How Does The Bumble Algorithm Work in 2024 | Definitive Guide

If you have been looking for the right dating app for yourself, then you have definitely read about what every online dating platform has to offer and how they work.

However, the way dating apps work and the secret of their algorithm is usually something you will not be able to find online and only people who have dedicated their time to this tend to know how to handle it.

How Does The Bumble Algorithm Work in [year] | Definitive Guide 2

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Bumble became one of the most popular dating apps pretty fast, and that most happened because of its amazing algorithm that is still a mystery to the largest number of their users.

If you were wondering how does Bumble work and what are things you need to do in order to start finding potential matches on this platform, then you will definitely find plenty of useful information in our article.

Here, we will tell you all about:

How does the Bumble algorithm work
How to get more matches
What is the Bumble match queue
And much more
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How the Bumble Algorithm Works in Video Form:

How the Bumble Algorithm Works [No More Mystery]

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

How Does The Algorithm Work On Bumble?

Figuring out the secrets of the algorithm is one of the main problems on every single online dating platform and app.

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Once you create your Bumble profile and decide to start to swipe right and left on people that appear on your homepage, you will definitely have plenty of questions in your heard regarding the way these recommendations appear and the way your Bumble profile performs on the platform.

The principle of every single dating app is pretty much the same, so the Bumble algorithm reminiscences the Tinder algorithm pretty well, and there are really not too many differences among these two.

When you join the Bumble dating platform, you will need to enter some of your preferences, likes, and interests because this is the information that will be used throughout the matchmaking process and help the app connect you with like-minded Bumble users.

For that reason, I would recommend you to upload as much information as you can unless you are looking for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

People who are looking for a casual hookup and not interested in serious relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder), usually don’t care too much about what their partner prefers or likes because it is the least important thing in the arrangement or relationship.

Those Bumble users who fill out their dating profile to the last single thing are the ones that will be able to perform the best on the app, so I always suggest everyone to fill out their profile as much as they can.

This also goes for profile photos and selfies because the more of these you have on the profile, the more realistic you will look, and your desirability will increase.

Also, the moment you join the Bumble app will be the time when you will get the largest number of swipes because popular profiles are always the ones that have recently been added to the app and are pretty active.

The app does its best to help everyone have success from the start, so don’t be surprised that you were able to get a large number of matches basically overnight.

Throughout time, this number will get lower, and you will really need to try hard if you want to make your profile look more interesting to other users.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

How the Bumble algorithm works is that it will boost your profile in the beginning, and once it seems like you have reached your peak and you have matched with hundreds of people, the algorithm will basically sabotage you and make your dating profile appear on fewer homepages.

The same will go for people who never update their profile or have a pretty low match rate, and if these accounts don’t do anything to change the situation, they will need to purchase premium features and actually invest a certain amount of money into Bumble.

If your profile was getting a lot of left swipes, or you didn’t respond to any of the people in your Bumble match queue, your profile will slowly but surely be losing in relevance, so make sure you are always active and that you are keeping the Bumble match rate steady.

Most people don’t want to be losing their head over how Bumble algorithm works, so they decide to get some Bumble coins from the start and invest in different premium features.

Options like Bumble Boost or Bumble Spotlight are made in order to help you create attractive profiles and become a favourite of the algorithm.

Just like every dating site and dating app, Bumble has decided to give an advantage in the love matching algorithm to those who actually spend money in the app and invest some dollars in their experience.

If you want to become the star of this dating app and be the person hundreds of Bumble users will be reaching out to, then you will definitely need to invest in some sort of a Bumble premium membership.

Those who have this sort of subscription will have access to an unlimited number of likes, a dozen of creative features for their new profile, and access to their complete beeline and the list of all people they have ever matched, superswipe option, and many other things that will completely transform their experience.

People who really want to meet high-quality partners they will start seeing in real life too usually decide to invest in this sort of membership because it doesn’t cost them too much and can really have a huge impact on their whole dating life.

The price of these memberships and features is usually somewhere between 5 and 15 dollars per month which is really affordable, especially in comparison with other dating apps like Hinge or

There is also the option of purchasing a Bumble trick like Superswipe that will cost you just 1 dollar and will allow you to show another Bumble user that you are really going crazy for them.

In case you opt for some of these features, you definitely won’t have to think about what is the Bumble algorithm really, and you will be able to get a lot of success on the platform even if you didn’t do anything new to your profile.

Also, the algorithm will work the same both on the Bumble Bff and Bumble Bizz features, so in general, how you perform in one part of the app will pretty much determine your success in other parts too.

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Just like with regular Bumble, women will always be the ones who need to send the first message, so they are usually the ones that tend to perform a lot better on the platform in general because their profiles are perceived as more active.

I would recommend to all men to still be very careful and choose the women they will swipe right one because just one bad swipe can take their dating experience in a completely different way and make the overall experience on the platform a lot worse.

Make sure you follow our pieces of advice, and in the end, if nothing seems to be working the right way, you can just invest in a premium membership and hope for the best.

How To Get More Matches On Bumble?

If you have already tried out everything there is and you still didn’t manage to create a successful dating profile, then you should definitely try some of these tips and tricks that have shown to be very successful in our experience.

1. Update your photos regularly

You should treat your Bumble dating profile the same way you treat your Facebook profile, so make sure you are always up to date and that you are always sharing the newest pictures on it.

This will make your profile look way more realistic, and it will also show the Bumble algorithm that you are a real person.

I recommend this to male users too, but not only women are those who pay attention to the quality of their profiles, and if you want to get more matches, this is definitely a necessary move.

Make sure you add new pics every week, and you definitely won’t have a problem with getting a lot of matches.

2. Register through the phone number

Those users who sign up and verify their profiles through the phone number are preferred by the app because scammers and fake profiles never do it that way, and in case you struggle with something on the app, it will also be a lot easier for you to handle it this way.

Your profile will have an advantage in comparison to others, and Bumble is really doing everything it can in order to create a safe space for everyone, so make sure you verify your profile, and if you can, do it this way.

3. Don’t swipe right all the time

People who swipe right on everyone can be labelled as bots or scammers because no matter how good the app and the algorithm may be, there is no way you will like every single person that Bumble recommends to you.

For that reason, make sure you swipe right only on people you genuinely like, and if you want to know how to get more Bumble matches, then the crucial thing is to be highly selective and make sure you don’t satisfy yourself with just about anyone.

Can You Reset Bumble Algorithm?

There is not really an easy way to reset your Bumble algorithm or delete all the matches you have had in the past except deleting your whole Bumble account.

Neither premium members nor free members can get access to a magic button that can help them reset their matches, so the only solution to this is to delete your account for good and then create a new profile from scratch.

This is really a complicated process, and sometimes you may not even get approved on the platform for the second time, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it.

If you were asking yourself, does Bumble show the same person twice, it sure does, especially when you run out of potential matches, so in case someone you may have liked potentially slipped you, then you will definitely be able to find them again sometime in the future.

In case you are really eager to delete your Bumble profile, and you don’t care about saving any of the old matches, then you should just follow the regular sign up process again, and that will be your whole Bumble reset process.

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However, make sure you don’t try to verify your profile with the same phone number or email address you have used on the previous one because it can create some problems for you. 


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