All You Need To Know About Hinge Profiles in 2024

Everyone is able to create an online dating profile for themselves, but when it comes to Hinge, you really need to learn how to create an interesting profile that will attract a lot of people to you.

All You Need To Know About Hinge Profiles in [year] 5

Is Hinge the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Hinge.

Hinge profiles are a bit more unique than regular dating profiles, and everyone will be able to meet plenty of potential matches if they manage to express themselves in the right way.

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Regular conversation starters and pick-up lines will not be too much on this platform, so you should carefully follow our guide and learn:

How to make your matchmaker experience on this platform absolutely perfect
How to create a profile that will stand out
How to hide Hinge profile
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Hinge Profile Guide in Video Form

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How Does Hinge Work?

If you are reading this article at the moment, then you are probably already familiar with the Hinge platform, and you know how the matchmaking process on it works.

All users are connected to their potential matches based on their compatibility, which means that this platform is nothing like Tinder or Bumble, where you are matched with others randomly.

In order to make the algorithm work to your advantage and help you meet like-minded people, you will have to fill out several questions prompts and upload as much information about yourself as you can; otherwise, you can’t expect too much from this platform.

Your dating app profile should consist of all the information you will be comfortable sharing with others, but you also need to make sure you write things that will leave a good first impression and help people understand you a bit.

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Potential daters should also see some selfies and pics of you, so I encourage all Hinge users to upload as many as they can because it can really help them in their search for a potential match.

Best Hinge photos are always those that are taken somewhere outside, preferably in nature, because they look natural and not too forced.

Right now, most of the younger audience is active on Hinge, so you should definitely be able to get a large number of matches, for hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or dating (like eHarmony or Tinder) without any problems, but you should definitely read a bit through our profile guide and make sure you will be able to create a Hinge profile that will look attractive and interesting to all other users.

What Are Question Prompts On Hinge?

Question prompts on Hinge are actually what makes this dating app stand out among the others, and they are probably the most original way to express yourself and connect with other users.

You have probably come across several Hinge standouts, or best Hinge prompts for guys, because people often lack the imagination and creativity and decide to stick with basic phrases and pick up lines they find on the internet.

These question prompts can be goofy but also serious, and you can use them to share your views on life, but also some fun things that have happened to you or leave a flirty pick-up line that may make women reach out to you.

There are also Hinge photo prompts that are a bit less popular, and both of these options allow you to present yourself and make your profile stand out among millions of others, so you should definitely try your best to utilize it to the maximum.

Your Hinge bio is written separately, so you should always make sure you don’t repeat the same things twice, and you can even switch your profile prompts from time to time and come up with something new and more original.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Prompt answers can really be a dealbreaker for many people, so make sure you only write things you truly believe in and make sure you never say something that could harm another person or make them feel anger towards you.

Keep your answers and opening lines short, and make sure they sound interesting and funny enough for other people to start reaching out to you.

All You Need To Know About Hinge Profiles in [year] 6

Even though some of them are about the dorkiest thing you have ever done or your family plans, you should still try to keep it on the low and don’t be way too expressive in these prompts.

Being goofy is ok, but telling a girl, you want to start a family two months after dating is something you should really keep to yourself, even if you think of it as a joke.

Your answer showcases your personality, and it is much more important than profile pictures, so make sure you follow our Hinge advice and respect the unwritten rules that are active on this platform unless you want to be swiping your way out of it.

How Can I Make My Hinge Profile Stand Out?

You definitely won’t make your Hinge dating profile stand out if you use some of those best Hinge answers you can find online or use the same things you have already written and uploaded to other dating sites.

The key to having success on Hinge is in being completely original and having a good sense of humor, so you should definitely follow this Hinge advice and make it happen on your dating profile.

1. Choose great profile photos

I believe you already know how important a good first photo is, so make sure you share profile photos that will show your hot face immediately.

Good looks are not everything, but just like on all social media, you can’t really have much success if you don’t upload high-quality pictures of yourself.

It doesn’t need to be a professional photo but rather a picture that makes you look good and natural, and definitely not some corporate picture or the one from your diver’s license.

If you want people to swipe right your profile, you should really have several good Hinge pictures and get rid of those cringe Hinge photo captions because they can make you look silly.

You also shouldn’t use screenshot photos because it can also spark suspicion, and people may think you are stealing your profile pictures from someone.

If you want to make sure your profile looks realistic, you can always upload some pictures with your friends to prove it.

2. Carefully select your prompts

As we have already mentioned, all people on Hinge will have to answer their question prompts, and you have the freedom to choose the ones that you believe you can give the best answer to.

For that reason, be very focused when choosing your prompts and make sure you have a good balance between goofy and serious ones.

It is always good to share some funny stories and flirty pick-up lines, but you also need to show that you are a mature person who can be serious when it is needed.

All You Need To Know About Hinge Profiles in [year] 7

They are designed to be deleted after some time, so you will have to answer new profile questions quite frequently, but always choose the ones you believe you have a good answer for and avoid those that can be sketchy for you.

3. Show a good sense of humor

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have at least one funny thing or hinge prompts on your Hinge profile because it can change your whole experience and make more people attracted to you.

If you have at least one good joke or funny Hinge answer on your Hinge profile, you will get a lot more invites for hookups or the first date.

One of the most important Hinge profile tips you can hear is to never be way too serious while using it, and you will see several hinge dating profile examples that were not able to succeed because they were too strict.

Make sure you don’t use jokes that may come across as offensive to anyone because it can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if it turns out to be racist, because Hinge tends to remove accounts like this.

4. Be genuine

Whether you are sharing a bad, good or funny moment from your life, it is always best to be honest, and you should make sure you never share fake stories because it can get you in trouble once you meet these people in real life.

Answer all the prompts genuinely, make a joke or two, but never pretend to be something that you are not because you won’t be able to keep that Hinge match thing going on in real life.

Many people try to deceive others on these dating profiles, so you should really do your best to stay true to your character and share only the things you know are real.

How To Use Hinge As A Guy?

When you are a guy using a dating platform, you will definitely use some Hinge dating tips because things like this come off as very hard to most of you.

Most guys make the same mistakes, so we will tell you what some of the things you should stay away from are and what are the things you should do when using Hinge to seduce hot young ladies.

First things first, never match with hundreds of women at the same time, especially not if you live in a small city.

They may be friends or relatives, so if they see you have liked every single one of them on Hinge, you will stan 0 chances.

All You Need To Know About Hinge Profiles in [year] 8

The other thing you should avoid is keeping your dating profile empty or completely simple – it either shows that you are a fake profile or that you are not using this platform at all.

Best female Hinge profiles have a lot of pictures and information on them, so you should do the same thing with yours.

Another thing is to avoid leaving or asking for a phone number immediately – this sparks suspicion among everyone, and these girls can even get way too scared to get into real contact with you.

Most guys make these mistakes, so if you want to learn how to become a stand out on Hinge, you should definitely stay away from stupid mistakes like these. 


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