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    Ship Dating App Review

    Have you ever wanted to share everything about your new date with your siblings, parents, and friends? Sure you have.

    After apps like Tinder for friends, here comes the new era of online dating.

    I’m representing you with a dating app for friends and more, Ship Dating and Matchmaking App.

    Join me in this eye-opening Ship Dating App Review!

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      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 1


      Effectiveness: 1/5

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"
      • Features: 3/5
      • Ease of Use: 5/5
      • Price: 5/5


      • Completely free to download and use
      • Both versions are available, IOS and Android
      • It is fun and challenging
      • You can share details with your friends and family
      • Easy to use


      • Not too many features, just basic ones
      • Its effectiveness isn’t good enough
      • Too many ads
      • You can be easily bored with using it

      Who is it for/Demographic Makeup

      Ship Dating App Demographic Makeup

      Ship Dating Online App is practically the brand new online dating app found in 2019, in the United States.

      Logically, it is the most used app in the USA. People from 18 and above are allowed to use it.

      Many young people use the Ship Dating app in Canada, Brazil, Australia, and the UK, too. The Ship Dating Company is planning to spread its app further.

      People use this app in over than 50 countries.

      The Ship Dating Online App is completely free to download and use without any extra features you need to pay.

      That’s one of the reasons why this online dating app is developing extremely fast.

      Ship Dating Online App is the most popular between the people who are from 18 to 24 years old.

      80% of users are women.

      It became recently the propriety of the massive dating company, the Match Group.

      Ship Dating Online App is also available for IOS and Android versions.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 2


      Ship Dating App Effectiveness

      Considering the Ship Online Dating App gives you a lot of fun with its free key features, the effectiveness to find your soul mate using this app, isn’t quite big.

      People are more concentered on chatting with their friends and families about the potential date than on finding the right person for themselves.

      The fun effectiveness is huge because this app offers a lot of interesting key features and it just represents fun to use it as well.

      More about the key and extra features, you will find by reading the next section. So, here you go.

      Key Features

      Ship Dating App Key Features

      The Ship App is the hottest new dating app, released from the Tinder and Betches Media.

      It works similarly to Tinder, except there are some new features such as allowing your friends to pick up matches for you.

      1. Extra feature during COVID 19 – stay safe and date virtually

      Now you can go on a virtual date with Ship Dating. It can be possible via Zoom backgrounds.

      Let see how it works.

      If you don’t have a Zoom account, you can sign up for free by following the link on the Ship Dating App right here https://getship.co/dfhfaq/.

      To download a Zoom background click on the thumb and the background will be downloaded.

      To upload a Zoom background, please follow this link https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background#h_72079fb4-b9b6-4212-a265-5f1f50d3174e that will help you with your virtual dating.

      To solve the other problems you have with your virtual Ship Dating or to make more questions about it, please follow this link https://getship.co/dfh/ and look at the picture below.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 3

      2. Ship Party feature

      Ship Party is a new feature that you can use to chat via video live with your friends.

      You can create a video live chat by inviting your friend to a virtual party.

      The member who is the host of the party is the only one who can like or dislike matching profiles.

      When the host likes them, the other participants at the party will be able to see the matching profiles and the party can start!

      If someone else is the host and he/she wants to invite you, he/she will send you a message in your box.

      If you notice this message too late and the party is over, the link won’t be available.

      Ease of Use/Tutorial

      Ship Dating App Ease of Use

      When you first download the app and open it, you will have to choose how you want to use it, as a single or as no single.

      If you are single, you can use all the app’s features. If you are not single, you will have to invite one of your single friends to join you to their crew and then you can see a potential match.

      Once they add you, just confirm the option Crew and you’re in.

      1. I’m single option

      The signing up process is similar to other dating apps.

      To sign up you need to enter your phone number, your first and last name, and your date of birth.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 4
      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 5

      The next step is to allow access to your location and your contacts to continue.

      You can fill in the other personal details, such as your gender, your height, and weight. Then, add your profile picture. 

      You can also add more personal details, like where you went to school and your current job position.

      If you want, you can make your crew immediately or save it for later. As soon as you do it, you can start your shipping.

      Since your account is matched to your phone contacts, you will be able to see which one of your contacts is using the Ship Dating App. This is pretty cool! It can save you time.

      There are two options you can use, add your friends or invite your friends.

      After that, your account is all set, and it’s time for matching.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 6

      After your first matching, you can upgrade your profile by adding more information.

      You can add your interests by answering some basic questions about politics, pets, family, music, movies, books, etc.

      If you choose the option Settings, you can change what are you interested in, your age range or maximum distance from your potential match.

      By changing these options, your matching with other people will be more precise than it wasbefore.

      When matching for you appears, you can see his/her age, name, and distance from you.

      You can see the other photos posted by that user.

      By tapping the eye, you can read more information about the user.

      The interesting part is coming right now! Share the user’s profile to your friends and ask them for their opinion.

      You can spy as many profiles as you want! It isn’t visible.

      If your friends and you like someone’s profile, just confirm it by clicking the right sign. If you don’t like the match, just click on the x sign or exit the match.

      If you like someone and someone likes you, you got the match, which will be adding to your match’s option on your profile.

      If your crew and the other user’s crew approve the match, you two will be matched, too.

      When the matching is approved by both of you or your crews, you can start chatting and sharing more with your match.

      Once you start chatting with your match, your or his/her crew won’t be able to read your messages, because it will be protected. So, you don’t have to worry if someone can see your private messages.

      There are two parts in the Crew Option: Chat and Activity. By choosing the activity option, you can see which one of your crew members is checking your recently chosen matching profiles.

      2. I’m not single option

      When you use the Ship Dating App as a crew, the signing up process is the same.

      You need to write all the personal information written above (add your name, surname, date of birth, and gender).

      Once you’ve created your account, you can join one of your single friend’s crews.

      There is an option that you can’t find in your profile as a single. That option is to discover the field.

      How does the discovery fieldwork?

      On the discover field you can see all the profiles matched with your single friends.

      You can check all these profiles and give a sign to your single friends do you like or you don’t like the matched profiles.

      By clicking on the thick, you are approving and by clicking on the cross you don’t like the matched profile.

      There is a sharing option where you can share the matched profiles to the other members of the crew and look for an opinion about them from the others.

      You and the other part of the crew can find a match for your single friends and send them to check it.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 7

      In the activity option, you can express your opinion about the matching profiles, as well as you can see the opinion from the other members from the crew or your single friends.

      That will be all you can do because you’re not authorized to chat with the matches and you cannot see the chat between your single friend and the matched profile.

      So, the opinion and maybe a hint is all you get as a part of the crew.


      Ship Dating App Pricing

      This will be the easiest review till now because there is no price for the Ship Online Dating App.

      The app is completely free and once you’ve installed it, there are no extra charges.

      But everything has got its price, right?

      Because this app is entirely free, maybe you will be a little bit bored by the free ads appearing from time to time that you cannot skip.

      Be patient, because, hey, it’s for free!

      Conclusion and Overall Rating based on Ship Dating App Review

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 8

      While we are approaching our final word, I’m giving you the overall rating based on this Ship Dating App Review.

      The overall rating is 3, 5/5.

      As a final word, I must say that I’m not convinced of the efficiency of this dating app as an app that can help you to find your perfect date.

      Yes, it is easy to use. Yes, it is completely free. And yes, it is interesting that you can chat with the people you trust the most and whose opinion is really important to you.

      Comparing the Ship Dating App, it’s a friendly app like Tinder, so the accent is on your relationship with your friends, not on your emotional relationship with your potential emotional companion.

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      I’m afraid that these things can influence the most important fact when we are speaking about online dating apps, finding an emotional partner.

      Many people who are using this app at the moment are finding it interesting and challenging, but they often forget why they are using it.

      At some point, you will be bored with using it.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 9


      Let’s be aware that this app is quite new, so you can expect more questions than usual.

      Is Ship Dating free?

      Yes, it is. The Ship Dating App is completely free and there are no extra charges.

      Is Ship Dating safe?

      Yes, it is. Ship Dating is pretty safe considering its well-organized safety section.

      The company even made an educative video about online dating safety.

      Ship Dating App Review [year] – [Family & friends are invited] 10

      Is Ship Dating legit?

      Yes, it is. It is legit and everything is by the law.

      Is Ship Dating worth it?

      It depends on what you are looking for.

      If you are looking for more fun and gags with your friends, it is just a fine app. If you are looking for a serious relationship, it is just a waste of time.

      But, this is a young app, so it needs more time and I will give it a chance.


      How do I join Ship Dating?

      You can join Ship Dating by downloading the app.

      When you download it, enter your mobile phone.

      Then choose between two options, I’m single or I’m not single.

      Enter some of your details you will be asking for, allow access to your contacts and location and you can start playing.

      Can I sign up with my Facebook account?

      Unfortunately, you can’t. 

      You can sign up by adding your phone number. There is no option to use your Facebook account, yet.

      Can I change my relationship status?

      Yes, you can. If you are no longer single, you can change your relationship status and start using the Ship app from a different perspective.

      How do I edit my profile?

      You can edit your profile by going on your profile page and searching for the option to edit your profile.

      In this option, you can change your photo, age, answers on the questions you’ve already done, and your gender.

      How do I upload new photos?

      Search for the same option as in a previous section.

      You can add your photos by clicking on the plus sign and by choosing them from your gallery.

      How do I delete photos from my profile?

      Once again, search for the same option as in a previous section.

      On your photo in the corner, you will see the x sign. Click on it and confirm the option delete.

      How can I view my dating profile?

      To view your profile as other members do, just click on the photo above your name.

      How do I delete the Ship Dating account?

      You can delete your account by following these steps.

      Once you’ve deleted it, each action on your profile will be deleted, too.

      How to contact Ship Dating?

      To contact Ship Dating service go to their site and find a contact us form.


      How does the Ship Dating algorithm work?

      Its algorithm works in two different ways. It can work for you as a single person or as no single person.

      If you sign up as a single person you can use all the features this app offers you.

      If you sign up as no single person you can use fewer features than this app offers.

      Do I have to be single to use Ship?

      No, you don’t have to. You can use it as a single person or as a person in a relationship, but the purpose of using it will be different.

      How do I add friends?

      It is an easy process. Your Ship account is already connected with your contacts. Next to your contact name is the option Add, click on it, and make a crew.

      How do I create Group Chats?

      You create a group chat by adding 2 friends at a minimum. You can also add the name of the group to make it more interesting.

      How do I unfriend someone?

      To unfriend someone clicks on that friend’s name and confirm the option Unfriend.

      Who can see my activity?

      Your friends and your shipped friends can see your activities by default.

      How do I discover/search?

      The algorithm does that for you. It finds your matches you can share with your friends or your crew.

      How do I select which single friend to ship?

      When you go to the discover option, you will see the option Matching for. Then, you can choose a single friend by clicking on his/her name.

      How do I match with someone?

      One way you can match with someone is to accept the matched profile. So, it’s on you.

      The other way is that your friend can match you with someone they like.

      How do I message a match?

      You can send messages to a match when you click on the match. The inbox will open and you can start chatting.

      Can friends see my conversations with matches?

      No one can see your conversation with matches. The Ship App works on your privacy and it respects it.

      How can I be unmatched with someone?

      You can open the chat box with the match you want to make unmatched. When you open the chatbox, find three dots.

      Click on the dots and choose the option unmatched. Confirm the unmatching process.

      When you unmatch someone you won’t be able to continue an online relationship with that user. It will be all over for you 2.

      What’s different if I make a match for a friend?

      The Ship Online Dating App is great because it allows you to be an excellent friend.

      You do researches for you, but you do them for your friends, too. It means that you aren’t a selfish friend. You take care of your friends as they take care of you.

      This option shows the Shipp app purpose: dating is much funnier with friends by your side.

      Can I block people on Ship Dating?

      You can UNMATCH people. By unmatching them, they won’t be able to see your new posts or any other activities.

      Do you have to pay text?

      No, you don’t have to. It’s free.

      How do you adjust the distance?

      You can adjust it in the setting option by choosing the distance you want.

      Why can’t I see my friend’s activity?

      There are two reasons for that. Either you aren’t friends either your friends set the options you can see or the options you can’t see.

      Sometimes, privacy is important and some people don’t want to share every single detail from their life.

      Respect the other people’s privacy as you respect yours.

      Why can’t I see my activities?

      The most logical explanation of why you can’t see your activities is because you need to refresh the page.

      If you still can’t see your activities after refreshing, try to log out and then, log in to your account.

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