TasteBuds Review 2024 – Real Possibility of a Hookup?

Tastebuds is a site where users connect over their love of music.

It’s something a little different and a dating site that’s getting noticed all around the world.

So in today’s review, we are going to put Tastebuds to the test.

By the time you are finished this review:

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You will know how to register for your own profile
How to set that profile up
How to search for potential matches
How to contact them
The key features that the site offers
How much membership will cost

So let’s jump straight in and see what makes Tastebuds tick.

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Tastebuds Review in Video Form

TasteBuds Dating Site Review [Find Love Through Music!]

Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

But first, here are the ratings.


Ease of use – 5/5

Effectiveness – 4/5

Key Features – 3/5

Pricing – 4/5


  • Simple to register for
  • Free “Message Bomb” once a day
  • A strong user base for a social networking/dating site


  • Messaging requires membership
  • The Tastebuds app is only available on Apple handsets

Who Is It For/Demographics?

There are lots of dating sites and niches out there – some focus on hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) while others only connect those seeking serious relationships (like eHarmony).

But if you’ve seen one dating site, you’ve seen them all.

Well, for the most part, this statement is true.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

But every now and again, something turns up that’s a little different from the rest.

And Tastebuds is one of those sites.

In truth, it’s not solely a dating site.

Yes, it’s used as one but like many other modern sites, it also incorporates aspects of social networking into the way it works.

So from the name, you probably trying to guess what the site is all about, right?

Tastebuds… food?

Well, it’s actually got to do with music.

And here’s the basic premise behind the site.

Matchups are made basic on your taste in music.

What a neat concept, right?

It certainly is a little different.

And if you are big on music and looking for someone in your life, it might just be worth your while to check it out.

A look at Tastebuds user numbers

Ok, so we’ve established just what Tastebuds is all about.

But if you think about it, due to the fact that it’s such a niche dating site with a unique concept behind it, how busy can it be?

Well, I am not going to lie, I was stunned to find that it’s a website that’s proved to be quite popular.

Sure, it’s never going to hit the numbers that a mainstream dating site produces but here’s some interesting figures relating to the site:

  • To date, Tastebuds has around 500 000 users from around the globe
  • Over 100 000 users are found in the United States
  • On average, around 70 000 users are active each week
  • That’s 10 000 a day and 280 000 a month

Impressive, right?

That’s on par with other niche dating sites and it points to the fact that if music is a major interest in your life, using Tastebuds to find like-minded people to chat to or perhaps date might well be worth investigating.

Gender ratio and user age ranges

So with around half a million users, what’s the gender breakdown like on the site?

Well, it’s not 50/50, I can tell you that.

And it seems that more males like to make use of Tastebuds than females.

But it’s not a massive difference like you can find on other dating sites.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 64% of the users on Tastebuds are male
  • 36% of the users on Tastebuds are female

That’s a ratio of around 2:1 which really isn’t that bad.

Now let’s look at age ranges.

You would expect that this kind of dating site with some social networking aspects would be the domain of a younger crowd, right?

And yes, that is the case.

The dominant age group on Tastebuds are from 25-34 years-old.

They make up 42% of the users on the site and are split as follows: 26% are male and 16% are female.

The next biggest group of users are between the ages of 18-24 and they make up 22% of the users on site.

This group comprises 13% male users and 9% female users.

The third biggest group runs the 18-24-year-olds pretty close.

They are the 35-44 year-olds who make up 21% of the users on-site and are broken down as follows: 14% male users and 8% female users.

The remain 15% of users come from the 45-54-year-old group (10%) and the 55+ group (5%).

Ease of Use

Getting a profile started on Tastebuds isn’t difficult at all.

While the site is a little different in terms of the way it works, the signing up process is standard with a few extra steps that you need to handle, for example, providing your favorite music artists.

Registering as a user on Tastebuds

So the sign-up process for Tastebuds is quick and easy.

If you’d like to, you can use a one-click social media sign-on, in this case using Facebook.

If you don’t choose that option, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • The city you live in
  • Whether you are a male or female
  • Your age

Once you’ve done that you are taken to the site for the first time but you are not done yet.

There are still three more steps in the registration process.

Step 1 requires the following:

  • Your gender again
  • Your sexual orientation (straight, gay or bisexual)
  • Why you want to use the site (to make friends, discover music, find a concert buddy or for dating)

Step 2 requires you to upload a picture but you can skip this step if you want to.

Step 3 requires you to tell Tastebuds a little more about your favorite music and artists.

Here you can pick from a bunch of bands by searching for them or looking through the recommendations provided by Tastebuds.

And that’s it, you are registered for the site.

It’s a quick experience and in total took me five minutes.

Note that you will have to provide a valid email address because you get sent a confirmation email that you need to reply to.

The Tastebuds profile

You will notice when the site loads for the first time that a progress bar says that you are at 70% profile completion (50% if you didn’t upload a profile picture).

So the first thing you should do is finish that process.

This is what needs to be done to do so:

  • Upload a picture if you haven’t already
  • Fill in your “About Me” section
  • Add a cover photo

Once you’ve done that, you can expand your profile by adding even more artists that you like, your favorite song and a reason why as well as any upcoming concerts or events you are planning on attending.

You are still not done, however.

The following information can be added to your profile:

  • How I spend most of my day…
  • My favorite band when I was 13 was…
  • The song I want at my funeral is…
  • Me in three words…
  • I had a million dollars for the day I would…
  • My dream concert would be…
  • My other tastes include…
  • Recently, I’ve been listening to…

There’s also a “Fact About Me” section to complete which include:

  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Your height
  • Your body type
  • Religion
  • Orientation

I love how your profile is set up on Tastebuds.

It’s not only fresh but it’s loads of fun and had me thinking pretty seriously about the answers.

Yes, there are aspects that you will find in every other dating site profile you fill in but this has a vibrant feel about it.

And I like that.

Finding your way around the Tastebuds website

Now that we’ve covered registration and the Tastebud profile, let’s take a little more about the website itself.

You can immediately see that this site has social networking aspects to it.

For example, on the main page, you can see status updates from other users which you can like and comment on.

A lot of this will be music that they are sharing with others.

But let’s talk about how to navigate the site first.

There are five main menus at the top of the screen and these are:

  • Home (a strange symbol): This takes you back to the home screen where you can see status updates from other users.
  • People: Click on this to bring up matches chosen for you by the site
  • Get lucky: Click on this to be taken to a random profile
  • Messagebomb: Click on this to send a specific question (chosen from a list) to up to eight of your matches
  • More: This contains three sub-menus: Soapbox (a user forum), Questions (random questions), Bored? (here Tastebuds has you help moderate user pictures).

You will also notice on the home page a list of your matches that you can scroll through as well as a roulette-style matchup feature where you can like a person or skip to the next suggestion.

I love the design of the site and it’s so easy to find your way around but how effective is it in helping your find potential matchups?


We spoke about completing your profile earlier in the review but there is a massive incentive to do so.

That’s because Tastebuds will provide you with more matches if you have a completed profile.

Searching for matchups

You don’t really have that much control when it comes to searching for matchups on the site.

Based on your profile and musical preferences, Tastebuds will provide matches for you.

To access these matches, you can click on the people menu.

You can adjust the matches returned, however, by clicking on the advanced settings tab on the left-hand side of the screen where your matches are shown.

Here you can adjust:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Nationality
  • Relationship status
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Age range
  • Looking for
  • Body type

Other than the matches returned by the site you can also view:

  • Top buds (or the most popular people on the site)
  • Profiles by music matches
  • Last online
  • Newest users

Again, these will all be based upon your location.

Without a doubt, Tastebuds provides a range of ways to find that perfect match.

Reaching out on Tastebuds

So say you find the perfect matchup on the site.

They are cute, they love the same music as you and their location is just five miles away from yours.

How do you reach out to them?

You have a few options to get their attention, that’s for sure.

First, you can click the “like” button on their profile.

Or you can click the “Send Song” button which is a pretty novel way of initiating contact, don’t you think?

You can also send a message bomb which is something I mentioned earlier.

Basically, this takes the form of a question which you select from a list, for example, “Do you play a musical instrument?”

That’s question is sent to your top 8 matches and if they answer, you will receive a notification.

This can only be used once every 24 hours.

Of course, you can also just send them a message.

The thing is, to do that, you will need to take out membership on the site to send messages.

There are other ways to communicate as I mentioned earlier like commenting on someone’s photo.

But to really get to know someone properly, you need to be able to message them.

Membership of the site also brings access to a range of other key features.

Key Features

While Tastebuds is a little different from most datings sites in the way it works, it still has membership options for you to consider.

And of course, taking out membership on the site will give you access to added features that you can make use of to improve your experience on the site even further.

Let’s take a look at some of these features and what they offer.

1. Send and receive messages

For me, the most critical key feature for a dating site is the ability to send and receive messages.

And once you take out membership on Tastebuds, you won’t have any trouble in that regard.

That’s because you have no limit on the messages you can send and receive.

And you can contact any user you choose to talk to.

2. Privacy options

Membership also includes extra privacy options.

For example, if you choose to, you can hide your online status from other users.

So even if you are online, they won’t know that you are.

You also have the option of viewing other user profiles incognito.

That means you leave no trace of the fact that you ever browsed them.

3. Remove ads

While I never found the advertising on-site to be intrusive at all, it’s always nice to remove it totally.

If you take out membership on Tastebuds, you don’t have to worry about seeing any form of advertising ever again.

And that’s it basically.

There’s not that much in the way of features, but most importantly, sending and receiving messages are free.

Of course, a true test of whether membership is worth it at the end of the day is linked to how it is priced.

And that’s what we are going to look into now.


Just how much can membership be to a social networking and dating site that, let’s be honest, doesn’t have that many features.

Well, if you are thinking of signing up for the site and becoming a member, you will be happy to know that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, like some other dating sites.

Yes, the prices here are extremely reasonable.

And here are your options for a Backstage Pass, the clever name given to membership of Tastebuds.

  • 1-month- $10 per month
  • 3-months – $19.99 ($6.66 per month)
  • 6-months – $30.00 ($5.00 per month)

The three-month option saves you 33% when compared to a month-to-month membership.

But if you really want to save, it’s worth going for the 6-month option.

That’s a saving of 50%.

And let’s be honest, Tastebuds is not only a dating site.

It is the kind of place where you can log in each day and just shoot the breeze, chat with others or simply find new music to listen to.

Without a doubt, the powers that be behind Tastebuds have got the pricing for membership spot on, despite the fact that the site doesn’t offer that many features.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you love music and you want to meet like-minded people, then I have no hesitation in putting forth Tastebuds as a website that you should try out.

I have a real fun time while using it, learned about new artists I had never heard before thanks to other users and made new friends.

I love the fact that it has a dating side to it as well but if you only wanted to use it as a social networking site, then you can do that as well.

It took some time for me to get used to the fact that the site gave me matchups but you can fine-tune these returns with the advance filters.

So in a way, that’s like searching for matchups on other dating sites.

And while the features aren’t that many, they include unlimited messaging.

Perhaps more importantly, membership of the site is priced perfectly.

The rating I am giving Tastebuds is 4 out of 5 and it really is worth it.

Is it a site you would consider using?

Or have you already signed up for a profile?

Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Although it is a social networking and dating site, Tastebuds does keep sensitive information regarding their users as well as banking details for those that sign up for membership.

So yes, it’s safe because it needs to ensure user privacy and to do that, various security firewalls are in place.

You can register for the site for free and then set up your profile too.

You can use various features on the site, comment on user photos and status updates and like profiles all for free.

To send messages, however, you will need to have a membership.

This is a legit website that has been online since 2010.

It has users all over the world and continues to grow at a steady rate.

Tastebuds has both a dating aspect with a little bit of social networking thrown in.

And all that’s on the back of music taste.

Yes, you find matchups based on the musical tastes that you and they share in common.

The site has been around since 2010 and has around 500 000 users, most from the ages of 18 to 34.


Either download the IOS only app or head to the Tastebuds website to register for a profile.

You can use your Facebook account to speed up the process.

You will have to provide some information for your profile but will complete it once you gain access to the site.

Also, you need a valid email address because you only get access to the site once you confirm your email.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to get online.

While you cannot delete your profile on Tastebuds, you can deactivate your account.

To do so, hover over your profile pick and click on “Settings”.

From there, click on “Account”.

Scroll down and find the “Deactivate your account” link at the bottom of the page.

Click on it and follow the instructions.

You can send an email to hello@tastebuds.

Or you can phone +44 7770 892146.

If you’d prefer to send a regular mail, send it to the following address:

33 Inkerman Road

Kentish Town





It’s a little bit different, that’s for sure.

You are provided with matches on Tastebuds with your preferred gender and age range.

But the main factor is musical taste.

Yes, you are matched up with people who have the same or similar musical tastes to you.

Just like most other dating sites, to block or report a user, you must first go to their profile.

Once there, scroll down to the bottom, below “More Matches” on the right-hand side of the page and you will find the “Report this user” or “Block this user” buttons.

Click on the relevant one and follow the instructions that follow.

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