How Does Bumble Work? – The Complete Bumble Breakdown!

How Does Bumble Work

Online dating has its perks, no doubt.

But, if you do not choose the right platform to find your perfect match, then the situation can turn upside down for you.

How Does Bumble Work? - The Complete Bumble Breakdown! 2

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Plenty of dating apps and websites exist nowadays, and Bumble is one of them. It is gaining popularity at an exponential level.

So, if you are new to Bumble, and want to understand it, then continue reading this post on “how does Bumble work?”.

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How Bumble ACTUALLY Works [Ultimate Bumble Guide]

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How Does Bumble App Work?

Firstly, note that Bumble provides its services through the official mobile app only.

So, you will need to download it on your Android or iOS devices to use it.

This popular dating application uses a swipe-and-match technique implemented in other renowned dating apps like Tinder.

But, the thing that is unique about Bumble is that women are in charge of starting the conversation.

The strategy is simple and effective when it comes to matchmaking, and the algorithm running at backend matches potential singles works in an interesting way.

While Bumble does not officially let its users know how the technique works, yet a few theories have existed that might actually demonstrate the working of its algorithm.

Bumble’s Profile Layout And Usage


Similar to other apps, Bumble has a sign-in interface that lets you connect your Facebook account.

Your bio details, like name, age, profession, schooling, etc., are automatically added to your profile from your FB account, if you are using it to sign in.

You have the option of editing your profile at any time.

Furthermore, Bumble will also detect your current location automatically.

In your profile, you get six slots for uploading your photos.

Any person who is going through your profile can swipe upwards to view your photos one by one.

If they like your profile, they can swipe to the right or pass a profile by swiping to the left.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
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In addition, the users can keep swiping upwards to finish seeing the photos and look at your bio.

Here’s How People Start Conversations On Bumble


Bumble has a very unique way of letting people interact.

The first phase in the meeting depends on the mutual liking of their respective profiles.

In other words, both users should swipe right to like each other’s profiles.

The desired profiles are then added to the connections list in the app.

Now, the conversation can take place based on the sexual preference or gender of the users.

For same-sex users, either of the people can message the other to start the conversation. So, Bumble supports the LGBT community and offers them this privilege.

On the other hand, for opposite sexes, only women can start the conversation if they feel like.

After liking a profile, a girl gets a period of 24 hours to interact with the guy.

On the other contrary, the guy cannot message the girl but can see that his profile had been liked by her.

So, males cannot reach out to the girl at all.

But, males do get a chance to extend the 24-hour conversation period to another full day, just to try if she might be interested in him.

However, Bumble does not offer such limitations through its Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF (Bumbles Friend Finding) portals available on the app.

These two platforms are more focused on finding friends or for potential business opportunities.

How Does Bumble’s Algorithm Work?


After a considerable time of usage, people have been able to speculate a few ways through which Bumble’s algorithm might work.

To some extent, these theories actually match the algorithm implemented by this dating application.

Let’s look at some of these to give you an idea of it’s working.

People Who Like Your Profile (Swipe Right) Appear First In Your List

This algorithm feels similar to Tinder, and people on Bumble have also noticed too.

This feature lets users see profiles that have already liked your profile from the starting.

This way, the app tries to filter the potential dates for you.

This algorithm works because the app tends to save time for you by prioritizing the profiles that are already showing an interest in you.

But how does that make an ideal match for you?

Surely, you are the one to know if the suggested profiles are right for you or not.

Plus, the matches showed are autonomous and not necessarily the right ones for you, unless you feel like swiping back at them.

In addition, if you stop swiping for a couple of days, then the list gets randomized for you to pick your matches through your own free will.

This is possible because of the increasing number of daily users on this dating application.

Bumble Might Not Be Using An AI To Figure Out Your Type

It seems quite apparent that an application learns from the type of profiles you are interested in and shows you similar ones for matchmaking.

But, Bumble does not seem to follow that protocol. Instead, it tries to show you a bunch of entirely random profiles.

So, even if you are swiping right on profiles with a particular type of physical appearance, Bumble still shows you profiles that you do not even prefer.

In some cases, you may witness profile suggestions that are completely opposite to the type you like.

It is worth noting that this technique actually works. Apparently, Bumble doesn’t follow the usual protocol and aims to show variety.

Most minds are too fixated on liking a particular type of physical appearance that they tend to ignore the exciting qualities and features of other individuals.

This dating app tries to break that barrier and lets you experiment with potential dates that might turn out to be interesting.

Bumble Flags You For Excessive Right-Swiping


This impressive feature enables users to stay genuine to the rules and regulations of the app.

Swiping to the right on every profile notifies Bumble that you might just be looking for a quick fling or date and not genuinely interested in finding a potential partner.

Thus, the application focuses on a system that matches potential profiles with a motive to truly like each other.

Bumble penalizes the users that keep swiping every profile they see by lowering their chances of being seen by potential matches.

This also implies that any person who uses the application correctly has a higher chance of being visible in the front of the list.

So, you have to be careful while using this app as you cannot simply like each and every profile, hoping to be liked back and initiating the conversation.

This platform’s algorithm doesn’t support desperate guys and girls.

Bumble Might Also Prioritize Profiles Based On Popularity

It does seem controversial, but people think that the most attractive and popular profiles are shown on Bumble before other ones.

Even if this is true, Bumble is not the only dating app that uses such an algorithm for marketing its app.

If you think about it, any new user would feel more attracted to use the application if he or she finds beautiful profiles popping up in front of them from the first try.

They will surely feel more interested in finding a match for themselves.

On the contrary, this might be disadvantageous for the people whose profiles are not frequently liked by others.

Thus, it might feel unfair for the ones who have a limited number of likes.

In addition, users tend to keep liking the profiles that have already been liked by others so many times.

Eventually, this makes their profile always visible among the top matches every time. Plus, these profiles are the ones with whom users tend to interact the most.

The profiles that are less popular do not get that type of interaction.

In addition, if your chances of talking to the most popular profile are also limited as there may be hundreds of other matches lined to communicate with him or her.

While you cannot do anything about this algorithm, but you can make sure that you look your best in your profile photos to gather as many likes as you can.

Bumble Acknowledges Photos And Profiles That Are Attractive


Bumble might feel a little biased at times, but you can avoid the troubles if you are genuine with your words in the bio and adding good photos of yourself.

People have tried to create fake profiles by adding irrelevant photos and incomplete bio, which only led to their profiles being either flagged or dropping in ratings drastically.

This dating app wants you to be yourself and stop using filters or false information about you.

Its algorithm works best in your favor when you use friendly, decent, and attractive images.

Sometimes one of your images may not get that much attention as some other.

So, keep experimenting by changing your photos if you are not able to get the expected response on your current picture.

Bumble Might Not Prioritize Your Profile Based On Your Activity

Unlike Tinder, which gradually removes the profiles that are inactive, Bumble doesn’t tend to do that, for now.

Even if you are visiting your profile after weeks, it will still be visible to potential dates as per the claims made by Bumble.

This can have its disadvantage in a situation where you like a profile, just to find out that he, she has stopped using the account, or replies back to you after several months.

This can undoubtedly leave users frustrated at times while using this dating app.

Bumble lets you start again as many times as you want

Some profiles might not be as impressive as they should be on the first try.

But, this is not the end for you on Bumble’s dating platform.

The app lets you reset your profile or delete it to revamp it.

So, you can upload new and intriguing photos of yourself and add a good bio with it.

Bumble’s algorithm ensures that you get another chance to retry with your profile.

Deleting your profile will lose all the info about you, but you can always sign up again to start using the dating app.

It will also populate potential matches for you once again.

Why Bumble Works?


Until now, Tinder was known to be on the top of the best dating apps list. But, it seems like it might be dethroned by Bumble.

There are plenty of reasons behind it, which indicate that it is made to win.

Surely, some algorithms that it seems to use are biased at times, but this dating platform focuses on a much more authentic relation than Tinder.

Here is why Bumble works better for dating:

This App Empowers Women

Unlike other dating platforms, Bumble focuses on an uncommon method where girls have the authority to initiate the conversation.

Women frequently felt disturbance and irritation on dating apps where men keep bugging them even when they (women) did not feel like.

The power of control the conversation is certainly an advantage that has lured females into trying this app more than others.

It is certainly visible through the millions of active profiles generated on the platform at present.

There is immense positivity seen around Bumble, and it seems like it is going to be like that for a while.

Furthermore, Bumble has enabled women to stay much safer as they are the ones who start the interaction without being peppered with questions and proposals from hundreds of men, who mostly are looking for a fling.

It is Friendly towards the LGBT Community As Well


Even if you are looking for dating a person of the same sex, then you can find a potential match for you on this platform.

And the best part is that either of you can start the conversation to see if you have a connection or not.

Bumble Is Not Just About Dating

This platform is not just limited to dating, but also for finding new friends or business associates.

For that, you can switch to the Bumble BFF platform.

Likewise, for business prospects, you can choose Bumble Bizz. Such diversity in socializing, certainly makes this app an all-rounder.

Even Tinder does not have such options yet.

The app will show you suggestions based on your location for finding buddies in your area.

Bumble Cares About Conversations

If you have tried other dating apps, and have indulged in private chats, then you may have noticed that people leave conversations in the middle at times.

This can be pretty rude if people do it intentionally.

To deal with such ghosting activities, Bumble has added a rule to its app where users have to reply to all open conversations within a 1-day period.

So, the platform does not allow ghosting.

This rule has surely gained a very positive response from the application users.

Bumble Strategically Filters Fake Profiles And Spammers

The algorithm that has been implemented ensures that all users get a good dating platform with serious people.

All spammers and fishy profiles that are just made there to take you to phishing platforms are flagged and removed from time to time.

With such a strict protocol to manage the application, you have a prudent reason to try your luck on it.

Bumble Was Created To Ensure Safety

With the power of starting a conversation given to women, Bumble tends to revolutionize the way dating apps had been working so far.

Whitney Wolfe, the CEO of Bumble, started this dating platform to deal with the crises women face while finding genuine partners online.

Her departure from Tinder, which she co-founded, had been due to a sexual harassment case due to the insecurities of the application.

So, after she left Tinder, she decided to create a movement that will give way to women and let them have control over the conversation to find that perfect one.

Wolfe wants to give both men and women a place where they truly share feelings without demeaning comments or exploitation.

Her idea has surely been heard and praised by millions of users online, who tend to use the app for finding true partners.

Tips To Stand Out In Your Bumble Profile


It can be hard, to sum up, your complete bio in 300 characters and add the right images in your profile. But, this is how it is.

So, you have to be your best at grabbing the attention of your possible match.

Here are a few tips that you can apply to your Bumble profile.

Choose Your Best Photo For The Profile

Your first photo needs to be attractive enough for the girl or guy to see and like it.

It needs to be a picture that truly makes a difference and stops your potential date from passing by your profile. For this:

  1. Choose an image that shows only you in it. Do not use images that have other people surrounding you. Those can follow in later pictures if you like. But, do not overuse them. The primary focus should be on you.
  2. Wear bright-colored clothes in your image. Avoid dull color like gray or black as they become too generic.
  3. Avoid a hat or glasses. Show your face completely. If you are a guy, then women often tend to swipe away on males that wear glasses. Your eyes can be a great way of attracting your match, so do not be shy of showing them.

Choose Pictures That Market You

It is quite natural for both sexes to see the kind of lifestyle of activity they enjoy or indulge in.

But, this does not mean you have to add images of flaunting your achievements.

Focus more on showing your hobbies through images, instead of lavishness.

True images that show your interests will make you more attractive in front of others.

The key is to show your feelings through your images.

So, you have five image slots to do so.

Utilize them properly to get the best results. Also, ensure that the images fit properly in the profile and not get cropped.

Be Genuine With Your Words In Your Bio


In those 300 characters, you have to share all that needs to be told other than what is visible about you.

As a guy, your profile should focus on telling the other profiles about you in a way that truly touches their heart.

It can also be a little humorous if you like.

But, do not choose provocative or cocky statements. Those are a strict no-no!

You can focus on creating a list of points about you, which are much easier to read and comprehend.

Do not mention things that you hate or don’t like about a relationship, as these may make the dates sway away from your profile.

Be serious while writing your bio as your words will trigger her to contact you if you are an interesting person.

Final Words


Even though the basic interface added in Bumble is the same as in other dating apps, it still tends to offer something more than what other apps failed to do.

The movement it has started has drastically impacted the whole dating platform market.

Bumbles algorithm is still at a budding stage, but the unique concept has already garnered so much attention.

Moreover, the team working behind this application is working hard to give you a user-friendly environment.

The developing team is ensuring that the users can experience a true platform for dating and finding friends or business prospects without a case of bullying or harassment.

If you are interested in finding a serious partner, then you can try Bumble as well.

While their true algorithm is still a mystery, the speculations above can guide you to use the app in the right way.

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