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Today’s article is all about finding the perfect greek dating site.

There’s no denying that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

And the Greek people are a passionate nation that loves nothing more than to spend time with their families, eating good food and having the time of their lives.

For many, finding a partner that is Greek is critical. 

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Well, that’s where this review comes in.

If you are Greek and looking for a Greek partner then we are going to look into a number of dating apps for Greeks as well as the best Greek dating sites that you can consider.

Each site will be rated and evaluated based on:

Pros and cons
Ease of use
What paid subscription offers

And by the time you are finished, you will know which Greek singles dating site is for you and just how Greek online dating works.

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Best Greek Dating Sites [year] - Make Epic Greek Love Stories 5

Eligible Greeks


  • Signing Up – 4/5
  • Making Contact – 3/5
  • Profile Quality – 4/5
  • Overall Quality – 3/5


  • A strong user base of over 1 million
  • It has an app that you can download off the Google Play Store
  • Profiles are packed with information


  • No free dating, you have to pay to use the site effectively
  • Membership options are a little expensive


If you want to meet Greek singles all over the globe, this is one of the best dating sites to use, that’s for sure.

And since the closure of Agape online, it is one of the most prominent Greek meeting sites on the internet.

Of course, regular hook-up or dating sites like BeNaughtyAshley MadisonZooskTinderElite SingleseHarmony, and can be used to hook up or date with Greek matches, but why wouldn’t you use a site that’s filled with potential Greek dates

While this isn’t a free dating site, because of the perks it offers, many people have created a profile and then opted to pay for messaging and other features.

Yes, over 1 million of them with some 300 000 users in the United States.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

For that reason alone, you can see why it’s here that Greek people meet up.

Just go to the registration page to see success story after success story as people have found new friends or even a soulmate while using the site.

Interestingly around 62% of the profiles on site are female with males making up the other 38%.

The most popular age group on Eligible Greeks, with a quarter of all users, is the 25 and 34-year-olds. 

User ages are pretty even with the smallest group of users (16%) aged from 45-54 years-old. 

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Using this dating site couldn’t be easier.

It gives you a choice, too.

Well, that’s only if you are an Android user because if you are, there is an Eligible Greeks app that you can download. 

Or you simply register online and download the app later. 

Registration needs a few pieces of information like your gender, username, password and email address.

From there, it’s a case of filling out your profile which will take a few minutes.

The profiles on Eligible Greeks are packed with information.

And that’s something I love seeing on a dating site because I want to know as much as I can about someone even before sending them a  message.

One thing, although Eligible Greeks allows you onsite straight away, your profile won’t be uploaded until you validate your email.

You will love the overall design of the site too, it’s just pleasant to spend your time using it as a matchmaker (hopefully). 

Here, just like its sister sites on the World Singles Network, user profiles are prominent, as they should be. 

You will see a range of them already on the home page which you can look through but you would want to search as well, right?

The search engine can be accessed from one of the main menus:

These are:

  • Dashboard: Click here to return to the dashboard, which is the homepage.
  • Search: This is where you can launch your own searches
  • Activity: Find out what’s going on with your profile here and by that I mean you can see who has looked at it or liked it perhaps.
  • Chat: The messaging system for the site is found here
  • Slideshow: If you’d like to play a matchmaking game on-site, click here. 

Finding a potential date is mostly going to be done by using the search function.

Here you can go through matches provided by the site or search using your own parameters.

While regular users have a basic search engine at their disposal, paid users get an advanced one where you can add any number of parameters from user profiles. 

Once you’ve found someone that you’d like to get into contact with, however, you are going to have to consider membership as messaging isn’t a free option.

Eligible Greeks Cost

These are the extras members can expect when they sign up for membership on the site. 

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Advanced searches
  • No advertising
  • Boosting your profile
  • Member help/support

The cost of those membership packages are:

  • One-month membership is $39.99
  • Three-month membership is $89.97 ($29.99 per month)
  • Six-month membership: $149.94 ($24.99 per month).


1. What is Slideshow?

Slideshow is a simple roulette-style matchup game on Eligible Greeks.

It’s a great way to shuffle through potential matchups near your location.

2. How do I meet Greek singles?

Eligible Greeks is a great place to start.

That’s because you are free to set up a profile and find potential matchups and then you can act from there if you choose to.

Plus, it has a user base of over 1 million Greek members. 

3.  What are the best Greek dating sites?

While it’s difficult to make a call on the best dating site for Greeks around the world, without a doubt, Eligible Greeks is one of them.

It’s popular, simple to use and has helped many people find their soulmate

Overall Rating

Of the online dating sites mentioned here, it’s the one that I would try out first.

It’s just rock-solid in terms of user numbers, ease of use and the features you get.

If I had one minor complaint, it’s that it’s not that cheap for a one-month membership.

The price does drop for a three-month option by almost $10 when compared month-to-month but not everyone can afford that initial lump sum payment.

But if you can afford it, try it out.

Eligible Greeks gets an impressive rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Best Greek Dating Sites [year] - Make Epic Greek Love Stories 6

Greek Dating Net


  • Signing Up – 3.5/5
  • Making Contact – 3/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Quality – 3.5/5


  • Very cheap membership
  • Comprehensive profiles with tons of information


  • Not only people of Greek origin using the site


While this appears to be a dating site used by Greeks in Greece, there are users from other parts of the world as well.

It’s not the busiest dating site and certainly doesn’t have the user base that Eligible Greeks has.

You will find a good mix of male and female profiles across all age ranges although users between 25-44 are the biggest age group. 

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

The registration process for Greek Dating Net is extensive.

That’s because you will fill in your full profile while you register for a user account on the site.

And that profile is extensive. 

It covers just about everything from your appearance to your habits, your home and family life, professional life, interests and even what you consider your sense of humor to be like.

So set aside a good 10 to 15 minutes to complete it.

But I love the fact that its got so much to it and you can use it to give other users a pretty good idea of what you are all about. 

Interestingly part of your profile is a pre-generated headline which is something I haven’t seen on a dating site before.

For example, you can select “Greek friends or penpals” or “Greek long term dating”

There are four options covering friends, dating, romance. 

Once you’ve completed your profile, you have to put in the details regarding what you are looking for.

So that’s gender, age range, location, you know, the regular stuff.

Following that, you gain access to the site.

And I love the overall modular design.

It’s also kept simple and uncluttered which makes it a joy to use.

To navigate, you will make use of the menus at the top of the screen.

These are:

  • Search
  • Blogs
  • Women
  • Men
  • Photo

These are self-explanatory but I’d like to talk about the search menu.

It allows both basic and advanced searches.

You can also see the matches the site has assigned to you based on your preferred age range, gender and location.

The advanced search engine is powerful too with any number of parameters that you can add from users’ profile details.

While there are many Greek people using the site, it seems to have attracted a range of other users too.

Greek Dating Net Cost

Greek Dating Net has five different membership packages which provide you with unlimited messages.

While you can send a few messages to start with as a new user, you will eventually need to buy a membership to continue.

Here’s a breakdown of what the membership packages will cost:

  • 1-month membership: $4.95
  • 3-month membership: $9.95
  • 6-month membership: $19.95
  • 9-month membership: $35.95
  • 1-year membership: $50

It’s certainly one of the cheaper dating sites you will ever see, that’s for sure. 


1. Does Greek Dating Net have an app?

No, there is no app for Greek Dating Net.

The site is mobile-friendly, however.

2.  Can I block another user?

Yes, you have plenty of options when it comes to other users.

If they are harassing you, you can block them or report them.

But you can add others as friends as well if you’d like.

Overall Rating

Yes, you will find Greek people here, many of them from Greece itself but also users from other countries as well.

That waters down the user base if you are looking exclusively for a Greek date.

The cool thing about this site, however, is that you can quickly determine what someone is looking for thanks to the four pre-generated profile headers.

So that means you can eliminate potential matchups quickly because they might want a penpal and you want long-term dating. 

The other great thing about the site is that it’s so cheap.

Honestly, $4.95 is practically nothing to pay a month, so there is no harm in trying the site out.

When it comes to rating Greek Dating Net, it gets a 3.3 out of 5. 

Best Greek Dating Sites [year] - Make Epic Greek Love Stories 7

Greek Dates

  • Signing Up – 3/5
  • Making Contact – 3/5
  • Profile Quality – 3.5/5
  • Overall Quality – 3/5


  • Easy registration process
  • Only a completed profile allows you to view other profiles
  • The site provides matchups and you can search for your own


  • Messaging is a membership only privilege 


During my time test this site for review, I found a range of Greek people with profiles.

That included those in Greece itself and others from around the world.

I ran a number of search tests across all age-range and found numerous matchups.

As you are free to register a profile and search for others, there’s no harm in trying your own searches to see what returns come up.

I would say, however, there are more males on-site than females.

It was impossible to find exact user numbers, however. 

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

The great thing about this site is that its part of the World Singles network of dating sites.

So it’s slick in terms of the overall use, from signing up for your profile to looking for a potential matchup.

The registration process doesn’t take a lot of time and you will have to provide all the regular information that dating sites need.

That means a username, password and valid email address. 

Registration also means partially filling in your profile and all in all, this is going to take around 15 minutes of your time in total.

I don’t want to talk about that too much, because even this is the first dating site you’ve ever used, the process is extremely easy to finish. 

It includes a section on family roots and ethnicity so if you are searching for Greeks only, this could be a point to start your search.

Search via family roots, however, is a member-only feature but you can search by ethnicity as a regular user.

Also, you can search by location as well as age-ranges. 

While searching is a great way to find matchups, the site will provide you with matchups based on your profile.

You can also view new members or those that are currently online.

The site itself is simple to navigate through the menu system on the left-hand side of the screen.

That includes a dashboard, search tool, chat and slideshow (a matchup game).

Please note, even though you filled in much of your profile during your registration process, it is not complete so don’t forget about that. 

Also, you cannot view other members’ profiles if yours isn’t completed.

Now that’s an incentive to finish yours, right?

Also, you won’t be able to message anyone on the site without becoming a member.

Greek Dates  Cost

If you’d like to sign up for a membership at Greek Dates, the cost breakdown is as follows

  • $39.99 for a 1-month membership  
  • $29.99 per month for a 3-month membership (one-off payment of $89.97)
  • $24.99 per month for a 6-month membership (one-off payment of $149.94)

It’s not that cheap but over and above unlimited messages and advanced searches there are other features, for example and boosting your profile to the top of other users’ search returns.


1. Why can’t I view other users’ profiles?

Is your profile fully complete?

You can only view other users’ profiles if you have completed yours and that includes uploading a profile picture.

2.  Is the advanced search engine available for everyone to use?

No, it is not.

The regular search engine has a number of parameters you can change, but the advanced one includes all the profile parameters that you can search by.

Overall Rating

This is a Greek dating site with users from Greece and all over the globe, including the United States.

And it’s got lots going for it, that’s for sure.

You’ve got a decent user base to work with so that’s a good start.

I love the fact that not only can you search for your own matchups, but the site provides them to you as well.

This can be a little hit and miss, however, depending on your location.

Overall, it’s a site that has all you need to find a potential Greek date.

For a rating, Greek Dates gets 3.2 out of 5. 

Best Greek Dating Sites [year] - Make Epic Greek Love Stories 8



  • Signing up – 4/5
  • Making contact – 3/5
  • Profile quality – 4/5
  • Overall quality – 4/5


  • Large user based
  • You can conduct keyword searches


  • Not everyone is Greek


It makes sense to include a more commercial site in dating sites that are looking towards a specific ethnicity and culture.

That’s because, although they are not target specific, they have such a huge database of users and some of them allow you to search very specifically.

That’s the case with OkCupid.

It’s one of the biggest online dating sites out there and allows for keyword searches.

So that means, you can specifically search for a word like “Greek” to turn up those specific users of Greek origin that have a profile.

Just think how many of the 10 million registered OKCupid users you could potentially find that a Greek?

It must be a fair few, that’s for sure.

Ease of Use “mobile and desktop version”

Other than its massive user base, the other advantage that OK Cupid brings is that it’s available as an app for both Android and Apple users. 

So if you prefer dating via app this is probably where you should start when looking for a Greek date.

No matter what way you choose to sign up for OkCupid, you are going to have to have to fill in their unique questionnaire which helps the site provide you with the best matches.

This takes some time and you will answer a range of questions based on various subjects.

All in all, there are over 4 000 questions to answer.

Don’t worry, you don’t do them all at once but you can make it an on-going thing during your dating journey.

The more you answer, the better matchups OkCupid can provide for you. 

Registration for OkCupid is going to take around 20 minutes of your time, however.

It’s worth doing it properly to ensure that the matches you receive from the moment you are finished with registration are what you are looking for.

These matches might not be Greek but as I mentioned earlier, you can easily search for a Greek date using the keyword search feature.

As for messaging, well technically it is free but you someone will only see a message you have sent them if they have liked your profile and matched with you.

You can send messages that anyone can see if you are a member, however.

Ok Cupid Cost

As a member of OkCupid, you can see who has liked your profile, you get read receipts for messages you send, you can use the advanced search filters (like keywords) and much more.

But what’s the pricing like?

Well, it’s not that expensive.

There are two membership options on the site: basic and premium.


  • One-month membership – $7.95
  • Three-month membership – $19.05 ($6.35 per month)
  • Six-month membership – $23.70 ($3.95 per month)


  • One-month – $24.90
  • Three-month – $68.70 ($22.90 per month)
  • Six-month – $119.40 ($19.90 per month)

Obviously, Premium membership provides you with all the features OkCupid has to offer.


1. OkCupid has a “boost” feature. What is that?

It’s simply a way to present your profile to more people.

Boosting your profile means that you appear at the start of their matchups if you meet the requirements they are looking for.

Obviously, this is an excellent way to get more people making the move to like your profile. 

2. Does OkCupid include roulette-style matching?

Yes, it does.

This is in the form of a game called “Double Take”.

If you are using the OkCupid app, just swipe left on those who don’t interest you and right on those who do.

3.  How do I find profiles of Greek users?

The keyword search is the best way to do this.

Search for “Greek” or other similar related terms and see what those turn up.

With a user base of 10 million people, you are sure to find some matchups with potential. 

Overall Rating

One of the main reasons that I have included OkCupid in this article is the fact that it’s so popular and has a massive user base.

While it’s not a Greek specific dating site, you can use it to your advantage.

The range of Greek matchups it can provide is going to vary depending on where you stay but it just makes sense to include a commercial dating site and OkCupid fits the bill

For an overall rating, it gets 3.75 out of 5. 

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