How Do You Know if Someone Super Swiped You on Bumble (2024)

It’s a great feeling to find a person to swipe right on Bumble, but what’s even more exciting is to know when someone has swiped right on you.

One of the great features that the Bumble app has is called SuperSwipe, and its purpose is to go beyond the right swipe and let people know that you really like them.

How Do You Know if Someone Super Swiped You on Bumble ([year]) 2

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And, more importantly, to let you know that you’ve really caught someone’s attention.

The SuperSwipe feature is a great thing to use while online dating to draw the attention of any potential matches.

Down below are all the details that you need to know about Bumble’s SuperSwipe, and some of them are:

How do you know if someone super swiped you on Bumble
What does Super Swipe mean on Bumble
How does Bumble SuperSwipe really work
Can you see who Super Swiped you on Bumble, and much more
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What’s Bumble Superswipe on Bumble and How Does It Work

Bumble has quite a few exciting premium features, and the SuperSwipe is one of them.

So, what is SuperSwipe on Bumble?

If you’ve ever used Tinder and are familiar with the Super Like option, then you probably have a basic idea about how SuperSwipe on Bumble works.

This dating app wanted to incorporate something that will give you the option to show people that you’re not only interested in them, but that you’re super interested in a relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hook up with them (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Since this is a premium feature, in order to use it you will have to purchase some Bumble coins.

The Bumble SuperSwipe cost is one Bumble coin per SuperSwipe, and you can get a maximum of 20 Bumble coins at once, and once you do, you’ll be able to use them immediately.

If you already use the premium versions of Bumble, then you will have some SuperSwipes already included in your deal.

Both BumbleBoost and Premium subscription Bumble users get 5 SuperSwipes per week, and of course, if you happen to be in need of more, you can purchase some more coins for your Bumble profile and get more SuperSwipes.

There are also some deals that are more cost-effective, for example, if you buy 30 SuperSwipes in bulk, then it will cost you $26.99.

Once you have your premium subscription, or once you get yourself the coins and purchase the SuperSwipes, you will see a heart icon appear next to all of your potential matches. That icon is the SuperSwipe.

If you wish to SuperSwipe that person, all you need to do is tap on that heart icon.

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Bumble SuperSwipe: What It Does and How It Works

People are usually really flattered when they see that you are that infatuated by them, so using SuperSwipe could definitely increase the chances of you getting a Bumble date.

You can have Bumble SuperSwipe work on both Android and iOS, and it’s mostly available everywhere as it’s not a brand new feature.

This premium service also makes it way easier to make the first move with people and shoot the message, making it even more worth it overall.

So, now that you know what is a Super Swipe on Bumble and how to work with the feature yourself, let’s dive a bit deeper and see how can you know who SuperSwiped you. 

How Do You Know Who Super Swiped You on Bumble?

Showing other people that you really like them is great, but let’s see how can you know if someone has used SuperSwipe on you.

This is quite straightforward and simple, actually.

This makes sense, having in mind that Bumble wanted to create it to have people show how they feel more openly.

What happens if someone Super Swipes you on Bumble?

There are multiple different ways that you can tell when someone super liked you, and here’s how it works and how to tell if someone Super Swiped you on Bumble:

1. Notifications 

You will actually get a chance for swiping right on someone who SuperSwiped you just a few moments after they do it.

Once you’ve been SuperSwiped by someone, you will actually get a Bumble notification icon on your phone.

The notification that you get when this happens is different and it will specifically state that you’ve been SuperSwiped, so you will probably be tempted to hop right in.

When you open the app, the person who SuperSwipe you will be the first one to appear in the queue of potential matches.

Also, there will be a sign next to their photo saying that they SuperSwiped, so you literally can’t miss it!

The sign you should look for is the Bumble heart icon.

2. Your Feed will tell you everything you need to know

If you missed a notification from Bumble, or you simply didn’t notice anything before launching it, your Feed will still show you who has their eye on you.

While you’re swiping through your feed, people who SuperSwiped will appear and they will have a sign next to their pics saying that they SuperSwiped you.

Once you run into someone who has this sign, all you will need to do is decide whether this person is someone who tickles your curiosity as you tickled theirs.

As you can see, the answer to the question “Can you tell if someone Super Swiped you on Bumble?” is that is very easy to tell who SuperSwiped you. 

There aren’t any secrets and complications, nothing is hidden, it’s literally right in your face!

Maybe being this direct seems a bit too much to you, or a bit invasive, but you should remember that online dating is a bit different than casually dating in real life.

Bumble Superswipe ( Guide) | Get More Matches

Probably neither of these things will seem invasive to anyone, and people are familiar with the fact that these features exist.

If someone isn’t really that interested in you, they will just swipe left on you as nothing happened, and that will be it.

Just like you would probably swipe left if that annoying guy from your middle school math class appeared in your feed with the “SuperSwiped you!” heart icon.

Don’t feel intimidated by the SuperSwipe button, and also don’t feel pressured to swipe right when you see a SuperSwipe notification from someone if they aren’t your type.

SuperSwipe does make things a bit more direct and blunt, but it should never be something that pushes you out of the comfort zone too intensely.

Just be chill and have fun!

What happens when you SuperSwiped someone by mistake

Mistakes happen, and just like you can like a 72 week old Instagram post by accident while you’re lurking on your crush’s profile, you can accidentally tap the SuperSwipe button.

The best-case scenario here would be that the person you SuperSwiped by mistake didn’t find you cute when you appeared on their feed, and simply swipe left, sending your mistake in the digital abyss where it belongs.

Another benefit of Bumble that really helps out here is the fact that matches last only 24 hours, and if no one sends the first message, then the match will disappear.

Finally, if you really REALLY didn’t like the person that you accidentally SuperSwiped, Bumble does give you the possibility to undo it.

Immediately after you’ve made this mistake, just shake your phone.

This will undo your SuperSwipe and it will take you back to this person, giving you the ability to swipe left on them, just as you intended.

The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to the undo feature is not unlimited.

You have only three backtracks available at the time, and once you do use it once, you will need to wait 3 hours in order to have another one available.

Bumble's SuperSwipe lets you show interest before someone swipes left or  right | TechCrunch

You should use your SuperSwipes carefully and intentionally, you know that, but you should be even more thoughtful when undoing them.

As you can see, the situation will probably resolve itself in less than 24 hours.


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