Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in 2024 To Get Noticed

I believe everyone who has started using the Hinge dating app is aware of how interesting this app is and how special all of its features are.

As you already know, you can find several funny hinge prompts that will allow you to express your personality and interests and help you schedule the first date a lot easier.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 10

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This online dating platform is unique in so many different aspects, and I believe everyone who is interested in serious dating (like eHarmony or Tinder), should give it a try and have fun with its amazing prompts.

These are some of the funniest Hinge app questions that you will be able to answer easily and use in order to make many women or men swipe right on your profile and choose to have a first date with you.

Here, we will tell you all about:

What are the best Hinge profile prompts
What should you avoid in your prompt answers
What is a photo prompt on Hinge
And much more
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What Are The Best Hinge Profile Prompts?

The best and funniest Hinge prompts are definitely those that you will not come across way too often but will definitely pop up on your profile at one point or another.

Even though you can’t really prepare your witty Hinge answers because you can never know what prompts you will come across, I believe you can always have some of our tips in mind when filling them out and creating your profile.

Trust me, the best way to draw someone’s attention to your profile is definitely in having a profile that is fun but serious at the same time.

You want to have some funny Hinge answers, but also to remain serious and show people that you are not someone who is here just for a hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Yes, you will not be able to choose your Hinge prompt lists, but you can always keep this in mind when giving answers to these prompts.

However, you don’t want to come across as someone who is way too serious and is not fun to have around, so make sure your serious answers don’t sound too boring or strict.

You will always get a good combination of Hinge questions which means you can always create good Hinge prompt answers according to our pieces of advice.

Here we have gathered some of the best Hinge prompts and have given you ideas for funny Hinge answers that can be of a lot of help for every Hinge beginner.

Also, keep in mind that the spontaneous thing can be the funniest and most interesting one, so if you come up with something that seems funny to you but you are not 100% sure how well it will do o Hinge, keep it because you never know what can happen.

Even though you don’t need to use our ideas word for word on your profile, you can always get some inspiration and personalize it, so it looks more realistic and personal.

Two Truths And A Lie

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Two truths and a lie is definitely the most interesting Hinge prompt, and if you manage to create a good answer to this question, you certainly won’t be the one to send the first message because all guys or girls will be rushing to your profile.

I would recommend everyone to prepare a good answer if this prompt gets to them, or even to create a good answer and wait for the new offer of prompts and hope they will get it.

This is the place where you can give the funniest Hinge answer ever, and I have seen so many girls and guys who have had such interesting answers to this prompt that I never even looked at their bios or profile pics, and I just decided to reach out to them immediately.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 11

However, if you want to make it interesting, you really need to remember the craziest fact about yourself and include it in this answer, and that can be a bit hard.

It will take you some time, but it is 100% worth it because just one good Hinge prompt answer or Hinge joke can provide you with hundreds of people in your inbox. 

My Unusual Skills Are

Even though many people think this is the best hinge prompt for girls and that guys can’t really fascinate you with any sort of unusual skill, I believe this is a great prompt for both sexes.

There are many funny answers to dating questions, but I believe this is one of the prompts that give you the most freedom to come up with all sorts of skills.

Some say that they can swim with sharks, others that they can knit a cardigan in just 8 hours, while some can go diving for 10 minutes without catching their breath.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 12

If you have some sort of skill that could be considered unusual by most people, then you should definitely try to present it in the coolest way possible, and who knows, maybe you will be able to attract the right person who has the same cheesy skills as you.

However, try to be realistic and don’t really brag about some amazing skills you don’t have in real life because it will only create a counter effect when this person becomes aware of it, especially if it happens when the two of you meet in real life.

My Most Irrational Fear Is

There are plenty of funny irrational fears Hinge users have, so if you feel crazy for being scared of small heights or swimming in the ocean, you are definitely not the only one.

However, some people have irrational fears that are even funnier, and that will really make you LOL when you read them, so really don’t feel ashamed to write whatever is your biggest fear, no matter how stupid it may sound to you.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 13

If you have a fear of showers and bathtubs, clowns, falling down the stairs, or walking when it’s rainy outside, then you can definitely find someone to join the club on Hinge.

You can get great and funny love language answers which can help you connect with your soulmate a lot easier.

The Way To Win Me Over Is…

There are plenty of Hinge prompt ideas for this question, but I believe that your answer needs to be in sync with your personality and that it should suit you well if you want to leave a good first impression on people.

If you are a sweet girl always dressed in pink, then you can’t really expect people to perceive you as a bad bitch, especially not on a dating platform like Hinge.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 14

Some of the best Hinge prompt answers on this platform are flirty, so I would recommend answering this prompt in that way.

Some of the best Hinge answers for guys and girls to this question are:

  • By swiping left and leaving me all alone
  • Showing me attention 24/7
  • By handcuffing me because I can’t be won over
  • Treating me like the queen /king I am
  • By spending 500 bucks on me

An answer like this surprises people, and it can really make them laugh and show interest in the person behind the profile, so I would always recommend using it.

Believe It Or Not 

When it comes to the Believe it or not prompt, this is the place where you can talk about your weirdest and funniest fad and even tell a self-deprecating joke or two.

I bet you have had a lot of embarrassing situations, or even weird, unbelievable situations, which you should definitely want to share with other people on Hinge in order to make yourself look more interesting or funny.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 15

This is something you really would never be able to say or share on Tinder or Bumble, so I believe you should get the most use out of these prompts and make Hinge the place where you will thrive.

It can also be a random fact about you but written in such kind of way that everyone finds it funny, and the texter from the other side decides to reach out to you just because of that.

If you have a good sense of humor, you will definitely come up with something unique and original, and even if it is something you are ashamed of, don’t feel scared to share it because it can be the thing that connects you with your soulmate.

I Will Fall For You If…

“If you push me over” is definitely the best thing you can say when it comes to this Hinge prompt because it will make so many people laugh out loud that you wouldn’t even believe it.

Also, it is really not cool when everyone uses the same joke, so I would suggest coming up with something flirty and interesting in your own way.

Here you can also feel satisfied with some sort of cliche answer, but in general, I believe you should be as provocative as it is possible to be on a dating profile on a platform like this.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 16

There are also some more things you can add as an answer to this Hinge prompt:

  • Promise me a second date immediately
  • Tell me that you have been waiting for me all my life
  • Think my selfie is the bomb, and I should be an Insta baddie

These can look like some fake dating prompt answers, but in general, even though they are simple, they will make people laugh, and they will for sure consider reaching out to you once they read it.

My Mantra Is…

When it comes to sharing your life mantra, you can really go over the board and overshare everything because it will sound ridiculous, and people will reach out to you just because they want to find out whether you were kidding or not.

I had found that I had had the most success when I had the most ridiculous answers to this question, so I believe you could use some imagination and come up with a stupid and funny answer to this too.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 17

If you have a belief most people find annoying or stupid, then you should definitely write it in this section because you will attract people from your niche, and you will have a great conversation starter.

These are some of the most popular mantras on Hinge:

  • Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better
  • The planet is fine; the people are fucked.
  • The early worm gets the worm. 
  • Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. 

All of these can be funny, especially when paired with other answers you have given on Hinge, so I recommend using something that can be connected to the answer you will give before and after this question.

My Greatest Strength Is..

Even though this one also doesn’t sound like the prompt where you can have much fun and create an answer that will make everyone LOL, I believe it offers you a lot more freedom than the “what is your typical Sunday” question.

You can joke around and write things like:

  • Pushing off any man or woman I meet
  • Ruining every relationship I have
  • Having a stupid shower thought that I turn into reality
  • Turning my worst idea into the best experience of my life

Even though most of these are quite self-deprecating jokes, they will still provide you with good success on dating sites like Hinge and will make your potential partner see that you have a good sense of humor and that you have no problem showing it or using it.

My Most Simple Pleasures

When talking about your simple pleasures, make sure they stay that way – simple and humble, even though you can bring a bit of fun or add some joke.

Simple pleasures are things like enjoying dinner with a person you love and cherish, going for a swim in late September, or riding a horse on a ranch.

People have all kinds of simple life goals, so don’t feel afraid to share them because that may be the way you meet your soulmate.

You can also add a fun answer like flying to the moon or winning a football tournament, which will also help you attract like-minded individuals.

It depends on your personal opinion and the way you choose to design your profile, but I believe this is one of the prompts where you can keep it on the low and stay more serious.

Biggest Date Fail

All of us have horrendous date stories, so sharing your biggest date fail can definitely be a great thing because someone will reach out to you, whether it is because they feel sorry for you or because they have genuinely laughed at your story and want to meet you in real life.

In case your date fail is something everyone can refer to because it is a very simple mistake that has led to a disaster, then I definitely encourage you to share it because it will make people smile and motivate them to provide you with a better dating experience.

Funny Hinge Prompts You Must Answer in [year] To Get Noticed 18

This can also be the dorkiest thing you have ever experienced or done, and it is a great asset for every profile because if someone laughs at your answers, they will definitely decide to reach out to you in the end.

Hear About My Best Travel Story

Even though I don’t recommend you to share travel tips on your profile, it is always great to give a creative answer to this question and share some of the travel stories you believe not too many people are able to experience in their lives.

If you have swum with sharks in Thailand, went to a yoga retreat in India, or met someone famous in the most bizarre place ever, then this is the prompt you should use to express all of your experiences and show how much fun and interesting person you really are.

However, make sure you are talking the truth and not sharing some stories about things you have never experienced in your life because if this person realizes it, you will definitely be in trouble because no one wants to mess around with a liar.

Don’t make it the “Oh, I know the best spot for this or that” but rather try to share a funny story and show people that you are full of interesting experiences you would enjoy talking about.

What Should You Avoid In Your Prompt Answers?

Even though we have provided you with some tips that will definitely help you come up with a very funny answer to these Hinge prompts, I still believe there are some things you should 100% avoid.

You should make sure you never share a controversial opinion in your answers, especially if it is related to a topic lifestyle too much.

It can be a big turn-off for some people that would have otherwise contacted you, and overall it is not the best to share your worst opinions first.

This also applies to opinions that can be taken as offensive or rude to some people, and if you get into racist or sexist behavior, you can even get suspended from Hinge for good.

Another thing is that I don’t encourage you to say things like “change my mind” or “provoke me until you get an answer” because this tends to be a very popular technique among people during the last few months.

However, it can lead you to a very bad place and even a fight with someone on the platform, so stay away from things like this and rather stick with regular and fun prompts and give the dating me is like answers.

In case you get into a fight with someone on the platform or your behavior turns out to be suspicious or offensive, you can create a lot of problems for yourself and even get banned for good, so stay humble and use your regular jokes and opinions to attract other peoples attention.

I believe the best thing you can do is be realistic and stay humble because this way, you will attract the largest number of people to your profile.


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