Pure Hookup App Review 2024 – [Quick, Direct, And Discrete]

In this Pure hookup app review we will bring you closer to one of the hookup apps with the most interesting approach to casual dating.

Although relatively new, its 4.2 ratings on the Google App Store seems more than promising. Let’s check out how this innovative app for anonymous dating actually works.

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Pure Hookup App Review in Video Form

Pure Hookup App Review [Quick, Direct, And Discrete]
Pure Hookup App Review [Quick, Direct, And Discrete]

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Pure Hookup App Ratings

Effectiveness: 3/5

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Price: 3/5

Ease-of-use: 5/5

Features: 4/5

Description: intro.PNG


  • If no strings attached encounter is what you want, no strings attached you get.
  • Anonymity and privacy-all the information disappears after one hour
  • Free chatting feature
  • A constant flow of potential dates when you are online
  • You get to see who liked you for free


  • Your credit card information is required upon registration.
  • You only have one hour to connect with someone and exchange needed information to set up a date.
  • The success largely depends on the location.
  • Not so many active users since there is a time limitation.
  • Too wide GPS area to search for matches

Who is it for/demographic makeup

Pure Hookup App Demographic Makeup

The first thing that comes to attention is that there is no specific demographics.

Basically, if you are sexually active and would like to get down without any emotional complications and moral ‘what-ifs’ this is the app for you.

If you are up for a direct “Do you wanna?” approach for a few days, weeks or months, sign up!

There is literally no need to beat around the bush, and there is no time to do so.

If this approach is a bit too crude and you enjoy the courtship and back-and-forths then skip it!

The no-nonsense attitude of the people who use it is what makes this app outright groundbreaking and functionally minimalistic.

To sign up you need to be 18+ (although the app mentioned that anybody who is not over 13 can’t be a part of the app) and ready for direct offers and quick decision making.

Although some users reporter that there is a lot of female profiles who outright ask for money, the app does not approve of that and cancels those users out.

If you are looking for that type of entertainment you might just find it, but it is not advertised as such since, as a man, you are already paying for the app’s services to get you laid that night, and for free.

Description: fake profile.PNG

You can weed out those profiles by simply asking the girl why she is on the app, the time frame in which you need to set up a date will not allow her to string you along so she will tell you upfront if what they want is money in exchange for sex.

Description: looking for hookup.PNG

There are seemingly fewer women on the app because of this, but the situation improves as the app gains on its popularity.

Let us get on with what the app is offering and determining if it is worth the money.


Pure Hookup App Effectiveness

It is now the time in our pure dating app review to examine the app’s effectiveness-i.e if you are in fact going to get laid if you use it.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

When this is in question we have come across two mostly opposing opinions -just take a look at app ratings, they are either very high (5) or very low (1).

Description: review.PNG

This basically means that people who have been using the app are either extremely satisfied with the performance, or they would never use it again.

At first, it was confusing but there is a simple conclusion we have come to after extensive research, and here it is.

The app is highly successful in large, densely populated areas- metropolis or very big cities while the success rate is significantly lower in smaller cities.

This is because the app has not yet gained in its popularity as much to be used equally in all areas, and also because in smaller cities there is always the voice in the back of your head telling you that “it is not moral”, you know, the small-town mentality.

The cities where success is guaranteed are London, Moscow, Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico City. Why not try your luck in other big cities as well.

Now there is also a question of the small time frame in which you can find a match for some sexy time.

To see if there really aren’t any girls in your area who are down for it, do not use the app at the same time every time.

Switch it up.

Yes, there is a possibility that there will be girls online before work on a workday, but we are sure that there are many more of them lookin’ for a hookup on a Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening just to shake the workweek stress off and have some fun.

So change it up, see what works best for you.

Some users reported paid escort looking for work there, and others said that girls only want to chat without actually taking the fun out of the app and in the real world.

The advice is to ask right away what is it they are looking for and find someone who wants the same thing as you.

Key features

Pure Hookup App Key Features

Dating and even hookup apps compete with how much more can one offer than the other. Pure hookup app does completely the opposite.

It offers very little in terms of features but so much in terms of effect if the effect you desire is to get laid and now.

The app is user-friendly and gets you where you want to be in basically no time.

There are only a few basic features that are free and 2 features that you need to pay for that are supposed to increase the effectiveness and speed of your hookups.

Let’s see how does pure work and why is it so controversial in its approach.

Free features

a) 1-hour time limit

The 1-hour time limit is what makes this app stand out among all other apps used for this purpose.

Namely, if you want to get some action right now, you will sign up (Check FAQ) or use your existing e-mail to log in.

Description: sign up.PNG

You will post a request that will be visible to other online users and will be there for only one hour.

After the hour expires you will have to repeat the process and do it all over again since your profile will self-destruct along with any information you have provided.

All your on-going chats will also be destroyed so you will need to act quickly and share your location with another user and you can get it on.

Description: timer.PNG

b) Location

Location i.e. your GPS will be one of the main things the app will use to get you a match, the possible matches are up to 50 miles away (although the app will sometimes show you people who are up to even a 1000 miles away).

The app lets you call an Uber right away get to your sexy date as soon as possible.

c) Anonymity

Another thing that separates Pure from other apps is the fact that you do not need to provide your name and your age only your photo and location.

There is no “about me” section.

 You will be judged based solely on your appearance and you will judge others on that as well.

Your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed (unless you shared information in your private chat) after the profile self-destructs.

d) Free likes and chat

To increase the speed and effectiveness of the app likes, as well as chats, are free to use for one hour you are on the app.

You can like anybody in your search screens, but you can message only those users where there is a mutual like.

Description: profile.PNG

You can also see who liked you for free, like them and start chatting right away.

The chats expire with your request so act swiftly.

Paid for features:

a) Instant Chat

While you are using the app you can pay for Instant Chat feature which allows you to message anyone without them having to like you as well.

Description: instant chat.PNG

It should speed up the process even further.

The catch is, Instant chats are purchased individually, and once you use it on one girl it is gone, and you will need to buy another for another girl.

The cost is $3.49. Is it worth it? Maybe, if you are confident that you will sweet-talk the girl you use it on.

b) King of the Hill

Another paid-for feature and it costs $1.99. King of the Hill puts you on the top of Girls’ search results so they will see you first once they are online.

Description: hail the king.PNG

You buy this feature once per request.

Is it worth it?

Not so much since there are not so many users in a request so the girls will see your profile anyway.


Due to the purpose of the app and the lime limitation of each session (or request), the app kept its design minimalistic which in turn enables a very easy-to-use interface, and an intuitive app altogether.

Let’s start with the design.

Description: drawing.PNG

As we previously mentioned it is very minimalistic and simple and in spite of that it does not look ‘unfinished’.

It has a black and white concept, and simple cartoons or rather drawings. They are funny, naughty, and kind of vintage although they appeal to a younger population.

It is not crowded with unnecessary buttons or even colors that would make using the app overwhelming when you have only an hour to get what you want out of it.

The app only has 3 screens you can switch through- the search results i.e. the women who are available at the same time you are, the chat screen where you can see people who you are messaging with, and the third screen that is a timer- showing how much time you have left until your request expires.

The only button on the profiles you are browsing is a heart outline to tap on of you like a girl (with the addition of a small x in the corner of the profile photo if you want to block that user).

If she already liked you will have a messaging icon as well.

The app is straightforward and simple as there is no time to waste on working on ‘figuring the app out’- you want to start chatting right now and set up a date as soon as possible.


Pure Hookup App Pricing

After we have examined who might benefit from the app and how the app works- features, usability, and effectiveness, the time has come to tell you how much you will need to pay for all that.

If you are, by any chance, a girl checking out this Pure review we have great news. The app is a hundred percent free for you to use in its entirety!

Submit a request and take your pick!

Most of you reading this are probably guys (and horny ones, methinks) and unfortunately, we do not have such wonderful news for you.

You will have to pay for your experience on the app.

The app has two different pricing options: for your phone and for your desktop. Why is that, we are not sure since itis possible to use one or the other if you log in with the same e-mail.

The Pure cost also varies based on the subscription length.

Here are your options:

Log in using your phone

  • Pay $10.99 for a one-week subscription
  • Pay $21.99 for a one-month subscription
  • Pay $43.99 for a three-month subscription, and finally
  • Pay $54.99 for a one-year subscription

Log in using the web version

  • Pay $9.99 for a one-week subscription:
  • Pay $19.99 for a one-month subscription or,
  • Pay $39.99 for a six-month subscription

Seems like your best and most lucrative option would be a month-long web subscription, but it is on you so choose according to your preference.

Are you visiting a big city for a few days and want to get some action, or are you taking a longer break from serious dating and only want to have some sexy fun for a year?

We are sure that you can find your option.

There is a three-day free trial. Whether you like the app or not, it will automatically charge you for a month-long subscription unless you cancel it before the three days expire, so if you think that the three days were enough for you to decide is pure worth it, act accordingly.

There are two in-app purchases that are exempt from any subscription plan and they are Instant Chat and “King of the Hill”.

Both are available under $4 and need to be purchased anytime you want to use them, there is no bundle offer.

Conclusion, overall rating and CTA based on Pure Hookup App Review

Conclusion on Pure Hookup App Review

What is the verdict? Is Pure worth it?

The idea behind pure is genial.

The place for all the horny Millenials who have neither the time nor the desire to look for a hookup the oldfashioned way and be in for a hit or miss.

Pure gives them a platform to freely and shamelessly express their sexuality and fulfill their ‘stranger in the night’ fantasy.

If they find someone they like and who likes the back and are not shying from directness, they are in for a treat.

Or are they?

The thing with this app is that, although it is a magnificent idea, it does not perform quite so magnificently in real life.

How the app will work depends largely on your location.

If you are located in large cities, then you are up for a treat.

People living in smaller areas have difficulty finding true girls on the app.

This is because the app is not yet so popular, and not all of its potential users are so openminded as to put their sex life on demand like this.

What do you think about this ‘no-nonsense’ approach? Would you give it a go and have what can possibly be the most memorable night in your life or the craziest thing you will not tell your grandchildren about?

If you find the concept intriguing, and if you are a bit of a daredevil, give it a go and let us know if you managed to get yourself some action with a perfect stranger in a manner of “thank you and goodbye”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the app.




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