African men are quite loyal

4. Honesty

If you wish to meet South African guys and learn more about them, you should also know that they are quite honest, which is just another proof of their integrity, or at least of the integrity of the majority of them.

They will be pretty straight forward with you, show their interest and you will feel appreciated.

Since they are loyal, friendly and open, honesty is another trait that naturally follows.

One of the South African men dating tips is, to be honest with him as much as you can and reciprocate since it will be clearer where you guys stand.

South African men are honest

5. How Protective They Are?

One of the answers to the question: “What are South African men like” is protective. There is actually a stereotype that “every man plays rugby” and thus many people around the world find them aggressive, which is nonsense if you ask me because there are aggressive people everywhere, and not only here.

Handsome South African men are, as already mentioned quite open, friendly, extrovert, self-confident and love sports and some people may find them to be a bit aggressive for this reason as well.

Also, since many crimes happen around them, I believe they are just always ready to defend themselves and their loved ones and aren’t afraid to get in a fight if things get dangerous.

South African men are quite protective

6. Are they Resourceful?

Single South African guys are pretty resourceful and as always I think this isn’t just a natural trait, but also a consequence of a certain living style.

People in South Africa are very poor and the economy isn’t developed enough, which all combined leads them being resourceful.

If you have a South African boyfriend you will see what all how he will make you feel great and loved are, without showering you with crazy expensive gifts.

Many of my friends enjoy romantic home dates, outdoor dates and activities, long walks by the beach (if you leave near water), picnics and of course inevitable “braais” which are the same as our barbecues.

One of the tips for dating a South African man is to be humble and not expect too much when it comes to your man’s financial potential, however, you will still feel like a princess.

South African men can be very resourceful

7. Maturity

Since you are wondering what are South African guys like I would say they are mature, however, there are two sides to this story.

On one side, they are loving and quite devoted partners, treat you like a princess, love to take care of you and are ready to try hard.

 On the other side, there is a difference in how men and women are perceived and the root of this lies I history since South Africa has always been quite patriarchal and men are seen as the dominant and “better” ones. 

This ingrained belief is what still creates gender inequality, so this is something I had to get used to. This kind of inequality is very hard for women to swallow, especially if they are coming from very liberal countries, where inequality is not present.

Therefore, before getting serious with someone, please talk about his beliefs and views, as they are the root of a high-quality relationship, and the lack of some liberal ones will potentially destroy the relationship.

South African men Maturity factor

8. Self-confidence

Single South African men are quite self-confident and ready to show their interest and invite you on a date. As I already said, they will take you out on a nice dinner and enjoy your time together.

They will be quite open, talk about their interests and my advice is for you to be friendly as well (unless you aren’t feeling comfortable or for any reason) since being too shy or not talkative can be interpreted as being rude.

When they take you out they will also insist to take care of the bill, which pretty much a norm here on the first date or they may be accepted to split it.

When it comes to South African men in bed, I must say that I don’t have the best news for you.

South African men actually have way less sex than men in other countries and this was the result of a survey conducted by Pharma Dynamics company.

More than 22% of men here have sex less than three times a month and around 16% are in a relationship without sex.

Some of the reasons why this issue exists are the fact that men are overwhelmed by everyday problems, such as increasing work pressure, undeveloped economy and even poverty.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your boyfriend won’t be ready for it but also don’t get surprised if you realize that the issue is present in him as well.

South African men self confidence rating

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

As I have already mentioned South Africans are extremely friendly and welcoming people who will love to offer accommodation in their homes, invite you for a meal, tell you about the country or places that you need to see and this truly is amazing.

This is why international dating in South Africa also seems quite appealing and many people wish to experience it.

Thus, ladies, get ready to be surrounded by dozens of handsome South African guys who will make you laugh and enjoy amazing experiences in this country!

South African men can be very friendly

South African men are great and the country is beautiful; no wonder they love the outdoors and can go all weekend having fun with their lady visitors from abroad.

Black, bold, beautiful, and intelligent – these guys are top on the food chain in Africa as far as dating is concerned.

You should visit South Africa, see Table Mountain and the friendliness of their men; you will feel at home surely.

There is more. Read about the pros and cons of dating South African men.


Pros and Cons of Dating a South African man


1. They are very protective

I hope you never had an encounter where you wished your partner was stronger or more protective. If you did, unfortunately, then you know how important this trait can be, and I am happy to say that many South Americans have it.

Many of them grew up playing in the street with friends, playing sports and working out, so they are very brave and ready to defend you.

2. They are very friendly and welcoming

Men here are perfect for international dating do to their friendliness and openness among other things.

You will feel relaxed, loved, you will laugh, meet his family quite soon, his friends as well and feel like home, which is almost an impossible feeling outside of your real home.

When I first came here I knew a few locals and thanks to them I met so many people and created so many wonderful friendships. That is how I even found two boyfriends, simply by networking.


1. They are quite patriarchal

This is a big deal and always will be for me and many other women I am sure.

As someone who can’t stand gender inequality, I was shocked to see it in “all its glory” over here in many life spheres, and it was quite obvious in older men who were sure that they are smarter and simply better than women. Just like that.

And I know this isn’t their fault, this is everything they saw throughout their lives, that is the culture, but thankfully it is changing and younger generations are much smarter and wiser when it comes to it.

2. They aren’t that into being intimate

In my case, the survey that I mentioned was unfortunately true. My boyfriends weren’t that into sex, and they weren’t even very stressed out by life, it was just how they were.

Now, I am not crazy about it either, so we worked out perfectly in this field, however, I can see many women compromising and struggling with this situation.

On the bright side, there are many other things couples can do to be intimate and enjoy their time together, such as enjoying a home date, watching movies, cuddling and other sorts of activities.

Where to Meet South African Men

If you wish to give international dating a chance and are wondering how to meet South African men one of the best ways in my opinion, especially if you live in a big city is to try online dating service Afro Introductions.

This is the most popular app and has a user base of around 2.5 million people. 65% of the users are males, so this is perfect for all of you who are looking for a boyfriend 😉

Most of the users are between 25 and 45 years old.

It is free for all users and the free version offers certain features, such as creating your profile and searching for people, but if you wish to talk to someone and have a video chat, for example, you need to pay for an upgrade.

If you wish to find sexy South African guys this is the perfect place and the question ‘where to meet South African men’ won’t be a riddle anymore.

Another answer to ‘how to meet a South African man’ is to do it through your friends and acquaintances, since it is the most reliable way.

Firstly, the place where you guys meet is everything and based on it they will perceive you like a good, high-potential girl, or a cheap girl.

So for instance, in you meet in a club they might think of you as of an option for some one-night stand or casual dating, but if they meet you through friends, then a totally different picture will be created.

I wasn’t much surprised about this way of thinking as I encountered it in many countries before.

How to Make a South African Man Fall in Love with You

1. Go on an adventure together

South African is a gorgeous country and it is perfect for adventures – you could go surfing, camping, hiking, road tripping, mountain climbing, boating, and even skiing.

 I am a true adrenaline junky and I couldn’t get enough of all these options and city escapes.

Thus, if you are the same way, you can rest assured that your partner will adore you for it and you guys will have an amazing time together outside of every-day routine.

2. Be open Minded and Friendly

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is that you stay open-minded and open for new people, experiences, traditions and that you embrace them without being judgmental.

Also, be friendly, smile, enjoy life here and the whole diversity. Your partner will love this, compared to you being dead serious and shy, and he will find you aloof and maybe even impolite.

For sure, he won’t like it and you won’t fit it as much.

3. Be elegant and don’t exaggerate with your outfits

You will soon see that people here are laid back, men wear shirts, pants, and sandals, women summer dresses most of the time and they don’t wear much makeup.

This is because they prefer natural looks and also because of the weather.

So please, just leave the worries that concern your look at the home and just enjoy nature and being natural, you will love it and your partner will as well!

Sexiest South African men from South Africa

Top 3 Hottest South African Men

1. Chad le Clos

Chad is a sexy South African swimmer, widely known for his triumphs on not only World, but Olympic and many more games. He swings like a shark, and has the looks of an angel!

Whether it is 50 or 100 meters butterfly, it makes no difference- he got it all!

And, he is only 28 years old! Muscles, curly blondish hair, and a smile that you remember well once you see it is just a shell of what this guy has to offer to South African women! 🙂

2. Chad Saaiman

As you can see Chad is a pretty popular name. This Chad is one of the most popular singers in South Africa and he has been performing for over a decade. He has been in a stable relationship for a few years now and he said he might tie the knot soon.

3. The K2-Twins

Alex and Charlie Kotze are twins who probably fell from heaven, that is how gorgeous they are. They are 28 years old and are one of the most popular twins in the world. And hey, they are both single 😉

Maybe you get to meet one of them and see what are like South African guys in bed first hand.

Final Word

Well, dear readers, I hope that you found this article of mine helpful and full of new details so you can feel prepared for your hot pursuit. I also hope I answered some of the most important questions such as what is South African dating culture like, how to meet a South African guy, where to meet South African guys and what are South African men like in relationships in general.

Find also an amazing online dating guide for men that is making waves on every online dating platform.


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