Funniest Hinge Answers to Different Prompts in 2024

More and more people are deciding to join the Hinge dating app and explore all the features it has to offer, but what surprises people is the fact that it provides you with interesting question prompts.

Every Hinge prompt is unique, and every user will get a different combination of questions so you can share different things and provide people with plenty of random facts about yourself.

Funniest Hinge Answers to Different Prompts in [year] 3

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However, many people struggle to come up with unique Hinge answers, so they choose to google some of the best Hinge answers and use them or modify them a little bit to suit their character.

In order to make things easier for you, we have decided to:

Provide you with some of the funniest Hinge answers
Tell you what are the best Hinge answers for guys and girls
Explain how to answer more questions on Hinge
And much more
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What Are The Questions On Hinge? 

If you are new to Hinge, then you should probably realize that this is not an online dating platform like all others and that it has different requirements and features.

When joining Hinge, you will, of course, have to leave your basic information like your name, age, and location, but you will also get in touch with some features that are completely unique for a dating app like this.

Funniest Hinge Answers to Different Prompts in [year] 4

Your Hinge profile will be very detailed, so you will have to answer several Hinge questions or so-called prompts that are quite unique and interesting.

Believe it or not, Hinge is one of the rare dating platforms that have decided to come up with something a bit more different.

Hinge prompt answers are a great way to express your personality and show your unique qualities, so I bet you will find these prompts quite interesting.

Not only you will be able to share what are the things you are passionate about, but you will also be able to make a great first impression on someone without even reaching out to them,

Hinge has thousands of different question prompts, and every user will get a different combination of questions in order to make sure each profile will be a bit different from the other.

Their matchmaker algorithm will then screen your answers and help you get in touch with people who like similar things or share similar views on the world.

There are several different questions like what is your most irrational fear, what is your mantra, how many things do you have on your bucket list, and what is your favorite song.

Even though all of these things are usually something you would discuss with people you have already known for some time, Hinge completely changes this aspect of dating and helps you get to know someone before you even exchange a message.

This way, you can see whether things between you can work out and if there are any chances for a potential relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

All of these prompts are an amazing feature for your dating profile, and you will see how much easier it is to find a significant other when you have access to this much information about them.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Best Hinge Answers For Guys

These are some of the best answers to regular Hinge prompts, and they will for sure make any girl laugh and spark her interest.

However, make sure you add something a bit more personal to these answers because if you are someone who does not agree with things we are saying, then you definitely shouldn’t claim it to be that way.

Here are the funniest answers to plenty of different Hinge prompts!

The most spontaneous thing I have ever done – My friend and I have bought a ticket to India by mistake, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever.

If you are the type of person who always does the first thing that gets to his mind, then this can be a great thing to add to your Hinge prompt.

Of course, not all of us have decided to travel to India out of the blue, but maybe you have done something crazy too.

If you have decided to go sky diving or to jump from a parachute all of a sudden just because of a mistake or sudden wish, then you should definitely share it in this question and show your adventurous and intriguing personality.

Women love men who are full of surprises and don’t act like all other guys out there, so this can definitely give you an advantage of dating apps.

Best travel story – I was in New Orleans when the Eagles had won Superbowl, and it was the wildest moment of my life

Experiences like this are really one of a kind, and not everyone you know can say they have experienced things like this.

If you have a travel story that is this interesting and unique, you should definitely wait for your Hinge prompts list to offer you this Hinge question because you really don’t want to waste that opportunity.

You may even come across people who have also experienced the same thing, which is always good and can help you create a bond.

Many people have unique experiences like this one, and I believe it is always useful to share them with other people on Hinge because they can help you form stronger bonds and create new relationships easily.

My simple pleasures – Listening to live music somewhere near the water while drinking good wine and having a tasty dinner with a beautiful woman

When talking about your simple pleasures, one of the dating tips I would always tell you to use is to stay as humble and simple as possible.

A simple pleasure is not going on an extravagant vacation or traveling the world but rather small things like enjoying dinner with your significant other or watching the sunset on the beach.

When giving an answer to this question, make sure you say something that is true to your character or personality, because once you meet this person for the first date and you start discussing the things you like and enjoy, if she sees that you are nothing like the man you have described on your Hinge profile, she probably won’t wish to see you again.

You can stick with cliche things like this because they sound real, and many men wish for them but are too scared to admit it, so a girl will love you for saying this.

Worst idea I’ve ever had – Moving to France because I thought I met the love of my life while I was completely drunk

Well, I believe all of us have had a lot of pretty bad ideas, so you will definitely have some interesting to say on here.

Dating app Hinge ditches flings for relationships | Engadget

However, unlike on Tinder or Bumble, you should try to be as honest as possible and really share what you believe was your worst idea because it will definitely be fun.

It can also help you get in touch with people who have had some surreal ideas like you, so maybe your soulmate is someone who has thought of the same stupid ideas as you.

This year I really want to – change my lifestyle and go to a yoga retreat

You probably know that most things are into these yogi lifestyle things; they meditate and practice their exercises every single day.

If you really want to seduce a girl and you believe you don’t have too many chances unless you present yourself as that kind of guy, then this can be a good starter for you.

However, in case you are someone who really knows nothing about this type of lifestyle, or you personally detest it so much that you keep on avoiding people who practice it, then stay away from things like this.

You can always come up with something more personal and share your real goal and don’t feel afraid to do it, no matter how stupid it may look or sound.

I would donate my kidney to – The highest bidder.

Good Hinge profiles always have a few good jokes, and this prompt is definitely the best place to include it.

You can come up with something even more fun, and there are plenty of good Hinge answers for every type of humor.

Hinge jokes should always be cool, and you should never include something that may come off as racist or offensive to a certain type of people, so think twice before you post something.

I don’t always streak, but when I do – It is always when I am wasted and in a poor stinky toilet of the club.

This is one of the funny Hinge prompts and definitely the place where you should be honest and funny at the same time.

The example we have provided you with is quite honest and we know that all of you have found yourself in this situation, so don’t hesitate to put it into your witty Hinge answers.

It will also show other people on the platform that you are not afraid to present yourself and tell everything about your life and personality, which is always a great thing.

I will fall for you – If you push me over.

This is also one of the funny answers to dating questions, and it can be a great conversation starter too.

Many people are afraid to use these sorts of Hinge jokes on dating sites, but they are actually a great starter for all sorts of conversations, and it will make finding your significant other even easier.

You can also use this in real life too, but make sure your potential match is interested in it.

My ideal first date is – Somewhere in space.

I would always recommend getting creative with your idea of the first date and coming up with something unusual that you know other people will find cool and interesting.

All I ask is that you stay funny but still don’t come off as way too pretentious – it is ok to wish for a date in space but not really to wish for a luxury dinner in a god knows which restaurant.

Two truths and a lie – I had dinner with the king of Spain, there is a dish named after me in Thailand, and I used to work as a stripper.

Answers to this question can be quite similar and interesting, but your answer should be something that is in sync with your Hinge bios because you don’t want other users to immediately realize what the lie is.

This is a good question that allows you to be both creative and funny, but don’t make things too obvious and really try to include 2 craziest facts about yourself you know not even people from your surroundings would believe in.

You should not go out with me if – You won’t read my mind all the time

This is also one of the best Hinge prompts answers, and you should really play it cool and flirty in here, but don’t act too girly with these answers.

Best Hinge Answers For Girls

Just like men struggle with coming up with an original funny Hinge answer, girls do to so we have decided to gather some of the best Hinge prompts for girls and help you come up with fun and clever Hinge answers easily.

Most female Hinge profile examples are pretty empty, and girls are a lot less creative, so we really want to help you drive your dating profile to another level and create one of the best female Hinge profiles.

These are some of the best Hinge prompt answers for women, so feel free to use them!

The way to win me over is – By falling onto your knees and begging me

If you are a girl on a dating platform, I would always suggest you get flirty and try to seduce men with your words because that is the way you can attract the largest number of people to you.

Every man likes a challenge, and if he sees that you are someone who is not easy to catch, he will definitely reach out to you instantly.

My greatest strength is – Making all men go crazy over me

You need to give creative Hinge answers and get flirty from the beginning, so one of the Hinge profile tips I would give to you is staying this flirty and showing people that you are the one men are trying to catch and not the other way around..

Hinge's redesign is all about wanting you to eventually delete the dating  app - The Verge

Always give a provocative answer to this prompt because that way, you will attract a stubborn texter who won’t give up on you and will do everything to get you to the second date immediately.

My unusual skills are – Crocheting / running 20 km per hour

We can debate this topic and prompt a lot, but I believe the best thing you can do is really be honest and share the dorkiest thing or hobby you have.

People have all sorts of interests, skills, and hobbies, and I recommend being honest but really trying to find the coolest thing about yourself.

My biggest life goal – Is to travel the world.

When talking about life goals, you don’t want to sound too self-deprecating, and you certainly don’t want to scare men off talking about family goals at the beginning.

However, don’t start with something way too small either, but rather try to present a more mature goal with a bit better sense of humor which can attract people easily.

My biggest date fail – I went onto a blind date, and my ex turned out to be the guy

Hinge is definitely the best dating app, and you want to give a good answer to this question because we all have some date fails.

Try to find your most interesting and funny one, like coming across your ex or your partners’ ex, and really try to tell that story as funny as possible.

Hinge app questions are really creative and inspiring so you really need to find your biggest fail and feel free to share it; and trust me, no one will be taken aback by your failures; they will just like you even more.

My typical Sunday is – Spent hitchhiking.

When sharing what your regular weekend or day looks like you want to sound interesting and adventurous because you don’t want to pull men off by your boring routines.

You don’t want to come off as a granny but rather someone who is always on the move, so even if you need to lie about it, always try to present yourself in that light and show that Netflix is never a part of your routine and that you are someone who is into crazy and inspiring things.


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