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Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in 2021 - Let's get Dating!

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    Best Dating Sites for Over 40

    Hey all and welcome to our article on the best dating sites for over 40!

    Whether you are freshly divorced or reluctantly single, it can be quite a daunting task to find a suitable date, especially when you have completely outgrown the dating scene.

    It has often been said that the workplace is a good place to find a date (and potential partner); however, be not fooled as the workplace is not exactly an ideal place to pick up a man or a woman.

    Your next best option is to use the power of the internet to connect with other 40-something individuals that are also looking for love, romance, and long-term relationships.

    Since the sheer number of online dating sites available can be quite confusing to navigate, we have put together a roundup of the best over 40 dating sites.

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    These best online dating sites for over 40 were selected after we had taken our time to register and interact with users on many dating sites.

    Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. People who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 more dates per month.

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      Best Dating Sites for 40s in Video Form

      Audio (podcast) form for those of you on the go

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in 2021

      Whereas young singles are seeking fun on online dating sites, The Over 40 Single adult is seeking a committed relationship which is made possible by opting for a 6-month plan on the best dating sites for over 40’s. The prices range from $15-$20 per month and are affordable to all.

      1. eHarmony

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 1


      • Signing up – 4/5
      • Making Contact – 3/5
      • Profile Quality – 4/5
      • Overall Rating – 3.7/5


      • Compatibility quizzes so to find you a better match
      • Free automated questions as first contact
      • You can see full profiles for free


      • Adds in the app version

      Demographic Makeup

      eHarmony is one of the biggest dating sites out there and the male-female user ratio is pretty well balanced with about 47% of ladies and 53% of men.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 2

      As for the age distribution, most of the people fall in the 25-34 category, but 40s are a close second.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 3

      Do not worry, there is still plenty of fish on eHarmony in your age category and you will find your match easily.

      Most of the people on eHarmony are people who are trying to find their significant other and settle down, so if you are looking for your Mister or Missis Right, this is the best dating site for over 40.

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Primarily eHarmony focuses on bringing mature singles together in committed relationships and/or marriages.

      They do this through the use of their patented matching system that they developed through years of testing on married people.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 4

      eHarmony takes the guessing out of matching as they will select potential matches for you based on your provided answers to their Relationship Questionnaire and personal information given when filling the dating profiles.

      In our opinion, eHarmony’s matching algorithm is unrivaled among the best online dating sites.

      That being said, it takes quite some time to build a profile, so if you are just into casual chatting or hookups, you will probably decide to go with something simpler.

      There is also an app that is free to download and use.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 5

      It has all of the features that a desktop version offers, but it is simpler and quicker to use on the go.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 6

      eHarmony has a number of wonderful features that are sure to please the 40+ single adults million users. Here are some

      1. What If?

      This feature will give you additional matches that are not to be found in your normal list of matches created based on your preferences.

      It is to try out what would happen and maybe you will even find that you like someone a little bit different a little more.

      2. Send Questions

      If you find it hard to come up with a question or to start a conversation, there is a list of pre-created questions that you can send to your match.

      This is a free feature and there is no limit, so if you want to chat a bit without paying, you will be able to send questions and see what all the fuss with this website is about.

      3. Video Date

      With the situation that we live in in 2020, video date is a good idea. And why not chat and get to know someone a bit better over a live chat when you have options?


      The cost of an eHarmony subscription is at the higher-end of the online dating market, however, this works in the favor of the 40+ singles that are looking for a long-term relationship and not just a quick hookup.

      Also, eHarmony offers plans for 6, 12, or 24 months. So if you buy it, you are basically committing to using it for 6 months at least.

      According to the website, the prices are:

      • 6 months – $59.90 ($9.98 per month)
      • 12 months – $35.90 ($2.99 per month)
      • 24 months – $25.90 ($1.08 per month)
      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 7


      1. Is eHarmony safe?

      Yes, eHarmony is safe, especially because they have such detailed signup process. They also check and verify each and every account so to eliminate or minimize fake profiles.

      2. Can I see how people see my profile?

      Yes, there is an opportunity to check how others see your profile through Preview Profile option.

      Overall Rating

      eHarmony is a website that is mostly meant for people who are looking for serious and meaningful relationships.

      They are also highly specialized in finding a suitable match for everyone, which means that questionnaires are very detailed and the sign up process might take a while.

      These amazing features and more are what make us classify it as one of the best dating apps for serious relationships.

      2. Ashley Madison

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 8


      • Signing up – 5/5
      • Making Contact – 4.5/5
      • Profile Quality – 5/5
      • Overall Quality – 4.8/5


      • Millions of users and growing
      • Most users are middle-aged
      • Open for open relationships and affairs
      • Women can use special features for free
      • Improved security


      • Much more male users

      Demographic Makeup

      Ashley Madison is a website dedicated to all and any who are ready to jump into an open relationship, affair, polygamous relationship, or anything similar and maybe a little unconventional.

      So if you are an open soul ready to experiment on one of the most popular dating apps, Ashley has got you covered.

      With over 17 million users from the United States only and millions more from all over the world, we can say that Ashley Madison is one of the biggest and fastest growing online dating websites.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 9

      With a user database this large, you will be able to find whatever it is that you are looking for with ease.

      True, most of the users are males, so ladies will have a lot of fun choosing their new partners.

      We should also say that most of the users are middle-aged, so if you are in your 40s and looking for something new and exciting, this is a place to be.

      Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

      The layout of the website and the registration process are fairly simple and easy to understand.

      A clean layout makes it easy to find your way around the website even if you are not all that tech-savvy. The placement of buttons and features make the website almost intuitive to use.

      As for the filling in of your profile, you won’t be asked to leave that much information. But when you think about the fact that this is a website mostly for those seeking affairs, it doesn’t surprise all that much.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 10

      Still, some information like your relationship status and your ethnicity will have to be provided.

      All in all, the registration will take you only about 5 minutes or so and it is completely free.

      There is also an app that is available for both Android and iOS and it is free to use.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 11

      All of the important features can be found on it and it is simple to use and even simpler to hide.

      Some of the special features include:

      1. Traveling Man

      This is a feature for all of those who like to travel and more importantly, who like to meet people in new places.

      If you travel a lot and what to get to know someone a bit better before you actually meet, you can use this feature and find people in the desired location.

      2. Priority Man

      This is a profile booster that will, for a little bit of extra cash, make your profile stand out among all of the other profiles and, potentially, help you find a lady to have fun with.

      3. Discreet Photos

      This is a feature that lets you play in secret.

      When you upload a photo, you will be able to blur it, add some masks, and cover parts of your face/ body that you don’t want everyone to see.

      Once you meet someone you really like and trust, you can give them the key to removing the filters so that they can see you in your full glory.


      1. Can I choose which information to show and which to hide?

      Yes, you are in full control of what you want others to see about you and of what will be shown on your profile.

      2. What is Message Plus?

      This is a feature that lets you read and send messages without using credits. This is a feature that you can use for free in the first 30 days after buying any credit package.


      Good news for ladies looking for men – they can use the website and all of its features completely free. Men and ladies looking for other ladies will have to pay, though.

      Unlike all other websites that work on monthly subscriptions, Ashley Madison has a credit system. If you want to send a message to someone, it will cost you 5 credits.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 12

      This, though, applies only to the initial message. Later on, you will be able to write to someone without using credits.

      • 100 credits – $59.00
      • 500 credits – $169.00
      • 1000 credits – $289.00

      Overall Rating

      Ashley Madison is a growing website for all of those who are looking for an open relationship or an affair. It is free to use for ladies looking for men, but men will have to pay to use it. Still, most of the users are men, so ladies will have plenty to choose from.

      3. Loveaholics

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 13


      • Signing up – 4/5
      • Making Contact – 3/5
      • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
      • Overall Rating – 3.38/5


      • Members are active, there are about 2 million logins
      • With Satisfaction Guarantee, access to other dating websites is granted as well
      • It has a user-friendly design
      • Winks are free-service


      • Uneven man-to-woman ratio
      • The mobile app is not available

      Demographic Makeup

      Unlike Zoosk, which is all about commitment, Loveaholics is like Tinder over 40.

      Just because you are 40, doesn’t mean that you should stop having fun and this website encourages singles over 40 to explore their sexuality and fantasies without any commitments.

      Most members are from the USA, Spain, and Poland. The website is also incredibly popular in Japan.

      It has almost 2 million logins so it is one of the largest singles sites for over 40.

      Keep in mind that 70% are male users, so men have to fight for female attention.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 14

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Unfortunately, Loveaholics doesn’t have an app, but you can access the website on-the-go via the mobile browser.

      You will still get access to all features, but the layout will be slightly different.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 15

      Many users do not like this design and prefer the desktop version – it features an orange theme and all features are placed on the side of the screen.

      The website is user-friendly, so different age groups can use it without any difficulties.

      Furthermore, the sign-up process begins with one form – this is just some general information.

      Your profile is activated after typing a 4-digit code received via email.

      Once it is activated, you can add more details to your account or start browsing.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 16

      Loveaholics offers some basic features such as winks, chats, and favorites. These are used for showing interest and initiating contact.

      If you want to bring your online dating game to another level, try one of the special features:

      1. Flirtcast

      Because not everyone is great at writing pick-up lines, Loveaholics has decided to write a few for you.

      These messages are sent to multiple people and by the response, you can determine whether someone is your type or not.

      2. Safe mode

      Creating a fake account on Loveaholics isn’t difficult, but you can prevent getting contacted by fake or suspicious members.

      Safe mode will automatically block messages from suspicious accounts and keep you safe.

      3. Satisfaction Guarantee

      Loveaholics is a part of Together Network. If you bought a membership, but haven’t found many people, you can use the same membership on other dating sites that belong to this network.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 17


      Loveaholics is one of the priciest among the best online dating sites for 40-year-olds.

      Still, with a Satisfaction Guarantee and access to other dating sites, it is worth the money.

      Also, females get access to pay-per-day memberships:

      • Chataholic will turn you into a hot member and display your profile among the first ones in the queue.
      • Extra Security is making sure your privacy is protected during online dating.
      • Premium Dater is allowing you to enjoy the features of both memberships.

      Males only have access to monthly memberships, and the prices on the websites are:

      • 1 month – $41.40
      • 6-month – $69.30
      • 12-month – $111.60
      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 18


      1. Which dating sites belong to Together Network besides Loveaholics?

      This network brought together a few different dating websites. Besides Loveaholics, you also get access to BeNaughty, UpForIt, Quickflirt, and IwantU.

      2. Can I get a refund and how?

      Yes, you can request a refund and all you need to do is contact Loveaholics. Before contacting make sure you have prepared information about the date of transaction, card number, and website’s name.

      Overall Rating

      Because of the lack of a mobile app, we gave Loveaholics an overall rating of 3.38/5. Still, this is a great website for dating over 40 – people are communicative, and looking for fun. Also, one subscription is unlocking the doors to other websites.

      4. Elite Singles

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 19


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 3.5/5

      Profile Quality – 4.5/5

      Overall Rating – 4/5


      • The website uses a great matching algorithm
      • Profiles are informative
      • The app has a great design and the same features as the website
      • Members are highly educated and professionals from different fields


      • Besides browsing, free members can’t do much on the website

      Demographic Makeup

      There are plenty of free dating sites over 40 made for professionals, and Elite Singles is one of the best!

      This website has about 65 thousand new members each week and right now it counts above 1 million users.

      It is available in twenty countries in the world, but the majority of members are from the USA.

      As far as we are talking about gender distribution, there is an equal number of women and men. However, in the age group above 40, there are more female users – about 41% of women are singles over 40.

      Elite Singles is a place for highly educated individuals that are looking for deep connections, which is why it made the list of dating sites for professionals over 40.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 20

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Because most professionals are constantly on the go, creators made sure that the app is just as good as the website.

      It has a simple theme and layout – there are icons on the bottom of the screen for easy access to different tabs.

      You can get the app from the App and Play Store.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 21

      When you are browsing from the comfort of your home, you can access the account via a desktop browser. All of the features are available in this version.

      When it comes to registration, it is easy, but will require some time.

      Besides basic information, there is a questionnaire that every member has to complete – questions were created by a team of psychologists and they are about your hobbies and interests.

      We found out that if you want to get matches that meet your preferences, you need to take your time to answer the questions in the questionnaires truthfully.

      Elite Singles allows likes and comments for uploaded photos, and in that way, it resembles a social media website.

      Of course, there are some very unique dating features:

      1. Recommendations

      All of your answers from the questionnaire are used for finding you the best possible match.

      Each day you get a new recommendation – this is a person that has answers similar to yours.

      2. Have you met

      If you enjoy swiping, then you will love this feature – profiles are shown individually and you can either like them or dismiss them.

      3. Wildcard Matches

      Wildcard matches are displaying you additional twenty profiles every day, so you can find your perfect match.

      4. Magazine

      Elite Singles Magazine is an online blog and there you can find different dating tips and advice.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 22


      Elite Singles doesn’t offer too many features for free members.

      Creating a profile and receiving suggestions are free-services, and for anything more, you have to upgrade your profile.

      Because membership unlocks both basic and special features, many members are subscribers.

      Prices of Elite Singles membership on its website are:

      Premium Light

      • 3-month – $104.85

      Premium Classic

      • 6-month – $119.70

      Premium Comfort

      • 12-month – $215.40
      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 23


      1. Is there a way to filter displayed profiles?

      Yes! Elite Singles has plenty of search filters – for age, gender, location, and you can use multiple filters when searching.

      You can filter matches as well.

      2. How to contact Elite Singles?

      If you are experiencing any problems on the website, you can use the Help Center.

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      The Help Center can resolve problems regarding your account or subscription. Also, you can find step-by-step instructions for reporting fake accounts or blocking rude members.

      Overall Rating

      Simple layout and amazing features are the reason for including Elite Singles on our list of best dating apps over 40. Moreover, a large audience and well-educated members are other pros of this website. The overall score of Elite Singles is 4/5.

      5. Zoosk

      Zoosk Review | PCMag


      • Signing up – 4.5/5
      • Making Contact – 4/5
      • Profile Quality – 4/5
      • Overall Rating – 4.13/5


      • Large member base, active users, and worldwide availability of the website
      • Great male-to-female user ratio
      • The website and app have the same modern design and features
      • Profile pictures are public


      • Many features for contacting are paid-services

      Demographic Makeup

      Zoosk currently counts 40 million users from all over the world and around 30% of those users are in their early forties, which makes Zoosk great for dating over 40.

      About 50% of users are from the USA, and out of 40 million, 600 thousand come from the UK.

      Besides these countries, it is also popular in many European countries and Canada.

      Members are also quite active – the website counts around 80 thousand weekly logins, so you can stumble upon someone that wants to chat easily and at any time.

      Speaking of gender distribution, it is almost equal – 55% are men.

      Furthermore, we included Zoosk on our list of best online dating sites over 40 because most members are looking for long-term commitments.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 24

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 25

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Zoosk exists as a mobile app and website.

      The app is free and available for Android and iOS.

      It may not really be considered as the best dating app for 40s because of a missing feature which is the Dating Insight.

      Users that find this feature super important might be a bit frustrated with the app.

      We noticed that if you are searching and chatting, the website and app work the same way.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 26

      In the end, since there aren’t many differences between the mobile and desktop versions, use the one you feel most comfortable with.

      Now, let’s talk about the sign-up process and profiles.

      From experience, It will take about five minutes to create an account on Zoosk.

      The first form consists of basic information – email, gender and gender preference,  and date of birth.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 27

      With an activation link, you will get access to your profile and after you add the phone number, you will be able to start browsing.

      Profile quality is great – all photos are public and information is placed in bullets. You get a brief overview of someone’s interests and then you can decide whether you want to initiate contact.

      Here are some features you can try out:

      1. SmartPick

      Firstly, you will have to give a detailed description of your preferences and interests.

      Then the algorithm will find people with similar passions and high compatibility percentages.

      2. Dating Insight

      If you are interested to learn which people you attract the most, use Dating Insight.

      Information about your likes and dating style is collected over time, and later you can check out your activity on the website.

      3. Super Send

      This is a great option for people that have just ended a serious relationship and forgot how to flirt.

      Zooks offers plenty of flirty pre-written messages you can send to other members to initiate contact.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 28


      Among over 40 dating websites, Zoosk is one of the cheapest.

      Prices are budget-friendly and becoming a subscriber has plenty of advantages such as messages, incognito browsing, and SmartPicks.

      Here are the subscription plans outlined on its website:


      • 1 month – $29.99
      • 3-month – $59.99
      • 6-month – $74.99

      Besides membership, Zoosk offers coins:

      • 180 coins- $19.99
      • 480 coins – $39.99
      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 29


      1. What are the Zoosk Coins?

      Coins are bought separately and they can be used for virtual gifts.

      2. Can I sign-up using Facebook?

      Yes, you can create an account using either a Facebook account. Registration via Google Account is possible as well.

      Even if you aren’t creating the profile through Facebook, you should still link your social media accounts for easier identity verification.

      Overall Rating

      With so many singles over 40, Zoosk deserves a score of 4.13/5. Great design, the app that runs smoothly, and different matchmaking features make this an ideal website for 40+ dating.

      6. Hinge

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 30


      Signing up – 3/5

      Making Contact – 3/5

      Profile Quality –3/5

      Overall Quality – 3/5


      • You can see profiles of everyone who likes you
      • Free app


      • You must add 6 photos to create a profile
      • You can’t create account through desktop, only through app

      Demographic Makeup

      Hinge is one of those websites that have a pretty balanced user gender ratio with 45% of women and 55% of men.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 31

      This means that, no matter your sexual preferences, you will have enough people to choose from.

      Now, Hinge is not really an app that is specifically made for 40+ year-olds and most of the users fall under the 25-35 age category, but 40+ year-olds are just as numerous.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 32

      Also, most of the users are actually looking for a serious relationship, as opposed to casual hookups.

      The majority of members are active and fake profiles are minimal, so you will have nothing to worry about.

      If you are yet to decide on any of the dating apps for a serious relationship, you should consider Hinge.

      Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

      Since Hinge is meant for people who are interested in serious and long-lasting relationships, the sign-up process is detailed and takes more time to sign up compared to other apps and websites.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 33

      There are several parts of the questionnaire that you will have to fill in.

      Reviews have shown that people in their 40s consider Hinge as one of the best dating apps for relationships that end up being meaningful.

      1. My Vitals

      This is where you fill out your basic information like gender, gender preferences, education, religion, work, even height.

      You also have to add your exact location. Only a county or city won’t work.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 34

      Luckily, you can choose which of these will be visible on your profile.

      2. My Virtues

      After that, you will be asked to answer some questions about topics that might be seen as controversial somewhere.

      For example, you will have to present your views, on drinking, smoking, drugs, politics, and similar.

      Again, you can choose what you will show and what you will hide.

      3. My Profile

      The final step you need to take to complete your application is to add photos and fine polish your profile.

      You will have to add 6 photos as you won’t be able to complete the profile with any less.

      You will also have to answer some questions or to fill the sentences that describe you closer and these will be visible on your profile.

      Now, I should say that this registration process can be done only through the app and you can’t really use the website for any of this.

      The app is clean and simple to use and most people use apps anyway. But still, not having a desktop version might be a drawback for some people.


      Hinge, like many other online dating apps, comes with a paid version and a free version.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 40 in [year] - Let's get Dating! 35

      Of course, most of the good features are in the paid version, so if you want to send unlimited likes or set your preferences, you will have to buy one of the three basic plans displayed on the website.

      • 1 month – $9.99
      • 3 months – $20.97 ($6.99 per month)
      • 6 months – $29.94 ($4.99 per month)


      1. Do I have to buy subscription again after every period?

      No, you don’t. Memberships are renewed automatically, but if you wish to stop paying for a membership, you can cancel it anytime.

      2. How does Hinge work?

      Hinge is an app that is a bit different from other dating apps. It connects potential daters based on their answers during sign up process.

      Overall Rating

      Our findings reveal that Hinge is a dating app (no desktop version) that mostly hosts people who are looking for serious relationships, making it part of the best online dating apps.

      This is why the registration process is so detailed and why you have to answer so many questions about your views and beliefs before you can actually start browsing and chatting.

      All in all, we give it a grade of 3 out of 5 among over 40 dating apps.

      Pros and Cons of the Best Dating Sites for Over 40 


      • Most of the dating sites over 40 have a large number of users in the age range
      • An easy and straightforward registration process 
      • A seamless effort at meeting people with similar interest and background 


      • Women over 40 complained of being matched with younger men  
      • Some users also complained of matches not initiating a conversation
      • Meeting matches that lie about their age 


      We did a critical analysis of the Best Dating Sites For Over 40 based on the following parameters: 

      • Ratings 
      • Pros and Cons
      • Demographic Makeup
      • Ease of Use of the mobile and desktop version
      • Cost
      • Overall ratings

      Conclusion on the best dating sites for over 40!

      Conclusion on the best dating sites for over 40!

      In my extensive research, these are the best dating sites for over 40 individuals!

      You should check them all out to get a better feel for the best one for you! Now get out there and start dating!

      Love is a beautiful thing for everyone and online dating has removed the barrier of using the excuse of distance for not pursuing it.


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