How to Make a Girl Laugh – A 2024 Guide

Hello everyone, welcome to our article on how to make a girl laugh.

This article is packed with humorous tips that can put a smile on every girl’s face and even make her LOL, and we’ll cover:

powerful tips to make every girl laugh
how to make a girl laugh over text
silly but humorous questions to ask a girl
natural ways to make her laugh

Let’s get started without further delay!

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If you’re wondering how to make a girl laugh, you’ve come to the right place to learn about it.

It’s not always easy to make a girl giggle and smile.

But we’ve done the hard work and got the top tips on how to do it efficiently just for you.

There are, however, a bunch of funny things to say to a girl to make her laugh over text.

Let’s dig in further…

Powerful Ways to Make Her Laugh

What does it mean to have a decent sense of humor?

A man with a sense of humor is a man who creates a joke out of nothing.

But it must always be done spontaneously.

You should never make jokes by forcing yourself to do so.

We believe positive thinking is always best for every situation.

And positive thinking is closely connected to a sense of humor.

So if you can come up with jokes to make her laugh, and combine this with the appropriate body language and facial expressions (assuming you’re meeting in real life), then you’re well on your way to make her attracted to you.

Remember: always be cheerful and optimistic about everything around you.

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Feel free and brave enough to use the following methods to make a girl you’re aiming for a laugh in such a manner that she would be turned on by your powerful words.

Most of these guidelines work for sure to make a girl laugh over your text.

Try to make a connection with the so-called inside joke.

It’s a joke that creates a connection that this girl has with no other man.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 13

Making a woman laugh is very beneficial in activating positive emotions that will foster your further communication.

From our findings, you can easily take the interaction to a higher level, and your conversation will go smoothly.

We also discovered that the easiest way to interact with a girl is through text.

And it’s much easier because it doesn’t require any face impression, intonation, etc.

But what it does require is a very good sense of humor and not one-liners or dilly jokes that will turn her off.

So, where do you find a girl to make her laugh?

Well, Tinder… duh!

Tinder is the biggest dating website out there.

They range from people looking for a quick fling to Serious relationships.

It is not only for hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) or only for serious relationships (like eHarmony).

We’ve made a Tinder Coach that’ll teach you everything from A to Z about using Tinder in order to score!

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 14

Anyway, you don’t have to make a clown or a douche of yourself (remember it’s not a comedy show), all you need to do is act and react confidently.

You need to be capable of having a nice, smooth conversation with her that can make a girl smile (at the very least).

Don’t just tell a silly joke and disappear.

Be there, continue.

It’s just an ice breaker

Catch the rhythm with the girl.

You need to be cool, stay calm, and act confidently.

This is what it means to have a great sense of humor — having the capacity to find humor in every little thing, or being ready and willing to laugh.

You just need to realize what kind of humor you’re good at and use it effectively.

If you want to be amusing, then make jokes, tease her, be flirty, but always be appropriate.

Therefore, we’d advise you take this example below as an inspiration to be a bit more mindful of the emotions you create in your relations with girls.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 15

1. Be confident and courageous

Being funny is an intrinsic characteristic, as long as you have confidence and courage in your sense of humor.

If done properly and at suitable moments, being comical is a wonderful tool to make a girl laugh.

Once your style of humor makes her laugh, then half the job is done.

If you want to show her your confidence, then respect her.

By showing your respect for the girl’s character and talents, you start to deserve her trust.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 16

If this isn’t respect-101, I don’t know what is.

Anyhoo, when there are mutual respect and trust, then it is simpler to communicate and make her laugh over text.

What you’re going to find here has nothing to do with the lousy methods you can see somewhere else on the Internet portals.

In the first place, you won’t need a mighty sense of humor.

It sounds strange, isn’t it?

If you apply the following tips that we’ve outlined below, you’ll be able to make girls laugh while making them feel your masculine and mature behavior.

Apart from that, listening to her is also very important here.

You should listen to her to create something funny.

So, whoever taught you to ask a girl a question and then pretend to listen is wrong.

You can even make jokes about yourself you can poke fun yourself through self deprecating humor, and women love this a lot.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 17

Pause! and take a proper look at what this fellow dude is willing to share to get that good first impression and most likely the first date, too.

The capability to laugh at yourself is a signal (and usually a consequence) of self-confidence and self-acceptance.

You can also be creative and help a girl make jokes about her.

In this case, she will certainly feel those emotions of confidence and self-assurance.

Girls will feel totally comfortable by your actions if you let them into your masculinity.

But before giving you these special methods on how to do so, one question arises:

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text?

To use humor as a way to attain a woman’s heart is difficult for those guys who are not naturally humorous.

Making people laugh from a prank or standup comedy show is much different than text messages.

When it comes to messages, we found spontaneity and relevance to be much more important than humor in itself.

If you’re still not sure how to make a woman laugh and get her to love you, then pay attention to what we’ve lined up for you.

From what we have for you in the next few sections, you can learn how to be amusing and use it for your benefit.

Honestly, it involves a lot of hard work and you are going to learn how to do it easily.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 18

As a matter of fact, girls usually start laughing when there’s a kind of confusion that kills the seriousness of the communication.

This situation of misunderstanding can be noteworthy so that it will change the vibe of your conversation positively.

Needless to say, they are kind of always waiting for the man to take the leading role in a play called conversation with girls.

Furthermore, take this from us – experts, they will never allow themselves to break the ice of the seriousness of the interaction.

Always remember that the initial seriousness of the communication among yourselves is necessary to get a good vibe, letting your words flow into something completely new and unexpected for her.

To be more concrete, don’t play serious all the time, it will keep them serious as well, and you will not be able to make her laugh freely and with sincerity.

But don’t overuse funniness when texting to the girl.

Try to be wise and find a proper moment for making jokes.

Tell her something unexpected and break the ice of seriousness at the beginning.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 19

Say something humorous, and wait for a second for her to respond in her way, and continue talking spontaneously.

You can use a punchline that’s a wordplay or innuendo of some sort, but always wait for her response.

This takes us to the next tip…

2. Have a true sense of humor

Generally speaking, humor is recognized worldwide as a relaxed way of speaking, and it is something everyone can relate to without any obstacles.

If you are stuck in the middle of a conversation, a bit of funniness will always come as a rescue.

The most important thing is that your sense of humor will not only make the girl feel relaxed but also make her laugh.

Take it from us, it will make her feel cheerful so you can both have a great time together while communicating.

What’s more, it will leave a girl thinking of you positively at the end of the communication because she laughed with all her heart while having an enjoyable time with you!

If you are capable of making your woman laugh, consider that you already have her on your side.

Amusement is a universal weapon.

With the help of it, you can both enjoy and create a new way of communication.

Unfortunately, it’s sad how little attention men pay to this very fact.

So, don’t be like the majority of your male friends, but rather write to her about some funny event that you attended or read about, and share only the joyful news.

You can even ask her some funny questions and make her laugh.

3. Ask her silly questions

There is a secret way to come closer to a girl’s heart.

Believe it or not, you can achieve this by asking some funny and even silly questions.

So how does this work?

Let’s see a quick example of such below:

How to make a girl laugh with silly questions

There are some silly questions or statements that will certainly make the woman laugh.

  1. What superstar do you consider you look like?
  2. Don’t you believe it’s a crime for you to be so gorgeous?
  3. Don’t you think you need some attractive man like me?
  4. Where did you acquire this amazing sense of humor?
  5. Tell me something about your worst date experience.
  6. If you had any superpower, which superhero would you become?
  7. If you got stuck in the middle of nowhere and have just one opportunity for your favorite song to listen to, which one would it be?
  8. If you could jump into a pool full of something special from a bungee jump without any rope, what would it be?
  9. What was the most awkward thing that happened to you in school?
  10. If you could become a man just for one day, what would you do?
  11. Where will you go and what will you do if you can be invisible just for one day?
  12. If I could do something very hilarious for you, what it would be?
  13. What’s dreamier for you: making food with someone or dancing all night long with someone?
  14. Why do women mostly push the door when it is written pull?
  15. What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten and would like to try again?
  16. What’s your desired nasty thing to do with a man?
  17. What is something creepy you have tried before, but will never try to do again?
  18. Is there any guilty pleasure you like to do when you are alone?

Even though it can be hard to keep the communication going forward, those silly and simple questions and statements will make it much easier to start and make your connection deeper.

So, be free and brave to use these powerful and proven text examples to start with.

4. Continue to be humorous in your conversation

The secret rule on how to be spontaneous and humorous at the same time is to stick with some general topics that are not so deep and serious.

There are several things to make a girl laugh but how to make her laugh is more of your personal touch than anything else.

Please avoid stories that are heavy or intimate if you don’t know the woman well.

I mean, just from her profile you could see what’s she into.

For example, if she looks a bit morbid, you could use something like this:

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 20

Never forget that if your friends think your stories are hilarious doesn’t mean they will enjoy listening to them.

Try to find out some comical stuff that’s happened to you in the near past, like the time you wore your T-shirt inside out for some important events on the pictures.

Talking about pets can be a great platform to show you are humorous.

If you have any pets, feel free to share some interesting stories about them.

To put it simply, try to create your style of being humorous by talking about some topics that you are knowledgeable about.

You can even laugh at yourself from time to time.

Just mention some silly things about yourself in the pickup line and the conversation will flow easily afterward.

Sometimes you can use the bad jokes to make a new one and get the conversation flowing again.

Just make sure that your bad jokes are light and not hateful!

One thing you can also do is to make humorous remarks based on your past conversations with her.

Or try to type a hilarious comment based on something she told you before – not only will she giggle, but she’ll perhaps be pleased to hear that you remember even the smallest details about her.

If you can make a girl laugh over text, you can almost certainly be able to convince her to go on a date with you.

5. Send her some amusing content

If you want to get her attention, you can send her some comic YouTube videos or Instagram memes, making her laugh.

Search for video clips of some approved comedians, for instance, particularly if they’re performing on something you know she likes from your previous conversation.

Have you ever had a dream like this?

Making women laugh can be a handful sometimes, but there are several ways to make a girl smile.

If you don’t know what to say to make a girl laugh, use the chat history that you made with her.

Try to connect some funny TikTok videos or even some interesting TED Talks performances that correspond with her interests.

Surprise her by sending a scene from her preferred entertainment television show.

Ask her about her favorite movies or series and just share with her some funny scenes from those movies to remind her of those amusing moments.

For instance, if you know she loves the series The Big Bang Theory, you can find out some funny video clips to send and make her smile.

Show her that you truly care about her interests and preferences.

But, please avoid sending these regularly; it can be really disturbing if you send her very often that funny stuff.

But, don’t forget that making her laugh over text has nothing to do with speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression on her.

You have to be spontaneous.

Be yourself!

Don’t be something that you are not.

The point is that you can be an interesting and funny guy without losing who you are.

Don’t act artificially and by sending her some jokes that are not spontaneous.

It will not make her laugh over text for sure.

What you need to do is not to force the conversation, but rather be polite and natural and show your good manners.

Maintain a bit of humor in your chat, it might be an encouragement for her, and it will keep her to be more engaged.

Be smart when you’re making jokes.

See a good example of it below.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 21

6. Use the appropriate kind of humor

It is definitely worthwhile to know how to be funny around girls and how to make girls laugh.

But since you cannot be humorous all the time, you need to find the right moment for humor.

You cannot simply keep sending her some funny videos all day long.

You have to find the right moment and good timing for it.

What’s important here is to find out what she considers funny and work with that information.

You know that every girl is different, so you have to adjust your jokes with her character to make her laugh.

Bear in mind that every girl has their sense of humor, so when you’re getting to know her, you will feel her way of making jokes and try to adapt to it.

Keep the tone of your conversation light.

Don’t discuss some heavy topics if you want to make her laugh.

Some of them love a dark sense of humor and ironic replies, so if you are sure that she likes that, go for it and go on!

Generally speaking, it’s always better for everyone if you are maintain-communication bright and enjoyable.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 22

If you’re making funny jokes nonstop, it might make her tired of that artificial vibe.

So, don’t force yourself to be funny, just find the right time to send her some amusing stuff.

If there is a positive reply from her on your jokes, it can be the right moment to go on and let the conversation flow suddenly.

You can even surprise yourself in that situation.

Just relax and go with the flow knowing that you keep her feeling good when talking to you.

However, there are a couple of things that you need to avoid when making a joke with her.

Avoid making ironic comments intended to her, particularly if you don’t know her very well.

The golden rule here is to laugh with her and not at her.

You should never laugh at her expense.

Imitating her way of being humorous can be a good way to make her laugh.

Keep it natural and keep it real.

An appropriate way of making her laugh is to use some light and moderate jokes that will turn her on.

To do so, you need to know her better.

Feel free and ask about her favorite humorists, comedies, or sitcoms.

At the end of the day, if she doesn’t understand or cannot relate to your sense of humor, think twice if she is the right person for you.

Your sense of humor reveals a lot about your personality and your character.

So, the easiest way to get to know her better is to discover her sense of humor.

Look at this example of appropriate usage of humor.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 23

Extra tips to make her laugh naturally

Always keep in mind that you need to relate your humor with the girl and with her context.

Speaking and dropping some jokes which have nothing to do with her life and personality will not help you make her laugh over text.

Your words need to be fresh and relative to her context.

When I say fresh, I think about fresh material and current messages between you two as springs of creativeness for your humor.

If you want to improve and be better at making jokes, go find and watch some stand-up comedians to find out the right timing for your jokes.

Use some of their tricks and write down notes and remarks of their funny words that you can use later in your situation with women.

This will help you to become confident.

You will be able to be silly and serious at the same time.

Several hilarious compliments and you will have her laughing with you and having a good time together.

Simple as that.

Freed yourself from shyness, and go into a dialogue armed with entertaining jokes and stories.

By doing so, you will never run out of words to say to a woman you like.

If you want her to laugh naturally, contact her in a relaxed manner.

Be joyful.

Laugh and have fun with all your heart.

Always look at the bright side of all things.

Have an optimistic attitude.

You can’t be a humorous guy and make women laugh unless you’re able to recognize the beauty and positive side of every story.

But, don’t forget the most important thing – be confident.

Confidence will ease your way to getting her laughing, and that sureness will sell your funny stories in the best way.

Make a good foundation among yourselves by showing your confidence.

Keeps the talk energetic, unexpected, and comic.

But above all, be a gentleman!

Do not rush in and show her true respect for her personality.

Look at the example below to see how this guy chose to be a gentleman.

How to Make a Girl Laugh - A [year] Guide 24


The methodology used for this article on how to make a girl laugh was to research and analyze various ways to put a smile on a woman’s face or make her laugh.

Our approach and conclusion were based on:

  • The medium of communication.
  • How familiar both parties are with each other.
  • The type of humor that’s appropriate.

Our conclusion

As it is shown in this text, if you want to become a funny guy who doesn’t have any problems making girls laugh, you need to feel and understand the whole situation.

As we said before, it might seem somewhat complex and difficult.

But if you are ready to follow all these steps you will certainly succeed.

Remember, if you can make her smile – she is yours.

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