Ferzu Review for 2023 – How furry is this site?

This guide will introduce you to Ferzu, one of the most authentic dating platforms for all people whose brain is wired furry.

With several useful and engaging features, solid base of active members, this app is meant for those who are looking for a dedicated community of like-minded fursonas.

This in-depth review will be based on:

Overall rating of the site
The Pros and Cons of using Ferzu
The Effectiveness of Ferzu as a dating platform
…and so much more!

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Stay tuned for the complete Ferzu review to find out more about this rapidly expanding social network which has a colossal base of fans coming from the USA.

Ferzu review

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Ferzu Review in Video Form

Ferzu Review [How furry is this site?]

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  • Effectiveness 3/5
  • Features 3/5
  • Ease-of-use 5/5
  • Price 3/5

Pros and Cons


  • Unique community focused on people who love furries
  • The massive and active base of members
  • Free downloadable apps for Android and Apple devices
  • A fine selection of features
  • A multitude of options to adjust profile


  • Premium services come with paid membership only
  • Annoying adds (when a client has free membership)
  • Occasional issues with fake accounts and trolls

Who is it for/ Demographic makeup

As far as the stats indicate, this website is particularly visited in the following parts of the world- the United States, Spain, Canada, Germany, and Iceland.

The hugest share of visitors comes from the US, around 76%, which is definitely not a surprise as Americans spend over $50 billion on a yearly basis on their pets.

Ferzu is strictly for pet lovers and is not mainly for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

Another fun fact is that 27% of pet owners from the USA have had professional photographers taking pics of their pets- which only additionally justifies the gargantuan base of followers coming from this part of the world.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Now, let’s go back to the figures- there are 7.92% of visitors from Spain, 2.87% from Canada, 2.47% from Germany, and 2.15% from Iceland.

The remaining part is divided between the rest of the countries worldwide.

Observing channels through which people visit Ferzu, 8.06% belong to traffic from social networks, with YouTube leading the way with 56.58%.

Following YT is Twitter with 27.70%, then Facebook with 14.34%, Reddit with 0.48%, and Instagram with 0.49%.

Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 7

Analyzing age distribution, all groups are present, but the majority of them are between 25 to 34 years, which indicates that this network is focused on the younger population.

Those are mainly people looking for their identity, those who like to explore and experiment, and this place gives them plenty of opportunities to do so.

So, Ferzu is meant for those who cannot imagine their lives without furry friends, and those looking for a like-minded friend or partner.

Moreover, this platform is an excellent choice for those who like role plays starring fictional creatures whose structure is comprised of characteristics of both human beings and animals.


One of the biggest assets of this authentic platform is the community of members, or should we say fursonas.

There are many interesting websites where pet and animal lovers can discuss with other people who share the same obsession with animals, but this one is unique.

This is not only a good place to chat with someone, exchange interesting thoughts, and ideas, it’s also a place where you can find a partner.

And the best of all is that this site imposes no limits whatsoever regarding one’s sexual orientation, gender, education, ethnicity, religion- nothing at all.

The only thing that matters truly is that the other side shares the same passion for furtastic reality.

One could easily assume that this is the place where only fursonas are allowed- absolutely wrong, anyone is welcome!

Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 8

There are so many active topics, so much to talk about, and who knows, step by step- you can discover the same passion in yourself, without even realizing that it’s already there.

So, if I were to mark how successful this website is, in my Ferzu dating site review, I’d have to analyze two different aspects.

If you are looking for a place where you can share your thoughts and impressions with other fursonas, see some amazing art, and get together with interesting people- this is a perfect place.

With so many different themes and such a versatile spectrum of themes to discuss, you can be sure that you’re in heaven for furry fans.

Dating-wise, don’t expect tons of matchmaking opportunities, as this is not the main focus of this Ferzu.

After all, it’s rather common for a “universal” network, such as this one, to be overcrowded with fake profiles, trolls, and similar.

Good thing is that people running Ferzu are doing their best to clean the environment from such scammers.

Even members can contribute by reporting or blocking them, but still, it’s not the ideal place if you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible for that to happen, there are plenty of nice fursonas out there, but just, don’t get your hopes up too high.

I’d say the best approach is to leave high expectations- just relax, and enjoy.

After all, registration is free, and it’s a cool way to get an insight into the atmosphere and membership base, which will help you make up your mind on whether it fits your needs.

Just let things go slowly, without pushing anything too hard.

Key features

In terms of some out-of-this-world features, you won’t find many of these here.

The site is equipped with a variety of options, but none of them is particularly unique or authentic, or anything that the world hasn’t seen before.

Firstly, let’s analyze the basic ones.

When you open one’s profile, you have several options to let that person know that you are interested in him/her.

You can send a message or a flirt, and you can also block or report that person, in case you’ve had some unpleasant situation with that member.

Having in mind that people can upload both public and private photos, you will also be able to explore the album.

The former one is open while for the private archive you need to send a request.

Keep in mind that, similar to other sites, Ferzu is not tolerant of uploading offensive, rude, and inappropriate content.

What I find particularly interesting about members of the furry community is that they are huge fans of art- so they often upload some amazing drawings as their photos.

That’s a great way for them to express how they feel, which animal(s) do they feel most connected with.

There are some pretty breath-taking arts out there, trust me.

When you are on the main page of your profile, you can browse people by using several filters- nearby, nearby and online, today’s birthday, new members, my network, and my followers.

That’s plenty of convenient options!

Then, you can search through photos and display them by following criteria- latest by everyone, latest by my network, or latest private, or simply explore your favorite ones.

I need to mention that, besides English, the site can be switched to several different languages, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and Chinese, making it even simpler for international clientele to use it.

As for those improved set of services, one of the most interesting options is the possibility to browse in incognito mode.

Having in mind that some people are new to this, the others a bit shy or still in some experimental phase, this option comes in as handy.

Then, there’s a blog with some interesting and trendy topics, where you can find out more about furry fandom itself, and many more.


Making it easy for new visitors to become part of this furtastic community, the team behind this website minimized all the hassle that comes along as part of the registration procedure.

To become a member, you just need to have a valid e-mail address, and you have to pick a username- as simple as that!

This makes you a legit member, but at this stage, you are just a tiny fish in the ocean crowded with furry fans.

Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 9

If you want to make your profile stand among the crowd, you should take some time to complete it, and set all the preferences.

The only purpose is to attract like-minded people, so consider those extra minutes a smart investment.

So, among the data you can include to give your profile a boost, you have date of birth, location, weight, height, gender, relationship status, how do you identify yourself.

Speaking of gender, options are numerous, which, once more, confirms how open-minded this community is.

Aside from male/female, you can also choose among transgender, masculine/feminine, androgynous, agender, nonbinary, and others.

Also, you can add body types you like, your body type, general or community-related kinks/ interests, and many more.

That’s accommodated on the left side of the profile settings, and the true party starts on the other side- right!

There’s a field where you can describe yourself, state your fursona, education, interests, favorite music/ TV shows/ artists/ books/ book, and so on.

Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 10

Moreover, and write what’s your idea of a great Sunday night and say which are the words to live by.

But the point where the temperature goes up are these- you can reveal your earliest furry memory, or funniest, but you can also share your hottest furry memory with the members of the community.

Of course, none of this is mandatory, but it’s the best way to make yourself more visible because profiles that are filled with stats usually generate more traffic than one that does not.

Observing the overall quality and completeness of the profiles, you will see that some members really did their best to equip them with as much useful info as they could.

The same goes for photos, which makes it easier for potential matches to evaluate whether someone’s appealing or not.

On the other hand, you will find plenty of empty profiles, but Ferzu is not the only network dealing with this.

 As long as members follow the guidelines on what’s allowed and what’s not, no one can oblige them to fill on their profiles, in which they don’t want to.

Once you’ve completed this, you can get down to exploring the wealthy community of people gathered on this interesting platform.

What I need to repeat, but you’ve probably already memorized it is that not all the options are available at its fullest when you are a free member.

You can use the features up to a certain extent, but you won’t be able to get all the benefits included in upgraded membership.

To make a comparison between the scope of services, I analyzed some of the key differences, which you will be able to see in the “Pricing” section below, where I will give a detailed Ferzu cost list.

Meanwhile, let’s see what you can do when you are part of the community.

You can search the members, browse the directory with photos, or check out the events.

In addition to this, you can browse either your or global newsfeed, and keep in touch with the latest activities here.

One thing that particularly attracts the attention is that the site is very active, so many members are online, so you don’t have to worry about being a lone wolf here.

The moment you sign in, be sure that some vivid chat is waiting there for you to take part and exchange your thoughts and ideas.

Your and anyone else’s profile will have a pic displayed on the right side, with two separate albums- public and private.

In the section with information, you will find three categories-basic profile, extended, and preferences, which will help you get a better insight into that person.

Worth stressing out here in Ferzu dating app review is that the page is perfectly optimized for mobile devices as well.

So, you are not limited to desktop, you can access this page both on smartphones and tablets.

 As a matter of fact, there are apps for both Android and Apple devices, so you can enjoy an improved experience.

Of course, you can access the site directly from the browser as well, without any troubles, and use every option available.

Depending on the type of your subscription, naturally.


While a basic set of services can be used without any costs, if you want to get the most Ferzu can offer, a paid membership is the way to go.

There are three main plans which unlock access to all premium features (for one or three months, or the entire year), which go as follows:

  • The cost for one month is $7.99, and it is automatically refreshed every 30 days.
  • The cost for three months is $19.99, and it is automatically refreshed every 90 days (meaning a price per month is $6.66).
  • The cost for the entire year is $59.99- this is a one-time, non-recurring payment.
Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 11

In addition to this, there are monthly passes which also allow one to leverage the benefits of Ferzu+.

To give you a better insight into what you get with upgraded status, we shall compare several main categories and their biggest highlights.


With a regular plan, you can view 25 full-size pics per day, browse a list of photo thumbnails for the last 30 days, upload up to 200 combined photos (meaning private and public).

On the other hand, with upgraded status, the first two services are unlimited, while the number of allowed photos to upload goes up to 1000.


As for communication, with a free subscription you get 10 outgoing messages, flirts, or posts on someone else’s wall on a daily basis, while the paid package grants you with unlimited number.

Great thing is that the number of incoming messages or replies, flirts or wall posts is the same for both types of membership- unlimited.

Ferzu Review for [year] - How furry is this site? 12

In addition to the abovementioned, basic membership doesn’t allow anonymous browsing and it includes adds, while paid eliminates them and grants you access to incognito mode.

The list is even longer than this, but let’s say this should be enough for you to compare the main differences between basic and paid subscriptions.

Is Ferzu worth it?

So, discussing value for the money, Ferzu certainly offers a lot if you are on this network to get together with other fursonas.

Comparing to similar platforms that are oriented towards furry fandom, this one truly stands out.

But when it comes to dating, once again, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Of course, free membership allows you to see how the site works, and if you want to get something more, there’s always the option to pay a fee and be a premium member for one month.

If you like it you can continue paying, if not- no hard feelings, at least you’ve tested it, so now you can look for some Ferzu alternatives and see what they have to offer.

Conclusion and Overall Rating

What makes this place particularly interesting is that its main focus is people obsessed with furry, giving those who like it a fantastic platform to get together.

But, in my humble opinion, it doesn’t provide a huge success for dating like some other websites which are actually specified in that field.

With the overall score of 3.5 for Ferzu, there’s no doubt that the idea behind this platform is amazing, but still, it’s far away from perfection.

It looks okay but with some improvements, it could become even better, if it wants to gain better ranking as a dating platform.

Which feature do you think would make Ferzu look even more authentic and more appealing to users?

Hit the comment section below with your interesting suggestions and ideas, and let me know what was your experience with Ferzu like!





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