How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge in 2024 [+ How to Get More]

Since Hinge has been launched for the first time nine years ago, it has become one of the most used online dating apps worldwide.

Hinge is the synonym for a much deeper connection among people from the online dating world than Tinder, Bumble and many other online dating apps will ever be. 

How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge in [year] [+ How to Get More] 4

Is Hinge the best dating app for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Hinge.

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The Hinge online dating app is for all those who are looking for more than just a superficial relationship.

Hinge is a well-known online dating app based on likes and dislikes. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get likes on Hinge. 

In this brief guide, you will find out:

How many likes does Hinge offer
What is the best way to use Hinge likes 
How does Hinge work
How to get more likes on Hinge, and more

But first, let’s see how Hinge works.

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How Does Hinge Work?

Like many other online dating sites, Hinge is based on a special algorithm that can help you to arrange a first date with your potential matches.

Hinge’s matchmaking algorithm works thanks to its prompts that are some of the main steps during Hinge subscription. 

How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge in [year] [+ How to Get More] 5

The Hinge app originally comes as a free version and offers you some limited features that can help you to find your potential matches instantly

Difference Between Hinge and Other Dating Apps Like Tinder and Bumble

The Hinge app may sound like any other online dating app that provides all its users the pure joy and pleasure of online dating. 

However, the Hinge app is more than just another online dating app.

It is well-known that apps like Tinder and Bumble are based on hookups, a one-night-stand out (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and sometimes on a long-term relationship (like eHarmony). 

On the other side, there is the less superficial Hinge app, and that cares to find you a soulmate and a lifetime partner in no time. 

Speaking about features’ differences, many apps are based on swiping features that became extremely popular among users.

Unlimited swiping right or swiping left on someone’s dating profile is certainly the fastest way to like or dislike an online dating profile, but how efficient it can be?

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

Efficiency is one of the main reasons why Hinge restricted its likes.

Hinge swipe limit statistic shows that users are more careful about who they are going to like, and they are more interested in who you are than just in your physical appearance. 

The Hinge swipe limit option opens a quite new perspective on online dating.

It is a perspective based on not just profile pictures, but also on a real-life experience. 

How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge?

How many likes you get on Hinge depends on your member status. If you are a free Hinge member, you get limited Hinge likes per day.

If you are a premium member, Hinge’s likes per day are unlimited. 

More about limited and unlimited Hinge likes, you can read in the sections below. 

a. Limited likes on Hinge

Once you create a Hinge profile, as a free Hinge user you can get 8 Hinge likes per day.

As a free Hinge user, you can see other members’ profiles, you can send messages to mutual matches, and the Hinge likes you feature is available whenever you enter your Hinge profile. 

The Hinge likes you feature is one of the most important features that are available for all the Hinge members who are using this app for free at the moment. 

b. Unlimited likes on Hinge

Unlimited likes on Hinge are available for only those members with a preferred membership. 

Preferred membership allows you to get unlimited daily likes, to see each member who likes you, and it allows you to set up Hinge preferred features. 

The Hinge premium package is definitely worth paying for because it can boost your Hinge profile in no time, and it can help you to get more potential matches. 

The number of likes is just a number, but no likes on Hinge can be a major problem when you use this online dating app.

Plus, the number of likes gets the Hinge match rate higher, and it can help you to find a Hinge profile that you are interested in faster than it has ever been before. 

How Long Does a Like Last on Hinge?

As it has already been mentioned before, as a free Hinge user, you get eight daily likes that can be used till the Hinge program doesn’t automatically reset.

The reset time is set up at 4 AM, and after that period you can use your next eight daily likes. 

How to Like on Hinge?

Became popular in NYC during the night, and Hinge kicked Tinder easily.

With Hinge, Tinder matches became just a bunch of beautiful people whose profiles are the part of Tinder gold that starts to pale. 

When Hinge entered the online dating world, people were thrilled about the old-fashioned likes and dislikes that Facebook has been offering for more than many years.

Then, Hinge made a step forward by creating super-likes and roses that are available for paid members only, and it started to make its users more interested in using Hinge with the Hinge preferred. 

How to like on Hinge is one of the first questions that each Hinge user is interested in.

Well, it is easy, and now you will see why. 

The very first step is to download the Hinge app and finish the registration process.

When you arrange your Hinge profile, it’s time to make contact with other members by using available likes. 

How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge in [year] [+ How to Get More] 6

Before you like someone’s profile you can scroll down to all the profiles you are interested in, and you can choose who are you going to like without rush.

When you enter someone’s profile that appears interesting to you, you will that member’s Hinge photos and a little heart sign next to them. By tapping on it, you can confirm your likes. 

How to Get More Likes on Hinge?

Two easy ways can provide you to get more likes on Hinge. One of them is free, and the second will cost you some money. 

The safest way to get more likes on Hinge is to become a Hinge premium member. By monthly or annual price, you can get unlimited likes in a short time. Besides unlimited likes, the Hinge premium package can save you from no-matches-on-Hinge fear. 

Another way to get more likes on Hinge is to upgrade your Hinge profile by creating a flawless one. More about how to create a perfect Hinge profile, you can read in the section below. 

How to Get More Likes on Hinge Without Paying?

Unfortunately, unlimited likes on Hinge are available for premium users only. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to get more likes on Hinge without paying a single dollar.

One of that ways is to set up your Hinge profile properly.  

Many beginners are rushing to finish all the prompts that the site offers so they can start using the Hinge app as quickly as they can. In that way, they are making a huge mistake that can be avoided. 

Hinge app no matches profile is a bad profile that can only reject your potential matches. Your Hinge profile has to be flawless. 

Continue reading this section and learn some tips on how to create the perfect Hinge profile to get more likes. 

Tips on How to Create a Perfect Hinge Profile

Before tips on how to create a perfect Hinge Profile, it is desirable to know that a perfect profile has to stand out among many other profiles. 

To make your profile exclusive and amusing follow the tips below and become the most wanted Hinge member in no time. 

1. Choose the perfect profile picture

Hinge profile pictures are definitely something that everyone on the Hinge app notices. 

Try to avoid selfies, and post a unique picture that will show your adventurous spirit and funny side. 

Do not post pictures with your friends, and don’t show just your beautiful face. They are all interested to see you in your full size. 

Don’t wear accessories that can hide you completely. 

Post a picture with a beautiful landscape in the background, or with your pet. The more interesting you are, the more interested they are in you. 

If you aren’t an expert in taking photos, ask your friend to help you, or buy affordable equipment that will make you a pro. 

At the end of the day, look up a verified photofeeler. 

2. Pay attention to a profile bio

When you write your short Hinge bio, make sure that it is authentic, interesting, and adventurous. 

Be honest about who you are, name all your hobbies that you would like to share with potential matches, write about your vacations, and favorite sports you like doing. 

9 questions about the dating app Hinge you were too embarrassed to ask - Vox

When you write a Hinge bio, it would be great to leave a short description of what you are expecting from using Hinge, and who you are expecting to meet. 

3. Hinge Prompts

A friendly piece of advice is to use as many prompts as Hinge offers to all its members and to provide the appropriate Hinge answers. Writing a prompt is to be honest, too. The most important is that your prompts are original and that you aren’t the kind of a copy-paste person. 

Here are some of the most interesting and funny hinge prompts that can help you to get an idea. Maybe to pick up a phone number, too. 

Reasons Why You Can’t Get Likes on Hinge

Shall we talk about the reasons why you can’t get likes on Hinge, or is it better to talk about the main reason why you can’t get more likes on Hinge?

The reason is simple and it is obvious. 

You can’t get likes on Hinge because your Hinge profile is an unseen disaster. Creating a Hinge profile can be as boring as hell, but it is the most important job that has to be perfectly done. 

Look at this most common mistake list below and find out what you are doing wrong.

1. Your profile isn’t authentic 

Before you even consider to start creating a Hinge profile, you should be aware of your flaws, but you should also be aware of your strengths. Put them in the spotlight, and do not worry about them. 

People are more into honest people than into frauds. 

2. You are not honest about your personality

We all know that sometimes all of us have fears to show our real personality. We are afraid of rejection, and we think that we couldn’t stand it. 

However, this reason can be justified, but there is always a way to start fighting with your biggest fear. 

Show the world your best characteristics, but reveal one of your weaknesses, too. It will make you more approachable, and what is most important, it will make you more desirable. 

3. Your profile pic is outdated

Many online dating users don’t post the right picture. That pic is usually too blurred, too old, or too boring. That is something you definitively have to change as soon as possible. 

4. You misunderstood the Hinge prompts

In order to get the best elo score, Hinge offers to all its users seventy-five prompts that can help members to be closer to their potential matches. 

Unfortunately, these prompts are used badly most of the time. 

5. Your Hinge bio screams for help

If you don’t know how to write your Hinge bio, you don’t have to be ashamed of it. Many people can help you to write it instead of you, you just have to ask. 

Some of the best Hinge bio examples you can look upon the pics below. Enjoy!

When to Boost on Hinge?

Because Hinge is most used by a young population, the best time to boost on Hinge would be at about 9 PM. If you are one of those who use Hinge for more than a few hours, the best time to boost is between 6 AM and 11 AM.

Speaking about the day of the week, be free to boost on Fridays and Sundays, the days that are reserved for new hunting on potential matches.


We hope that this humble guide will help you to get more likes on Hinge than before and learn more about how to collect more likes on Hinge by avoiding mentioned mistakes that users sometimes can make. 

If you have more questions about likes on Hinge, read the FAQ section below, and we hope that you will find all the answers that you are looking for. 


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