The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men

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The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in [year] 6
The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in [year] 7

Introduction to online dating for men

Who this guide was written by:

This ultimate guide to online dating for men was written by our senior dating advice expert Tyler. But don’t worry, it’s not only from the perspective of one guy. The guide is a compilation of the advice from dozens of men as well as insights from our women dating experts here at online for love and dozens of other women contributors.

Do you know how big the difference is between being a successful dater and not dating at all?

Only a few key distinctions make us open those gates to endless high-quality dates or close the dating doors for the next several years.

Let’s face it, dating is not rocket science. It’s simple as 2 plus 2. But somehow, for some strange reasons, we close those doors and are afraid to reopen them again. We lack self-esteem, we keep telling ourselves that we aren’t made for that kind of life, even though we know deep down that we are want to party, have fun, leave a happy life, and date as much as possible.

Now, you don’t need a novel of 1000 pages that teaches you how to date. You only need to know what those key distinctions are and how you can easily become a dating pro. If you are looking for a short guide on how you can alter your dating results, you are at the right spot.

The facts that you’ll be reading in this guide are coming from years of practice, research, and tests we’ve conducted. There are only few who managed to hit the jackpot on the first try, lucky them, but in most of the cases, we all had a lot to learn and suffer from poor to none results.

All of these fails, poor success stories, and then again fails made us what we are now, so we came to the idea that why should you go through all of thiswhen there is a shortcut to successful dating?

By dating, we don’t mean just hookup, but finding the one you’ve been looking for a long time (let’s not be that pathetic to use the term “for a whole life”).

So, briefly, this guide will help you in both case scenarios- hookups and finding the real deal, because eventually, we all need someone staying by our side longer than one night lasts. Or do we?

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not just our experience. The facts that you’ll be reading are conducted on different women’s opinions, as well. We’ve tested 750 males and twice as many females. You’ll be hearing what they want to see, how they want you to act, etc.

As far as the male part goes, we’ve asked them to see what works best. Because, females, in most of the cases, are not aware what they want, so we’ve brought 750 men on the board to tell us what they really want, and when did they have the most success. Let’s begin!

Online Dating as the Only Dating, Nowadays

Let’s assume that you have no idea about online dating and that the only thing you know is that you simply don’t like the context of it, take as some fake, unnatural way of meeting people, etc.…

However, you finally decided to make a profile on an online dating website, because, admit it or not, online dating has become a real thing in the 21st century, by taking over the “real dating”. The first thing you should absolutely know (take note, here’s your first tip) is that you should never put into your profile things like: “here goes nothing”, “just giving this a shot”, “joining this blasphemy and immorality”.

The moment you put this on your profile is the moment you lowered the bar (it looks like online dating is awkward, below you, or something), which pretty much means crappy matches.

Women on these websites trust in them; they embraced them. What would they do with haters who are looking at them with a lack of respect?

That’s what makes us cringe whenever we see it in a profile, and that’s what makes 1300 out of 1500 women that we asked cringe even more. They feel less worthy, they feel insecure because someone is judging.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in [year] 8

In other guide that we are creating, we will be talking about how to create a killer profile that’ll have a lot of success on dating websites. Puns intended with this “killer”.

So, let’s leave these things aside. The point was that if you enter the online dating world, enter as a normal guy, don’t be too judgy, and your chances are already growing.

Do you know that 76% of single people in the US opened an online dating profile? That’s why we told you that online dating is real dating in the 21st century. Everything is simplified, and people are connected with one mutual cause- they are here to meet each other, date, have fun.

Therefore, embrace it, and make use of it.

Know what Women are Looking For

With men, everything is simplified, we can agree. Give us beauty, youth, sex, and full bellies, and we’ll be happy ever after. Women understand that, and they often use some of these to get what they want. On the other side, what do women want? Who knows. Jokes aside, they want three simple things, in general- love, security, and sometimes romance.

This is basic psychology. And that basic psychology will give you some advantage of knowing what the opposite sex is looking for. Of course, both genders are interested in other things, and it’s only about how you wrap it up into the package.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in [year] 9

You can use these to your advantage not only in setting up a profile but also in conversation with girls. If you can’t offer romance, make them believe that you can, at least.

Of course, don’t lie. I mean, you can, but it’s not necessary to do in order to have success. Instead, you can do small things- those that you don’t consider romantic, but women might.

Call them on some interesting date, suggest going to the carousel, ice skating, whatever you think it might be interesting.

Now, let’s go slowly with this phase.  You’ll firstly need to grab their attention and talk for a while.

So, let’s go through the very first thing you’ll need to achieve- grabbing her attention.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Men in [year] 10

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