Positive Singles Review 2024 – Best STD Dating Site Online?

There is a huge number of single people in the world.

Love is found in many expected and unexpected places and the internet is certainly one of those.

However, as there are numerous people who visit online dating websites, it is reasonable to suppose that these people are very different from one another and that one party may carry a surprise for the other.

Perhaps one of the most problematic surprises there may be are STDs.

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Whether you are the surprised or the surprising party, this is a very difficult topic to talk about.

Moreover, the chances that the relationship ends immediately are very high.

Luckily, single people with STDs have a place online where they can meet others like them, which makes starting a relationship without the awkward and uncomfortable conversations.

If you are among this group, we will get you interested in online dating through the Positive Singles Review.

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About Positive Singles

About Positive Singles

Positive Singles is a dating website functioning since 2001 and designed to help people with various STDs find partners. Is boasts with over 1,668,000 registered members and more than 60,000 successful love stories.

There are over 100 million people in the USA suffering from HIV/AIDS or some other kind of STD. From this number, around 80% know about this website and about 60% use it.

According to some statistics, over 400 million people in the world belong to this group. This is positive information and encouragement for anyone with an STD who is looking for love. There are hope and a real chance for you!


Positive Singles Features

Positive Singles offers many interesting and useful features to both its free and paying members. We will take a look at those features separately.

Features for a Free Membership

If you choose not to pay for a membership to Positive Singles, here is what you will be able to do:

  • Create a profile with unlimited duration.
  • Add up to 26 photos.
  • Contact customer support at any time.
  • Verify your information, such as age, income, photo, occupation, or education
  • Chat with people with the gold membership.
  • Send winks to flirt with the people you like.
  • Send or receive greeting cards or birthday wishes.
  • Use the ‘quick search’ option.
  • Read first date ideas of other members and post your own.
  • Post comments on blogs, profiles, and forums.

Features for the Gold Membership

The gold membership brings special features for members. Take a look at them.

  • Respond to first date ideas.
  • Use the mail and wink filter.
  • See if your emails were read.
  • Have a profile that comes to the top of the search results.
  • Have private photo albums that can be visible for certain people only.
  • Use detailed criteria for search (postcode, city, zodiac sign, STD, verified profiles, compatible profiles, etc).
  • Read safety and dating advice from the site.
  • Have a full mobile site and App access.
  • View the last login of desired members.
  • Get customer care with priority.

Special Features for People with HIV/AIDS

Special Features for People with HIV/AIDS

Positive Singles gives special support to people with HIV/AIDS. Here are some features offered for them.

  • Read more than 500 AIDS treatment stories and more than 1300 AIDS stories.
  • Have access to a non-stop support – counseling or dating advice – via chat or email.
  • Search for other people with the same STD.
  • Get legal information about AIDS.
  • Find over 800 aids care places.

Features to Protect Your Privacy

As privacy is very important for sites with many users, there are certain options that will improve this. Some of these features are available only for the paying members. In any case, bear in mind that you are responsible for all the information you enter about yourself and be careful.

  • Hide your photos or your whole profile.
  • Press the ‘quick exit’ button if you have any concerns. This button will take you to another site. This is available only for gold members.
  • Disable the ‘chat now’ button.
  • Hide that you visited someone’s profile.
  • Hide that you have added someone to favorites.
  • Verify your account. With this icon, you will get more attention as people will know that you are a real person. Also, you can trust people with this badge.

Sign up Process

Positive  Singles Sign Up Process

In order to sign up, you need to enter some basic information about yourself in several steps.

First, you will need to fill in your gender and the gender of people you are interested in (‘couple’ is an option in both these cases), your age and email address.

You will also have to give your consent to the website’s Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

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Next are your first name, your user name, and your password.

After that, you will need to choose your country and city of residence, your height, ethnicity, relationship status, and the disease(s) that you are living with.

There is an option ‘other STD’ if yours isn’t included in the list. There is a possibility of choosing more than one disease.

Second, you will be asked to upload a profile photo. This is not mandatory, though people with photos accumulate more interest.

Third, you will need to write a profile headline (which can be changed later).

This is shown at the top of your profile and search results and entices other people to get interested in you.

Next, you should provide a description of your personality and interests. Of course, you can update it on your profile page later, and it also serves others to see how interesting you are.

The last thing you should provide in the signup process is several sentences about your desired match. It generates responses from people who feel that they would be a good match for you.

After the email verification, you will be able to use your account on Positive Singles.

Tips and Tricks

Positive Singles Tips and Tricks

We will give you some tips on how to be safe and make your profile stand out in a sea of Positive Singles members. If you follow them, you may increase your chances of successfully finding your match.

  • Be careful about which information you share on the website. Always have in mind that there might be people with bad intentions. You are responsible for disclosing personal information about yourself.
  • When you write about yourself, be honest. Presenting yourself falsely may attract interesting people, but it will certainly not keep them by your side once they discover that you are not what you presented yourself to be.
  • Be careful about who you chat with. Have in mind that some people may present themselves falsely. Check for inconsistencies in the information written on members’ profiles and what they tell you. This is one of the ways to spot a liar.
  • Upload a profile photo, as these profiles gain more interest. Make sure that your photo is up-to-date and that it represents you in the best way possible. However, make sure not to post photos which should stay private.
  • Make sure that you are protected on first (and every) sexual contact. Get to know your partner, always use condoms. You can even go to the doctor’s for a fresh start. Remember – even though you both have a disease, it is always important to take care of yourselves.
  • Use the multitude of tips you can find on the Positive Singles website. They cover a very wide area, including how to make your profile stand out, how to spot scammers, and how to be safe during online and offline dating.

Pros and Cons

Positive Singles Pros and Cons

Let us take a look at some of the positive and negative sides of this website. No site is 100% excellent, but this one certainly has more pros than cons.


More than just a dating site. Positive Singles offers blogs, forums, and chat rooms that serve as an online community for people suffering from STDs. People can find encouraging stories there, and they can also connect with others who have the same problems and get (and give) comfort and support.

Many active members. This website has more than 120 thousand conversations and over 15 thousand active members every day. Also, they boast to have over 500 new blog posts every day. That shows that the site is one of the busiest online dating sites and that there are a constant support and chance to contact people.

The ‘Quick Exit’ button. This button is available for the members who choose to pay for the gold membership. The button redirects to another page online so that the user can have the privacy of browsing through the website without being concerned about whether someone else will see.

The Live Dating Advisor. This feature offers paying members to talk with someone anonymously about anything that bothers them. It can be a dating issue, an emotional or psychological problem. It is very useful, especially since this website is a host to many people who go through many health-related and emotional tensions.

Verification. You can choose to verify your photo and age. Once you do this, a verified icon will appear on your profile. It is a good practice because other members will know that you are serious and your profile will be displayed above others’ on the search page. You can verify by uploading some photo ID (driver’s license, ID card, or passport), emailing it to support, or faxing it.


They do not do background checks. Members can be verified in several aspects, though. Still, it is advisable that you be very careful about what pieces of information you give out about yourself. It is advisable to follow the advice on safe online dating and to be very careful about whom you trust. Remember, doing this is your own responsibility.

You can only reply to messages in free membership mode. If you are using this mode, you will not be able to send messages first. You will be able to apply to messages from other members (these are people with the gold membership mode).

The mobile app does not have all the features from the desktop version. Although the majority of functions from the desktop version are available on the mobile app, not all are included. The ones that are not there are health resources and forums.

Positive Singles is a website that has some bad sides, just live every other online dating site.

However, we bear in mind that the good sides are more numerous, the most important one being that it is designed for people with STDs, who already have difficulties in relationships with other people.

With that in mind, we must take as a great advantage that this website does not offer only the dating features, but also various chat rooms, blogs, and forums where members can connect with people who have similar problems and get encouraged to fight and live on despite the difficulties.

This is a great and active community.

Positive Singles Mobile App

Positive Singles Mobile App

Positive Singles offers a mobile app to its users.

It is available on both Android and iOS stores. It does not seem to be very popular, but the reviews are quite good.

When it comes to the appearance of the app, it is similar to the desktop version, so it is easy to navigate. The functions are set to be simple to use on a mobile device.

Nevertheless, there is something missing in the app when we compare it to the desktop version of the website – the additional, non-dating related features.

Users cannot access the health resources, STD care locations, or live counselors from the mobile app.

Demographic Makeup

Positive Singles Demographic Makeup

The demographic makeup of Positive Singles is similar to other dating sites in that its members are mostly men (as there are roughly twice as many compared to women). However, let us take a look at which countries use this dating site most.

  • United States: 87.76%
  • Canada: 4.74%
  • United Kingdom: 2.20%
  • Australia: 1.41%
  • Italy: 0.82%

The rest of the percentage (12.07%) goes to 247 other countries.

You can see that the United States is the country with the highest number of people with STDs who are willing to search for their love online.

But do not get discouraged if you are from another country. Give it a try and think optimistically.


Positive  Singles Pricing

There are two kinds of membership you can choose from.

One is free, with some basic features offered (viewing the profiles of others, sending winks, receiving messages, a quick search option), and the other one is paid, gold membership, which offers more to the members who choose it.

The gold membership can be paid for one, three, or six months.

Each of those plans bills a smaller amount per month, making the 6-month plan the most affordable one.

The auto-renewal option is enabled when you create an account, so unless you cancel it, your chosen membership will be billed automatically.

There are several ways in which you can pay – by a credit card, check card, debit card, PayPal or charge card. These are fast ways as the bill gets processed quickly. You can choose a check or money order by post, though these take a longer time to be processed.

The Chances of Having Success

The chances of having success 7

Though the probability that a person will land a successful date depends on many factors, we will list some of the points that go in favor of having success.

  • Positive Singles has been in function for a long time. They are a serious website with lots of experience and it is, therefore, plausible to put some trust in them.
  • Members can verify their age, photo, and name.
  • People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the services of the site.
  • There are over 1,668,000 registered members, with 15 thousand active members and more than 120 thousand conversations daily.
  • Chat rooms for STD support is another way to meet similar people and possibly strike a good match.

Positive Singles has been designed to help people with various STDs to find love.

They are focused on giving plenty of health and emotional support to their users. It can be inferred that a very high number of people trust this website – the 60,000 success stories testify to this.

Nevertheless, every new user should be aware that they are posting information about themselves at their own risk.

Overall Rating based on the Positive Singles Review

Considering everything mentioned above, here is our rating of Positive Singles:

Overall Rating
  • Signing up – 5/5
  • Profile quality – 5/5
  • Unique features – 5/5
  • Customer service – 5/5
  • Privacy protection 4.9/5
  • Health support – 5/5
  • Mobile app – 4.9/5
  • Overall rating 5/5

As Positive Singles offers many features to its users with STDs, it is certainly worth visiting. Users have constant online and phone support.

They can access a huge online community where they are able to not only meet other people similar to them who are looking for love, but also share their STD stories and read about others’.

We would like to end this text with an optimistic and encouraging motto, which is actually the slogan of Positive Singles – Stay Positive! Find Love, Support & Hope.

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