Dating Sites for Dog Owners 2024 – Meet Major Dog Lovers

Your furry friend could help you find a new partner – your other half should like both you and your dog.

So, if you are looking for someone that loves dogs just as much as you do (and maybe even owns one), visit one of the dating sites for dog owners.

These dating platforms are dedicated to dog owners that are looking for love and we are going to judge them according to:

The pros and cons
Registration process
What premium features they offer
And much more
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1. Dig


  • Signing up – 4.5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 4/5


  • The biggest dog dating app
  • Offers different sign-up options
  • You can send messages for free
  • Profiles can be edited whenever


  • Semi-detailed profiles
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 25

Demographic Makeup

Dig is probably the most popular website for dog lovers to find someone for a serious relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony), or rarely, someone to hook up with (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

It was designed for singles, that are fond of dogs, and many users already own at least one dog.

Since it targets a specific audience, there aren’t many users on the website. It is available worldwide, but still, it is major only in the USA, where 20 thousand users come from.

There is almost an equal number of females and males – men are in the lead, but only by 5%.

Furthermore, the website is popular among the younger audience. Almost half of the users are between 25 and 34 years old.

In all age groups, men are outnumbering women.

When it comes to interests, members are mostly looking for new friendships and deeper connections. If you are looking for a hookup, you should search for another website.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

Dig allows you to sign-up in three different ways.

You can use Facebook, Google account, or sign-up manually.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Either way, the process is super short and simple.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 26

Once the basic info is provided, and the profile picture is uploaded, you can start browsing.

Dig is quite easy to use – the design might seem childish at first, but you will get used to it.

Browsing is free and similar in desktop and mobile versions.

Most members do not display too much information, so you can’t learn a lot about someone without chatting, but they do upload a lot of pictures (mostly with their pets).

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 27

For each shown profile, you have 4 options: pass, dig and really dig, where digs are used for showing interest, but for the first option, the user doesn’t receive a notification.

If both users choose the dig option, they can start chatting.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 28

Here are other Dig’s features:

1. Treats

Treats can be collected in several ways. The easiest way to gain them is by sharing your profile on social media. They can also be bought.

You can use the treat to unlock some special features – for example, if you click on a dig on someone’s profile, and use a treat, the person will be notified about this activity.

2. Refer a Friend

If you stumble upon someone, and they do not meet your criteria but would be a perfect match for one of your friends, then use this feature to share their profile with your friend.

3. Daily Deals

Dig is looking after your pet as well – every day, a new pet toy or accessory is featured on the website, so you can surprise your dog.


Digs is one of the cheapest dating sites for dog lovers – they do not offer a premium membership, and you can only buy treats, and use them to access some key features.

Treats are sold in bundles:

  • 3 credits – $1.99
  • 15 credits – $5.99
  • 30 credits – $9.99


1. I would like to meet dog lovers, but do not own a dog – can I join dig?

Yes, this pet dating app welcomes both dog and non-dog owners.

2. Is the messaging feature free?

Yes, every member can send an unlimited number of messages once they match with someone.

Overall Rating

Dig is one of the best dating apps for dog people. It is easy to use, free, and it is easy to meet someone with similar interests. I gave it a 4/5 rating.

2. Twindog


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 4.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.875/5


  • Using the app won’t cost you a dime
  • Modern, and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Available worldwide
  • Compatible with all devices


  • There aren’t many features
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 29

Demographic Makeup

Twindog is quite similar to Dig, just not as popular.

This also a dating platform dedicated to dog lovers – whether you own a dog or not, you can join the app.

You will easily find like-minded people since you already have one thing in common with all users – you are all dog people.

The member base is not so big, and you will have the highest chances of success if you are from the USA. People outside America can join as well, but they will probably end up in a long-distance relationship.

Speaking of gender distribution, men and women are equally active. Also, all sexual orientations are welcome.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

Twindog has a lot of similarities with Tinder. The sign-up process, interface, and features resemble this popular dating app.

If you want to start dating a dog owner, you will have to create a Twindog account. I recommend signing up via Facebook since it is faster.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 30

You can also sign-up manually, using an email address. When you fill the forms, you will have to upload a profile picture. The website recommends adding the one that features your furry friend.

Also, besides your info, you will have to share a few details about your dog.

When all of these steps are complete, you can start exploring.

Thanks to a simple, and modern interface, Twindog is easy to navigate and all icons are quite intuitive.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 31

Furthermore, since the website targets dog lovers, starting a conversation is never a problem. Most topics revolve around the dogs, so prepare a fun story about yours.

Twindog doesn’t have any unique features – here are some of the things you can do on the website:

1. Browse

The website uses only basic search filters, such as age, and gender.

If you want to meet people from your country or city, just turn on GPS, and use geo-location.

2. Matching

As said, Twindog is quite similar to Tinder.

So, when you are browsing, you can flirt with other members. When you match with another user, you can start texting.


So, how much will this dating app cost you?

Not a single dime!

Twindog is a free dog lovers dating site – making a profile, uploading photos, browsing, flirting, and chatting can be done without any charge.


1. Is Twindog available on Apple or Play Store?

Yes, Twindog can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones.

2. Are there any restrictions when joining?

No, you can join even if you are minor, and your parents give you a green light.

Overall Rating

Twindog has an overall score of 3.875/5. If you are looking for a dating app that won’t cost you a dime, and it is dedicated to dog lovers, then Twindog is a great choice.

3. Tinder


  • Signing up – 4.5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.875/5


  • Over 50 million users from 190 countries
  • You can text other members without any charge
  • Great interface, and features that make online dating more exciting
  • You can link other social media accounts with Tinder


  • Profiles are of low quality, and there are many scammers
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 32

Demographic Makeup

Tinder is a dating app for everybody, and today it counts millions of users, out of which 28 million are US citizens.

Since it is one of the largest, worldwide dating apps, you can meet singles no matter where you are.

So, what are Tinder singles looking for?

Well, the majority of users are young adults – in their early and late twenties, so it has the status of a hookup app.

If you hit it off with someone, you can create a meaningful connection, but a hookup is more likely to happen.

Because 63% of users are guys, they have to work harder to get female attention and find a date.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

If you want to start Tinder dating, you will have to create an account either using your mobile number or via Facebook.

The process is super quick either way and in no time you will start matching.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 33

Tinder has a simple interface, and everything is straightforward. There aren’t many search filters, and you can only browse through profiles in your neighborhood.

When a profile pops up, you can only see basic info – profile picture, name, age, location, and brief description they wrote (that often isn’t so informative, and it is just there to grab attention).

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 34

You have two options – swipe left or right. If you swipe right, the match is made, and you can start chatting.

Let’s see other Tinder features:

1. Super Like

When you click on the Super Like button, the member receives a notification – this means that you are particularly interested in them.

2. Boost

Your profile loses visibility over time. When you join, it is displayed on top of the queue, and you slowly start falling. To increase the visibility, use the boost.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 35


However, with the premium membership, you can keep your profile on top of the queue, maintain its visibility, and browse through profiles outside your country.

Here are the prices for Tinder memberships:

Gold under 28

  • 1 month – $14.99
  • 6-month – $52.99
  • 12-month – $82.99

Gold over 28

  • 1 month – $29.99
  • 6-month – $112.99
  • 12-month – $149.99

Plus under 28

  • 1 month – $9.99
  • 6-month – $34.99
  • 12-month – $54.99

Plus over 28

  • 1 month – $19.99
  • 6-month – $60.00
  • 12-month – $80.00


1. How to use Tinder to meet other dog people?

You can post a picture with your pet, and mention some of the favorite activities with your dog in the bio. This will attract other dog owners, and you will match with them more than with others.

2. How can I link other social media accounts with Tinder?

All you have to do is click on the Edit profile, and find the icon of the app you want to connect with your Tinder profile.

Overall Rating

Tinder got an overall rating of 3.875/5. This is a great place for anyone who wants to have some fun, no strings attached. You can link Spotify, and Instagram accounts, text without any charge, but be aware of scammers.



  • Signing up – 4.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3.5/5
  • Profile Quality – 4.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 4.125/5


  • The mobile and website versions are user-friendly
  • You can see the member’s activity
  • Profiles are informative, with multiple photos
  • The website sends suggestions, based on the match rate


  • Only subscribers can send texts
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 36

Demographic Makeup

The website with the most versatile audience is

It has around 20 million users that come from the USA, the biggest European cities, Canada, and Australia.

Among all the mentioned countries, the USA is the most popular, and about 4 million users are Americans.

Furthermore, as far as age distribution goes, people of all ages are present. This is the website for both young adults and seniors.

Also, women and men are equally active – 55% of users are guys, so the difference isn’t big.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version” has a super simple design. The app is just as good as the website version, so use the one that you are most comfortable with.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 37

To become a member, you have to fill a simple form. There are many personal questions, but the process is still quite short, and you can even get help from the profile builder to additionally speed-up the process.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 38

Be honest when answering questions, because matches are based on your answers.

When it comes to profile quality, it is quite high. Even free members have access to any information, so they can decide whether the person is the right match for them or not. Also, the details are well-organized, so you do not feel overwhelmed by information.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 39

Here are some of the contacting features on

1. Match Phone

If you want to talk to someone over the phone, but do not want to share your number, then use Match Phone, which protects your privacy.

2. Video Date

After four exchanged messages, you can hop on Video Date or video call. Just click on the camera icon to start the call.

Cost offers two membership plans, and Boosts are bought separately.

Premium membership

  • 3-month – $44.97
  • 6-month – $68.94
  • 12-month – $107.88

Standard membership

  • 3-month – $38.97
  • 6-month – $59.94
  • 12-month – $95.88


  • 1 credit – $0.99
  • 5 credits – $4.00
  • 10 credits – $6.00


1. Can I report abuse?

Yes, if someone is acting inappropriately, go to their profile, and click on the Report button.

2. What are matches based on?

Variety of things. The website uses given information upon sign-up, such as body, age, or sometimes even your activity, calculates the match percentage, and sends suggestions.

Overall Rating

If you want more than just a hookup, definitely check out You can create a detailed profile, browse, and match without any charge. Also, you will receive suggestions, which makes the search for love easier.

5. Meet My Dog


  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.625/5


  • With the Check-in feature, you can easily arrange a date
  • It is free to download and use
  • Familiar, and user-friendly interface


  • Your browsing will be interrupted by ads
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 40

Demographic Makeup

Meet my dog is a new dating app, for both you and your pet.

Since it has been around for only a few years, and it is available only in some countries, it counts only a few thousand members.

However, present members are quite active, and ready to meet offline as well.

The uses of Meet My Dog are typically looking for friendship or a new partner that will like both them and their dog.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

When it comes to usability, Meet My Dog is compatible with all devices.

You can find the app on the Play Store or App Store, and get it without any charges.

The design of the app is quite user-friendly – there aren’t many features, and it is straightforward, so you can find what you need easily.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 41

To become one of the members all you have to do is complete a form. Only basic info is required, and most profiles are semi-detailed.

Besides sharing information about yourself, write a few lines about your dog as well – which breed it is, how old is your pet, and maybe some of its favorite activities.

One profile is for you and your dog, so when you upload a profile picture, choose the one with both of you on it.

As said, Meet My Dog doesn’t have many features, and here are the ones you can try:


When you are visiting the park with your dog, share your location.

All of your friends on Meet My Dog will see it, and some of them might show up for a play date.

Your dog will have fun playing with other of his kind, while you will get to know the owner.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 42

2. Activity

Meet My Dog allows you to share funny stories about your pet.

You can also share cute photos, and others will like them, or comment.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 43


So, how much will sharing, checking in, and chatting cost you?

Not a single dime!

Meet My Dog is free – you can install it without any charges, and enjoy all of the features without a subscription.

Though you will have to watch a few ads every day to keep browsing.


1. Is Meet My Dog safe?

Yes, this is safe animal lovers dating app – you can create a private profile, so only your friends can see your location and posts.

2. How to contact Meet My Dog?

You can send the email to their support team – [email protected].

Overall Rating

I gave this dog dating app 3.625/5. This is a great app for dog owners and their pets, and you won’t spend a penny on it. However, ads are boring and annoying.

6. Fetchadate


  • Signing up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 4/5
  • Profile Quality – 3/5
  • Overall Rating – 3.375/5


  • The modern theme, and user-friendly design
  • Your pet is your wingman
  • Send messages for free


  • Bad profile quality
Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 44

Demographic Makeup

Last but not least is Fetchadate – another website that targets dog lovers.

This also one of the newest apps, so the number of members is rising every day.

It is available around the world, but Americans have the best shots since it is more popular in the USA than in any other country in the world.

Also, because it is an app, it attracts younger people more than seniors.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 45

As far as gender distribution goes, both genders are active the same.

Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

On this app, your dog is your wingman (or wingpet). So upon signing up, upload a photo of your dog as the profile picture.

Select their bread, and then, allow them to introduce you: name, age, and interests. 

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 46

If you do not own a pet, you can still join, and use one of the avatars as a wingpet.

When it comes to the design of the app, it is quite similar to Tinder, so you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how it works.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 47

Icons are intuitive, and only basic search filters are available.

Let’s introduce the features of Fetchadate:

1. Swipes

Just like Tinder, matches on Fetchadate are created through swipes.

Dating Sites for Dog Owners [year] - Meet Major Dog Lovers 48

So, you can either swipe left or right and if both users swipe right, they can start texting.

2. Super Like

This is the same as Super Like on Tinder.

When you choose this feature, the user receives a notification that you’ve liked their profile.

Keep in mind that this feature has to be unlocked with a membership.


Fetchadate offers free sign-up, browsing, and chatting.

Still, there are some in-app purchases (such as previously mentioned Super Like), and prices range between $3 and $19.


1. Can I get a refund?

No, Fetchadate doesn’t offer any refunds. You can only turn off auto-renew, and cancel the membership if you aren’t happy with the extra features.

2. Do I have to share my location?

Yes, since you are browsing through profiles in your area, you have to share your location.

Overall Rating

I gave this app a score of 3.375/5. The interface is great, and finding what you need is super easy. However, the design and features are quite unimaginative and already seen.

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