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Just like with all new dating apps, you really need to take some time before you are able to realize how they work and what are the things they can offer to you.

In this case, Hinge is one of the newest online dating platforms and there are still so many things we need to explore about it before we can jump to conclusions.

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Is Hinge the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Hinge.

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Even though it became popular for its amazing algorithm and the ability to connect you with the perfect match almost instantly, it also has plenty of other benefits.

This is the article for you if you want to find out:

What are its privacy policies
How can you differentiate between active and inactive users
How many Hinge inactive profiles are there, and more
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Does Hinge Show Activity?

Hinge is one of the apps that has managed to gather millions of users in a very short period of time and it seems like most of them decided to join the platform because they were impressed by its features and filters.

Even though it operates on the swiping principle, which makes it similar to Tinder and Bumble, it is known for a variety of completely different options that will make your dating experience absolutely exquisite.

Since it is aimed at a younger audience like most other dating apps, Hinge has decided to change things up a little bit and create a space that is much different than that on other dating social media.

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Their matchmaker is not the only thing that makes them unique, because Hinge is the first dating app that doesn’t show the activity status of any of its users.

No matter whether you are using the free version or someone with a Hinge preferred membership, there is no way you will be able to find out whether some of your potential matches are active at the moment or not.

Hinge profiles are unique in many different aspects, both in their details and all the features and filters they have access to, but I believe this is one of the changes that has the biggest impact both on Hinge users, but also on other dating sites out there.

Your Hinge matches will always be able to gain access only to information you feel comfortable sharing, and they will not be able to lurk and stalk when was the last time you were online.

Since this is a dating service made for serious dating and people who are looking for long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder), different types of silly and immature behavior are pretty much prohibited and if you try doing some of these things, you will definitely be left without any matches.

Ghosting and ignoring people is not really a thing on Hinge, so since they never know when was the last time you were active, they won’t feel disturbed because you didn’t answer them.

This way you will be able to keep your distance and gather enough time to come up with the right answer to someone’s message which I believe is great business politics.

The Hinge app is definitely one amazing place both for dating and meeting new people, and I would definitely recommend it over OkCupid,, Tinder, and similar websites.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Active On Hinge?

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

As we have already mentioned, there is no way you can find out whether someone is active on Hinge or not, and you also won’t be able to get access to information when was the last time they were online.

Even though the Hinge team has considered making this feature available for its premium users, they gave up on the idea quite fast because they believed it won’t be true to the spirit of the platform.

However, even though you can’t see what are the active profiles at the moment, you can be sure that all of the Hinge accounts that appear as suggested were active during the last 72 hours.

Hinge tends to recommend only Hinge active users and those who have logged on to the platform during the last 2 to 3 days, so you can be pretty sure you are not trying to connect with someone who has left the website months ago.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to find Hinge profile and you eventually end up coming across that person but they don’t seem to respond and Hinge seems to be giving little to no information about them, then they have definitely deactivated their accounts a long time ago.

Unlike Bumble and Tinder profiles, Hinge really inspects all of its users deeply and makes sure all of the users will be satisfied with the performance on the platform, so they really pay attention to suggest you only to people who have been active during the past few days.

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Inactive users on Hinge really don’t pop out to anyone, and as long as you are using the platform in a normal and reasonable way and not swiping right or left to everyone, you will only be presented with people who are genuinely active on the app.

How Many Hinge Inactive Profiles Are There?

As you probably know, Hinge is one of the apps that is known for its trending motto – designed to be deleted.

This means that once the app has served its purpose and has helped you meet your partner, you should simply delete it from your phone without doing anything else.

For that reason, there are so many inactive profiles on the platform, but thanks to the app’s algorithm and software, they definitely won’t be popping out on your homepage or in your recommendations,

However, three-quarters of the app is considered to be active on a weekly basis, so we can say that its user base is quite alive, and still very loyal to the app.

Some people continue using it even after they find a significant other because it can also be a great way to meet like-minded people and set up great friendships.

In my experience, inactive profiles will never get recommended to you and I have really never experienced reaching out to someone who left me without an answer.

Its users may not be as active as those on TikTok and Snapchat, but they definitely check the ap frequently and interact with people on a daily basis, so in case you get no answer from someone you really liked, the chances that he or she is inactive on Hinge are quite high.

How long does Hinge shows inactive profiles is something we still don’t really have an answer because Hinge never shared information about deleting old and unused accounts.

However, I believe that once there was no log-in information about an account for several months, it immediately gets removed from the platform and it certainly doesn’t appear on anyone’s homepage or recommendations.

How To Find Out Is Someone Active?

People on dating apps tend to be really in a rush and they want everything to happen immediately, so I completely understand your need to find out whether someone was active on Hinge or not.

Even though the platform itself will not provide you with someone’s logs on the app, both free users and premium ones can use these simple tricks to see if the person they like has been around.

1. Message them

This is definitely the easiest way you can see whether someone is still around or whether they have decided to delete Hinge for good.

As we have already mentioned, ghosting and ignoring messages is not common behavior for people on Hinge, so if they are still using the platform, they will definitely respond to your messages within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Swipe them again

If you don’t know by now, you can get unmatched with someone and then swipe them right again without any problems.

It may be sort of strange behavior, but if you are someone who is honest and is not just looking for a casual hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) and you need to make sure whether this person is still interested and active or not, this is a good way to find that out.

In case they swipe you back soon, then they are still on Hinge, but if you get no response, then they have probably left the app.

3. React to their prompt or bio

One of the great Hinge features that both Android and iPhone users adore is the possibility to react to specific things on the user’s profile.

It can be their answer to a Hinge prompt, one of their pics, or a bio on their new profile – you will be able to leave a separate reaction to everything.

This is one of the strategies people also use to reach out to others because it is very simple and genuine and can make the conversation start a lot more comfortable.

If they respond to it or interact with your profile soon, then you know they are using Hinge.

Does Your Hinge Profile Stay Active Even After You Leave The Platform?

Many people don’t get the difference between deleting your Hinge account and leaving the platform without doing anything about it.

If you have decided to simply deinstall Hinge from your device and stop using your dating account, then it will still stay somewhere in the app and someone may come across it in the future.

Many people ask me if you log out of Hinge are you still visible and the answer is yes, as long as you didn’t get rid of your profile, you will be visible to other users.

However, if you choose to delete your Hinge account and you disconnect it from your email and phone number, there is no way it will resurrect in the future or appear on the platform.

How to be inactive on Hinge is not hard because most people leave the platform without doing anything about their account, and they continue levitating in the virtual space until they decide to come back again.

Does Hinge Show Inactive Users ([year]) - Are Your Matches Active 6

Some people don’t like their private information, pictures, and profiles circulating through the internet after the app has served its mission, so they decide to delete their profiles for good which is a great thing.

It can also save you from uncomfortable situations if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend because you definitely don’t want his or her friends seeing you on Hinge even after you have found the right match for yourself.

However, be aware that once you delete your Hinge account, you may not be able to get back again in the future to it, especially not with the same name and pictures, so if you are not 100% sure, you can still keep it around.


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