Do Guys Like Shy Girls? – Let’s see 13 reasons why YES!

Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

This will forever be a debatable question since no one will ever have one clear answer. 

There are millions of different people and thus millions of different personalities who are attracted by various traits that make us unique.

Being shy is just another trait like any other, however, since it might be very obvious, especially if someone is very shy, it can certainly have a great impact on how people perceive the person.

However, in this article, we will do our best to cover all of the benefits that shyness might bring to a girl, but also some of the problems it might cause when it comes to dating.

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Why being shy really rocks

Why being shy really rocks

“Hard to Get”

Shy girls can sometimes be like a puzzle box and leave the guys wondering if they are doing the right thing.

 If you are finding yourself in this group, don’t worry, this will actually make him want to try hard to impress you. 

Since he won’t know if you love what he’s doing or not, everything will seem like a challenge and there are nothing guys like more than working hard to get you.


Let’s face it, shy and sweet girls can often send a bit different messages, often involuntarily and that is that they are arrogant, especially if they are very pretty.

You might seem super confident and a bit scary, but don’t think of this as of a bad thing!

This will actually scary many guys, but the most persistent ones will stay and do their best to meet the real you!


Many shy girls are a true mystery. Why is this?

Well, because they are shy they often find it hard to show their emotions and guys may find it hard to understand how they are feeling and what they are thinking, which makes them try hard to please you.

Now, what is the best is the fact that men love a good mystery that intrigues and allures them, making them chase after you and figure you out.

After all, we all know how we cherish things we worked hard for compared to the ones that were “handed out on a plate”.



For years it’s been known, especially in the past that men love very feminine girls who are a symbol of fragility, sweetness, and modesty.

If we think about evolution, we know that girls usually look for strong men who will keep them safe and men on the contrary – the girls who need to be kept safe.

Nowadays, there are more and more independent, strong women, but being feminine will never get old and will always seem sweet.

“The Nice Girl”

Being shy most often equals being nice and there is nothing wrong with it especially if that is who you are.

Many guys would love to have a cute, nice girl because that will bring the best out of them and they will appreciate it.

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Moreover, they will trust you and will feel safe meaning that they won’t think you will cheat on them.

Many guys also like to take the lead on dates and find it fun to try harder to discover new information about you.

“Rare Breed”

Nowadays when hundreds of thousands of women dream of being independent, strong and able to provide for themselves, there isn’t much space left for shyness.

Women, today fight to have equal rights as men and to walk “shoulder to shoulder”.

This is why “chivalrous” men are disappearing because women can take care of themselves and live alone, and “shy women” are becoming furthermore rare because they believe they won’t be taken seriously if they are too shy.

However, because they are hard to find, shy women’s “value” is growing and many men look for them.

“Quite Romantic”

Quite Romantic

It often happens that shy girls are very romantic.

The common reason for this is the fact that they haven’t had much experience in love and romance, which many men might find thrilling.

That means they might be the girl’s first love and the memory they will cherish forever.

This is what makes shy girls irresistible and what makes men want to give them the whole world. This way they can be her “knight in shining armor”.


As we have already said many shy girls have several virtues in common – they are feminine, cute, often quiet, elegant and hard to find.

Men very often look for these traits, since that makes them look even stronger and braver.

They might find aggressive girls better for friendships since they might intimidate them.

If a girl is too loud, too brave and acts like a tomboy in general, a guy might see her as one of his mates instead of as a potential partner.


Shy girls are usually more introvert and many guts might love that?

Someone might ask why? Well, just like with being aggressive, outgoing girls might scare the guys away.

They are usually very active, play sports, have many friends and frequently guy friends, and all of that might make their partners feel insecure.

Some of these characteristics are the reason why a guy may never like you back, and he can’t do anything about it since it is in his nature.

“Quite Quiet”

Quite Quiet

Many girls laugh at this, but one thing is commonly true among men and that is that they don’t like too much talking.

However, many women can do it non-stop. Women tend to argue more, ask for explanations, critique about various things, etc and men do often find this very tiring.

This is why shy girls who usually don’t talk much get a big plus with men.

This means they really listen and find it quite appealing.

“Awkward in Love”

Besides being romantic which might be directly linked too little experience in love, another characteristic may be present and that is a bit of awkwardness in love, for the same reason.

Many men might find this very attractive and fascinating which gives them the opportunity to do what they love the best, and that is being your teacher without having had the competition, leading the relationship and just establishing themselves as the best.


Guys who find vulnerability and shyness the most striking attribute in a girl will find shy girls to be gorgeous – their delicate movements, grace and elegance, timid smile, lowered eyes and so on can all together create a beautiful package.


Shy girls are frequently described as very modest and this is part of their nature. Being as timid as they are, fragile and not attention-seeking, they are regularly very modest.

They don’t do anything to seek attention, such as dressing up provocatively, talking and laughing very loud, wearing strong make-up, posting provocative photos online, etc.

They do many things quite contrary and guys might particularly like that.

Shyness = Your Best Strength

Shyness = Your Best Strength

It is very important to know all of these things above and turn any insecurities you have into your best strengths!

Even if you have met guys you liked and didn’t have the outcome you wished for, don’t worry, that happens to anyone, even the prettiest and most self-confident girls out there.

When it comes to guys, just like we said, there are thousands of different personalities and there isn’t one universal formula that can allow us to be liked by anyone.

So, just because you aren’t as outgoing as other girls it doesn’t mean you won’t find true love and the partner who will love all about you, your timid smile, femininity, fragility and other beautiful traits.

Moreover, those will exactly be what he adores about you and you shouldn’t change yourself to fit in.

This is why our answer to the question “Do guys like shy girls” is “YES!”

However, as much as it is important to know the benefits of being shy, it is also as important to know the potential cons that shyness might create.

When Shyness Is Not Attractive

When Shyness Is Not Attractive

Being Helpless and Needy  

There is a very fine line between being very fragile, feminine and timid and being helpless and needy.

Because it is that fine, many shy girls don’t know how to hold balance and start being annoying.

Now let us clarify: It is okay if you are shy in the beginning, can’t speak your mind easily, you ask for help for various things, however, if you are too insecure and get very attached, then you might start doing things you shouldn’t.

Some of them are: being too clingy, jealous of part of his life that doesn’t include you, his time with friends, you might want his attention all the time, etc.

These things aren’t that acceptable and might make your partner feel that you are suffocating him.

Not speaking your mind

This one is quite important. If you are mysterious in the beginning, it will be fun for him for sure, organizing dates for the two of you, trying hard to win you over, guessing what you are thinking and feeling.

However, if you continue keeping everything to yourself, he might start getting annoyed and tired of trying to read your mind.

“Shy” doesn’t equal “boring”

"Shy” doesn’t equal “boring”

It is perfectly okay to be shy, a bit introvert and you shouldn’t make yourself change for others and talk non-stop if that is not who you are.

However, you could take the small initiative sometimes and show him what you like – choose the movie you guys will watch, pick the place for the next date, decide where you could travel, write a letter in case you just aren’t able to talk that openly about your emotions.

All of this will show him that you are actively taking part in your relationship. 

Seeming snobby

As much as it’s cute, being shy can send wrong messages sometimes, such as seeming snobby for example.

So let’s say that you have a date tomorrow and you are very excited and happy about it, but then don’t really show emotions in front of the guy you like, that might make him think you are not taking him seriously and are just playing games.

Thus, it is a good idea to tell him via message how happy you are because you’ll see him soon. This way it will be a win-win situation.

“Lack of personality”

 Just because you are shy and don’t wish to be in the center of attention or assert yourself with guys, doesn’t mean you should be quiet the whole time or shrug your shoulders when being asked something important.

You should do your best to overcome that part of being shy, at least with quite important topics and be able to state your thoughts and views.

Even if guys like to take the lead with dates and be dominant, they also wish to hear your opinion after all and see what you can stick up for yourself.

Wear Your Shyness With Pride

Wear Your Shyness With Pride

Now that we have stated how shyness can be both a virtue and a vice, you must analyze in which descriptions you find yourself and if you are making any “mistakes”.

If you are that shy that you can barely talk in front of people, we encourage you to take steps to lessen it a little bit, because this will help you not only with relationships but with life in general.

Now, you shouldn’t change yourself and pretend to be someone you are not, but believe us, working on shyness means improving it and shaping it so it doesn’t present a barrier.

You should keep being fragile, sweet, modest, introvert if those things make you feel good, and shouldn’t change for anyone.

There are guys who will cherish you for who you are and will work hard to get to really know you, understand your thoughts, feelings and every little bit of your being.

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