MyLOL Review (2024) – Amazing Features |Pros & Cons

Being a teenager has always been one of the most difficult periods of our lifetimes.

Teenagers have their rights, hormones, and everyday necessities to be loved, and to spread love.

If you are one of those teenagers who are looking for some fun in this harsh time, a friendship, or someone who understands the way you feel, read this review, and meet the MyLOL teen dating site. 

We will take a look at the following:

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The pros and cons
The cost of membership
How easy it is to make contact with potential matchups
And much more

Let see if MyLOL deserves its place between the best online dating sites for teens!

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MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 11


  • Effectiveness – 3/5
  • Features – 3/5
  • Ease-of-use – 3/5
  • Price – 3/5
  • Overall Rating – 3/5

Pros and Cons


  • large community members
  • fast registration process
  • visible profiles
  • many free features
  • mobile app for iOS and Android


  • many fake profiles
  • many inappropriate contents 

Who is it for/ Demographic make up

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 12

MyLOL is an online dating site and a mobile app that is available for teenagers who are from thirteen to nineteen years old.

This dating site for teens is led by moderators who want to match young generations all around the globe.

Those young generations are looking for new friends and hope that they could find an innocent flirt or crush, too (like Tinder or eHarmony). Given his audience, MyLOL is not intended for casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

The MyLOL app is the most used in Canada, the Uk, Australia, and the States. However, this app is available to many other countries such as Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Israel, and France. 

People who join the site can notice that there are more male than female users on the platform. 

Straight single users are those who visit this online dating site daily. The biggest number of those members comes from the USA where there are more than three hundred thousand of them. 

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
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Despite the age limitation promoted by the app, there are all age groups and age range. Many members are those from eighteen to twenty-four. 

MyLOL Design and Functionality

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 13

MyLOL online dating site design is very attractive among teenagers. Its design is modern, new, and fresh. Its famous red color calls for love. 

Speaking about this dating site functionality, we have to admit that the site is pretty functional, and it is really easy to use it. 

It can remind you of social media like Facebook and Instagram. If you know how to use these social networks, then it will be very easy to use the MyLOL dating app. 

They’re almost the same tools that you can find on other social media. There is a news feed, a photo album that you can easily create by adding new photos, and there is a possibility to send private messages to other members. 

MyLOL design on mobile devices is a little bit different from that you can see on the desktop version.

It is quite simpler and all options can be found in the section on the left side of your mobile screen. When you open the section there is the Home section, News Feed section, Match, Favorites, Friends, Visits, and Forums section.

On the top of the toolbar, there are three icons: the inbox icon, notification icon, and votes icon. In the right corner of the toolbar, there is the camera icon that you can use if you want to post pics directly on your MyLOL profile. 

More about the MyLOL options will be revealed in the sections below. 

MyLOL Ease-of-use

The MyLOL dating site and its app is very easy to use. The first step you have to make is to download the mobile app or to visit the MyLOL official dating website. 

Considering that most teens use social media via their mobile devices, they can use it either on iOS either on Android devices. 

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 14

In both cases, the app is available to download from the Play Store or iTunes. Downloading is free, and there are no charges. 

The next step is to sign in to the MyLOL app. The registration process is fast and it can last less than a minute. 

The final step is to become a member on this huge platform is to arrange your profile and start chatting with other members in your area. 

If you want to use this online dating site on your mobile and as a desktop version, the process is pretty much the same. Just go to the MyLOL official website and continue your MyLOL login by connecting with one of your other social media accounts. 

How to become a member of the MyLOL online dating site?

Becoming a member of the MyLOL dating site has never been easier. When you download the app from the store or when you open the homepage, click on the becoming a member option. 

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 15 promotes spreading friendships and interactions among the young population around the world. Only those who are between 13 and 19 years old can finish the registration process. 

You can sign in to the site if you connect it with your email address, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. 

You have to enter your birth date, your gender, and your location. The signing up process lasts a few seconds because there is no verification process you have to pass through, and many basic steps to complete your profile account can be easily skipped.

That’s why many fake accounts can be created, and there is always a risk to become pedophilia predators prey. 

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 16

A lot of teenagers like this app because it can offer them many free features that are actually useful. Free users can use many different searching options to find their perfect matches.

They can use the option Shout, join MyLOL forums and blogs, send messages, and adding friends to their lists. 

On the other side, premium membership comes with perks, too.

Premium users can see all kinds of other members. Those who want to get you known better and those who want to chat with you daily. As a premium member, you can see and read all messages, and you can be able to get extra search options. 

MyLOL Profile

​​​​Like on any other online dating site, your perfect profile speaks instead of you in the beginning.

It represents you from head to toe till the moment when other users want to meet you better.

Although you don’t have to put your profile picture, and the site doesn’t demand you to, it would be great to show a little bit of your personality and show the world who you really are.

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 17

Post pics where you are smiling, hanging out with your friends from the neighborhood, or where you are doing one of your hobbies.

You will be amazed at how other members react to the positive energy you are spreading all around you, even on this online dating site.

Plus, it would be a great occasion to show the MyLOL dating world that your profile is real and that there is no place to be scared of you. 

Unfortunately, despite all site warnings and photo or profile verification processes, many fake accounts can be easily made. Those fake profiles put fake age, fake location, and fake photos, cropped and downloaded from the internet. 

That’s possible because there is a small, but significant default.

Using the MyLOL on different devices isn’t synchronized. If you use the MyLOL dating site on your desktop, and you want to make some contact with other members, you have to upload your profile photo to even start a conversation with others.

But, if you want to start a conversation with other members using your mobile phone, you don’t have to post any photos. You can start chatting whenever you want. 

How to create a MyLOL profile

​​​​After MyLOL sign-up process, it’s time to create a MyLOL profile.

You don’t have to fill in the gaps with detailed information, just basic one. You will be asked to type your age, gender, and gender you are interested in.

Your exact location will be necessary so that the online dating generator could suggest you find people in your area. 

Considering that the site is based on your voluntary verification process, you don’t have to confirm it, unless if you want to start messaging with other members. 

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 18

If you want to match all your information from other social media accounts, visit the option named About Me, enter your social media names from your accounts, and in just one click, you can get more followers and more friends you want to share your content with.

About Me section allows you to leave a short description of yourself. You can write your interests, hobbies, and all those things you think might be valuable for other users. 

How to make MyLOL contact?

The main difference between the MyLOL dating site and other dating sites that are available for you to use is that there is no matching process.

The platform won’t match you with your perfect new friend, but there are many filter options and searching tools that you can use if you want to make contacts with people from your area. 

You can start making your first lol contacts by sending GIFs, different stickers, private messages, photos, and much more. 

But, if you are that kind of a shy person, you can break the ice by posting interesting content on your news feed, sending emojis or you can join various forums that can help you relax a little bit. 

The MyLOL online dating site offers you many blogs and forums you can join for free, and even leave a cute comment to grab an opportunity for your first online dating. 

The most interesting activity that this online dating app offers is the possibility to vote for other users’ photos, and make the first lol move.

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 19

If you like someone’s profile, you can clearly mark it with the Cute, Hot, Wow, or OMG option.

These options come with benefits, too. The member with the most reactions will be automatically put on the list of the most popular members.

At the same time, that member will be more often visible to many other users, new or old ones.  

MyLOL Features

Although free users can enjoy many free features that the MyLOL dating site offers you, there are more unique features that are reserved for premium members only. 

MyLOL Review ([year]) - Amazing Features |Pros & Cons 20

Special Features

1. Chat room Feature

Staying in contact with other MyLOL members is very important for every user on its platform.

You can start chatting with your friends in your safe place such as your private chat room. You can chat privately one on one, or you can even start group chatting with interesting content that you are all interested in.

If you want to use the chat room, there are few rules you have to complete. One of those rules is to become a legal or approved user. It means that you have to post your valid profile picture that has to pass the verification process. 

2. Shout Feature 

This is one of the most popular features of MyLOL.

This feature allows you to write messages that can be visible to every member of the MyLOL app.

If members want to see messages you are typing and leaving, they have to confirm their online status.

On the other hand, the user who is typing has to be a verified MyLOL member, such as all the members that would like to be part of this public communication. 

3. Forum Feature

Willing to spread your friendship worldwide, you can create a forum or join one.

If you don’t have any ideas on how to start a conversation on MyLOL forums, choose the most interesting subjects for you or the most popular subject at that time, and start your conversation with other members.

The most popular forum themes will be marked and placed on the top of the list so other users can have easier access to them. 

4. Blog Feature

MyLOL members who share love to express their own opinion and they want to write them down once and for good, now can start their own blog pages.

You can start a blog based on your interests, hobbies, feelings, desires, and plans.

The only thing that is not approved is to write about offensive topics related to other people’s religion, sexual orientation, and nudity. 

5. Votes Feature

This feature is concerned as a gift special feature for all those users who have the best reactions from other members.

The users with the best votes will be automatically placed on the MyLOL homepage.

You can find those members on the Popular Members List feature. 

6. Photo Moderation Feature

This feature is managed by all moderators on the MyLOL app.

Those people, hidden behind the screen, control all those contents that can be offensive and dangerous to MyLOL users. 

7. Suspicious Keyword Detection Feature

This feature is also managed by moderators who regularly check the message base, and try to solve the problem with not very appropriate contents.

They keep big platforms such as MyLOL legal and make it a safe place for teenagers. 

MyLOL Pricing

The MyLOL online dating site has two options to offer for its premium users.

You can become a premium member if you link your credit card or your PayPal account.

There are four packages you can choose from to upgrade your MyLOL profile.

The MyLOL price goes from 3,95 USD to 29,70 USD, depending on the package that you will choose. 

The second option is to get credits that you can use to upgrade your profile instead of real money.

You can spend from 100 credits to 1000 credits, and lance your profile among the top five on the platform. 

MyLOL Credits

How to get credits?

​​​​Let’s see the best and the easiest way how to get credit on MyLOL:

  1. daily visits on the MyLOL online dating site – 5 credits
  2. minimum five matches daily – 5 credits
  3. minimum five played quizzes daily – 5 credits
  4. minimum five votes daily – 5 credits
  5. new messages – 10 credits per message
  6. new photos – 15 credits per photo
  7. liking the MyLOL site – 50 credits
  8. sharing the MyLOL site – 50 credits
  9. tweeting the MyLOL site – 50 credits

How to spend credits?

These are things you can spend your credits on: 

  1. to become a premium member for two weeks – 1000 credits
  2. to use all searching options – 200 credits
  3. to get the first match – 150 credits
  4. to get votes – 150 credits
  5. to be a hundred times more visible than other members – 100 credits

​​Once you buy a credit package, you have to spend it because you cannot transfer it, and you cannot refund it either. Use your credits wisely in order to lance your profile as high as you can.


We hope that this detailed MyLOL online dating site review was helpful to find out more about it or understand it.

If you find it interesting and you want to collect more information about the MyLOL app, be free to read the most frequently asked questions below.

Find out more about MyLOL security, usability, and membership.


1. Security

2. Usability

3. Membership

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