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    Nowadays, we have dozen of different online dating apps, and even though it seems like all of them are offering something much more interesting, in the end, all of them end up being the same.

    Hinge is one of the dating apps that has become very popular during the last year, and it has managed to gather millions of users with ease and without too much promo.

    However, people are still not very sure who is the loyal audience of Hinge, and why are they using this dating site to meet their soulmates.

    Here you will find out:

    Why is Hinge so popular
    What are the regular Hinge age range and demographics
    How to narrow the age range on the Hinge dating app
    And much more
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      Who Is Hinge Aimed At?

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      As you have probably heard until now, Hinge is an online dating platform that is aimed at people who are seeking serious long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) and not casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

      Hinge Age Range [year] - Who Is Using Hinge? | Demographics 1

      It shows you potential matches who have the highest compatibility with you, which means it connects you only to people who have likes, interests, and jobs that are similar to yours.

      This is something that was almost completely reserved for old-school, outdated platforms like Match.com and OkCupid, but Hinge was able to make it come to life and pack it in an interesting app with ease.

      What age group is Hinge aimed at is something we can easily answer you – the same one as on other dating apps.

      Even though its design and algorithm are very smart and serious, it is still aimed at a younger audience, similar to that which is present on Tinder and Bumble.

      Since it is based on swiping left and right, it is pretty obvious that their goal is to attract the younger audience because older people are usually pushed away by apps, especially those who are this modern.

      The matchmaking process is quite complicated and takes into consideration basically everything you have ever uploaded to your dating profile, so you can be sure that your time spent on Hinge will be enjoyable and will help you meet plenty of like-minded people.

      It really takes time to create the perfect partner robot for each of its users because Hinge creators know that serious relationships can’t happen with people we have little to nothing in common with.

      Their algorithm is able to perfectly predict who the people you would get along with well in real life are, and they will sometimes even know who you will swipe right much better than you yourself.

      Younger people, mostly 20 and 30 year-olds, are the main target of this platform, and it seems like Hinge was able to incorporate all of the things they like in just one app.

      With an easy-to-navigate-through and enjoyable homepage of the app but also with plenty of amazing features and exquisite algorithms, Hinge is able to be interesting to younger people but also to keep them with their amazing offer.

      You could see that more and more people have been leaving Tinder and Bumble in favor of this dating service, and we can’t really blame them because Hinge really gathers the best of both worlds.

      Even though it tends to resemble old-school dating sites like EHarmony, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel with its algorithm and detailed dating profiles, it is still very modern and follows the latest trends in both dating and tech industry.

      It even allows people to connect through their Facebook account and find their Facebook friends on here, too, so you can really understand why a lot of people are choosing Hinge and staying loyal to it.

      They were able to attract their target audience without any problems, but it seems like many older people who are avid enjoyers of Android and iOS devices too are using to hop on the Hinge train.

      Dating apps are starting to attract a large number of older people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hinge user base grew to become a bit older in the future.

      Hinge Age Range [year] - Who Is Using Hinge? | Demographics 2

      However, I believe they will never abandon the restrictions regarding prohibiting users under the age of 18 from joining the platform because it would really ruin the platform and attract too many silly kids to the app.

      What Is The Age Range Of Hinge Users?

      The age range of Hinge users and people with active Hinge profiles is quite similar to that of Tinder and Bumble.

      A common dater on Hinge is somewhere between 24 and 32 years old, has finished higher education, has a job, and is looking for a partner he can engage in a serious relationship with.

      They understand that there is plenty of fish out there and that they can choose between hundreds of different people who seem to be a good match for themselves, but they stick with Hinge as the easiest way to find love and friendships.

      Just like on all popular dating apps, the user base on Hinge is quite young, and its loyal users are usually people who are sick of random hookups and casual dates and want to find something more long-term and serious.

      The average age of Hinge users is 25, and even though people are quite surprised when they hear this, you can be sure that there are plenty of younger people who are not interested in casual sex and would rather find the right partner as soon as possible.

      Ever since the platform was created, the average age on Hinge didn’t really change, but we have seen an increase in the number of older users.

      It seems like people who are over 35 years old and have no problem utilizing technology on a daily basis have also decided to join Hinge and try out all that it has to offer.

      The age range for Hinge is in no way limited, but you will need to be over 18 years old if you want to use the platform.

      This is done in order to prevent underage people from getting in relationships with God knows whom, but also to keep the platform serious and full of serious mature people who are really looking for a life partner and not casual fun.

      If you want to date only people of your own age, or you are maybe looking for someone of a very specific age that is not similar to yours, you can always use the features Hinge offers.

      When you create your Hinge account, you will get a set Hinge dating age range, and if you want to change that, you will have to handle the profile settings by yourself.

      You can set the age range Hinge and let the app suggest you only people who fit the age range you desire.

      This way, the algorithm will start looking for the best matches in a certain age group, and once you scroll and swipe through all of them, you will have to start looking after people who are outside of that age range.

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      In general, you can change settings all the time and make Hinge work the way you want, so when it comes to that, it is pretty similar to regular social media and the way you handle their features.

      Hinge Age Range [year] - Who Is Using Hinge? | Demographics 3

      With its new features coming every single month, I believe this app will become even more enjoyable to use and that the audience over 40 years old will also consider joining it because it can provide them with a higher success rate and help meet a significant other in a much shorter period of time.

      What Is The User Base Like On Hinge?

      The user base on Hinge is not only very young but usually very educated, and you will rarely find someone who didn’t pursue at least some sort of education in their adulthood.

      Also, most of the people here are avid workers and usually already have a job they cherish, which is the reason why they chose to start meeting people through an online dating platform in the first place.

      These people are booked and busy, and they usually don’t have too much time for social life, so they are looking for an easier way to meet a significant other.

      They are usually millennials, and you definitely know how dedicated they are to their ambitions and work, so unless you are this type of person, I don’t think you will be able to get as many matches as you maybe wish.

      Members of this generation are usually pretty tough, and they have quite high standards, so many people are not able to schedule the first date immediately.

      They would rather wait some time in order to find the right person who will fit them in all aspects than spend days dating and seeing whoever comes up as suggested on Hinge.

      Since Hinge offers plenty of amazing features, like the Dealbreaker option, they are able to describe their perfect partner to the tiniest details and really make the algorithm find them the person from their dreams.

      When it comes to demographics, over 80% of its members are white, and over 75% of active users are living in the United States.

      As you would expect, most of them are living in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but in general, you won’t have a problem with finding a match in any city in the USA.

      The user base is very diverse, and loyal Hinge users are present in basically every city, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

      People on here don’t like wasting their time so if someone decides to send you the first message, you can be sure that they believe you could be the right match for them and that they want to get in contact with you right now.

      Hinge users are quite honest and generous, and if they see that something is not going the way they expected it would, they will tell you about it and save you both time and energy.

      You can also be sure that there is no way you will come across fake profiles on this website because Hinge has rigorous security measures, and they make sure all approved profiles are real and verified with a phone number or in some other way.

      The user base is really amazing, and it depicts the reality of the United States quite well, so you will be able to meet people of different ethnicity, religion, education, and background with just a few clicks.

      If you were looking for a place where you could meet amazing people who are of similar age to yours but have so much knowledge and things they could share with you, then Hinge is definitely the right place for you.


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