10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on

10 Signs your ex girlfriend  boyfriend is over you and has moved on

You found my website because you are recently broken up with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. I know exactly what you’re going through, as I have gone through this plenty of times.

At this point, you are probably wondering whether or not it is entirely over or if there is hope for your relationship. I will be going over the most prominent telltale signs your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is over you and what exactly you need to do about it.

This can be an incredibly intense and scary time especially if you still love your ex. Let’s find out how to know if your ex is over you.

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Whereas you are still mopping around and waiting for your ex to have a rethink on the relationship, there are signs you should not ignore as they show he/she has moved on with their life, such as blaming you for the breakup,moving their stuffs from your house and finally getting a new partner.

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Ten signs my ex is over me

1: He/she or she is dating somebody else (already)

Ten signs my ex is over me

This is by far and away the most significant telltale sign that your ex is over you and has moved on.

Lots of times when couples break up, there is a waiting period in which neither one of them goes on dates or tries to meet new people. This is typically a time of reflection and a time of self-growth.

On the other hand, if your ex is already getting back into the dating arena, this means they have almost wholly separated feelings for you and moved on. If they still have feelings for you and are thinking about you, they probably will not be in the right state of mind to date.

If your ex is putting themselves out there whether it be talking to or flirting with new people, this is a big sign. They may have also joined some online dating websites such as Zoosk, Tinder or Bumble. If you get news from your friends that they have seen your ex on any one of these, it’s a good sign that he is looking around already.

Those websites are great places to find a soulmate, all you need is to communicate your feelings well, if you are a lady.

2: He/she genuinely doesn’t care if you are dating

How to know if your ex is over you

If you are ex is dating somebody else it is a clear sign that things are over. But what about if you are dating somebody else? How he or she reacts to this can also be a telltale sign of whether or not they have feelings for you or not.

It is very common for people to get jealous when their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends or flirting with or dating somebody else, even if they were the ones to break things off in the first place.

Typically we start dating and flirting with other people to get back at our ex that broke up with us. We try to flaunt this to pull some jealousy out of the other person as a way of telling whether or not they still have feelings for us.

If your ex-knows about your current dating situation with another person, and it’s apparent that they are happy for you and it does not bother them, this is a big sign that they have moved on.

3: They have a presence of calm/happiness

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 9

The third telltale sign that your ex-has moved on is their level of overall calmness in happiness in their life.

When you observe your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, do they genuinely seem happy with their life? If the answer is yes, this is a big sign that they feel like they aren’t missing anything important. This includes the relationship with you.

If he or she were feeling the same way that you do, they would be a heavy weight on their life that would not allow them to feel so carefree.

You can typically pick up on whether or not they are happy with their current situation either by talking to them or by noticing the stuff that they post on social media. If you genuinely love this person and notice that they are happy, it’s best to be happy for them as well.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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4: They are extremely rude/mean or seemingly angry when you talk

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 10

Another way to see if you are ex is still into you or if they have moved on is the way that they treat you when you look at each other or talk.

If you are ex still has feelings for you; they will treat you with respect and be nice to you.

On the other hand, if they are going out of their way to act rudely with you or be mean, it is because they want you to understand that it is over.

One way to notice this is if they are extremely short with you and if it seems they have completely lost their patience with you. They might even seem downright irritated when they talk to you on the phone or see you in person.

These are all big signs that they want you to understand that they have no more feelings for you.

5: They want to get their stuff out of your place

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 11

If you had been living with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend for a while, you probably have a significant amount of things in their home and vice versa.

It is kind of a nail in the coffin when your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend asks for you to return his or her stuff, or if they bring your stuff back to you.

If they were not completely over you, they might keep some trinkets around to remind them of you. If this was the case, there might be hope.

On the other hand, if they have gone out of their way to get their stuff back into giving you yours, they have moved on.

6: You have been unfriended or blocked

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 12

Social media can be the darndest thing when it comes to breakups and relationships. With all of her information public online, it is straightforward to see peoples intentions or see how they feel about you.

When you two were together, you were probably all over each other social media. You two probably had dozens of photos together and probably commented on every single thing each other did.

One Big Way to know whether he or she is over you is to see how they act on social media. The most significant sign is whether they unfollow you or even block you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media that you two might share.

Even if they don’t block you on social media, have they changed their profile in any way?

Have they changed their relationship status on Facebook from in a relationship to single?

Take a look at the photos that you two had uploaded together at some point. If your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend has completely removed all of the photos you two had together from social media, this is a big sign that they have separated from you entirely.

Make sure not to take this personally. This is a very common occurrence when people break up and relationships. If he or she wants to remain, friends, they will unblock you after the dust has settled.

7: He/she told you directly that they do not have the same feelings

This is probably the first sign that you should pay attention to when trying to notice if your ex-has moved on or not. Did they tell you that it was completely over and that they did not have feelings for you anymore?

There is no reason for him or her to lie about this statement, you should take as the truth. There is no reason to lie about something like this. And if they had been lying, that is just something very cruel to do to another human being, and this is not somebody that you should be in a relationship with.

The best thing to do at this point is accepted and let it stay in the past. If this is how he or she truly feels about you, there is nothing you can do at that point.

8: He/she told you a cliché breakup excuse

If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend used a couple of cliché breakup line such as “it’s not you, it’s me.” This is a classic excuse where they are trying to make you feel better about the breakup.

This just means that they do not have feelings for you. It’s the same thing is directly telling you that they don’t have feelings for you except they are too cowardly to say those words to your face.

A lot of people use this phrase because they know that no matter what they say, you will not be happy with the way that they feel. They are trying to let you down gently with this one, but it is still just as powerful as directly telling you that it’s over.

9: They have already started their life without you

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 13

Another way to see that they have moved on is to see what type of life they are living after the breakup. Are they picking up new hobbies? Are they meeting new friends and having new experiences?

Once a person has realized that a relationship is entirely over, they typically try to distract themselves with new experiences. If you see that they are out having adventures and doing new things while you are sitting at home sulking, this is showing you that he/she has moved on.

This is advice that I give the people to my website as well when they are going through a breakup. You need to get out in the world and experience new things. It’s one of the best things you can do to get over a relationship.

10: The flirting has stopped

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 14

The last big sign that a relationship is completely over and that your ex has moved on this to see how flirty your conversations are when you talk with one another.

Is very common that when exes are talking to each other, there is still a sense of attraction and love for one another. On the other hand, when the relationship is completely over, you will not feel the spark anymore.

If you notice that there is zero intimacy between the two of you while talking as there once was when you two were in a relationship, this is a big sign.

I know it must have been very uncomfortable and frustrating to read a lot of these signs that your ex is over you. I understand entirely the place you are in and how you are feeling right now. So at this point, you are probably feeling lost about what you should do. Well, I have the exact answer for what you should do. Read on!

How to get your ex back (Is it possible?)

Although even after seeing all of these signs, it is still possible to get your ex back in the future. Let me emphasize this, in the future. At this point in time, if you are noticing all of these signs, you need to give your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend the space that they need.

This is a time that both of you should take to self-reflect and for self-growth. Instead of sulking about the relationship, you need to let things take their course. If you two are meant to be together, this will happen naturally.

In the meantime, continually bugging your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is the worst thing that you can do. This will guarantee that you two will never get back together because you are not listening to his words or respecting how he feels at the moment. You need to accept how they feel and try to respect their space.

In the meantime, there are some things that you should do for healing after the breakup and moving on with your life. Getting back in the right state of mind is the most important thing you can do for your health. Your ex may even notice how awesome of a life you are living and how happy you are and be attracted to that quality as well.

But it is important not to do all of these things to get your ex back. You should be doing these things for you, and you only. I cannot stress this point enough. If you are bettering yourself just for them, you are not bettering yourself at all. This needs to come from a place of self-love.

Here are some things that you should do to help yourself move on and be happier.

Join an online dating website (even if it’s just for friends)

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 15

I know what you are thinking, you are not ready to get back into the dating game. This is not what I am saying that you need to do.

However, you do need to meet new people, have new experiences and open yourself up to the new possibilities in your single life. You need to embrace it as the best way to move on, grow and be happy.

And who knows, maybe you will meet somebody that you hit it off with. Especially if your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is already seeing somebody else, it might merely feel right just to date around and see what other options are out there.

Some of the dating websites that I recommend are match.com, eHarmony, and Zoosk. These are premium dating websites that are filled with genuine people looking for genuine connections. you should put up tempting pictures on your profile to get back in the exciting game of dating.

The username you choose helps you communicate who you are to a potential soulmate. You just left someone anyway, just back back on another horse and ride on into the world of endless possibilities.

Create a profile that will give send romantic chills down the spine of potential soulmate. let him shiver by looking at those striking features of yours. Communicate your feelings better this time, if that was what was lost in your other relationship.

You can also try out a long distance relationship. Look for someone far away on the dating website and feel that excitement again to be longed for or you long for someone. It can help you heal quickly.

I recommend these over other sites that have fake profiles or spamming members such as Tinder, Okcupid or plenty of fish. Overall there are lots of fake profiles and people trying to scheme others on these platforms.

Get some new hobbies of your own

10 Signs your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is over you and has moved on 16

Another thing that you need to do is to experience new things and pick up new hobbies. Just as your ex is going out on new adventures and trying new things, you need to do the same for your well-being.

Join an art class or a group related to the things that you like to do. Go skydiving, surfing or snowboarding with some friends. Getting together with your friends and family for these types of occasions will distract you a lot from your current state of mind and your recent breakup.

Friends and family will offer warm advice as well. Feeling this warmth and love from close ones is one of the best forms of healing available.

Conclusion on the top signs your ex is over you

I hope this article was helpful to you guys. I honestly do understand how you are feeling right now and what you’re going through as I have been there time and time again.

I guess you can say that I am a relationship breakup expert. The first thing that you need to do after recognizing the signs that he or she is over you is to accept the reality and to give one another the space that you two need.

I know that reading these signs was painful for you, but it is essential for you to recognize them. There are plenty of ways to heal and grow after a relationship. You need to take that first step.

To get more out of dating online after a recent breakup, use this extraordinary guide that will bring you up to date about what to do online to get the woman/man of your dreams.

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