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Cambodian men guide

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Amy, and as some of you may know my life consists of traveling and living in different countries. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Cambodian men compare in all categories.

This time I am located in Cambodia, and I will try to give you a clear picture of Cambodian men.

I will try to describe as best as possible what Cambodian men are like and break any Cambodian men stereotypes in case you have them. There will be a lot of photos and Instagram profiles as well!

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I hope this article will give you an idea of Cambodian dating culture so let’s get down to it!

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What Are the Cambodian Men Like?

If you are reading this, I assume you are interested in international dating and are wondering how to meet Cambodian guys, what are typical Cambodian guys like, where to meet one, and so on.

From what I’ve seen and experienced, Cambodian males are wonderful partners – they are very caring, hopeless romantics, quite affectionate and always there for you.

They are known for being the most handsome men in South East Asia, as they tend to be quite masculine and they can quite often be seen with foreign women.

Thus, if you are looking for a partner over here, don’t worry, there are plenty of sexy Cambodian men to choose from!

Physical Appearance

As I’ve briefly mentioned above there are so many hot Cambodian men which made me fall in love with the country even more.

Cambodian men belong to Khmer ethnic group that is native to Cambodia and that accounts for more than 97% of the country’s population.

With their physical appearance, they resemble other nations of South East Asia. Their average height is around 5’5” (167 cm) and their average weight is around 70kg. 

Cambodian guys are quite fit and perfect for women who love slim men.

Their hair color ranges from dark brown to black and this goes for both men and women.

What some of you might find odd is the fact that they don’t have much facial and body hair, which is quite common for this region. In case you love this than dating Cambodian men is your best choice!

Cambodian men  physical appearance

Cambodian Men Style

One thing is for sure and it is that Cambodian men have a lot of sense for style and they like to follow fashion.

Since there are so many handsome Cambodian men, many of them work for famous fashion brands and take part in fashion shows.

 No wonder there are many American women looking for Cambodian men!

I would say that they care more about their looks than let’s say North American from whom many care more about feeling comfortable.

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This is why you shouldn’t feel surprised when you see them all dressed up, especially if you start dating a Cambodian guy.

Leisure suits are having a great comeback or casual shirts with pants and moccasins.

Are Cambodian men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Cambodian men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Cambodian men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Cambodia and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Cambodian men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Cambodian men-Tinder-score

Character Traits that Make Cambodian Men Stand Out

There are many traits that I love about dating Cambodian men.

They are often very relaxed and pretty much always have a smile on their face. No matter how hard life is they are always quite affectionate and gentle.

From who I’ve experienced they love to show how much they care and they love to put much effort into their relationship, so if you have a Cambodian boyfriend expect to be pampered.

Now, I am about to cover several character traits that I find important in men.

1. Gentlemen rating

Cambodian men behave like true gentlemen – they will court you, smile and try to use their charm as much as they can.

They are often surrounded by foreigners and respect them, which makes them a good choice for international dating.

So far I’ve dated three Cambodian men and they were such gentlemen, they would pick me up every time we went for dinner, or any other place, they would take my coat, get the door and had nice manners in general, which let’s be honest- probably differs from Cambodian guy stereotypes one might have.

There is only one thing you should pay attention to and it is honesty. First, let me say that they are very honest as a nation, however, if they see you are rich and like them, they might try to use this fact and you as a provider.

On the other side, this could happen anywhere, so one should always be careful.

Cambodian men are gentlemen

2. Integrity

One might ask themselves: “What are Cambodian guys like regarding moral and integrity”? I was surprised to see that most have strong moral compasses that lead them through life.

No matter how hard things are, how surrounded by poverty someone might be, I’ve seen people work hard and pay much effort. They don’t slack and try to steal for example in order to gain some value fast.

One of the stereotypes is just that – Cambodian people are quite poor and will try to rip you off and rob you, however, it never happened to me and I’ve never found myself in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation.

All of my boyfriends respected me deeply, as well as my culture, choices, lifestyle and other decisions and this is a trait I respect deeply.

Cambodian  men have integrity

3. Loyalty

There are two sides to this story. First of all, the number one loyalty that Cambodian men feel is towards their family, they are very devoted to it and families in Cambodia are extremely close.

When you start dating Cambodian guys (and of course if you are a good person) you will see how fast you’ll become a part of the family.

Meeting a partner’s family many people find nerve-wracking and even try to postpone it, but with these guys, it might happen quite fast, so don’t be surprised.

 The only downfall is that it could be too early for you.

The other side is a bit side fact that because they are extremely close to the family, you will always be in the second spot until you guys get married, but that is their culture.

Cambodian  men  are loyal

4. Honesty

I would say that Cambodian men are quite honest – they openly show their interest and liking in the beginning, they show their love, tend to have very good communication, however, they are not as open when it comes to saying “no” to someone, especially if there are people around.

 I guess their culture and the fact that they are genuinely very nice people don’t allow them to do it.

From a young age, Cambodian guys are taught to be respectful and it is hard for them to change their ways.

If you ask for their opinion and it is a positive one, you can be sure that they are 100% honest, however, if they are about to tell you that they don’t like something, then you will see how awkward they start felling.

I found this troublesome in every relationship or casual dating and had to talk about this very topic and “demand” complete honesty.

Cambodian  Men Honesty rating

5. How Protective Are They?

One of the answers to the question: “What are Cambodian men like” is – very protective. If someone is acting rude or being inappropriate with you as their partner, their family or friends they will always defend them, even if that means getting in a fight.

Now, fighting is looked down upon almost everywhere, and it also isn’t that common in Cambodia, however, it does happen because men are quite protective.

One time I went out with my soon-to-be-boyfriend and things were still fresh between us.

We were in a club, dancing and flirting, when we saw a guy openly staring and me, grinning and winking.

It was so rude and uncomfortable for me, and my date went ballistic as we both were being disrespected.

He approached him all worked up and asked what does he think he is doing, saying that I was with him and they almost got in a fight.

On one hand, I was quite shocked, but on the other, I did admire the courage and felt very safe beside him.

Cambodian  men are quite protective

6. Are they Resourceful?


I don’t think I’ve encountered more resourceful men than single Cambodian men, or even better said more resourceful than Cambodian people in general.

Their country is a third world country and is struggling with many problems, the biggest of them being poverty.

That being said, Cambodians as a nation are very resourceful and innovative, because they aren’t surrounding with things that we might take for granted, but need to come up with various creative solutions.

For example, my present boyfriend and I were talking about going out for dinner and he would not accept that I pay for it, so we said we wouldn’t go for now.

However, I had no idea that he planned a whole other dinner and guess where – on the beach!

He led me to it with a blindfold and when I took it off I almost started crying, there was a cute blanket, two plates, silverware, candles, and the best thins ever – dinner that he looked at his friend’s place.

It was far from the best meal, but it was one of the best surprises in my life.

Now, that is what I call being resourceful.

Cambodian  Men are highly resourceful

7. Maturity

This one is a bit hard to assess and there are two sides.

On the one on the side, they are very mature, they take care of you, are very punctual, act like gentlemen, court you, show their love and affection, however, on the other side they easily turn into teenagers and act like ones.

It is no wonder to see grown men running around streets playing football, basketball or other games and goofing around.

They joke around a lot and sometimes don’t take things too seriously.

I think this might also be a defense mechanism that Khmer people developed as a nation to fight a hard life and other difficulties.

Thus if you are wondering what are Cambodian men like in relationships, this is one thing to you should pay attention to.

There are several tips for dating a Cambodian man and one of them is to be patient if he tends to act immaturely and talk openly with him about it.

How mature are Cambodian  men?

8. Self-confidence

This is one of my favorite characteristics in these so sexy Cambodian guys.

What I find fascinating is the fact that they are self-confident but don’t look down upon anyone else; they don’t brag; they aren’t cocky; they don’t show off and aren’t fake.

This is so different compared to many men from around the world.

Cambodian men are satisfied in general, they smile, seem happy and are quite easy-going.

I’ve met so many handsome Cambodian guys who look amazing and are aware of it, but who don’t go around and play with women.

From what I’ve heard and experienced they are also great in bed!

 Before I slept with the first Cambodian guy ever I was nervous and had no idea what to expect, however after being with several of them I was pleasantly surprised and I think this is where their self-confidence comes from as well. 

So if you are wondering how are Cambodian guys in bed, then I have some good news for you ladies!

Are Cambodian  Men self confident

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

Now, this answer depends on where you are with him.

If you are somewhere public, since Cambodia is quite conservative, men and women aren’t supposed to touch, kiss or get intimate in any way in public.

 So, don’t be surprised if he becomes very reserved, but don’t worry either, as this is just their tradition and the way they are raised.

On the other hand, if you are somewhere private, be prepared to be worshiped and adored, as if you are with another person compared to the one in public.

When being alone with their partner Cambodian men in bed, for example, are a whole different story then when being outside. They transform into these passionate creatures that lure you and create an amazing atmosphere.

Cambodian men are friendly

Cambodian men are very loving, caring and affectionate, and always there for their partner. In physical appearance, they resemble other nations of South Asia. They are handsome and caring for their partners, as many of them are very resourceful and work for fashion brands. To be honest they are true gentlemen. Read along as you find out more about the Cambodian men.


Pros and Cons of Dating a Cambodian man

These pros and cons that I am about to list are quite general, and cannot be applied to the whole population, but are based on my life here, experience with several Cambodian guys and on what I’ve heard from close resources.


1. They are so romantic and tender

This is one of their biggest pros since I don’t think I’ve ever met guys that are so loving and caring.

They treat you like a queen, show a lot of respect for you as a person, your beliefs and culture when it comes to international dating.

With their resourcefulness, I am sure you will enjoy much smaller or bigger unexpected surprised that will show you how much they care and what more could a girl ask for?

2. They are very loyal

If you are looking for someone for a serious relationship or even marriage and are tired of doubting, being cheated on, wondering if there is someone else besides you, then dating a guy from Cambodia would be a wise choice based on their beliefs and culture.

As I’ve said above, they are extremely loyal and usually introduce you to their family faster than a Western guy would due to long overthinking and much analyzing.

 Not only that you will be welcomed warmly, but will easily become a real family member.


1. They can use gentlemen behavior for foul purposes

As I said, so many Cambodian guys behave like true gentlemen and have manners, which many women with stereotypes might find surprising. The way they treated me and my other friends was exceptional.

However, please make sure to keep your eyes open in the beginning, since foreigners are usually quite exotic and richer than them, which might lead some men to use you and play with your feelings.

2. They can be quite religious

Now, don’t get me wrong, being religious is a wonderful thing, I am as well and respect everyone’s choice when it comes to it.

But, there is that fine line when religion and its beliefs might become an obstacle in interpersonal relations when you cross it.

Cambodian women are very quiet, modest, they have certain “restrictions” in clothing, such as no showing much skin, or even not using bikinis, but shorts and t-shirts, so your potential partner might expect this from you as well.

Where to Meet Cambodian Men

Well if we don’t count Cambodia itself the best answer to the question: “Where to meet Cambodian guys” would be on the dating site called “OkCupid”.  Find this app so much better than Tinder for several reasons!

First of all, it was created to introduce a new way of communicating and meeting someone.

Instead of filling out the same old, boring questionaries, these are fun and let you meet someone much better based on their answers.

For example, some of the questions are: “Would you rather share a kiss in a tent or a kiss in Paris?” or “How often do you make your bed?”

The design of OkCupid is minimalistic, very well organized and there aren’t dozens of boring ads.

Another bonus is that it lets you choose between 13 gender identities and 22 sexual orientations, which is fascinating as it embraces everyone!

There are many single Cambodian guys on this site and I suggest that you take a look at this app as it is also the best answer to “How to meet a Cambodian guy?”.

How To Make a Cambodian man Fall in Love with You

It is important to always have in mind how simple they are.

You aren’t supposed to be extravagant or play any specials games. So here are some Cambodian guy dating tips.

1. Enjoy a beach date

I bet that there isn’t a girl who hasn’t dreamed of a perfect date on the beach during a sunset. Now, since we are talking about Cambodia that has so many gorgeous beaches, this dream is so close to reality!

Tell him that you are taking him on a date, grab some snacks, maybe a bottle of wine and enjoy a beautiful and peaceful surrounding with your man.

2. Enjoy Cambodian food

It is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his belly, but believe me that it is also through yours! He will love to see how interested you are in trying new things, such as food, spices, drinks, etc.

Show him how open-minded and adventurous you are and he won’t be able to resist you!

3. Meet his friends and have fun together

It is so important to be friends with your partner’s friends and vise-Versa, especially when it comes to international dating.

 He will be more than happy to fulfill that wish for you and will think how amazing you are for taking the initiative and asking for it.

4. Language Barrier

Once you get to the point where you actually meet Cambodian men, you will have to talk to them.

And if there is a language barrier, it won’t be easy.

Now, typical Cambodian men speak Khmer and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of it. It is from the same family as Vietnamese and, let me tell you sister, it isn’t easy at all!

But still, one of my favorite Cambodian men dating tips was to learn a bit of their language.

Everyone likes when you put some effort in to win them over, right?

Well, it is the same with Cambodian men. And if you try a little to learn a few basic phrases, they will love you to the grave!

Hottest Cambodian guys on Instagram

Top 3 Hottest Cambodian Men

1. Chanthy Sok

Cambodian Men - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 56
Chanthy Sok

He is better known as CS and is a 36-year old rapper, who currently resides in Los Angeles. His family fled the horrible genocide Khmer Rouge and they moved to California where they lived in extreme poverty. He sings about it in his music that is quite popular.

2. Chhun Dymey

He goes by the name Dymey-Cambo and wasn’t popular at all up until the moment when a prominent opposition politician shared his song that then went viral. However, he had to delete it due to the pressure from the authorities.

3. Jeah

Jeah is a young singer who currently lives in Canada and has been there for most of his life. His family also fled the war-torn country looking for a better life. Unfortunately, he grew up quite poor, but that is where his inspiration comes from as well as his whole personality.

Final Word

Well people, this would be all on the topic of how to meet Cambodian men, what to expect, how to act and how different or similar they are to the men you are surrounded with.

Now you know what are Cambodian guys like in relationships and what to expect from them, and so you can start your hunt on hot Cambodian guys.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will be helpful in your future pursuit.

Good luck and have fun!

Endeavor to read my ultimate guide for dating men, and pay a visit to Cambodia to have a feel of the Cambodian men

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