How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ashley Madison

There are so many people out there who have found the kind of fun they were looking for at the Ashley Madison dating site. Here we talk about How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ashley Madison.

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts, one should be aware that certain things you write or do could get you into a little bit of trouble.

How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ashley Madison 4

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If you would like to find out what kinds of interactions can lead to a potential suspension and how long you can access your account, let me help you with that issue.

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How Long Is A Temporary Suspension?

The length of a potential suspension on your Ashley Madison profile can be different.

Users have reported different amounts of time in which their bans have been active, and Ashley Madison users could not access their accounts.

How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ashley Madison 5

The temporary suspension can last from one month up to one year, and the length of it depends on the kind of a cause that can get you banned in the first place.

If it’s your first time experiencing something like this, it’s very likely going to be a shorter time in which your account is going to be suspended.

However, if you have already experienced more than one previous suspension, you are probably going to end up with a full one-year suspension period for your account.

Even the shortest temporary suspension should not be taken lightly, but it can really lead to a permanent loss of your account, data, and all of your previous conversations without the option to return them later on.

Try to always be aware of the policies and be respectful toward other Ashley Madison members. People on this dating site have two things in common: they are feeling comfortable enough to have an affair, and they do not judge other users – and neither should you.

Why You Can Get Banned

If you have used any kind of dating site that’s more or less popular on the market these days, you are aware of the fact that there are insane amounts of fake accounts and scammers lurking for potential victims on nearly every dating service.

Many online dating sites notify users regularly not to share personal details or contact information.

At, you might get more than your regular amount of notices that you should not exchange phone numbers or credit card info.

Aside from the exchange of personal info, consistently asking for photos from other members without having a decent conversation prior to that might get recognized by AI bots as suspicious activity.

Inappropriate behavior in conversations with other users and an aggressive approach might make other users report you, and several reports from other users might also lead to having your account banned.

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By staying respectful, communicating in a decent way and respecting other users’ boundaries you are saving yourself from a potential ban big time.

What Can You Do About the Suspension

If you might try to log in and notice you cannot access your account as usual, but you are not sure why, here are some things you could do to get this problem resolved:

1. Log Out/Reinstall App

Maybe there is some internal issue within the app, and the account has not been suspended.

The quickest and most definitely the easiest way to check this is to log out or completely uninstall and reinstall the app; or log out of your desktop browser version and log in again.

Network issues, internal bugs, and issues within the website are common even on the most popular sites and apps, and phones, tablets, and PCs experiencing some kind of minor malfunction are no exceptions to this rule.

There’s no need to panic. Simply try this and if things are still not working properly, then look for another type of solution.

2. Contact The Customer Support

This can be especially applied to users who have no clue as to why their account has been banned – it could have happened for various different reasons, and sometimes it might be because of a bug within the system or the user.

If everything is alright on the user’s side, customer support might be able to resolve this issue, and you could potentially be able to use your Ashley Madison account in no time again!

Ashley Madison’s customer is always available and super friendly and can help you solve your issues. Simply send an e-mail, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Long Is a Temporary Suspension on Ashley Madison 6

They will help you identify the problem and try to solve it as soon as they can.

If your messages go against the rules and policies of the dating site, customer service will let you know.

They will explain to you exactly which messages could have triggered the ban, and if possible, they will also remove the ban itself.

Keep in mind that there are some kinds of messages you should not send, as the integrated AI might recognize your account as one of those fake profiles people with malicious intent try to create.

3. Delete Profile And Make A New One

If you have no time to wait for customer service to reply, or even if they do reply, and you still have to stay banned – you can go for the deactivate account option or ask customer service yet again to remove your account permanently.

It is not unusual to see duplicate members’ profiles with identical and real-life pics in both accounts, as some people make the quick decision to simply create a completely new account and start their journey all over again, and get their old accounts back after a certain amount of time.

It’s not uncommon for users to find themselves in a position where they simply opt for a new account.

If you are considering, though, creating a new profile and you’re not completely sure about why you got banned in the first place, here’s a little reminder for you about the general rules and policies, and this could prevent another ban for you in the future.

Why You Should Not Exchange Personal Info

Firstly, yes, Ashley Madison would indeed like you to remain on their website and use it as the only way to meet new people and continue talking with these people here.

Once you share some info about some of your other digital whereabouts in cyberspace, it is a risk for Ashley Madison as they might lose Ashley Madison members.

Another this you should keep in mind is – this is for you your personal protection.

Sure, all the accounts are scanned, and the moderators and admins try their best to keep up with removing bots and spammer accounts, and potential hackers.

When you initiate contact with other users, do not exchange commonly known communication and social media accounts, as the integrated AI bot picks up on these suspicious conversations and flags them, which could ultimately lead to your temporary and/or permanent suspension on Ashley Madison.

According to a solid amount of info acquired from various Ashley Madison reviews, the users often complained about getting suspended shortly after having mentioned Tinder, Winks, Kik, mailboxes, and contact info that allows other parties to contact them outside of Ashley Madison.


Every dating site works in its own unique way and may have different types of rules and policies users should follow through.

If you ever find your Ashley Madison profile suspended for the first time, do not worry, as this can be resolved, and it’s not a temporary ban.

If you have unknowingly done something that does go against the rules and policies, the customer service center will, if possible, help you find the quickest and easiest way to return your account.


1. Is Ashley Madison deleting accounts permanently?

Only in extreme cases. Most users on this dating app get a temporary ban, but if they continue to do things that go against the community guidelines repeatedly, they might get their account permanently removed.

2. Can customer service remove my suspension?

This depends on the action that has triggered the temporary suspension. If you have done something that goes lightly against the community guideline, yes, it is possible. If you repeatedly cause issues consciously, you might even get a permanent ban.

3. Do real women get suspended from Ashley Madison?

Yes. The temporary suspension policy is applicable to every single user of the Ashley Madison dating service. Although men have to complete subscriber payments that women don’t have to complete, both men and women can get their accounts suspended.

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