What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in 2024 [With Examples]

When creating your Hinge profile, things get a little bit tough because you need to answer as many of their questions as you can if you want your profile to look attractive to other users.

This dating app is known for amazing and very interesting prompts that will allow you to show your personality and sense of humor or a random fact about yourself that may be intriguing to a random stranger.

What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in [year] [With Examples] 6

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What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in [year] [With Examples] 7

However, not everyone is creative, and some people seriously struggle with writing their intro and coming up with funny Hinge prompt answers.

For that reason, we have decided to gather some of the best prompt answers to Hinge questions and help you have women fall for you easily once they read them.

While doing that, we will explain to you all about:

What is the best answer to “Dating me is like”
What you should write by “My biggest date fail”
Can you skip prompts on Hinge, and more
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Best Answers To “Dating me is like” 

This is the most important question on the Hinge prompts list, and you should give a try to some of the best Hinge lines when filling it out because you want to make sure these women will reach out to you as fast as they read it.

These are some of the best Hinge answers for guys to this prompt:

  • Finding an extra nugget in your KFC package
  • Finding your prince charming
  • Waking up and seeing you can have another 2 hours of sleep before it is time to really wake up
  • Coming home from work and remembering you have leftover chocolate cake 
  • Biting a pie and realizing it actually has some chocolate
  • When you find out the name of the song you’ve been searching for months.
  • Having a serious headache that follows you every single day
  • Playing in a kids park even though people are looking at you like you are a weirdo

Best Answers To “I want someone who…”

This is the best place to tell people about what is to win me over is needed, so make sure you try to describe your perfect partner:

  • Will cheer for me and allow me to cheer for her no matter what happens in life
  • Can make McDondals deliver them before the estimated delivery time
  • Will be able to put up with me even on the days when I am not in the mood to put up with myself
  • Won’t mind the fact that I eat popcorn throughout the whole movie
  • Looks at me the way I look at a chocolate fountain

Best Answers To “A shower thought I recently had”

  • Hearing your favorite song on the radio is much more satisfying than finding it and listening to it on your Spotify
  • Do elephants really remember everything they have seen throughout their lifetime?
  • Why do bank cameras can’t get a clear shot of a robber even when he is standing completely still
  • My calculator history is so embarrassing that even I don’t want to see it
  • Why is everything so much more insulting if you are a short person?
  • What if all of us are main characters of our own Truman show and we never find that thing out
  • If someone made an offer to cover my food and rent expenses over the next 18 years, I’d do anything they asked of me which is a funny thing because I complained about everything my parents would ask from me, even though they were providing me with the exact same thing.
  • Will aliens invade the Earth the same way as we people invaded the Moon in 1969?
  • If you really think about it, tobacco companies kill their best customers, and condom companies kill their future customers.
  • Hot people never do anything in order to create better personalities for themselves because they know pretty privilege is real

Best Answers To “My most irrational fear”

This is a cool place to share some of your fears because it can be a great way to connect with people through something quite simple.

  • Swimming in outdoor swimming pools. 
  • Flying a helicopter and falling down into the ocean
  • Swallowing some sort of seeds whether they are from an apple, orange, or pumpkin
  • That maybe I am not the real child of my parents but rather an orphan
  • Coming across my high school maths teacher
  • Spiders who are bigger than my head
  • Dark places, whether they are garages, basements, or even rooms at night. I guess you never get over some things from childhood.
  • Mangos – I don’t why, but that fruit seems way too scary for me
  • Seeing a clown in the middle of the day
  • Quicksand – we used to have it right next to our school and my mom threatened to leave me there if I don’t behave well
  • Having a genie grant me a wish and me wishing only for Adriana Lima and not a million dolars
  • Having a surprise birthday party 
  • Staying alone in a room full of mirrors
  • Going to a horror themed adventure park
  • Hearing the girl Im dating tell me “We need to talk seriously”
What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in [year] [With Examples] 8

Best Answers To “My biggest date fail”

Some people connect through their best travel story, while others connect through their biggest date fails.

Don’t feel embarrassed to share some of your worst dates, but first, make sure the person you were out with is not active on Hinge.

  • A girl kissed me and then told me she is not really sure whether she is straight or not
  • Had a fun time with a girl, and we ended up kissing. I felt something in my mouth. It was her tooth. It was a fake.
  • I got drunk after a half a hour and talked about how much I miss my ex girlfriend
  • I told a girl I loved her after the second glass of wine
  • I went out on a date with a girl who is a surgeon and she showed me a torn-up body of some old man she was dealing with that day
  • We were eating out in McDonald’s and I ate so many Big Macs I threw up right next to my date – she never called again
  • We were eating ice cream, and it was getting pretty dark. Told her she spilled some on her chin and then found out it was a pimple.
  • A car ran over me right before I stepped to cross the street and meet her

Best Answers To “Worst idea I have ever had.”

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What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in [year] [With Examples] 9

All people have some simple pleasures in life, and they also can be some of the dumbest things we could think of, so it is always great to share some of the things you believe no one else would come up with and see whether there is someone who can identify with that too.

  • Trying to catch and chew a bee 
  • Writing a book that will be inspired by my own horrible dating history. Can’t be worse than the Twilight saga
  • Riding a rollercoaster after I ate 2 burgers – would never recommend
  • Using my favorite melody as my sleep alarm – sad to say it took me a few songs to realize
  • Cleaning the leftover hair with my finger – from my razor
  • Wiping away my tears after I have cut a bunch of onions
  • Going surfing in order to impress a girl even though I have never stepped on a surfboard before
  • Putting a spoon along with my ice cream in the microwave.
  • Liking my ex professor on Tinder

Best Answers To “Worst fad I have participated in.”

Trust me, all of us have things we are ashamed of, so maybe your true love is the person who is ashamed of the same things as you are.

  • Rocking the 70s style in the early 2000s – trust me, never thought it was cool
  • Wearing a gold chain saying “Dope”
  • Saying “maaaan” all the time
  • Wearing chunky sneakers with untied laces – I was just falling each step I made
  • Shaving all the hair off my head – I looked like a rat
  • Doing a tattoo on my face – thanks God it wasn’t permanent
  • Signing up for a marathon
  • Wearing rings and earrings with skeleton 
  • Wearing Gucci belts
  • Crocs and Birkenstocks with socks
  • Jnco jeans.
  • Saying ‘epic fail’
  • Callling all the girls “sweetie” 
  • Wearing tens of rubber wristbands in different colors
  • Working out
  • Saggy pants 

Best Answers To “Weirdest gift I have ever given or received”

  • My uncle sent me a kid-size Superman suit – I was 15 at the time
  • My ex girlfriends hair and her blood in a small necklace. Weird but kinda cool. Maybe she was a witch
  • My sister bought me a nicely wrapped present for my 9th birthday – when I opened it frogs started poping out of it
  • A picture of Jesus Christ
  • Hair trimmer – I am bald my whole life
  • A bible from my extra religious aunt
  • My estranged uncle bought me a whole alligator for my 5th birthday. My mom need to get into the hospital after she saw it
  • A birthday card from my cousin where she motivated me to go to church and pray every day 
  • Wardrobe for a small dog – I have never owned a dog in my life
  • A snake 

Best Answers To “What’s on my bucket list”

  • Crash a stranger’s wedding and acting like I am the brides biggest love from past
  • Have sex in a public place
  • Playing in Law and Order, even if I would only be cast as a dead person
  • Touching Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Paragliding
  • Doing something that will make me look like a hero in everyone’s eyes
  • Swiming with sharks
  • Flipping a table out of anger just like they do in movies
  • Climbing the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Speaking az least 3 languages
  • Running a marathon
  • Eating all the chocolate there is in the world
  • Meeting Angelina Jolie and telling her I have been loving her since I was 10 years old
  • Seeing the pyramids in Egypt
  • Stealing something form a very expensive store

Best Answers To “Facts about me that would surprise people”

What Are the Best Hinge Prompt Answers in [year] [With Examples] 10

This is the best place to share your unusual skills and make people wonder what kind of person you really are.

  • I’ve got two older siblings who I’ve never met.
  • My typical Sundays are spent knitting with my grandma
  • I have never watched a football game in my life
  • I moved to another town for my best friend
  • I can’t swirl my tongue.
  • I was the best student in my high school and then I failed at uni
  • I can swallow anything without water
  • I always eat my steak rare
  • I can rap all Jay-Z songs without a mistake
  • I failed my maths classes 4 times
  • Whenever I am upset, I go and run a  few kilometers
  • My hobby is hunting butterflies
  • Every morning I watched Sponge Bob before I go to work
  • I prepare my Halloween costumes at least 6 months in advance
  • I was a suspect in a murder but don’t worry about that

Best Answers To “I am the type of guy who…”

Now, this is the place where you can utilize all the dating tips and tell every woman what she wants to hear.

  • Will take care of you on your period and make sure you don’t feel upset over anything
  • Will prepare a completely homemade pizza for you every Friday
  • Will go to a different continent only for you
  • Will watch even the most stupid chick flick movie if you feel happy doing it
  • Tends to fall asleep after the intro of the movie
  • Will make you want to get rid of Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge after just a few dates
  • Will stick to these promises – I know it sounds crazy

Best Answers To “My mantra is…”

This is a good prompt to share your views on life, and you can see that on most Hinge profile examples.

  • Behind every woman is a woman rolling her eyes.
  • Feel free to do anything, it is not that bad in jail either
  • Netflix and chill 
  • Life ain’t serious, we all die in the end
  • Great is always good enough
  • People are trash so act acordingly
  • Enthusiasm si the only way to happiness

Best Answers To “I bet you can’t”

  • Beat me at scrabble
  • Come up with an original joke
  • Come up with something better to do this Friday than go out on a  romantic date with this hot guy in front of you
  • Refuse a second date with me
  • Change my mind about anything
  • Make homemade pizza like my mom
  • Ever fall in love with someone else
  • Run faster than me
  • Plank longer than me

Best Answers To “We will get along if…”

  • You share your bank account numbers with me
  • You don’t fall asleep while watching Lord of the Rings
  • We have the same favorite book
  • You never take the escalator
  • You enjoy adventures
  • You know hot handle shitty things in life
  • You never put pepper in your meals
  • We have the same favorite cookie, but you don’t eat 

How Do I Make My Hinge Stand Out?

If you want to make your Hinge dating profile stand out, you should make sure to follow some of the regular dating profile tips that will bring you success on every platform you plan on using.

First things first, you need to have a high-quality profile picture both in order to prove that you are a real person and in order to make other women interested in you.

No woman will reply to someone who has 0 pictures on his dating profile, whether she is interested in a long relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or just occasional hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), so you have to make sure it is filled out with pictures that will leave a great first impression.

After that, the most important thing is to give one of the best Hinge answers that can keep a woman interested in you.

You can say something about your life goal, add some of the funniest Hinge answers and tell a joke about a first date or something like that.

Believe it or not, people who have the most success on dating sites are usually the ones with the most simple and dumbest answers to these question prompts, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Don’t put too much time into coming up with something original, but rather use some of the simple conversation starters and be honest.

Never try to present yourself in a different light because in case you really meet your favorite texter in person, you don’t want them to get disappointed.

Also, avoid writing something that is way too suggestive or is actually a question for your potential partner because you are not looking for a guru or someone who will take you through life but rather for someone you can have fun with.

The questions to ask on Hinge are fine as long as they are related to the prompts and are not way too personal or intimidating.

You also don’t want to sound way too needy or even aggressive, so make sure you choose your words carefully.

For that reason, make sure you sound like someone who is sure of himself and try to utilize everything the best dating app has to offer to its loyal users.


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