Should I Get Bumble in (2024)? – Important Pros and Cons

Should I Get Bumble in ([year])? - Important Pros and Cons 2

Is Bumble the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Bumble.

We are here yet again with another article that will help you immensely with deciding do you really need a dating app like Bumble in the first place.

In order to make things easier for you when asking yourself the question, “Should I Get Bumble”, we have decided to let you know about all the good and bad sides of this online dating platform.

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Throughout this article, we will discuss things like:

Should you be using Bumble?
What is Bumble like?
What are the Pros and Cons of the platform
Is Bumble worth getting?

Let’s waste no more time in getting started!

Who Is Using Bumble?

When deciding should I make Bumble or not; most people are curious to find out who is the audience of this platform in the first place and whether it is really a good option for them or not.

No one wants to be spending their precious free time on platforms that have no people from their own age group, which is absolutely reasonable.

The first step you need to make before you join the platform is to search and find out who are the people on this platform that are looking for their soulmate or partner too (like eHarmony or Tinder).

We have decided to solve this for you and help you get to know the general Bumble public and make your own decision.

As you are probably already aware, the Bumble audience is very young, and they are usually active on this platform with a mission to find a partner, whether that be something short-term or long-term.

When looking for potential partners, people from a younger group find it a lot easier to match with someone, and those aged between 18 and 30 tend to have the most success.

However, the fact that you are older than this shouldn’t demotivate you because there are a lot of people over 30 too, and it seems like they also managed to have a lot of luck.

All you have to do if you want to make sure you will have a lot of success on it is make sure to upload as much information as you can about yourself and use all the features and filters that are available to you.

People usually make this mistake, and they are not really able to connect with anyone who seems to have things in common with them, making their Bumble experience extremely bad.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Best male Bumble profiles are those that have a lot of information and original pictures and selfies on them and if you have googled some examples of Bumble profiles that are great, then you have definitely come across them.

If you want to enjoy all of its perks and realize why it is considered to be one of the best dating apps on the market, then you should definitely do this.

Once you learn how to use it, you will be able to start meeting hundreds of like-minded people easily.

Do I Need Bumble Premium?

Many people avoid joining Bumble because they believe they need to spend a lot of money in order to make the app work for them and start connecting them with similar people.

I have come across many daters asking me if buying Bumble worth it, when in fact, you can use this app free of any charge.

Just like most hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) and dating sites, in order to use Bumble, all you need to do is sign up for a dating account and fill it out with information about yourself.

After you have filled out your profile with the needed information, you will be able to use the app without any obstacles and start matching with other users.

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However, just like you have Tinder Gold on Tinder, Bumble also has several premium membership options, and in case you are not satisfied with the filters and features you have as a free user, you can always invest some money into Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

These are the most popular Bumble premium memberships, and both of them will provide you with plenty of amazing features like super likes and super swipes.

If you are eager to schedule a meet-up with as many people as you can, then you will definitely find these additions to be valuable.

Also, once you get Bumble premium, you will be allowed to backtrack all previous right swipes and even rematch with those people you may have missed out on when using the app for the first time.

The swipe right and swipe left work absolutely the same, but you will be able to choose your matches easier by choosing the preferred age range, handling the functionality features, opting for short-term or long-term relationships, and even getting unlimited likes.

As you can see, Bumble premium options are quite similar to those you have on Tinder plus and Tinder Gold, except that I believe Bumble is a lot more serious platform, and it is a better place for getting to meet people you would like to hang out with IRL too.

Getting a Bumble boost is something everyone has to decide for themselves, but in case you want to get the most compatible match as fast as possible, I believe, it can be a valuable investment.

Bumble Boost is a lot different than the regular premium membership, and it is basically a membership that lasts you for half an hour, an hour, or two.

The main goal of Bumble Boost is to make you stand out on the platform and become the star of the algorithm, at least for a short period of time.

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If you want to get as many matches as you can as fast as possible, then I believe this is a great choice, but it can connect you with some people that don’t really have a lot of things in common with you, so watch out for that.

What do you get with Bumble Boost is quite simple, but if you are yet to join Bumble and you want some of the best male Bumble profiles, as well as female ones, then I believe this feature can help you out a lot and even connect you with some people who are a niche match for you.

On the other hand, we have a regular Bumble Premium membership that will offer you access to everything Bumble has to offer.

With a premium account, you will be able to schedule the first date as fast as possible, and you will receive the first message basically from any girl you like.

When using it, you will be able to upload any selfie that you want and like, and you can refresh your pics on a daily basis without any limits.

You will only have to pay for it once in order to gain results, and I believe it is a good option for those who are using the Bumble dating app for the first time.

If you are not sure what are the steps you need to take and people you should reach out to, this is the easiest option, and it will also provide you with unlimited swipes, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on someone who is highly compatible with you.

The free version does have a lot of amazing features too, but if you want to make sure you will have a lot of success from the start, then investing in a premium membership is definitely the step you need to take.

You can also use a lot of special additions like Travel mode that will allow you to connect with women all around the world and change your dating location every time you are traveling.

Bumble premium is definitely what I would recommend to the older audience who is still dwelling and asking, “Should I use Bumble at all?”.

Should I Get A Bumble?

Many people ask themselves why should I download Bumble in the first place when it is basically the same as any other popular dating app.

Older people tend to underestimate the Bumble dating platform and often consider it a childish way of meeting other people, which really doesn’t have to be the case, if, of course, you know how to use it properly.

Even though you will have to make this decision all by yourself, you don’t really know how everything works and what there is to offer before you have installed the app and seen everything by yourself.

In case you are a man who doesn’t mind waiting for a woman to make the first move and swipe right on you, then I am sure you will enjoy Bumble.

They are completely focused on enabling these women to have a high-quality dating experience, which is the reason why they are the ones 

Also, its algorithm is a lot better and more detailed than that you can find on Tinder and similar dating platforms, so even though it may take time, once you get matched with someone they will be the right one.

A variety of advanced filters always comes a good addition, too, especially if you are not sure who is the right person from your beeline.

When using Bumble, you will never feel alone, and not only will you be able to get plenty of romantic potential matches, but you will also be allowed to use Bumble Bff and Bumble Bizz that will help connect you with your new friends, co-workers, or business partners.

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It is really a platform that offers plenty of different services at the same time and definitely not one of the dating sites you only use to find a one-night stand or a casual girlfriend.

If this is something you are looking for, too, then I believe you should definitely install the app and see how Bumble works and start to meet people.

Why Is Bumble Good?

I believe the reason why Bumble is considered to be an A-list dating app is definitely the fact that it is extremely safe and really pays attention to its users.

Since Bumble was created with a mission to become a safe place for all women who had to deal with creepers while online dating, they have decided to take strong measures to ensure everyone joining the app is a real person with honest intentions.

For that reason, when creating a dating profile on Bumble, you will have to register either through your phone number or through a Facebook account.

This way, the Bumble customer care will be sure that a real person is joining the app, and they will also investigate everything thoroughly in order to make sure you are not trying to go by another person’s identity.

In case you believe someone is a scammer or a fake account, or you are suspicious about their identity, you can always report them to customer service and save someone else from a potential problem.

Also, it is really focused on helping all women feel comfortable on the platform, which is the reason why they are the only ones who can initiate the conversation on Bumble date, just like on Bumble Bizz and Bumble Bff.

Since women are really unprotected and in potential trouble on all other dating apps, Bumble decided to change these things a bit and allow them to become the ones who control the whole dating pool.

For that reason, I believe Bumble is really one of the top-tier dating apps on the internet at the moment, and there is definitely no mistake in creating an account for yourself, no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or age.


As we have already mentioned, Bumble is not only one of the most popular dating apps at the moment but also the dating app that has the best results and success rate.

People are often not sure, and they ask themselves, “Should I make a Bumble or not” but in general, I believe this is the best dating option you will find on the internet.

It is quite similar to EHarmony, but it is a lot more modern; it has a great app, and overall the atmosphere on Bumble is a bit more relaxing and casual.

Bumble now lets you filter potential matches on Bumble Date, Bizz and BFF |  TechCrunch

You will stress a bit about having the right opening line that will impress the other user, but you will be able to make it through.

Bumble is available both to Android and iOS Apple users, and you can easily download it from the Google Play ad App Store.

In comparison to other dating apps on the market, it is also quite cheap, and the membership on Bumble will never cost you more than 15 dollars per month, which is really a reasonable price.

I hope that our article was able to help you find out some new things about Bumble and see what all the things this app has to offer are and that you will be able to make the right decision for yourself.


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