Is Bumble Worth It in 2024 – Features, Success Rate & More

We are here again with another fantastic article about the Bumble dating app that can help you make the decision whether this platform is a good choice for you or not.

In case you were not really sure whether this is a good online dating platform or not and can a simple swipe right help you find your soulmate?. You should read our article and find out about everything Bumble has to offer.

Is Bumble Worth It in [year] - Features, Success Rate & More 2

Is Bumble the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Bumble.

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In this article, we will cover:

Bumble features
Bumble success rate
What type of relationships is it best for
How does the algorithm work
Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. It’s a fact that people who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 extra dates per month.

Should I Download Bumble?

If you have been active in the dating pool this year, then you are definitely familiar with the fact that Tinder is no longer the number one dating app.

Even though most people are still not aware of everything this online dating app has to offer, I am quite sure that Tinder Gold will soon become a thing of the past and that everyone will be moving to this one, whether they are looking for a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or a casual hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

This platform is pretty much similar to those more severe dating platforms like EHarmony and OkCupid, and it has managed to become a popular dating app because it is quite safe and provides people with amazing match compatibility.

Post-lockdown dating: We Are Era supports partnership between Bumble and  TikTok

The Bumble app is available to all iOS iPhone and Android users and can be downloaded with just one click from the official App Store or Google Play Store.

For that reason, there is really no excuse why you didn’t become one of the Bumble users yet, and in case if you are still not sure of the decision you need to make, I would recommend you to read a Bumble app review or two and come up with your own conclusion.

Bumble dating site reviews are absolutely amazing, and it seems like every Bumble review is even better than the previous one, which is also the reason why Bumble rating is so high and why it has become extremely popular in such a short period of time.

Since it is a completely free dating app, it seems like everyone is giving it a try these days, and if you are a fan of the swipe right and swipe left features that can lead to you chatting with your future wife, you should definitely join the app!

At least download it to your phone and give it a try because there is no way all those amazing Bumble dating app reviews were written for no reason.

Is Bumble Premium Worth It?

Bumble premium is, as you can realize by yourself, a special paid membership or a subscription that will provide you with access to all the best premium features on the app.

How Bumble works is that it keeps on connecting you with like-minded people, but in case you are dealing with a premium membership, you will basically be able to create your perfect partner in the filters and then choose the person who seems to be a 100% match.

Bumble premium subscription is probably one of the best-paid subscription dating apps offered these days, and it can provide you with some amazing features you can only dream of on the free version of the platform.

Bumble - Everything You Need to Know About Bumble Premium

Once you choose Bumble premium, you will gain access to unlimited swipes, be able to send super likes, connect with your expired matches and even rematch with people you may have swiped left before.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

It will also make you look like an A-list celebrity on the app, and you will be getting more potential matches than you can imagine.

Unlike most other dating platforms where paid features are not that amazing, and you don’t gain too much from purchasing a subscription, Bumble is really an amazing space for dating.

Not only can you backtrack all of the steps you have taken on the app, but you can also right swipe as much as you want, and you won’t get labeled as a bot or a spammer on the app.

It will also provide you with unlimited filters on Bumble Bff and Bumble Bizz too, so the perks are enormous.

In case you really grow into loving this app, you will be offered an opportunity to purchase a lifetime subscription which is generally speaking quite cheap, especially when you know you will be able to open the app whenever you want again.

A regular premium subscription will cost you around 18 dollars per month, which is a reasonable price, especially if we compare it to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold that tend to be twice as expensive.

If you have read Bumble dating reviews, you have probably also found out that you will be able to get a discount from time to time, especially during the holiday season, so you can keep this in mind too.

Those who know they will spend a long time on the app can also pay 3 or 6 months upfront, which will end up being a lot cheaper than paying month by month.

In the end, if you are sure this is the app for you and that you want to continue using all of its modes for the rest of your life, you can always get a lifetime subscription.

Is Bumble’s lifetime worth it or not is something that completely depends upon you and the things you expect to gain when paying for Bumble, so don’t make this decision way too soon?

Is Bumble Boost Worth It?

Bumble Boost is also one of the amazing features that can help you become the star of the algorithm, at least for a short period of time.

You can purchase it only for a limited amount of time, and the Bumble Boost cost is 5 dollars per hour.

Once you activate your Boost feature, you will receive notifications about how much time you have left, and the app will keep on reminding you to get used out of your super swipes until you can.

This is really a great feature if you have some spare time and you want to network as much as you can during that short period of time because it will really make you look like the most popular dates on the app.

Bumble - Bumble Boost: Everything You Need to Know

You can read a Bumble Boost review or two in order to realize what it is all about and what are the main reasons why people choose to invest in it.

In case you want to take your time and make sure you inspect everyone’s profiles before you make the first move, then maybe you should stick with regular Bumble and take it slow.

How Good Is Bumble?

Many people come to me asking is Bumble a good app, and if something has a success rate of around 90% like Bumble, I really believe there is no way it can be a bad option for anyone.

Bumble is one of the rare dating apps that is suitable both for people looking for a hookup and for a long-term relationship, and it even offers three different modes for different kinds of networking.

If you have read at least one review of the Bumble dating app, then you definitely know that you can network both for potential partners, new friends, and business associates on these apps – all you have to do is switch between your preferred modes.

It is able to connect you with like-minded people on all 3 of these modes, and even if you don’t know is Bumble good or not, you will be able to realize how amazing it is the moment you create your profile and start browsing through recommended matches.

The algorithm is absolutely amazing, and I believe that no other dating app of the moment has this sort of matchmaking algorithm that can connect you to your soulmate the moment you join the platform.

They will first show you people who seem to have the largest number of things in common with you, and you will be able to choose among dozen of different profiles who all can be a great match for your personality.

The same goes for Bumble Bff and Bumble Bizz too, and this app may be the place where you meet your future business partner or your new BFF.

If you have read a Bumble review dating, then you have definitely heard how amazing all of its features are and how many useful connections you can make through it, so don’t waste too much time on other apps and instead join the one platform that has it all.

Also, you don’t need to worry is Bumble legit or not because it is one of the safest dating apps on the market these days, and they do a verification through a phone number or a Facebook account for every single person that joins the app.

Their customer support is also absolutely amazing, and in case you are experiencing something unpleasant, and wondering is Bumble any good, and if its users are real, you can always reach out to them, and they will be willing to solve your problem within minutes.

If you are asking me if paying for Bumble is worth it, I would definitely say yes, but even if you don’t have the funds to invest in the premium membership, you will be able to meet plenty of amazing people with a free version, too, you will just have to take a bit more time.

The success rate is usually around 90% which is an extremely high percentage for a dating app like this, and this is the information you should keep in mind when choosing the next right platform for you.

I have never met a person that didn’t have success on Bumble or has regretted joining the app, so trust me, there is no way you will make a mistake if you decide to come and join it and start the journey.


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