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Uberhorny has proven to be a promising and exciting platform for those looking for sex and intimacy on the internet. It has dispelled every doubt by going on to show that the right search filters and body type preferences can score anyone a sexual rendezvous with the hottest woman in the neighborhood.

Boasting over two million members from all around the world, the site allows for the registration and creation of profiles for free. Predominantly, Uberhorny focuses on bringing those who have the same sexual desires together. The site is only meant for those interested in having sexual encounters, no more or less.

If you want to uncover the most scandalous and intricate details about this site, you should read this Uberhorny review!

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  • Easy sign-up process
  • Setting up your profile is just as easy as signing up
  • Highly active site
  • Instant messaging function that makes communication easy
  • Diverse search filters that make the search process quick and efficient
  • Decent variety of women to choose from
  • Availability of trial versions at affordable costs


  • Premium services are costly
  • The website comes with an outdated design
  • Fake profiles and messages

Member Information

The Uberhorny membership structure comprises of more men (78%) than women (22%). This is perfectly alright because the site has been structured to accommodate more men. While it allows for members all over the world to sign up for its intriguing service, most of the members (1.2 million) hail from the United States.

The age range of the members is diverse. However, those who are below 18 years of age cannot sign up for an Uberhorny account. Then again, members can select their ages randomly and, as such, can easily lie about their real age.

The site has a high level of activity daily because thousands of members log in to their accounts, especially at night. The users are proactively seeking hookups, and they are doing a tremendous job at it, no pun intended.

Sign Up Process



The Uberhorny registration process is easy and straightforward. It only took less than five minutes to sign up. All I had to do was provide a little bit of information about myself, like my gender and location, then answer a few questions. However, I had to validate my email address.

sign up uberhorny

A verification link was sent to my email address, and I had to click on it to activate my account. After my account was active, I uploaded a profile picture of my choice, even though this is an optional step.

With the site’s nature, it is not surprising to find many users using fake photos. I had to wait for Uberhorny to approve my profile and determine that it is real, using its scam filters.

Contacting People



Contacting others on Uberhorny is done via messaging. But if you don’t want to type a message, you can send winks and likes.

contacting people on uberhorny

Apart from conducting searches and finding people within your area to communicate with, you can also build a favorites list and engage in quick chats (instant messaging). While I sent messages for free, I could not respond to those messages until I upgraded to a premium account. Even so, I could send winks and links for free.

Uberhorny members are also allowed to communicate through status updates and engage other members in the comments section. This is an alternative way to communicate with the members on the platform should you not want to make a subscription.




The profiles on Uberhorny come with basic personal information. Looking at the site’s quick hookup premise, there is no need for detailed and extensive profiles.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Check out the information that appears on my profile:

uberhorny profile

The brief information on your profile is only meant as an introduction of sorts. Often, it gets the conversation going. Remember, Uberhorny deactivates all fake profiles. To search for other profiles and view them on the site, you will require a premium subscription.

Mobile App



Unfortunately, there is no Uberhorny app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device. But do not be discouraged because the site is mobile-optimized. By typing “uberhorny.com” on your phone’s browser, you will automatically end up on the homepage.

Uberhorny app

The mobile version of the site can be accessed on any device. Despite this “near-convenience”, I found that using the desktop version of the site was better because I enjoyed bolder and clearer images.

Also, loading the questionnaire onto my smartphone took a lot of time. But if you have the patience, then you can use the mobile version of the site. Don’t worry about breaking any laws; you can legally use Uberhorny on your smartphone.

Membership Options



Like many other similar adult sites, Uberhorny is also subscription-based. While the site offers free accounts, it comes with plenty of limitations such as the fact that you cannot respond to messages. So, for the full experience, you will need to subscribe.

Here is a breakdown of what you get from a free Uberhorny account vs. a fee-based account:

Uberhorny cost

For $34.95 per month and $80.04 for a year, it is safe to say that Uberhorny is quite pricey. Even so, this should not stop you from making a subscription. If you don’t mind coughing up some extra dough, the six-month subscription should do you justice.

The Bottom Line

My experience with Uberhorny was certainly unforgettable. By digging through the site, I was able to find out that Uberhorny is only ideal for those who want to satisfy their sexual urges. This is not a site that you sign up for if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

While it does not have an abundance of features or extensive profiles and may take a little time to load on your phone, the truth is that the site will set you up with the most epic sexual ventures.

If you overlook the downsides, then you will enjoy meeting new people within your area. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to share your most intimate sexual desires with someone yearning for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uberhorny safe for teenagers?

No, Uberhorny is not safe for teenagers. The site’s premise alone tells that it is a sexual atmosphere that teenagers should not be exposed to. Additionally, the site lets its users select their age randomly, which means anyone can sign up. There are fake profiles and scammers on Uberhorny. Parents should ensure that teenagers are not exposed to this platform.

Is the Uberhorny hookup service legit?

Yes, it is. The site has reported plenty of hookups that have successfully taken place. It even goes on to state that it will issue free services for three months for premium members who do not get a casual hookup within the first three months of owning an Uberhorny account.

Additionally, Uberhorny appears legit because it allows its members to do the following:

  • Enable VPN extensions to secure data
  • Contact the support team
  • Access legal policies by which the site operates
  • Access safety policies and its non-disclosure agreement

How can I delete my Uberhorny account?

To delete your account, log into Uberhorny using your name and password and then click on “settings” located at the top right corner of your homepage. Select the “make my profile inactive” option and confirm your decision to deactivate your account.

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