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Brazilian men guide

Ah, Brazil! The pristine beaches, the verdant jungles, the raw energy of life in the air!

And men. Super sexy Brazilian men.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Brazilian men compare in all categories.

In all seriousness, it’s been a running stereotype that the main export goods of Brazil are supermodels.

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Intrigued by that notion, I decided that Brazil should be my next stop.

So I went there to meet some single Brazilian men, and see if there’s any truth in this, and other Brazilian men stereotypes.

My dear ladies, as your go-to international dating expert, I’m more than happy to tell you that it does.

So buckle up sisters, and let me offer some advice about how to seduce Brazilian men and how to date handsome Brazilian men!

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What Are Brazilian Men Like?

What are Brazilian men like, you ask?

If I could choose one word to describe a Brazilian man, one of the first which comes to mind would be: stunning!

Yes, typical Brazilian men are stunningly handsome, but that’s just the façade, however attractive it may be.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see what hides under all that sexiness.

Physical Appearance

I seriously can’t stress enough ladies: Brazilian guys are just that hot.

It sounds as if I’m idealizing them, but I’m honestly not!

It might not be so ladylike of me to say it, but just one look at them makes you want to find out what are Brazilian guys in bed like.

Ok, it goes without saying that not every Brazilian man is a beachside Apollo with perfectly tanned body and rock-hard abs (one of the common Brazilian men stereotypes), and yet, even the most average-looking Brazilian men can make you swoon with their wit and charm alone.

On average, a typical Brazilian man is around 5’ 6” in height, and their average weight is around 150-160 pounds.

Other physical traits, however, are quite impossible to name because of the main feature of the Brazilian populace: their ethnic and racial diversity.

Brazil being as huge and multiethnic as it is, it’s pretty hard to describe an average Brazilian man. In some parts of Brazil, an average Brazilian man is Caucasian, in others it’s Amerindian, or African, even Asian, and all of them equally Brazilian.

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This unique mixture of different ethnicities is one of the factors why Brazilians are so uniquely beautiful. After my time in Brazil, I can safely say that Brazil is like a rainbow in that regard, full of beauty and splendor.

But as the wise people say, the outside beauty may draw our attention, but it is the inner beauty and the strength of character which keeps us enamored and connected to our partners. Let me tell you what Brazilian men are like when it comes to character!

Brazilian men Physical appearance

Brazilian Men Style

Brazil is usually a synonym for vivid and vibrant colors, and once you see this beautiful country, you will see that it’s absolutely true!

That’s the part of their everyday fashion, and most notably regarding beachwear.

Guys are huge fans of denim, but since the weather is mainly extremely hot, they prefer some lighter and more comfortable fabrics.

You can also see them wearing pants or khakis, and those who opt for pants will make sure they are neither too loose nor too tight.

Are Brazilian men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the important physical trait ratings for Brazilian men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Brazilian men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Brazil and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Brazilian men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.



If you wonder what are Brazilian guys like character-wise, I can only say that they are rather interesting.

Let’s see just how much!

1. Gentleman Rating

Our sexy Brazilian men are very, very, very good smooth-talkers.

They love complimenting their ladies, and whenever there’ a chance for it, they’ll take it in a second.

They will treat you like the lady you are, and they’ll never shy away from a spontaneous compliment or a kiss, no matter the situation.

They tend to be a bit more forward than American men when they approach you, for example, so prepare for a bit of a shock when it comes to Brazilian dating culture.

Not all of them like that though, but still, it’s a refreshing change of pace.

So if you wonder what are Brazilian men like in relationships, know that you will be treated only like a princess you are.

Brazilian men chivalry factor

2. Integrity

Here’s a little heads-up: he’ll mention his family and friend a lot. And I mean, a lot. So much that you’ll find yourself at their family table much sooner than it is customary here in America.

Don’t be alarmed though, that is just a part of their forward nature, and it shows just how much you’re important to them. He’s a family man through and through and a truly loyal friend, and he’ll stand by them through thick and thin.

Ergo – a perfect husband material.

Brazilian men have integrity

3. Honesty

Hot Brazilian guys don’t shy away from showing their emotions. You’ll never have to guess whether or not they really love you or not because, just like I already mentioned, they’ll never miss a chance to show it to you.

There are those stoic, quiet types among them too, make no mistake, but most of the time, you’ll know exactly how much he adores you.

Brazilian men are honest

4. Loyalty

When it comes to fidelity in Brazil, I have to say – they’re a bit more flexible when it comes to it than in America.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, this is all highly individual, and you’ll mostly have nothing to worry about unless you run into some extreme womanizer.

Just so you know, love is one thing, fidelity quite another, so be prepared for any eventuality, however unlikely.

Brazilian men are loyal

5. How Protective Are They?

Very protective. Whether you’re a friend or a family member, they’ll go above and beyond to help you if you need their help. They feel good when they know they’re useful, and doing good by you is a great boost to their ego.

And in case of beautiful ladies such as yourselves, is there a man who can miss the chance to be your knight in shiny armor? Well, that goes double for these handsome Brazilian guys, especially if there’s a chance this will help them win your affection!

How protective are Brazilian men?

6. Are they Resourceful?

When it comes to resourcefulness, they pretty proficient with everything they set their minds to (that counts double for their skills in bed!), but jut all men everywhere, they often try to look more capable than they are.

Not that that is an issue though – Brazilian guys are cool even while pretending they’re cool, and it doesn’t take away from their hotness!

Brazilian men can be very resourceful

7. Maturity

Full disclaimer ladies: this does not apply to all Brazilian men, so take this with a grain of salt!

In terms of maturity, well, Brazilian guys mostly fail.

Typical Brazilian guys are used to being pampered, especially by their mothers. Some of them are the quintessential momma’s boys, craving total attention, and that can be irritating on o many levels.

Take care not to bump into a guy like that, and if you do, and you like him that much, you better put a lot of effort into getting his mom like you, otherwise, abandon ship.

Brazilian Men are somewhat mature

8. Self-Confidence

On the other hand, Brazilian men ooze self-confidence.

They’re confident in their capabilities, both in practical and in personal life. They love a good challenge, and they don’t hesitate to take it head-on.

You’ll see that in the way he approaches you – persistent, sure in himself, steadfast yet spontaneous, able to adapt in a heartbeat, almost like the traditional Latino lover with a heart of gold from the movies!

Brazilian men are highly confident

9. Friendly or Reserved?

Super friendly and incredibly outgoing! Just like I already mentioned, Brazilian men are easily approachable both in a bar, if you wish to ask them for a drink, and in the streets, if you’re lost and need someone to point you in the right direction.

Also, they have no problem approaching strangers, especially if they’re as sexy as you! Be prepared for a lot of invitations to parties and picnics, and many a family gathering as well!

Brazilian men are friendly

Brazilian men are awesome in all the categories mentioned above and I must say that is a good sign that you are in safe hands.

But there are still more to consider before taking the bold step before choosing a Brazilian man from Brazil. Read further to find out more about these amazing men.


Dating A Brazilian Man: Pros and Cons

What are Brazilian guys like in relationships? This is the right place for you to find out! Here are some pros and cons about dating Brazilian men!


1. Passionate Lovers

There’ a study out there which shows that Brazilian men are the loudest in bed. Considering how touchy-feely Brazilian men are, it makes absolute sense – they are excellent lovers, their skills in bed not at all exaggerated.

Simply put, Brazilian men in bed are something to be experienced! You have a lot to look forward to, ladies!

2. Family Matters!

It cannot be stressed enough just how much family is important to an average Brazilian man. They’re a huge part of their lives, and they will want to share it with you a well.

Get ready to be a part of all the gatherings and parties! Chances are: you’ll love every minute of it – especially his mother’s cuisine!

I said it once, and I’ll say it again: perfect husband material!

3. Kind and Affectionate

PDA is never an issue for a Brazilian guy, and you’ll see that for yourselves easily enough. As passionate as they are in bed, Brazilian men dating are even more affectionate out of it.

Believe me, his spontaneous acts of love – a sudden kiss, a gentle embrace – will make your every day!


1. Living at Home

Many single Brazilian guys – though I repeat: not all of them! – live with their parents almost until they marry and start a family of their own.

The reason for this late leaving of their family nest is the fact that, in Brazil, the first job they find after graduation usually doesn’t pay as well, so they tend to stick around the house until they save enough for a place of their own/find a better job.

So be prepared for that, just in case.

2. They Can Be Jealous

The bad thing about their outgoing nature is the fact that sexy Brazilian guys flirt often. However, when it comes to someone else flirting with their better half, they’re not nearly as flexible.

They tend to get jealous, almost territorial, and that can be a bit too much at times. Out of many Brazilian guy stereotypes, this one is, sadly, also correct.

3. Sugarcoating, with Extra Sugar

Brazilian men are not outright liars, but they do like to embellish the truth, sometimes quite a lot!

This doesn’t need to be a serious issue, because they usually do this to either get into your good graces, or calm you down so you don’t worry about his problems, but you may want to test the credibility of your handsome Brazilian guys’ stories from time to time, just in case.

Language Barrier

Overall, Brazilians are pretty good with languages. When you meet Brazilian guys, you’ll see that many of them speak not only Portuguese, but also English and Spanish and some other foreign languages, but also some of the local Amerindian languages as well.

Just like Russians and the Japanese, Brazilian men adore when their partner makes an effort to learn their language. They’ll go above and beyond while trying to help you and you can be sure they’ll love your accent just as much as you’ll love theirs.

And boy do they have a lovely accent. Like, wow…

Anyhow, the most important reason for you to try and learn Portuguese (besides the fact that Portuguese is a very soft, expressive, and melodious language) is to overcome the language barrier.

The language barrier is possibly the biggest obstacle in international dating. Love works best if you understand each other, and what better way of doing that than by learning each other’s native languages?

Your Brazilian lover will help you with your Portuguese, and you’ll help him practice his English in return, and boom – you’ll be melting in his arms twice as often because his flirting in English will be more elaborate, and you’ll better understand his compliments in Portuguese.

And think of all the sweet comedic misunderstandings between you and your sexy Brazilian boyfriend – a source of many funny anecdotes, and even funnier resolutions. Wink wink!

Be patient and persistent, and he’ll also be there to offer support. Besides, what’s a better motivation than love, am I right lindas?

How to Meet a Brazilian Man?

A lot of my American girlfriends ask me: “Where can I meet hot Brazilian men?”.

My first answer is always: “Go to Brazil!”

But since life does not allow us to just pack our bags and leave whenever we feel like it, I suggest another solution to all of you gals that want to know where to meet Brazilian men:

 Brazil Cupid

If you’re American women looking for Brazilian men of your dreams then Brazil Cupid is just how you’re to meet a Brazilian guy.

Brazil Cupid is a part of the Cupid Group comprised of people from all over the world, dedicated to connecting people from all over the globe.

Brazil Cupid website – a great way to meet Brazilian men! –  is very similar to conventional social networks but with a bigger focus to finding your perfect match for either a passionate night or something more serious.

The website itself is very well designed and easy to use. The registration process is free and pretty straight-forward. After you make an account, simply log in, put in your search parameters (location, religion, other preferences, etc.), and off you go!

But this only the basic account. Premium account is not free, but it does allow you more in-depth and precise search parameters and you’ll have the option to block the boring ads. How to meet Brazilian men? Exactly like this!

Now that you know how to meet a Brazilian guy and where to meet Brazilian guys safely and securely, waste no more of your valuable time! Make a Brazilian Cupid account and happy hunting!

How to Conquer a Brazilian Man’s Heart 

You made a Brazil Cupid account, you found yourself a handsome Brazilian guy, and now it’s time to attack! How do you do that, you ask? Well, as you resident international dating expert, I’m here to tell you just that, and give a few pointers when it comes to Brazilian dating culture.

Here are some words of wisdom you should take into consideration when it comes to flirting with and dating a Brazilian man. These tips for dating a Brazilian man are foolproof, I promise, so just relax and have fun!

1. Be Spontaneous

The first in the line of Brazilian guy dating tips is this: be spontaneous!

Typical Brazilian guys, unlike American men, for example, are significantly more spontaneous, more in the moment, so to say, so they’ll admire that about you a well!

This can be a bit chaotic because everything they do or suggest may seem like a last-minute plan, but you will adore every second you spend together! Carpe diem sisters, and you’ll carpe your man as well!

2. Respect The Mom!

This one is probably the most important thing when it comes to dating a Brazilian guy. Since we already pointed out the importance of family in your hot Brazilian guy’s life, it goes beyond saying that you’ll need to respect his mother.

Having a mother-in-law can be a blessing or a curse, but whatever you do, try to get on her good guy list. You don’t need to love her, but you pay her some respect at least. He will really appreciate it.

3. Partners for Everything

A Brazilian man is not your partner only bed and relationship-wise, he’s there for absolutely everything and anything.

From helping you out around the house to taking you to outdoor adventures of a lifetime, Brazilian men are there to help when you need him, to share your enthusiasm for your hobbies, and introduce you to his interests.

This is simply what Brazilian guys are like. And they’ll love you to the moon and back if you respond in kind!

4. Soccer!

Like most men everywhere, Brazilian males love sports, and the most popular sport in Brazil by far is soccer. And when it comes to dating Brazilian guys, you should know that they’re obsessed with soccer!

If you have any interest in soccer (or if you’re good at pretending you’re interested in it at least), rest assured that single Brazilian guys will fall head over heels for you.

You don’t even need to know any Brazilian club – he’ll be more than happy to introduce you to the Brazilian league.

5. Dance, Dance, Dance!

Of all the Brazilian men dating tips, this one is the most amuzing. Brazilian men are amazing dancers. Seriously though, those Brazilian hotties can bust a heck of a move! If you’re a good dancer, all the more power to you – get ready for some hot and steamy dirt dancing.

If you’re not much of a dancer, but you’re interested in learning, that’s great too! You’ll have a perfect teacher. And yes, there will be hot and steamy dirty dancing again. It’s inevitable.

Top 3 Hottest Brazilian Men

1. Reynaldo Gianechini

Reynaldo Gianechini is one of the most famous Brazilian actors, and one of the hottest men in Brazil. I mean, he did work as a model for quite a while, so yeah… Hot.

Born and living in Sao Paolo, this sexy Brazilian man has several extremely successful roles under his belt. Even though he’s a lawyer by profession, he never actually practiced it, opting for a career in modeling, and later on in acting, to the endless pleasure of women everywhere.

He rose to stardom after getting a role in the famous Brazilian soap opera called Laços de Família. The fact that he’s still holding the title of Armani’s top model in Brazil says a lot about his hotness factor – he won that title in 2002!

If you want to find out more about this stunning-looking Brazilian man, look for his movie and shows and enjoy the view!

2. Thiago Ribeiro Lacerda

Thiago Lacerda is probably one of the most famous Brazilian actors ever, and definitely one of the hottest! This handsome Brazilian man is born in Rio de Janeiro, and is an incredibly successful athlete: before his acting career, he won over 170 medals as a pro swimmer!

Since he believed he wouldn’t be able to reach the top as a swimmer, Thiago became a model, and later on, an actor.

His groundbreaking role was the role of the dashing Italian Mateo in Brazilian soap opera Terra Nostra. After that role, all kinds of acting horizons opened for him.

He’s mostly famous for his roles in soap operas, but he did have a number of great movie and voice acting roles.

His most notable movie roles were in O Tempo e o Vento, Segurança Nacional, and he lent his wonderful voice for The Book of Life, Megamind, The Jungle Book, and others.

What are you waiting for, ladies? Look his shows and movies up, and get ready to feast your eyes!

3. Cauã Reymond

Cauã, Cauã, Cauã… Wow. Now, this guy is hot! Another amazingly talented actor and soap opera Adonis, Cauã Reymond is born in Rio de Janeiro, and is a perfect mixture of Portuguese, Swiss, and Native Brazilian features. Just look at him! Wow!

Before his acting career, Cauã worked as a model in New York and Europe (which is pretty obvious considering how big of a looker this handsome devil is!), and he was taught acting by the great Susan Batson, the famous acting coach.

He’s a proud laureate of many acting awards, most notably for his role in the TV show A Favorita, and has starred in a number of other telenovelas and movies, such as Como uma Onda, Passione, Ilha de Fero (TV shows), and Tim Maia, and Don’t Swallow my Heart, Aligator Girl! (movies).

Oh, and one more thing: he’s on Vanity Fair’s list of Brazilian TV’s leading men, and was crowned as the sexiest man in Brazil in 2008 by the magazine Istoe Gente. And let me tell you, he more than earned this title!

Final words

Now that you have learned so much about international dating, I urge you to buy that ticket and take a trip to Brazil and meet one of those Brazilian men with a body to die for.

If you are the type that thread softly, you should try out online dating using the ultimate guide for online dating on my homepage to get ahead before visiting the love of your life.

Do yourselves a favor girls, and check this hot Brazilian man out! It’ll make your day!

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