How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text – A 2024 Guide

Hi guys, welcome to today’s article on how to tell if a girl likes you over text.

In this article, we’ll show you:

Hints that suggests a girl likes you
How to respond accordingly
Next steps to take

Without further delay, let’s go check out the signs!

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She likes me,

She likes me not.

She likes me,

She likes me not

Stop pulling proverbial petals off a daisy, man!

There’s a better way to find out if a girl likes you, damn it!

Just read her text messages carefully!

Before we Dive In

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 7

Aaaah, women!

Who could understand them?

You text her, she texts back; you make a joke, she sends you a smiley face.

But, does that mean that she really likes you, or is she merely being polite?

Could there be signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it?


Figuring out the answer to this question sometimes seems as difficult as finding a hidden chest of treasure.

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I say figuring out, because, let’s be perfectly honest here – we would all rather bang our head against a wall to understand it all by ourselves instead of asking directly.


Well, keeping the „tough man“ looks, preserving face…because, what if the answer is “no, I was actually being nice“.

Not good, bro, not good at all.

Nobody likes defeat and the truth when you put it that way.

Luckily, even though some might argue that women are complicated beings, they are quite easy to please.

Be there, listen to her, satisfy her.

But, you need to get there first.

In the online dating world, even if you’re on a hookup site like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison, or a serious relationship site like eHarmony, it all starts with texting each other.

Although we are all pro gender equality, it is still more common for men to text first and show their interest.

Then it’s up to the ladies to accept it or reject your text and you along the way.

So, once you realize you’ve been texting each other for quite some time, how do you make this distinction? 

She’s just being polite vs. she likes you?

There, there!

So what are the good signs she likes you over text?

Let me show you the ropes of how to finally be sure if she’s really into you.

Hints to Tell You that a Girl Likes You

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 8

Through merely a text on Tinder, or anywhere else.

How to know if a girl is not interested in you through text?

Don’t worry, my brother!

We’ll soon relieve you of any doubt whether she likes you or not.

We will go step by step, instance by instance, everything explained in the slightest detail!

Let’s jump right in!

1. She replies with long texts

Do you know how you write short texts to someone you don’t like?

It’s typically a Yes, No, Maybe, Don’t know, We’ll see.

Such messages obviously are a clear sign that you’re not interested in someone.

The same thing happens when it comes to girls. 

When they like someone, they typically write longer texts, brimming with a variety of details.

Relationship experts believe that long messages and double texting are subtle signs that she likes you.

In this way, they are trying to raise your interest and make you ask for more information.

When a girl is into you, she will rarely send you short lines.

Rather, be prepared for a full-length, elaborate essay, my friend, which is a great sign that she’s ready for the next step!

2. She uses emoticons

Aaah, the emojis!

These are the universal language nowadays.

And they’re obvious signs that your text conversation is going well.

They are typically used to make writing more “relaxed” and relieved of a dreary and dull tone.

We’re inclined to say they are used a bit too much.

By the way, have you ever seen girls’ chats?

They are filled with these, lol.

Obviously, girls are more likely to use lots of emojis than men.

So, if you don’t get any in the texts from the girl you like, it’s time to alert!

Most typically, this shows how non-amused she is by the conversation you’re having, and she’s just waiting to run away.

3. She starts texting first

If she texts me first, is she interested?

Believe it when we tell you this: when a girl likes you, she doesn’t have any problems with texting you first.

There is no vanity here, and things like, “No, I won’t text him first because the last time I also texted him first.”

No, if she’s honestly into you, she won’t mind texting first from time to time.

Still, girls like it when you show initiative, so don’t wait for her to text first all the time.

Of course, it is understood that she will start texting first after you’ve been communicating for a while.

4. She replies immediately

Or, ASAP in any case!

Don’t you just love it when people reply to your texts shortly after you texted them?

This is not just a positive sign, it is also good body language (from a texting perspective).

People who still think how cool it is to keep somebody waits for their precious reply should be extinct.

Like, now!

Well, would anyone in their right mind believe that you don’t have time to check your phone, especially now when we don’t even go to the toilet without our phones anymore?

Anyways, girls are frequently perceived as calculated, letting you wait for her reply, thus creating the false impression that she doesn’t care about you.

Dude, when she truly likes you, she’s freakishly impatient to reply to you.

She doesn’t have any time to play games.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

She wants to read your text ASAP and then get more of them when she replies.

5. She talks about her day

When a girl likes you, she’s eager to share the little details with you.

In fact, there will be no shortage of things to talk about over text.

It doesn’t have to be anything big.

It’s things like her best friend pissed her off last night for yet another last-minute cancellation, or the obnoxious co-worker was being an idiot again.

This is not nagging, this is sharing.

Pay attention to this – since this is how she is taking you inside her world because it will come in handy the first time you meet her face-to-face.

6. She shares details about her life

Directly linked to the previous one is the situation when she shares a bit more personal details.

This time, we’re not referring to the daily routine.

This is the real deal.

Namely, in this case, she will share her personal life with you, just like that. 

She’ll tell you things like her brother getting a divorce, a life-changing trip she’s had, or her dreams and funny ideas.

If you get these, and you still think she doesn’t like you, then texting to date is not for you.

7. She remembers the details 

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 9

Besides sharing the details about herself over a text, a girl who likes you will always prompt you to tell her more about yourself.

Moreover, she’ll duly memorize these little things you tell her.

So, once you start talking about something you already mentioned before, she will draw your attention to the fact that she remembers, to your enormous amazement.

This means that:

a) she’s a good listener and

b) she cares enough to remember the things you tell her about.

We might say this is quite a priceless trait because you know you can always rely on her for a good conversation and the question of “what to text a girl” won’t arise.

8. She stays awake just to text you back

Damn, how we hate it when they fall asleep in the middle of texting and reply the next day.

People typically chat at night.

This is all fun when you’re a teenager and you’re good to go even after multiple sleepless nights.

But, as you hit the early thirties, or God forbid, a bit more than that, then it gets late quite sooner than before.

10 p.m. seems to be the ideal bedtime.

So, now imagine texting with some hottie and she just disconnects!

It’s quite frustrating!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal (i.e. it happened to me times and times again).

Anyways, as you grow older, sleep is valued more than anything.

Meaning, no matter how much a person likes you, if they are sleepy, they’d rather hit the bed.


If you know that the girl you’re texting with has things to do in the morning and is still awake (texting you!) long past her usual bedtime, she likes you, my boy!

She likes you a lot!

And, she’d kiss you too!

9. She notices your absence

Texting a girl and real-life conversations aren’t in the same Whatsapp group.

When a girl doesn’t like you (texting her), she will not even notice when you’re not writing to her.

But, if there is even the slightest spark, she will mind even when it’s only been a couple of hours without your text.

And, she’ll feel free to tell you so.

Obviously, you don’t hold a grudge against someone who is not important to you?

10. She recognizes the tone of your texts

Women are intuitive by their nature.

They have this hunch when something is off and they are rarely wrong.

By the same analogy, they will easily detect any tone of your voice – sad, angry, tired, emotional, and eventually not interested.

If your texting style has been very flirtatious and suddenly the flirty texts stop coming, she’ll surely notice.

So, if you’re not in the mood to text, you better skip one night than spend time explaining what’s wrong.

11. She makes jokes

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 10

How to get a girl to like you over text?

Tell her a joke!

Obvious right?


The same goes for a girl who likes you – she won’t talk about serious topics that kill the mood instantly.

No, your texting will be filled with fun and excitement.

She will not tell you stories about her co-worker who keeps nagging at her husband, mother-in-law, etc.

Instead, be prepared for multiple anecdotes, jokes, anything funny, and you guys may end up on facetime eventually laughing at each other’s jokes.

When a girl is into you, she won’t weigh you down with dreariness.

On the contrary, you will be impatient to read her text and hear something funny.

But, remember!

Measure for measure!

Make her laugh, too, because women better cherish a man with a great sense of humor than the one with a six-pack on his abs.

Chandler Bing is their ultimate goal, not Dwayne Johnson!

12. She calls you silly nicknames

If she gave you one, man, she’s definitely into you!

You know that silly and goofy nicknames are given to people whom you hold dear.

So, if a girl you are texting with gives you a cute nickname, seek no further since this is one of the most obvious hints she likes you.

The best thing is that they come up with such a nickname based on the details you tell them about yourself.

Obviously, she cares just enough to use this input and give you a nickname.

13. She makes sex jokes

Ah, the sex jokes!

We don’t know why, but there are still some people who think sex jokes are rude.

On the contrary, sex jokes are an excellent tool to check how witty and open-minded somebody is.

This is no time to wonder what her texts really mean.

If a girl reacts positively to your sex jokes, then you’ve hit a jackpot!

Often enough, they even initiate the joke themselves, and your answer should be top-notch sexy to compliment her first move.

Hope you don’t get offended by this, my little delicate flower!

Now, observe the course of the convo

Hm, what, how?

What cues to look for?

Listen here!

When there are sparks between you and the chick on the other side, the conversation simply has to runs smoothly.

The only questions allowed are those that discover more about the two of you.

If you have to cut the course of a conversation and digress every five minutes to explain what you meant (or, God forbid, apologize for a joke you made), then consider putting an end to it before it’s too late.

This may sound unfair, but, there is no thrill in such an interaction.

If somebody needs to ask for clarification all the time or is easily offended, then there is a huge gap between the two of you.

Spare yourself the trouble of constant apologizing and move on to someone else who will understand you no matter what.

14. She’s not condescending 

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 11

We honestly don’t know what’s happening with most of the girls nowadays.

You text her and she’s suddenly all high and mighty.

What are you, darling?

The Queen of Sheba?

Anyways, only a girl who doesn’t like you behaves like this.

When a girl thinks you’re cute and funny and wants to text with you or eventually hang out, she’ll never belittle or denigrate you.

Even if there is an education gap, pay gap, or anything else in her favor she will never think less of you.

She treats you with respect as her equal.

And, if vice versa, you must do the same.

15. She asks personal questions

Run through your latest texts and see what you can find there.

Take this one girl you think is playing hot and cold with you and check the texts.

If you notice she asked about your work, family, friends, your likes and dislikes (I am aware how lame this sounds), love life (we’ll get to that), then know that you have nothing to fear.

Any of the aforementioned will tell you the same – she wants to know more about you.

And, what does that tell you?

Come on, dude, think harder, we can’t spell it all out for you!

Yes, you are absolutely right – she likes you!

16. She talks about her…

Favorite films, books, food, drink…

(We scared you a little, didn’t we?)

No, don’t worry; our dating coach believes when a girl likes you enough to text with you, she will not talk about herself all the time.

She will give you time and space too.

However, in the process, you will keep discovering things about her.

You will find out that she cringes at The Handmaid’s Tale, but still reaches out for the book now and then.

Just to read a passage or two, nothing else.

Or, you will discover that she likes pizza quite a lot and that she also makes it like a pro.

With plenty of cheese.

Just the way you like it too.

Just give it time.

17. She sends you photos

Not nudes, you perv!

Though, I’ve met girls who don’t mind sharing a nude or two now and then.

Can’t hurt!

By the way, once you get there, don’t be an ass to brag to your buddies.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t know her.

The photos we had in mind is photos of charming scenery or some random stuff, maybe even photos of her pets or selfies.

If she shares these with you, it means she wants you to take part in what she’s involved in at the given moment.

18. She shares memes with you

Memes, just like emojis, are quite a frequent means of communication currently.

If a girl you like sends you memes, then she definitely is in the mood to keep the conversation going.

These can literally be about anything – music, work, TV shows, sex, films…

They can even be in the form of screenshots of memes from her social media pages that she really wants to share with you.

It gets even better when she sends memes relevant to the current conversation you are having. 

This means she is fully invested in the interaction.

Of course, a random meme is always more than welcome, especially if she knows you’re at work getting bored out of your mind.

19. She sends good morning & good night messages

How to Tell if a Girl Likes you Over Text - A [year] Guide 12

Ah, congratulations!

You’re in a relationship!

Easy, boy, I’m just joking (though it’s not far from the truth).

You know what they say about these messages.

They serve to tell you that you are the first thing that comes to their mind in the morning and the last person they think about when they go to bed.

Well, this could easily be true.

In any case, you don’t send these messages to everyone, especially if she’s the first person to text you in the morning and the last at night.

Only that special someone deserves to get these kinds of good morning texts and good night text messages.

So, if you get this one from the girl you like, then you’re definitely her special someone and 99% out of the friend zone.

20. She uses complimentary language

This hint can be associated with our cue No. 15.

Namely, when a woman likes you, she gives her best to make you feel good about yourself.

This is why she will mostly use words with positive connotations when she talks about you to you.

She will openly tell you what she likes on/about you, so you are always in the clear with her.

There is no subtext, no hidden messages, nor insults wrapped in nice language.

She will straight away tell you she likes your arms or neck, eyes, or six-pack.

Or, the butt. 

Why the hell not?!

It all depends on what type of girl she is.

21. She asks about your love life

Now that you’re reading through those “significant” texts parallel to reading this article, tell me, has she asked yet if you are seeing anyone?

Probably you won’t find it as a direct question. 

Let me rephrase that.

Most likely you won’t find it as a direct question.

It will be nicely packed and wrapped in phrases like “Yeah, I’m sure other girls love your smile too!”

See what she did there?

Bro, girls will make you reveal top secrets any time of the day before you even realize what she did.

Admit it, such clever and witty comments will prompt you to start explaining (stupid males that we are), and you will give her more than she’s bargained for.

Her inquisitiveness here is totally accountable for.

We all want to know who and what we are dealing with.

22. Your texts start to look-alike

We have reason to believe you’ve noticed this even before.

Namely, once you start texting with someone, soon enough your writing styles start to match.

This is easily explained through the usage of emojis.

There are multiple emojis to designate smiling and/or laughing.

If you use one and she uses another, soon enough one of you will make the transition.

The same goes for abbreviations, for example, and punctuation marks.

23. She asks you out

When Girls Ask Guys Out - YouTube

We must admit – this is not quite a typical cue.

But don’t expect it from a shy girl – they’ll never be this direct.

You must be aware that ladies still need more time to ask a guy out.

And, it’s normal.

They are equally worried about losing face if you say no.

Still, some girls will make it look like this first date of yours is entirely your idea, while it was actually her who came up with it.

For example, you are talking about some seemingly complicated topic or some eventful situation that is better explained “live”.

Now imagine her saying “maybe you could explain that over a cup of coffee”.

What is your first instinct here?

Of course, you will say “Maybe we should really go grab a cup of coffee. How about Friday, 8 p.m.?

And, her work there is done.

She’s successfully invited you on a date.

What do you mean, you asked her out?


Really funny!


Our approach for this “how to know if a girl likes you over text” article was to carefully gather and analyze the top signs that indicate a girl you’re texting with likes you.


And, that would be all, folks!

We hope this ultimate list will help you in your texting so you can figure out straight away if a girl likes you.

Tell us in the comments if any of these are wrong!


P.S. We know they’re not!

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