Our Time Vs. eHarmony (2024) – The Sign Up, Profiles & More

If you are a mature dater who is interested in finding the best online dating option for yourself, you have probably come across Our Time and EHarmony.

These two platforms are quite popular among senior daters, and it seems like making the decision of which one to choose is quite hard.

For that reason, in this Our Time Vs. EHarmony article, we will explore:

What is EHarmony, and who is it for
What does Our Time have to offer
What are the main differences between these apps
Which one is a better choice for you

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Also, make sure to check out our full eHarmony review here and check out the individual Our Time review.

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What Is EHarmony?

EHarmony is an online dating website that was created more than 2 decades ago but still manages to gather millions of people across the world and help them with their matchmaking process.

It is known for its unique algorithm that allows people to find their perfect match easily by filling out different questionnaires, personality tests, and quizzes.

The success rate of this platform is extremely high, and it seems like whoever joins the platform is able to get a lot of matches, no matter the circumstances.

It also has a large number of senior daters located everywhere in the world, so it is an excellent option for people of all demographics.

Pros and Cons of eHarmony

While it does have a pretty expensive paid subscription you need to get if you want to meet compatible partners, most people claim it is absolutely worth it because it can provide you with outstanding results in such a short period.

The platform is highly functional, offers features and filters, and makes your dating experience go smoothly, even if you have never used a dating app before.

It is also free of scammers and fake profiles, so if you want to make sure you are protected on a dating platform, this should be one of your first choices, no matter the age. We also have our review on eharmony if you want to learn more on it!

What Is Our Time?

Our Time is one of the online dating sites that can help mature and senior communities find compatible matches.

It is aimed at people who are over 50 years old and are looking for long-term relationships full of love.

Since it is aimed at a bit older audience, it is also very easy to use and has a great design that will help you find all the features and filters you need with ease.

Daters on this platform are dedicated to looking for the best option for a serious relationship in their demographics, and they are usually seeking the until the death do us apart type of love.

It has plenty of active users worldwide, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find potential matches even if you are living in a bit smaller city.

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There is also a great mobile app, and it has a great quality of dating profiles and features that is not usual for most senior dating sites.

You will be able to use it both with a free membership and with a premium one, but keep in mind that the free version can’t guarantee you too much success because you won’t have access to most of the features that are crucial for establishing a connection with other daters.

It does have some problems with fake profiles from time to time, but if you are careful enough and you know what real messaging looks like, I am sure you will be able to stay safe in all situations.

Our Time Vs. EHarmony

1. The Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Our Time is quite easy, and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes, which is usually the thing that makes it a better choice than EHarmony.

You will be able to set up your dating profile and explore the dating pool almost immediately because all you will need to upload to the platform are the most basic information and a few profile pictures.

Our Time doesn’t require you to do any identity verification, and it doesn’t check out fake profiles, which can be a bad thing long-term, especially if many scammers create profiles on it.

All users will also be able to join the platform through their email account, so it is easy to use, and you will be able to register on it even if you have never used social media before.

On the other hand, EHarmony is an online dating service that requires a lot of time if you want to set up a dating profile, and you will need to take some time to complete everything.

It will require you to fill out all the questionnaires and personality tests, and you will also need to verify your identity through phone number verification.

These things are a requirement if you want the matching system to work, and I would recommend you to keep it slow with the EHarmony dating site because if you try to rush the whole process, you will not get the best results.

EHarmony is much safer because it requires a lengthy sign-up process and identity verification, but Our Time is also quite good, so don’t eliminate it from the start.

2. Pricing

When it comes to the price, the Our Time pricing is quite reasonable, and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars if you want to create a good dating profile.

A monthly membership will cost you 24 dollars, but if you decide to purchase a 3-month or 6-month membership, you will be able to get a discount and pay 13 or 11 dollars per month.

This is very cheap for a dating platform like this since most similar dating services tend to cost around 35 dollars.

You will be able to use the website for free, but you won’t have access to the messaging feature, and you will not be able to see profile pictures of other users, so it won’t be fruitful for you.

Our Time subscription prices have stayed the same throughout the years, so you don’t have to stress that it will get much more expensive.

The EHarmony pricing is relatively high, and if you decide to pay for your subscription month by month, you will need to spend 65 dollars each month, which is a lot of money, especially compared with other dating websites.

You will not be able to use the platform or match with anyone without the paid membership, so this is not something you can choose but rather a must-do if you want to have success on this platform.

Those with a free subscription will only be able to see what the platform looks like, and they will not have the opportunity to schedule the first date with someone or send them a match request, so if you want to become an EHarmony, member, you need to spend some money.

If you decide to purchase a six-month or yearly subscription, you will be able to get a discount, and you will need to pay 45 or 35 dollars per month, which is still a lot of money, even though it is a good discount.

Our Time Free Trial | (Ourtime.com)

In general, Our Time membership cost is much more reasonable, so if you don’t have too much money to splurge on your dating experience, this should be your first choice.

3. Matchmaking Process

If you have read Our time dating reviews, you have probably seen that most people believe their matchmaking experience was good, even though the platform is not offering special treatment.

Even though you don’t have too many search filters and features, you will be able to choose the most important preferences like age, location, ethnicity, and religion, which should be enough to bring you some success on this online dating app.

Also, once you swipe left on a user, they won’t come up on your homepage again, and you will be able to continue browsing for other daters.

EHarmony dating website has a compatibility matching system that makes it so successful, and it offers so many search filters and features that there is no way you won’t be able to find suitable matches for yourself.

This is not a platform for hookups or casual dating (like TinderBeNaughty, or Ashley Madison), so you will have a unique personality profile and plenty of features at your hand that will help you manipulate the algorithm to your advantage.

They also don’t have scams or fake profiles, and they are able to remove all suspicious profiles from their user base, so you should have a great matchmaking experience without any stress.

4. Features

Our Time is not offering too many features, and it seems like their match system is the best thing they can provide you with.

It allows you to add some interesting information to your profile, explore other people’s profiles in incognito mode, and they have a nice messaging feature that will help you establish contact with potential partners.

However, this is something most social media and dating websites can offer to you, so it isn’t anything spectacular, especially if you consider that you need to pay to gain access to all of these features.

You will also have access to their blog, where you can read a lot of dating advice, but this one is available to free members too.

Also, their messaging features don’t seem to work well on their Android or iOS app, so I would recommend you to use the platform through the browser and ignore these apps.

EHarmony, on the other hand, has so many features to offer that paying for its membership becomes worth it.

If you have read some of the full reviews on this dating site, you have probably heard about its unique algorithm and compatibility matching system, but also about the messaging feature that allows you to connect with all of your matches, exchange pictures, videos, and whatever you want with them.

They are also offering the video chat feature, which will help you establish a much more realistic contact with your potential dater and also make sure you are dealing with a genuine guy or girl, not some scammer.

Even though these things don’t seem to be too big, they have a significant impact on your overall dating experience, and just some of these notifications can make a huge difference.

For that reason, if you have the money for a subscription, I would always recommend EHarmony because your dating experience will certainly be a lot better, faster, and more successful.

5. Dating Profiles

As you probably know, EHarmony offers the best dating profiles in the dating pool, and no one can match the personality profiles they will provide you with.

With their dating profiles, you will be able to find out so many things about a potential dater before you even send them a match request.

Everyone needs to fill out several questionnaires and personality tests that are a guarantee that you can find out all of someone’s perks and disadvantages.

This is an absolute gamechanger in the dating industry, and it can provide you with a much better experience, especially if everyone on the platform is following the rules and providing people with a detailed dating profile.

Our Time Vs. EHarmony

These profiles will tell you all you need to know about an individual, which will help you make the decision immediately.

Our Time also has good dating profiles, but since you are not required to fill out any of those tabs, most people avoid filling it out because they feel lazy to do it.

Since plenty of people are ignoring this part of OurTime.com, unfortunately, the dating experience is not the best, even though the ease of use is at an absolute high and everyone is able to navigate the platform without too much effort.

If you don’t want to go on blind dates and connect with people without knowing too much about them, you should definitely avoid Our Time and give a chance to EHarmony because it will save so much of your time.

Which Dating App Is Better?

Even though most people are asking how to use Our Time dating sites or the EHarmony dating site, the truth is that both of these dating platforms are very easy to use, and even if you have no experience on the internet, I believe you will easily thrive on them.

Which one is a better option is something that depends on personal preference and the type of relationship you are looking for, so if you want to make sure you always know a lot about your potential dater before you even contact them, you should probably choose EHarmony.

However, if you don’t mind exploring the dating pool and connecting with random people, you should try out Our Time and see where it takes you.

Both of these online dating sites are amazing, but if you want to get a safer and faster experience, I would probably suggest using EHarmony because it does have better reviews, and it has a lot of senior daters across the world.

Having said that, if EHarmony is almost what you are looking for, but would like more control over matches based on your own preferences (and maybe you’re not ready to settle down yet), then our article on eharmony vs match might be better suited for you!


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