What Are Bumble Badges (2024) – How to Add Badges on Bumble

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Bumble has gained almost 10 million new users. 

Nowadays it has around 40 million users from all around the world. 

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The number of users who pay for the premium package is around 1.2 million. 

In order to further develop the app, Bumble has introduced new badges to its customers. 

Through this text, we will say a few words about:

What are Bumble Badges
What do badges mean on Bumble
How to add badges on Bumble
What does hexagon heart mean on Bumble, and more
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What Are Bumble Badges?

As Bumble users have already known, this social media for dating has introduced an interesting feature, badges, in order to help people describe their personality and share some more information about themselves. 

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Users can choose up to five basic badges for now. 

Except for those five badges, there are 150 more interest badges you can add. 

What Do Different Badges Mean on Bumble?

1. Basic info Bumble badges

You can use basic info badges in your Bumble profile’s bio, instead of quotes, links, or simple text. 

They serve to help you make meaningful connections with other users with similar interests.

Basic Bumble badges:

  • Height
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Looking for badge- by using this badge you can tell potential matches whether you are looking for a serious (like eHarmony or Tinder) or casual relationship (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison)
  • Drinking badge- use this badge and later add interest badges in order to explain what kind of drinks you prefer (coffee, wine, beer, brandy, whiskey…)
  • Smoking badge

2. Bumble Interest badges

When it comes to interest badges they cover various categories, from sport to politics. 

They serve to tell more about you, your creative hobbies and make a deeper connection between you and users that share similar interests with you. 

Here are some examples of the new interest badges you can add:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Takeout- perfect if you want to emphasize that you like getting some food and relaxing while watching Netflix, for example. 
  • Pets- dogs, cats…
  • Sweet tooth- if you like sweets
  • Sports- you can add the sports you like (football, soccer, basketball, winter sports…)
  • Music- rock, pop, techno, trance…
  • Vibe badge- Using this interest badge you can tell your potential bumble date that you spread good vibes and positivity
  • Politics related badges- spread the word about environmentalism or civil rights
  • New user- this is a badge for the users who have just joined

3. Bumble friends badges and Bumble business (Bumble Bizz) badges

Bumble also provides services to those who are looking for new friends or business mates. 

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There are new Bumble badges for them, as well. 

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They serve to help you find friends with shared interests.

The badges for friends are the following:

  • Looking for badge- by using this badge you tell others whether you are looking for friends you will spend some time with, potential roommates or volunteers for some action.
  • Kids badge- this badge will tell others if you have kids
  • New to neighbourhood badge
  • Pets
  • Relationship status
  • Willing to exercise with someone

4. Bumble business badges are the following:

  • Industry you work in/occupation badge
  • Looking for badge- tell others if you are looking for investors, mentors or a simple internship
  • Previous working experience 

5. COVID-19 Bumble badges

As we all know Bumble is a company with high CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Therefore, in times of crisis Bumble wants to help its users. 

As is the case, we live in the time of the pandemic of COVID-19, and therefore, some users might not be too eager to meet new people and risk a potential infection. 

Talking about facts, around 69% of users are still worried about the potential infection.

On the other hand, although the majority of users are concerned because of disease, almost 78% of Bumble users would still meet people during the pandemic. 

In order to help users, Bumble has invented new profile badges that will give information about whether the potential matches are vaccinated or not. 

So, thanks to vaccination badges, other users might see one’s vaccination status and decide whether they want to meet them or not. 

Moreover, thanks to the badges that denote virtual meetings (video chats), social-distanced meetings with masks, or social-distanced dates without masks one can see someone’s comfort levels related to dating during these heavy times. 

We believe that this is a great response to the pandemic and that these new COVID-19 related features will make people feel safer and happier. 

In addition, Bumble has created a dating guide for pandemics as an additional way of helping its users get back on the “dating track”.

What Is and How Do You Put a Virtual Dating Badge on Bumble?

One of the most popular badges recently has been a virtual dating badge. 

Namely, it denotes that you are willing to date someone via video chat. 

Video chat rendezvous has various advantages. 

First of all, people will save time. 

Imagine a situation where you swipe right a guy or a girl from a distant area, and after some time you agree to meet. 

So, you go on a date to a different city or country, and it turns out to be a disaster. 

Yes, there is plenty of fish in the sea, and you will find someone else, but who will give you your time back?

Secondly, if you are shy or anxious, you will feel more confident talking via video chat.

If it turns that your match is good for you, you can always go out with him/her. 

Finally, as we said above, in the time of the coronavirus it is sometimes smarter to use the option of “virtual dating”. 

On the other hand, if you use video chatting a lot, you will begin to miss the good old excitement of getting ready for the first rendezvous.

When it comes to adding that badge to your profile, the process is the same as with any other badge. 

Bumble introduces 'I'm vaccinated' badge for users in India: All you need  to know- Technology News, Firstpost

How to Add Badges on Bumble

For the app users:

In order to add basic Bumble badges you have to follow the next steps:

  1. Open the app, and go to your profile page
  2. Tap on the “Edit profile” section and choose the “Tap to edit profile” option
  3. When you enter there, you will see a section called “My interests”
  4. There you can choose up to five basic Bumble badges. 

On the other hand, as we mentioned above, you can choose as many interest badges as you want. 

Bear in mind that if you select too many badges, they will not display.

If this option does not work, try updating the app. 

In case that you still cannot add the badges, contact their support team. 

You can contact them via their email or website. 

For the website users:

If you are using Bumble on your PC to chat, and you want to add badges, here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Sign in to the Bumble website
  2. Tap on the “Edit profile”
  3. Choose the “Badges” option
  4. Search and select those you want to use
  5. Save your work 

In addition, if you want to remove some of the badges you have selected just click twice on them. 


Final Word

As you can see Bumble creators are really trying hard to develop the app. 

Thanks to additions like badges or profile prompt, profiles become more interesting and better connected. 

Moreover, you literally have badges to denote anything you like, from political terms to your favorite phone make. 

So, if you would like to mention that you work in the White House, use Samsung or Apple or shop via Amazon, you can do it thanks to the magnificent world of badges. 

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