Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl – The Complete List and Flirt Guide

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Approaching the lady who caught your attention is not an easy task, whether you want to make that big step online or in real life.

There are always those slightly uncomfortable situations when the conversation or chatting gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. And is there a better way to save the day than with some questions?

For that reason, we came up with a useful guide on the best flirty questions to ask a girl and maintain some positive energy and vibrations between you two.

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Flirty or Dirty?

First of all, we want to make a huge difference between these two types of questions.

Though some would refer to them as the same, they are not. If either timing or wording is wrong, it can spoil the moment, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

When you are flirting with someone, the idea is to make the magic last long, to keep the temperature hot, but stay away from burning and ruining what you have achieved.

When you choose dirty, it indicates that you want to seduce the other side or vice versa, so the words you exchange will be more open and intense.

Dirty talk is okay as well, but have in mind that it can be pleasant only if both sides agree that they want to communicate that way.

Many factors dictate the tone and the atmosphere where two sides decide which style, so to say, of these two will be used.

Of course, it won’t be something like: “Hey, are you for some dirty talk?”, but more spontaneous than that. It’s natural, something that your intuition tells you to do.

Wanna Know HOW to Impress Her?

Wanna know how to impress her?

If you were to describe what the main point of flirting is, what would you say?

There are many different definitions, but what we find to be the most suitable one is- to impress her.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? All you need to do is keep the conversation engaging and make her show interest for you, that’s all.

Well, basically yes, but when you find yourself in such a situation, there’s that strange feeling that the words are simply disappearing and vanishing from your mind and mouth, the room is getting smaller, and you feel terrified. Sounds familiar, huh?

Fear not, because none of us was born with some super knowledge and set of skills which make us love or flirt experts. That’s something you learn.

And that’s exactly what we are going to assist you with.

So, the first thing to do if you want to impress and conquer a girl is to have self-confidence.

Believe it or not, that’s already half the job done as it gives you some secret boost, some sort of special energy that has the power to keep her interested.

Then you need to have some idea, plan, strategy, call it whatever you like, of what are you trying to achieve with that conversation.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
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Of course, we are not talking some mathematic formulas and thorough calculations, but whether you are interested in making some next step after flirting (asking her out) or just keep things in that “flirty” stage for some longer time.

And, the last, but not the least important- so-called, cheesy pick-up lines.

Those are more or less some common phrases, but what makes them special is who pronounces them, when, and above all how.

It may be the biggest cliché, but if you pronounce it with style and passion, it will make her fall in love instantly. Jokes aside, but it will, for sure, make her wanna hear more of those from you.

And this leads us to the VERY thing you have been waiting- the questions.

Top List of Questions (Plus Meanings and Expectations)

Top Questions

We have created some convenient lists to give you some hints and ideas about what works in general.

Do know that improvisation is more than welcome (and expected). This can serve as a sort of a reminder in case you need some creative push.

Here they come!

“Tell me, what was the thing that attracted you to me at first?“

Though on the surface it may seem common and general, it’s the directness which counts as flirting here.

When you ask a question like this, you expect the other side to give you an honest answer, which in this case will be “Your eyes/voice/smile…”, and that’s more than a solid foundation for triggering flirting.

Moreover, what she answers will give you a hint of what is the thing she usually pays attention to first and may help you determine the further course of your conversation.

“What is the biggest turn-on in a guy?”

Speaking of being direct, this one could count as the next stage. And being so, it unlocks the next level of your communication with the girl.

First of all, her reaction will help you make out whether she feels comfortable or you may be crossing the boundaries with this one.

Her answer will tell you whether it’s okay to remain in that zone or if you see that she’s blushing, change the topic.

What’s even more, the very same answer will show if she has realistic criteria, or she may be looking and expecting something impossible.

Pay attention to one detail, in the previous question we used “me”, while in the second we used “guy”.

That’s the precise wording we mentioned because that’s what makes the huge difference between polite and pleasant conversation, and rude, raw and unpleasant on the other.

If you see and feel that she’s more than willing to share her honest likes and dislikes, be sure that you are heading just where you initially planned to- flirty direction.

“What do you see as the biggest turn-offs?”

What do you see as the biggest turn-offs

Similar to all the previous ones, it’s the directness that makes this one sound flirty. Like we already pointed out, being honest is what leads things towards success.

So, if she is ready to share her likes with you, the same should apply to things she finds less attractive in men.

Knowing what she wants and what she doesn’t want in a relationship, being familiar with what she would and wouldn’t tolerate would also be a great indicator where your conversation should go.

The direct questions are the quickest and the simplest way to find out whether you two are compatible with each other and should you continue the conversation, after all.

Pay attention to her expression, tone, the ways she speaks about those things, as they may reveal if she has had some not so pleasant experience where her feelings were hurt.

“If you need to name one person, dead or alive, to be with you on a desert island, who would that be?”

Be prepared to hear “You!” as well!

While this may sound like one childish questions from colorful diaries, it’s a deep one.

Her answer to this one can tell you a lot about her, as the person she chooses will reveal her fields of interest, and will give you a hint of what inspires her.

On the other hand, if YOU happen to be her choice, it’s quite self-explanatory what this means-invitation or confirmation to keep on flirting.

“Should guys always make the first move, or girls can do so as well?”

This one tells a lot about you, for the beginning. By asking her so, you create some atmosphere of equality between you two.

If she says “guys”, it’s what more or less every average girl would give as an answer, either because she is shy or simply because she belongs to the group of those who think that’s up to guys.

On the other hand, if she says “girls”, it’s an open admittance that she is more than willing to take the initiative and lead things in the desired direction-flirty!

“What is the most romantic thing a guy has done to impress you?”

What is the most romantic thing a guy has done to impress you?

This one may be a dangerous territory to enter, but it’s all up to the tone you use.

While on the surface this may sound as if you are inquiring about her exes, the real meaning behind this one has to do with what she sees as romantic.

Her answer is a precious insight into things that she sees as special, something that wakes the most gentle feelings inside her.

Is it a bouquet or reddest roses or a box of delicious chocolate candies, or something more personalized and special? Does she like surprises, after all?

These are just some of the ideas that you might get an answer, and use them as a guide for your future conversation with her.

One thing more-choosing the right moment for this question is of vital importance.

Since this is basically something that has to do with her previous relationships, the last thing you want is reminding her of those guys or inspire you to compare with them.

Once again, it’s all about timing and tone.

“What’s the craziest thing you have ever done to impress a guy?”

This is also walking on thin ice, but again, if you ask her this in an adequate situation, there will be no problems.

Her answer may show how far is she willing to go to prove her love and interest, does she stay within some ordinary limits or goes beyond them?

Don’t expect to hear something promiscuous, but who knows, if she shares something intimate with you, perhaps that could be the signal that she’d like flirty to switch to dirty talk.

“Is there anything about you that might surprise or shock me?”

Is there anything about you that might surprise or shock me

The first reaction to this one may be the mix of multiple feelings and reactions, such as blushing. smiling, laughing, a moment of silence, hesitation and who knows what else.

Come to think of it, there are many ways to answer this and not all of them are necessarily flirty.

Okay, you definitely wouldn’t like to hear something along the lines “I snore sooooo loud.”, but be prepared to hear anything.

This is an excellent ice-breaker as it may serve as a great signal for a girl to open her mind and heart and say something unexpected and even provocative.

“Is there anything that you dreamt of doing, but haven’t done it so far?”

This is also one of the multi-layered questions, which doesn’t necessarily require a naughty answer.

It may be a journey to some exotic land, bungee jumping, having some unusual haircut, but it can also be something naughty, as well.

Whatever she says will be a sign whether she likes where your conversation is heading, would she like to keep things where they are at the moment or perhaps she is interested in spicing things up a bit.

“If you can choose someplace to visit now, where would you go?”

If you can choose someplace to visit now, where would you go?

Don’t be surprised if she replies “Your place.”

When having a flirty talk with a girl, you can expect everything and anything, from the coldest answers, to the hottest invitations.

The most important is that you follow her signals carefully, as she is the one who determines the course of the conversation here.

This question may reveal if she’s adventurous enough to travel to the moon right now or perhaps a peaceful soul who like spending Friday night in front of the TV with a warm tea, watching Netflix.

That’s our favorite list of questions. This is not the necessary order to follow, and you can change them and adjust whatever you like.

There are numerous listings where you will find the best, the hottest, the funniest and so on flirty questions, but we tried to give you only those which stand minimal chances to lead things in the wrong direction.

No-Nos for Flirty Talk

No-Nos for Flirty Talk

Have in mind that some of the answers may be way different from what you have expected to hear.

But, whatever you do, never pretend you are someone else just for the sake of creating some false compatibility with her.

If you try to do so, she may think that real you is not good enough for her, which may lead to her losing the interest to communicate with you.

You don’t want that, do you?

Then, keep the conversation within the limits where both of you enjoy it.

 Sometimes your question may trigger some strange feeling or evoke some sad memory, quite by accident.

In case that happens, just make sure you find the way to exit from that uncomfortable situation and return to the point where both of you felt pleasant while flirting. 

Sometimes she may be too shy to answer some intimate questions you asked her, so avoid pushing things, try to think of something more general.

Do know that the fact that she accepted flirting is not a green light for you to take her right to bed. Flirting is a game of seduction, but doesn’t necessarily have to result in intimacy.

As long as you are aware of that, things won’t be messed up.

What you should never do is asking her to tell you the name of her exes, if she doesn’t mention it herself.

After all, that’s not even necessary when you are trying to get closer to her, so avoid it at all costs.

If you are flirting with a girl on some online dating platform, make sure that you follow the rules determined by the platform.

Follow the rules

Some websites are equipped with various convenient features which can give some extra spice to your flirting, and use them wisely, to get their maximum potential.

When you are flirting with someone on the internet, chances to get misunderstood are much higher, simply because you cannot follow her facial expressions, eyes, behavior.

There are crucial as they are the most obvious and direct signal of how she feels about the whole thing.

But, when doing so in the online universe, it’s much more challenging, as the only thing you get is words and perhaps some emojis.

So, when you feel that things are not heading where you would like them two, it’s not a shame saying directly what happened and gradually return to the moment where things were pleasant.

That’s exactly why out set of questions is a neutral one, as it won’t get you into trouble when trying to raise the temperature a bit and impress the one whose profile has attracted you.

Final Thoughts on Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Final Thoughts on Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

The list we compiled for you is of universal type, as it can be applied both to real life and online dating.

We selected some which more or less represent a safe zone, because questions involving her taste in men, or her wild fantasies, favorite things in bed are more dirty than flirty.

The sole purpose of our guide is to give you a boost when you need it, along with several ideas on what to use while talking with her.

It will make your date interesting and fun!

But, as long as you feel relaxed and free enough to improvise, flirty questions to ask a girl will come naturally from your heart and mind. 

Thanks for your attention!

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