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    Connecting Singles Review

    Dating site and a social network all in one? Yes, Connecting Singles is the site that gives you both.

    If you are looking for a dating site where you are also able to have some fun playing games or discussing different topics, Connecting Singles is the right one for you.

    But are these games and forums distractions from dating? Check out this Connecting Singles review to find out!

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      Connecting Singles Ratings

      Effectiveness 1/5

      Price 4/5

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      Ease of use 3.5/5

      Features 3/5


      • Great interesting features like playing games, writing a blog, posting poetry, etc.
      • Its network is worldwide and counts over 50.000 members in The States only
      • Has over 10.000 active members weekly
      • Connecting Singles is easy to use because of its clear design
      • It is completely free to use
      • There is a mobile app available on the Play Store which is also free to download
      • Various ways to have fun and connect with people and potential matches
      • Plenty of ways to start a conversation – eCards, ‘Like’ button, ‘Pick Flower’ button, and so on
      • The verification process of your profile lasts for 24 hours so the info you provided about yourself can be adequately analyzed


      • Many people are concentrated on playing games and solving puzzles or having discussions on various topics, which distracts them from focusing on the dating part of the Connecting Singles
      • Because of so many features, the mobile app is too crowded and makes you scroll for too long in order to reach a certain feature
      • Connecting Singles is full of older men
      • Too many women that want to take advantage of you and get money from you
      • Very few options and features are related to dating part of the site, which makes Connecting Singles ineffective as a dating site
      • Too much racism and hate speech regarding certain topics, like politics
      • Poor Customer Care that doesn’t provide you with proper answers and solutions
      • Bad judgment in choosing who to block and why
      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 1
      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 2
      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 3

      Who is it for/Demographic Makeup

      Connecting Singles Demographic Makeup

      When you look at Connecting Singles site and see its options, you can easily conclude that this site is for everyone.

      Features that are available for free are offering you to write about anything. If you are looking for your special someone you can try to find them using a tool called Matches or Meet me.

      On the other hand, there are plenty of things you can do on this site, which are appropriate for basically every age.

      Connecting Singles has 50.000 members from the United States, but this site is used by people from all over the world.

      Having online discussions where you can post comments and opinions is something teenagers like to do, as well as older people or the retired ones.

      Even so, this site is not available for underaged people since you can’t make an account if you are not 18 years old or older.

      When it comes to gender statistics of users, 60% of women are registered on this site, compared to 40% of men.

      These statistics are maybe showing that men have higher chances of finding a match, but the truth is – most of them are registered because of forums and games only.

      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 4


      Connecting Singles Effectiveness

      This is one of the most important criteria when it comes to dating sites – its effectiveness.

      It doesn’t matter if the dating site is cool, interesting, or fun if you are not getting any matches since there are sites you are visiting to have fun and the ones you go to in order to find a date.

      Unfortunately, Connecting Singles is very low on effectiveness.

      The first reason for this is bad and outdated management of the site. There are only two tabs that are specifically made for dating.

      This makes it hard to stay focused on dating and finding someone to go out with. Unfortunately, people are usually distracted by other things that are available for you once you register to Connecting Singles.

      Another bad thing is that there are lots of old and inactive profiles that are piling up and popping out as active, even if they are not.

      You can improve your search by choosing the location as a criterium, but this option still doesn’t raise the rate for effectiveness.

      There are only few people that stated that they had found a match or a date while using this dating app or site, while many of them said that they had made some friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

      Even though sending messages is free, a great majority of users are more open to options to have group conversations and debates that are being held in these mentioned forums.

      These conversations are not intimate, but they are great for making friends because this way you get a chance to see who has the same or similar opinion as you.

      It is a great way to connect with someone by expressing yourself on these forums and platforms. You have options to choose a topic and write about it.

      The topics can be music, dance, history, relationships, sex, poetry – you name it.

      The downside of this dating site is that there is no live chat. If you click with someone you can exchange e-mails or numbers to start chatting on some other site or mobile app.

      Connecting Singles very much looks like a social network, so it seems that people are more open to casual commenting than intimate messaging.

      Key features

      Connecting Singles Key Features

      There are plenty of fun things on this dating site, but only few features are related to dating itself.

      Doing quizzes, solving puzzles, and playing games are great if you want to kill some time and enjoy without any interaction with other people.

      Chat rooms are interesting if you are up for a conversation with people you haven’t met but want to hear about their opinions related to a certain topic.

      Besides these features, there are also ones that let you express yourself by writing a blog or an article.

      There is a wide range of subjects you can write about, so when someone runs into the text you wrote they can reach you and see if they share the same point of view.

      This kind of connecting and socializing is really cool because you get a chance to find out about a person that runs this blog by reading her articles and posts.

      After all, if you like what you have read you can easily message that person to start a private conversation and exchange experience or opinions.

      Some of these features that are not related to dating are making it easy to choose on a pickup line when wanting to message someone.

      Another useful feature that is good for starting a conversation and breaking the ice is the ‘Send Flower’ button. The most common practice is to send one to the person that is nearby you, thus showing her that you are interested in her.

      There is also a useful feature that allows you to mark the members you like, so once you try to find them again on Connecting Singles you can check which of the members you had marked and – voila!

      Make sure to try the ‘Viewed your profile’ feature if you decide to register for Connecting Singles. This feature shows you who viewed your profile.

      Once you see the list of these people feel free to message some of them if you have liked any. Make sure not to be too pushy because there is also an option to be blocked (or to block someone) in case you send inappropriate messages.

      Besides searching for members that are from all over the world, you can also limit your search by location.

      This is useful if you prefer hanging or going out with someone in person, while a wide search is great if you are up for chatting or getting to know someone you have no clear intention of meeting in person.

      There is also a ‘Like’ button you can hit anytime if you think someone is cute.

      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 5

      ‘Contact Requirements’ button shows the feature that lets you see the criteria a member (contact) set that has to be satisfied in order to message this member.

      Connecting Singles also has Polls and Recipes part, where you can enter your vote on a topic or share recipes of your favorite dishes.

      Features regarding music, books, videos, and other fun stuff are also available for registered members and are great to use for a dynamic and interesting socializing.

      Last but not least – eCards are available as a feature, too. They are used for greeting someone, wishing them a happy birthday, fun vacation, good night – basically everything you can think of.

      There are two lists that are supposed to improve your dating chances on Connecting Singles – Matches and Meet me.

      Matches lets you choose whether you want to see men or women and whether you want to be shown profiles or photos of other members.

      Feature Meet me shows you random members and their detailed profiles with info, photos, desires, location, etc.

      After this profile pops up you can click on Yes, No, or Maybe button, depending on your preferences and desires.

      Ease of use

      Connecting Singles Ease of use

      Even though there are plenty of features to be used for fun, the design of the Connecting Singles dating site is simple and user-friendly.

      Unlike the Connecting Singles mobile app that is extremely crowded because of the variety of features, Connecting Singles site is clearer and well organized.

      Every section of the site is nicely connected and provides you with a clear oversight of the content. This way the variety of features is not complicating the use of the Connecting Singles site.

      The sign-up process is quite simple and there is even an option to log in using your Facebook account. This shortens up the sign-up process.

      This process itself is not time-consuming, but it has some specific fields that need to be filled.

      After you click on the Join Now button, the tab for registration opens up. This part requires you to insert your sexual orientation, gender, location, birthday, username, and a valid e-mail address.

      Connecting Singles Review [year] - [Single Days Are Over] 6

      After you entered all the personal details required for this section, there comes the part where the rules of the Connecting Singles site are explained to you.

      These are the terms and conditions you are obligated to satisfy in order to start and continue using Connecting Singles.

      The rules ban you from sharing some personal information like phone numbers or address publicly. In the second section (where you are meeting with the rules) you will be asked to describe your job and what it is that you do.

      There are a few essay questions where you have to give precise answers so your matching process could be as effective as possible.

      You would also want to be as honest as possible because these answers are shown instead of your real name on your Connecting Singles profile. So, when someone runs into your profile, these descriptions will be what brings them to the decision on sending you a message.

      Sending messages is also very easy – just click on the ‘Send Message’ button and start your online dating adventure.

      Even though the profiles are not very detailed with specific information, you can check out the photos of the members, as well as when the user was last online.


      Connecting Singles Pricing

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      Connecting Singles is completely free. Not only to register to it or to download the app – everything is totally costless and available for free.

      Even though Connecting Singles can give you plenty of fun and amusement, all of its features are free, so there are no credit cards needed.

      There are also no addition or sudden payments required since the site is completely transparent when it comes to pricing.

      The fact that Connecting Singles site is free attracts many people, but this is not always the best way to manage a dating app or a site.

      So, because of the costless amusement and casual atmosphere the site provides you with, many people are not that serious about online dating.

      In fact, lower pricing usually means a lower quality of the matching score and effectiveness, which is exactly what is happening here, on Connecting Singles.

      If you paid for a dating experience or a subscription to a dating site, you would be more interested in doing your best to find someone special or fun to be around.

      Since this site is free and has other features aside from dating, its users are not that oriented toward finding a date.

      Overall rating and conclusion

      Conclusion on Connecting Singles Review

      Overall rating – 2.9/5

      Connecting Singles reviews showed that this site is more eligible for having fun, playing games, solving puzzles, doing quizzes and blogging, than dating.

      Plenty of negative comments came up about the lack of freedom of speech, racism, and the fact that certain people have power over this site.

      Customer care is neglecting people in need and lacks the motivation to give people answers and solve their problems regarding Connecting Singles experience.

      On the other hand, the site is cool and everyone can have fun visiting it and it is totally free of charge. You could say it is easier to find people who share the same opinions as you do than to find a date.

      Now that we summed everything up, think whether you would use this site for games or dating.

      Check it out to see if it works for you!

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Is Connecting Singles safe?

      Connecting Singles reviews showed that there are lots of scammers and women asking for money on this site.

      Unfortunately, these things can rarely be avoided because some people manage to deceive the sites’ management.

      Connecting Singles management decided to take 24 hours of new profiles’ verification and confirmation, to see if they are fake.

      Since it is free and there is no need to give credit card details, no one can take your money unless you give it to them.

      Is Connecting Singles free?

      This site is completely free, without any costs for features, sending messages, etc.

      Is Connecting Singles legit?

      Even though the effectiveness of this site is low because members are usually playing games, this site is legit and only other members can try to fool you.

      About Connecting Singles company

      Connecting Singles is a free and fun site that is made for people to hang out online, rate each other’s photos, play games, post videos, and articles, etc.

      They go by the slogan Meet by choice, not by chance.


      How do I join Connecting Singles?

      Once you entered Connecting Singles in a search bar and found this site, click on the Join Now button.

      After you do so, you would be obligated to fill out the fields regarding your personal info, like location, username, e-mail, sexual orientation, age, and gender.

      The second part of the registration process is informing you about the rules of using Connecting Singles and asks you about the description of your job.

      In this part, you will also need to answer some questions with longer but precise answers that have up to 50 characters.

      How to cancel Connecting Singles?

      There is no subscription to be canceled when using Connecting Singles, but there is an option to temporarily hide your profile in case you want to pause from this site.

      This way your username will still be visible if you were messaging with someone, but they will be able to see that you are no longer active because of unknown reasons (or reasons that are only known to you).

      To hide your profile, you can go to My Account, then choose the Hide Account option. After this, you should click on the hyperlink that states Hide my account on this site and simply save changes.

      Once you did this your account is hidden and you can unhide it anytime you decide to do that.

      How to delete Connecting Singles?

      Even though there is no paid subscription, you can still stop being a member by canceling your membership.

      To do this enter the Profile tab where you will see the Edit Settings section. In this section click on the Cancel Membership and when you do this you are no longer a member of Connecting Singles community.

      How to contact Connecting Singles?

      Connecting Singles’s help center is pretty outdated and inactive. There are complaints about people who manage this site because they are not giving proper answers to members’ questions.

      Luckily, there is a page on this site with frequently asked questions that help members in certain situations that have a simple solution.

      For bigger problems visit Connecting Singles site to ask a question and wait to get a response. Just be aware that you may never get one.


      How does Connecting Singles algorithm work?

      Connecting Singles allows you to connect with people that are nearby your current location, but you can also set it to be worldwide.

      The algorithm of Connecting Singles brings you members that have similar answers to the specific questions you answered in the second section while you were signing up.

      These answers are required to be precise and longer so you could better connect with someone.

      How do I block people on Connecting Singles?

      To block someone and stop them from sending you any messages, click on the Block button (colored in black) in Mails or eCards.

      Once you do this, the blocked person will become unable to send you messages and they will be informed about being blocked because of the inappropriate content they were sending.

      People will still have an option to send you Likes, even after you have blocked them, yet they will be able to do it only once.

      Even though they are blocked, people could still see your activity on Connecting Singles.

      How do I report people on Connecting Singles?

      To report someone who is not acting politely you can click on the button that says Report Abuse that is on their profile.

      Connecting Singles sometimes self-initiatively bans members from their network without warning because they broke the rules they read about when they registered.

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