Waplog Review 2024 – Ratings, Everything You Should Know!

Have you ever been searching for an online dating app that is easy to use as you use Instagram or Facebook?

Do you like posting stories and check the number of people they have seen them?

If you do, then the Waplog online dating app is the right app for you.

Today’s review will cover:

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How to Signup to Waplog
The Stand-out Features of The Site
Cost of Premium Membership
Ratings, FAQs & more!

Let’s check the Waplog review together and see what it offers.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 14
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Waplog Review in Video Form

Waplog Dating Site Review [Legit or a Scam?]

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Waplog Overall Ratings

  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Price: 3/5


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Chatting is free
  • Visible profiles
  • Desktop and mobile versions available


  • Too many ads
  • Many users are minors
  • Many fake profiles

Who is it Best for

The Waplog dating site is for all those who are looking for a new friend, an emotional partner, a serious relationship, a hookup, a one-night-stand, and much more.

Just like Tinder, the ranges from people looking for a quick fling to Serious relationships.

It is not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

People of all ages use it every day.

If you like simplicity and a good interface that offers the Waplog app, then you will be just one more of many satisfied users.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 15

The Waplog dating app is the most for all the people who like posting stories, pictures, and regular daily activities they post on Instagram and Facebook.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

The only bonus is that its algorithm offers you a unique matching system that can help you to find a more intimate relationship.

Demographic Makeup

As has been previously mentioned, the Waplog online dating app is for people of all ages and personal status.

People 18 + use this online dating app daily.

80% of the world population uses the Waplog dating app, mostly because many of its features are free and enough to use if you want to find a perfect match.

More than 65% of the male population is on Waplog.

You can use the Waplog dating app in 16 different languages, which offers you a wide specter of its users all over the world.

The Waplog online dating app is used the most in countries where the maternal language is Enligh, but it is used in France, Russia, Japan, and other countries, too.

The app is the most spread in the USA and the UK. More than 6 million members are American.

Key Features

The Waplog online dating app is described as one of the best online dating apps, based on its many simple features.

Features exist to find a Waplog match, but to have fun, too.

Reviewers characterize the Waplog as a purple online dating app that is very easy to use thanks to its old school interface and easier features.

That’s why Waplog is an online dating app for all ages and all purposes.

For the older population, it is simple to use, and for the younger population, it is quick to use.

The Waplog team tries to make a combination of two important things. They use the feature combination from social networks and regular online dating sites.

Features are easy to use, as they are easy on social networks.

But, at the same time, features help the Waplog system to find a suitable match for each user.

Key features allow you many things, and the most important are:

  • To check out detailed profiles
  • To find ‘’friends’’ or ‘’friends firends’’ nearby thanks to their location system
  • To use filters or suggestions to match with other users
  • To see notifications
  • To select favorite contacts
  • To chat for free
  • To join a live chat
  • To manage your privacy account

You can often visit the Waplog official website because it offers you the newest blog posts that you can find on its main page.

The posts are certainly related to Waplog interests, and they are dedicated to Waplog users and those who aren’t.

Special Features

It is possible to use special features only if you are a VIP member.

To become a VIP user, you just have to pay a low amount of money for the period you choose, and you will get more interesting features and options to use.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 16

That’s how you can upgrade your profile and make it the best one on the platform.

The time is more matches, so your VIP profile will be done in less than 10 minutes.

These special features allow you to be closer to the members from Waplog massive database.

Special features offer you:

  • To see who is checking your profile
  • To watch and add stories
  • To create locked videos
  • To follow trending stories and blog posts
  • To comment on other users posts, stories, or photos
  • To tag other users on your posts, stories, and photos
  • To turn off the annoying ads

Waplog Story Feature

All Instagram lovers are fascinated by this great option that they can use as VIP members.

As you already know, stories on Instagram are the most popular option on Instagram.

Besides, they are the most popular interactions between many users. They are also the most seen posts on that social platform.

The procedure of posting stories on Waplog is the same as you post them on your Instagram profile.

You can add as many stories as you want. You can tag people and products on them.

All your stories are visible for 24 hours from the moment you post them. Each story lasts for 15 seconds maximum.

As a VIP user, it is allowed for you to see other members’ story posts. You can comment on them and send reactions.

Waplog users usually post their daily activities, people are hanging out with at the moment, and what are they drinking or eating, too.

It sounds like you live a double life. On Instagram, people can see your real life, but they just follow you without flirting.

On Waplog, the other users can see your real life, many of them you don’t know well, and they are open-mind to flirt with you, offer you a one-night stand, or a real date.

Waplog Locked Videos

This feature became very popular, and it is one of the main reasons why people decide to get a VIP membership.

Waplog locked videos offer you an opportunity to earn easy and quick money.

Many people of all ages join the Waplog online dating app just because of this feature. They post a video, lock it, and earn easy cash.

The most bizarre thing is that they earn it for free!

Many users shared their experiences on different forums.

Some of them confirmed that they really earned money by using locked videos. Some of them denied this feature and called it a waste of time and a dirty advertising trick.

Whatever it is, introducing this feature was a very clever move to attract more and more people to start using the Waplog app.

What wasn’t a clever move is a fact that the Waplog online dating app became a place people like to visit because they can earn some free money.

The original idea was to make an online dating app similar to Facebook that would be easy to use, and that would help users to find a perfect match.

Is Waplog a social network, is it an online dating app, or a freelance platform?

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 17

Ease of Use

The idea of the Waplog dating site is to find at least a new friend.

Finding a friend or friends is based on you country, region, and city.

In the other words, it is based on your location.

On Waplog you can chat with other people, make them your friends, visit the other users’ profiles or find the perfect Waplog match.

Signing up process

You can sign up on the Waplog dating site in two ways.

The first way is the longest one. You can sign in by going on the Waplog official website.

There you need to fill the gaps with your personal information such as your name, your surname, gender, date of birth, and your email address or phone number.

When your access is authorized, you will have to answer a personality test that the Waplog algorithm will use to set up your profile in order to find your potential matches.

The final step is to post your profile picture, uploading it from your phone or computer gallery.

After posting a profile picture, you will be able to chat with other members for free as long as you want. Chatting isn’t limited. 

The other way is the easiest one.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 18

You can sign up by using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.

If you sign up in that way, you don’t have to do the personality test because all your personal information is going to be transferred to your Waplog account.

Not just information, but profile pictures, too.

In both ways, you will receive a welcome message, and you will notice that the app sent you immediately more than seven possible matches with whom you can start a conversation.

Arranging a profile

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 19

If you use one of your social network accounts to make a Waplog account, arranging the profile will last less than a few minutes.

You even don’t have to add your profile picture because it will be automatically added to your Waplog account.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 20

If you sign up with your email address or your phone number, the procedure is a little bit longer, and it will last for 10 to 15 minutes.

After creating a username, a password, and after filling in all the personal information, it’s time to do the personality test.

The questions you have to answer are similar to other personality tests on the other dating sites.

You will answer your interests, education, gender, hobbies, and many other things.

The final step, before making the first contact, is to choose the best profile picture you can and post it.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 21

After you post a profile picture, you can recheck your profile and correct the things you don’t like.

Making the first contact

Making the first contact on Waplog is an easy and simple process.

When you arrange your profile, and when you pass the verification process, it means that you are ready for the first conversation.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 22

The Waplog dating app is one of the rare apps that allow you to chat as long as you want for free.

You don’t have to be a paid member to use that option.

To start chatting with someone for the very first time, go to your profile feed, and you will see all the members that can be your potential matches.

When you click on their photos, you can see their entire profiles, interests, and profile pictures.

You can choose to contact them immediately, or you can add them as your new friends and then start a conversation.

As a free member, you can send messages and using live chat, but you can’t post stories on your profile. Neither can see if someone reads your messages.

If you have a problem with fake profiles or violent users, you can report that by writing an email to Customer Service, or you can block the users you don’t find kind.

Waplog chat dating is there for you to meet friends who can become more than friends.

If you don’t want to chat with suggested matches, there is an option to choose a match by yourself.

You can use filters where you enter all the criteria your potential match has to have.

You can choose the eyes and hair color, gender, interests, location, height, body type and the system will automatically find people nearby using these characteristics.

Waplog chat dating can’t be easier!


Basic features and the most popular Waplog’s features are free to use.

What you get as a free member is checking other users’ profiles, sending and receiving messages, having an interaction in Waplog live chat, and many other possibilities that you can use to catch your perfect match.

If you decide to become a VIP member, things you can get are as great as free ones.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 23

The most important thing as a VIP member is that you will get rid of boring ads once and for all.

All those popping ads can be very annoying to watch from time to time.

If you become a VIP user, you will be able to see who reads your messages and who doesn’t.

Comparing to other online dating sites, to become a Waplog paid member can be a good investment.

The price isn’t high at all.

The monthly package costs 9,49 USD.

Three months package costs 23,99 USD.

Twelve months package costs 56,99 USD.

If you think and calculate right, if you choose the annual membership, it can cost you a bit more than 4 USD per month.

That’s a very good price, for an online dating site.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 24


The Waplog online dating app became a very popular and very used dating app in the world.

There are many reasons for that.

First of all, Waplog’s interface and usability are extremely easy to manage.

This online dating app is simple, quick, and many features are free. That is the second reason why Waplog is on the top of the list among the other online dating apps.

And the last but not least reason is that this online dating app is so similar to Facebook and Instagram that people just enjoy using it.

Have you ever tried it before? If you have never, maybe it’s the right time to try it now.

Waplog Review [year] - Ratings, Everything You Should Know! 25

Either you will be thrilled by its features, either you will be disappointed by its simplicity.

One thing is for sure. You will find new friends, or an emotional partner, or a hookup, or even someone who can rent you a place.

Waplog guarantees you one thing: you will be matched one way or another.

Overall Rating based on the Waplog Dating Review

As we are approaching the end of this review, the realistic and totally objective overall rating is an average one.

It is a simple online dating app with many users and many free features. But, is it enough?

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