How Accurate is Bumble Location (2024) – How Effective is it?

Your favorite dating expert is here again with another useful article about the Bumble dating app that is focused on the location feature and all the Bumble app location settings.

If you are struggling to realize how How Accurate Is Bumble Location, and how to ensure you get the right result with it, then you are in the right place because we will sort all of this out for you.

How Accurate is Bumble Location ([year]) - How Effective is it? 2

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In this article, we will cover:

How accurate are location services in Bumble
Is Bumble distance accurate all the time
How does Bumble location works
How to hide location on Bumble
How to use location tracking

If you want to know more, read on!

How Accurate Is Bumble Location?

Bumble location is one of the most basic features of the app and if you want to get connected with a potential partner for a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder), you will need to have it turned on and make sure the location changes whenever you move.

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Even though you will not be required to share your exact location with the rest of the world, you will have to make sure it is at least close to your actual location, or that you are at least sharing your neighborhood with Bumble.

However, the Bumble location is not that accurate, even when you share the exact house number with the app, and in general, your potential matches will only be able to see your city in this online dating app.

For that reason, I believe it is not that scary to allow Bumble access over your phone’s GPS in the manual settings, because it will definitely make the whole process a lot easier, and the matchmaking process can be a lot faster this way.

When you come across someone that seems to be a great match, make sure to check the distance range, and when sending them the first message, also ask them about their real GPS location, because the chances that everything is wrong are pretty high.

Also, make sure you ask them this question soon enough because if you have already developed a conversation and bond but you find out that the user’s exact location is not the same as the one on the app, you will be disappointed.

How Do You Hide Your Bumble Location?

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Some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their location with the rest of the world, especially not with unknown people on a dating app like Bumble or Tinder so they decide to stay safe and hide it.

If you are using Bumble on the official app on your Android or iPhone device, you will be able to access this feature through your regular settings.

In order to hide your location information, you will have to open your dating accounts and go to the Main Settings.

You will see a special part of the menu called Geolocation, where you will be able to see the “Hide my location” button.

Once you click on it and agree to hide your location information and location update, you just have to save it and update it, and no one on Bumble will become aware neither of your old nor of your new location.

However, this may cause you a lot of trouble with finding the right match and it may start connecting you with people from different locations, so I would recommend you to Bumble set location and at least share your city so the matches can be a bit more precise.

Is Bumble Location Always Showing Your Current Location?

This is also one of the settings you will need to handle in your Settings menu and it depends on how does Bumble tracks your location and how accurate is Bumble distance.

The Bumble location accuracy is not that amazing, but it will usually be able to track down your city and connect you with people from it.

However, if you have moved and changed location, sometimes it may take even months for the app to update the location by itself.

For that reason, your last location may be active for a pretty long period of time, and if you want your new match to see your new updates, you will have to handle everything by yourself.

In order to sort that out, open your Main settings and again look for the Geolocation menu.

Right above the Bumble hide location, you will be able to see the Update your Bumble location option.

This way, you will be able to manually enter your new address and the exact distance and the Bumble location tracking will no longer bother you.

However, if you are someone who travels a lot, you should purchase a Bumble Premium membership and turn on the Travel mode because it will make the app update your location all the time, and it will easily connect you with people from this city.

Your location will update every time you connect to wi-fi and how does location update on Bumble will not be a part of your problem anymore because it will be handled every time you get online without you having to click or activate anything.

In case you travel frequently and you always want to meet people from different cities, this is definitely the best option because it will save you from so many problems.

Can You Fake Your Bumble Location?

Just like on all other dating apps and social media platforms, people are trying to fake their Bumble location, some because of safety reasons, while unfortunately, some do it because they want to include you in some sort of a scam (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

If you have downloaded the official Bumble app from the Android or iOS app store, faking your location can get a bit tough, but it is in no way impossible.

On the other hand, there dozen of different VPN apps online which can help you set the desired location that is miles away from your real one.

The accuracy of Bumble location tracking is something you will really realize if you decide to try out an app like this because it will completely overwhelm the Bumble app and take control of all the geolocation settings?

All you have to do in order to fake your location is download a good VPN app which you can even find at the official play store and make sure to set the geotag that you want.

You also won’t have to worry about when does Bumble updates your location because it will always write in the information that is present on the VPN app.

In case you are doing this to protect yourself, I would definitely recommend you to get one, and people really do this sort of thing all the time, especially when using Snapchat and Netflix.

However, make sure you are connecting with people you can meet in real life because if you connect with someone across the world, you may not get what you want from Bumble and it is better to stick with your real location.


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