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    Looking for the best adult dating site but doesn’t know where to start?

    Are you still having second thoughts about it?

    Then, you are in the right place because this review will help you to choose one of the best adult dating sites of all.

    We’ll review these sites based on:

    Their overall rating
    The pros and cons of using them
    How easy they are to use

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    Keep scrolling, and find out which one of the adult dating sites are in the top five.

    Best Adult Dating Sites
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      Best Adult Dating Sites in Video Form

      7 Adult Dating Sites [Explore Your Fantasies!]

      Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

      1. BeNaughty

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 1

      BeNaughty is an adult dating site that keeps its promises.

      It is pretty simple and easy to use – you like someone, you can start a communication, and you skip if you don’t.

      If you are an adult that is looking for a dating site with a lot of members, who want to find an adventure (be it a hookup, a three-way, or anything else your heart desires), you will most certainly have success with this one.


      • Singing up – 4.5/ 5
      • Making contacts – 4.5/ 5
      • Profile quality – 4.5/ 5
      • Effectiveness  –   5/ 5
      • Overall rating – 4.62/ 5


      • Easy to use
      • Quick registration
      • Many features are free
      • Three days of guarantee
      • You can add a video
      • Mobile app is available
      • New safety features
      • All members are verified
      • Many active users


      • Strict rules for male users
      • Just profile photo is visible, the other photos aren’t visible
      • You can post a photo just once
      • Too many pop-ups and advertisements

      Demographic makeup

      Its users are mostly from the States.

      The site is spread in 65 countries. This adult dating site counts four million logs in daily.

      People between 18 and 35 use this site every day, but the most common users are in their thirties.

      Who is it for

      BeNaughty is an adult dating site for the younger population. It is for all those who are looking for casual sex, online sex, or hook ups.

      It is also for those who are willing to try something new in the bed or out of it.

      If you are naughty, kinky, and very open-minded, then this is the site for you.

      Ease of use

      The registration process is super easy with the BeNaughty dating site.

      It takes you just a few minutes to become a legit member, and you can start chatting immediately.

      After the registration process, you must finish the verification process that is pretty much the same as on the other dating sites.

      Use the code that is in your email.

      Making conversation is super easy, too.

      You can start a conversation with other members in the chat room where can be more than a hundred users.

      Speaking about its features, this online dating site has got many different and interesting features.

      Besides the features, there are many fun games that you can play to make a contact with other members.

      As an unpaid member, you can see other people’s profiles, and you can even send five messages every day.

      You can also reply to all messages that are one of the options you will never find on the other adult dating sites.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 2

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is BeNaughty free to use?

      Even though BeNaughty offers us many great features that we can use for free, it isn’t a free site.

      But, its costs are very minimal, and from 1,70 USD to 33 USD, you can make a perfect profile with perfect features.

      2. Is BeNaughty safe to use?

      Yes, it is. It is very safe to use. It is one of the safest adult dating sites.

      It has got several verification processes. You can upload photos just once, and suspicious profiles become marked.

      3. Is BeNaughty scam or legit?

      It is legit. This adult dating site doesn’t authorized naked photos. It isn’t allowed to post explicit photos or videos.

      2. Ashley Madison

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 3


      • Singing up – 4.5/ 5
      • Making contacts – 4. 5/ 5
      • Profile quality – 4.5/ 5
      • Effectiveness  –   5/5
      • Overall rating – 4.62/ 5


      • The safest adult dating site in the world
      • Are the features free for women
      • Great and simple interface
      • Easy to use
      • Many interesting and useful features


      • Strict rules for men
      • One of the worst mobile app in the online dating world

      Demographic makeup

      Ashley Madison is an adult dating site that has got more than 50 million users.

      This dating site is used in the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, and Spain.

      The largest number of its users is in the States, where there is more than 50% of them.

      Men and women use fifty-fifty of this site, which makes a perfect ratio in the online dating sphere.

      Who is it for

      With its slogan, “Have an affair. Life is short”, Ashley Madison online dating site gives us a hint who is it for this dating site.

      Ashley Madison’s online dating site offers its services to couples. Couples in a relationship, married couples, all kinds of couples.

      People you use it to meet locals for chatting, cheating, flirting, and more.

      Ease of use

      The first step is to sign up and create an account. While creating your account, you don’t have to leave much personal information.

      It works similar to Tinder.

      The main things are the location and profile photo.

      Comparing with Tinder, this site has got many free features that are enough to find your perfect match because these features do the job.

      Ashley Madison’s adult dating site even gives the guarantee that you will find what you are searching for.

      There are many satisfied users worldwide.

      Is it because of the many free features?

      Or, it’s because it isn’t cheating if it is online cheating?

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 4

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Ashley Madison free to use?

      Ashley Madison adult dating site is completely free for women, but for men isn’t. The average price for men for six months is about seventy dollars. Many say it is worth every single dollar.

      2. Is Ashley Madison safe to use?

      After the public revealing of users’ confidential information, Ashley Madison’s team introduced many strict safety and verification rules into the site. So, yes, it is a safe online dating app.

      3. Why is the name of this online dating site Ashley Madison?

      The owner of the site matched two of the most common American girlish names, Ashley and Madison. Do you find it interesting?

      3. Pure

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 5


      • Signing up –3/ 5
      • Making Contact –3.5/ 5
      • Profile Quality – 3/ 5
      • Effectiveness –3.5/ 5
      • Overall rating – 3.25/ 5


      • Simple profiles
      • Easy to use
      • Anonymous and discrete profiles
      • Open-minded app
      • Available mobile app
      • Quick registration process
      • Free for women


      • Limited conversation
      • Email verification
      • Payment from the very first step
      • The location must always be turned on
      • Pictures play the main role in this app

      Demographic Makeup

      Tinder’s rival in the online dating world, this online dating site is spread all over the world.

      Since its beginning in 2014, it has been used the most in the USA and the UK. With more than 3 thousand active members per week, it is the number one dating site in Canada, Russia, Brazil, Check Republic, Argentina, Poland, and Ukraine, too.

      Considering Pure is an online dating app, free to female users, 65% of its users are women, and 35% of them are men.

      Pure is an online adult dating app that people between 25 and 35 use the most.

      Who is it for

      Pure is an adult dating site that is definitely not for people who are looking for a serious relationship. That is an adult dating app for occasional hangout and hooks up.

      Pure is an open-minded adult dating site that people from 18 to 55 can use.

      Some users want to explore more, sexually, and physiologically, too.

      Casual relationships, short term ones, or phone sex are on its menu. There is everything.

      Pure is a very anonymous and discrete adult dating app because it is based on a specific algorithm.

      Your profile can be visible for just an hour. After that time, you must create a new profile and start all over again.

      That can be pretty annoying, especially if you are not a calm user.

      Ease of use

      Using Pure is super easy.

      First, you have to download the app and install it. After downloading the app, it’s registration time. The registration will last for 3 minutes.

      During the registration process, you have to fill in the gaps with your phone number, email address, and you will have to choose payment options.

      When you accept all the payment terms, there is a little more information that you have to leave.

      That information is your gender, sexual preferences, and the most important thing, a pretty well selfie.

      In the Pure dating online world, selfies are very significant.

      Its features are not too developed, so the main card in this game is your selfie. Make sure to post the most beautiful pictures of you because that’s your pass ticket.

      Making contact with other users is possible through a regular chat window.

      Your personal information isn’t visible to others. Pay attention to be quick and well organized because the profile you create will expire in exactly one hour. 

      Speaking about matching with location those chances are equal to the lottery, wishing you all the best with that.

      Pure luck!

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 6

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Pure adult dating site free?

      The only free thing about Pure is a location that helps you to find a match nearby. After you find the perfect match, you will be able to chat together for an hour until your profiles disappear.

      2. Is Pure adult dating site safe?

      It is considered as a safe one thanks to a unique system of turning off users’ profiles.

      3. How can I cancel payment on Pure?

      An interesting thing about payment cancellation is that you cannot cancel your payment on your profile but in the options in the play store. When you cancel your further payment options, you can use the app services as long as you paid for it.

      4. Zoosk

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 7


      • Signing up – 4/ 5
      • Making Contact – 3.5/ 5
      • Profile Quality – 3.5/ 5
      • Effectiveness – 4/ 5
      • Overall rating – 4/ 5


      • Many active members
      • Many different features to use
      • Available mobile app
      • An equal number of male and female users
      • Easy to use
      • Quick registration process
      • Unique matching algorithm


      • Limited messages
      • Many special features are not available for free
      • The mobile app is a little bit complicated

      Demographic Makeup

      Zoosk has got more than 45 million active members in the whole world.

      Made in San Francisco, California, in 2007, it is the most used adult dating site in the States.

      It is spread in more than 80 countries and in several languages.

      45% of its users are women, and 55 other % of the male population has that honor to use it.

      Who is it for

      Zoosk is one of the best adult dating sites in the world.

      It is flexible for everyone, and it serves every need. It is the most used among the population between 24 and 36.

      Ease of use 

      Zoosk’s registration process lasts for 3 minutes.

      For updating your profile, you will need ten extra minutes.

      After downloading the app, type some basic and personal information: your gender, your birthday, your email, your address, and your zip code.

      You will receive the activation code in your email.

      Take a few more minutes for the verification process.

      The other way to set up your profile is by linking it to one of the profiles on social networks.

      You can match it with your Facebook or your Twitter account.

      All the information from the social network Zoosk will automatically use for completing your profile.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 8

      Starting a conversation with other members is easy but limited, too.

      The full and free chatting is authorized only for premium users. As a regular user, you can see profiles or send a simple flirt to other users. But there is one more problem.

      Even if you send a flirt, the other users won’t be able to reply to your flirt. It is also authorized to premium members.

      The same thing is with other special features that make this site extremely popular. Those features are Digital Gifts, Carousel, and Smart Pick.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Zoosk dating site free?

      A few limited features are free to use, but if you want to continue using the app better, you have to upgrade it.

      There are two ways that can help you to upgrade your profile: by using one of the premium packages that cost from 30 to 75 US dollars or to use coins’ packages that cost from 20 to 40 US dollars.

      If you decide to use a package of 180 coins, it will cost you 20 dollars. If you decide to use 480 coins it will cost you 40 dollars.

      2. Is Zoosk dating site safe to use?

      Yes, it is. Zoosk is safe to use because it has got a strict verification process that you have to pass before you start to use the app at all.

      3. What are Zoosk’s digital gifts?

      Those are gifts that you can use to send digital gifts like coffee, flowers, muffins, and many other things.

      Gifts are visible to the user you sent it to, but that user won’t be able to rely on them if you are not a paid member.

      4. What is Zoosk’s Carousel feature?

      The carousel feature is like a game similar to roulette. Zoosk’s algorithm chooses perfect matches for your profile.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 9

      5. What is Zoosk’s Smart Pick feature?

      Smart Pick feature is a feature that is based on your profile action and interaction: your visibility on its platform, interaction with other users, your quality profile, and your behavior generally.

      5. Hot or Not

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 10


      • Signing up – 4/ 5
      • Making Contact – 3/ 5
      • Profile Quality – 4/ 5
      • Effectiveness – 4/ 5
      • Overall Rating – 3.75/ 5


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      • Easy to use
      • Quick registration process
      • Visible profiles to everyone
      • You can import your Facebook photos
      • Swipe option
      • Women can send messages for free
      • Unlimited number of photos
      • Possibility to upload a video
      • Detailed profiles
      • Special features


      • The strict registration process for the male population
      • Limited messages for men
      • Too many features

      Demographic Makeup

      Originally made by 2 Californian students in 2000, this adult dating site is now the property of Badoo’s founder.

      It quickly became one of the top adult dating sites in the world.

      For more than one million people log in daily, and there are more men than women. Just 40 % of the users are women.

      It is the most used dating site in the States among the younger population.

      People till 30 are the most active user on Hot or Not’s platform.

      Who is it for

      This is one of the most used adults dating sites among young people.

      Hot or Not dating site is for fun, for making all kinds of relationships, but for hook ups, too.

      Ease of use

      Based on and made for the younger population its interface is fun, interesting, and modern.

      Colors are bright and happy. You can download a free mobile app.

      To start the registration process you can link your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

      It is the easiest way to start up arranging your profile on a Hot or Not dating site.

      When you match it with one of your accounts on some other social network you will finish the signing up process by filling some basic fields and adding your photos.

      If you are signing up with a Facebook account, the last seven photos will be automatically linked to your Hot or Not dating account.

      Considering photos, they can be visible to everyone, or they can be private. In other words, they can be seen by matched users.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 11

      The popular swiping feature from Tinder is now transmitted to this dating site.

      If you get bored of posting photos on your account, you can have fun by adding a video.

      In that way, you can show your other, more interesting part of the personality.

      The other cool option is that you can be rated by other people, publically.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 12

      There are many special features but the main ones are Gifts, Stickers, and the most popular, Encounters.

      Using gifts that you can send to other users, you have to buy first some credits available on the site.

      Once you buy stickers, they are yours forever and ever.

      And, the Encounters are the real thing.

      This feature is related to swiping and it is very popular among users.

      That is the feature where profile pictures matter.

      Post great photos, and swiping will be a common thing for you.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Hot or Not dating site safe to use?

      Yes, Hot or Not dating site is safe to use, and till now there have been found nothing to worry about.

      2. Is Hot or Not dating site is free to use?

      Many of its special features are free to use, but if you want to upgrade a little bit of your profile it won’t cost you much money.

      There is an option to buy credits, and to be honest it isn’t expensive at all. It costs from 2 to 48 dollars. And the lifetime packages are included in the highest price.

      3. Does Hot or Not dating site post anything on Facebook?

      No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t post anything on Facebook without your authorization, which is a pretty cool thing, you have to admit.

      6. Feeld

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 13


      • Signing up – 3/ 5
      • Making Contact – 3/ 5
      • Profile Quality – 3/ 5
      • Effectiveness –3/ 5
      • Overall rating – 3/ 5


      • Members are very active
      • Rigorous registration process
      • Good quality profiles
      • Registration for couples is available


      • There are no real photos
      • Limited photo sharing
      • More male population

      Demographic Makeup

      People of all genders and all ages use it. Feeld is a British adult dating site founded in 2014.  

      Who is it for

      Feeld is one of the adult meeting sites that move all the boundaries.

      It is a very open-minded adult dating site where there is no place for any type of discrimination.

      All genders and types of people are there. If you are looking for something naughty, sensual, or extreme, you will definitely find it on Feeld.

      It is also an adult dating site for all single people, but for happy couples, too.

      For all those who want to explore kinky things, this is the right address for you.

      There are users of all ages who are looking for threesomes, foursomes, and much more.

      Ease of use 

      The registration process is pretty much similar to other dating sites. You have to download the app, finish the registration process by signing up with your Google or Facebook account.

      When you add all the basic information about yourself, the final step is to set up the location and your profile pictures.

      The final step is the verification process and your mobile phone is something that you cannot avoid adding.

      Once you do all these things one after another, you will be able to start communication with other members.

      You can communicate with other users by sending them a message or give them alike to let them know you are interested in something further.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 14

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Feeld an adult dating site free to use?

      Feeld is not a free adult site to use. It costs from 8 to 12 USD per month.

      2. Is Feeld an adult dating site safe to use?

      Feeld is strictly against all kinds of nudity. Thanks to the very strict verification process. Feeld is one of the top safest dating sites. However, it is always good to be very careful when you use this type of dating site.

      3. How does the Feeld dating site work?

      After the registration process, your profile will be visible to other users of the site. Many different features will help to find the perfect match for you.

      7. Tinder


      • Signing up – 4/ 5
      • Making Contact – 4/ 5
      • Profile Quality –5 / 5
      • Effectiveness – 4/ 5
      • Overall Rating – 4.75/ 5
      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 15


      • The most popular swipe feature
      • Large active community
      • LGBTQ are welcomed
      • Many special features
      • Interesting to use
      • Connection with multiple devices


      • Limited profiles
      • Many fake profiles
      • Too many features
      • The price

      Demographic Makeup

      There are more than 60 million active users all over the world. It is the most used dating site among the younger generation in the USA.

      Founded in California, it started to grow fast among people from 24 and 35 years old.

      38% of the female population uses it daily, and 62% of the users are men.

      Who is it for

      Tinder is the best adult dating site in the world.

      It is well known in the circles of users who want to find a more serious relationship than they’ve ever had before.

      It is for all those who want to calm down, and start building a serious relationship or family. It is definitely the best adult dating site for all those who are looking for their second chance.

      On the other side, on Tinder, you can find younger people who just wanna have fun.

      Ease of use 

      Tinder is easy to use.

      Its verification process is similar to all other dating sites you’ve already known.

      The first step is to download the app and finish properly the registration process first.

      After filling and answering the basic questions about yourself, you will be ready to start hunting the perfect matches.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 16

      Be very careful when you choose the profile picture because Tinder’s algorithm works on your location and the quality of your profile.

      Swiping right means more matches and more opportunities.

      As a basic member, you can use many great features.

      But, if you want to upgrade your profile more or you are just addicted to the Tinder dating site, you should consider building a little bit more your account.

      Many special features, their usability, and other information, you can find on their official website.

      Tinder offers you many educational videos that can help you to protect your safety and build your account in the best way.

      Best Adult Dating Sites in [year] - [The Top 7 | Features] 17

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is Tinder safe to use?

      Although many facts are convincing us that Tinder is completely safe to use, some awkward moments in the past still keep the doubt on its safety.

      Statistically, it is safe to use Tinder, but always be careful with who you are matching to.  

      2. Is Tinder free to use?

      Many basic features are free, and they are just fine if you are someone who is starting to use Tinder.

      But, if you are seeking for more, and you are willing to pay a good amount of money for it, you go!

      Tinder can cost you up to 150 USD.

      3. Does Tinder really work?

      By many surveys, yes, it really works. But, you have to be patient, and persistent.

      4. Is it worth paying for?

      It depends. If you are looking for a regular hook up or a friendship, it isn’t worth paying for.

      But if you know how its algorithm works, and you’ve already been there, done that, then, you maybe should try with some of the premium packages.

      Final Word

      Hope that this modest review helped you to figure out what are the top five adult dating sites that you can start using right now.

      There is something for all ages and all kinds.

      From open-minded adult dating sites to those where users are looking for serious relationships and life partners. Good luck!

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